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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mother of the New Time: a shared consciousness project

A message from the Lady Yeshe Rabbit:

The Amazon Priestesses, an affiliated group of Come As You Are Coven, have developed a new project to globally synchronize magic toward a healthy, sustainable future. This project is called "Mother of the New Time."

We believe that the consciousness of the Divine Feminine is rising in our times to balance to the unearned and imbalanced singularity of patriarchy on this planet. We believe that patriarchy hurts everyone: humans, animals, planets, ecosystems. We believe that by bringing women's conscious intentions together toward a sustainable future, from now until December 21, 2012, we can collectively "give birth" to a new era on the Earth.

We need and seek your support.
What: a ritual to be performed during the three-day period of each full moon from now till December 21, 2012
Who: women and those who identify with the feminine needed for birth working, men and those who do not identify with the feminine also needed - please see below.
Where: at your own altar/on the astral plane

Full details about the project can be found here: http://www.motherofthenewtime.com

Sisters (meaning all who identify with the feminine): please join us in performing the ritual enactment we have designed, every full moon at your own altar, from now until December 21, 2012. Let us know you are participating by sending an e-mail to amazonpriestess@gmail.com
with your name or pseudonym, any links to social media you'd like to share, and your general geographic location so that we can keep track of how many women are participating in how many states/countries.

Brothers and those who do not identify with the feminine: please offer the fertilizing potency of your love and support for this project by holding us in your thoughts as we endeavor this working. Be our "birth partners." Each full moon, take a moment to hold the project in your thoughts and envision that you are waiting eagerly to hear of a beloved sister, friend, or partner who is giving birth to a new baby. Send us energy. Send us Reiki. Sing or drum for us. Join your own ideals with our ideals to help us shape and raise the future we are creating.

EVERYONE: please share this widely. If you are able to translate the project into a language other than English, please let us know by e-mailing us at amazonpriestess@gmail.com.

Your power is considerable. Together we are mighty. By creating magic for the future, we create the future. Blessed be.

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