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Do you base our choices on what you want, or what you think you're supposed to want? Let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, THEN engage your mind in the process. The best wishes are born from your heart.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CAYA-related events at PantheaCon 2012

Friday, February 17

The Ekklesia Antinoou and Queer Youth Spirituality
Ekklesia Antinoou
Friday, 3:30PM

Reclaiming the Warlock
Alexander James Adams
Friday, 3:30PM

Conjurers, Root Women, Vodou Queens and Hoodoo Mamas
Szmeralda Shanel and The Iseum of Black Isis
Friday, 9:00PM

Lifting the Veil: Exploring Our Own Gender Diversity
Hayden Reynolds, Ph.D. and Christine Brooks, Ph.D.
Friday, 9:00PM

The Many Faces of the God
CAYA Coven's Brotherhood of the Moon
Friday 11:00PM

Pomba Gira Devotional
American Magic Umbanda House
Friday, 11:00PM

Saturday, February 18

Wake Up to Spirit Ritual
Saturday, 9:00AM

Shades of Faith; Minority Voices in Paganism Panel
Panel will include Crystal Blanton, Luisah Teish, Heaven Walker, Luna Pantera, Nadirah Adeye, Szmeralda Shanel and many others
Saturday, 9:00AM

Thoth Hermes Mercury: Gathering the Priest-Folk
Sam Webster
Saturday, 11:00AM

Ritual Theater: What is it and How to Use It
Robin Dolan and DK Cowan
Saturday, 1:30PM

Drawing Down the Moon: The Mechanics of Invoking Deity
Jason W. Mankey
Saturday, 3:30PM

Druid Ritual with Danse Macabre
House of Danu
Saturday, 7:00PM

Elixir of Life: Alcohol as a Sacrament in Religion
Jason W. Mankey
Saturday, 7:00PM

A Modern Dionysian Initiation
Circle of Dionysos
Saturday, 11:00PM

Sunday, February 19

Queer Rites: Making Meaning for and from Sexual/Gender Diversity
Circle of Dionysos
Sunday, 11:00AM

Queen of Hearts
Amazon Priestess Tribe
Sunday, 1:30PM

Pagans in the Media: A Panel on Modern Pagan Leadership
Devin Hunter
Sunday, 3:30PM

Oracles from the Living Tarot 2012
Aurea Arcana
Sunday, 7:00PM

Celtic Music Concert
Alexander James Adams
Sunday, 7:00PM

Rite of the Bear Mother
The Living Temple of Diana and the CAYA Grove of Artemis
Sunday, 9:00PM

Monday, February 20

Growing Pagan Elders
M. Macha NightMare
Monday, 9:00AM

In the Temple of the Mysteries - a Ritual of Communion
Mysterium OM
Monday, 9:00AM

Yeshe Tsogyal Devotional
The Lady Yeshe Rabbit
Monday 11:00AM

Super-Syncretism!: Creating Connection and Preserving Diversity
Ekklesia Antinoou
Monday, 1:30PM

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