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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CAYA Events for March 2014


Please note new time and location!

Maker’s Moon Women’s Circle
presented by Sisters of the Huntress
Saturday, March 15, 7:00PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Sanctuary, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10 donation requested

CAYA’s Full Moon Circles will now be meeting at The Home of Truth, where we started holding our Sabbat rituals in 2013.  For 2014, some of our Full Moon Circles will be divided, with men and women meeting separately, and some will be shared, with all genders celebrating together.  Each ritual will be created by a group of CAYA Clergy who share dedications to a particular deity or set of deities.  We are delighted to share our ongoing evolution with you!

Please note new time and location!

Maker’s Moon Men’s Circle
presented by The Agora
Saturday, March 15, 7:00PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Cottage, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10 donation requested

CAYA’s Full Moon Circles will now be meeting at The Home of Truth, where we started holding our Sabbat rituals in 2013.  For 2014, some of our Full Moon Circles will be divided, with men and women meeting separately, and some will be shared, with all genders celebrating together.  Each ritual will be created by a group of CAYA Clergy who share dedications to a particular deity or set of deities.  We are delighted to share our ongoing evolution with you!

Please note new time!

CAYA’s Equinox of Joyful Vows (Ostara)
presented by Mother of Darkness
Saturday, March 22
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Sanctuary, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10 donation requested


Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for March 2014 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for:

FOGcon 2014
Friday-Sunday, March 7-9
Walnut Creek Marriott, 2355 North Main Street, Walnut Creek
see website for registration details

“FOGcon 2014

Theme: Secrets

Science Fiction has a long history with secret identities, secret hideouts, secret societies, even secret worlds. So who decides what is secret? How do we keep secrets? How do we discover what is secret?

Honored Guests:
Seanan McGuire, Tim Powers, James Tiptree, Jr.

Friends of the Genre (FOGcon) is a literary-themed San Francisco Bay Area SF/F con in the tradition of Wiscon. Each year we focus on a new theme in speculative fiction and invite Honored Guests ranging from writers to scientists to artists. We build community, exchange ideas, and share our love for the literature of imagination.

FOGcon is a project done jointly by Friends of Genre and the Speculative Literature Foundation.

The definition of ‘genre’ in fiction is as loose and baggy as the form of the novel. It can refer to setting (Western), intended audience (children’s or young adult fiction), subject (murder mystery), writing style (literary fiction), time period (historical fiction), or emotion evoked (horror, romance). Every genre has its own rules, traditions, ideas, and stock characters that the reader will expect to find. The reader enjoys the author’s skill in combining the familiar elements of the form with fresh ideas, unexpected twists, unusual insights, and evocative language.

All these and many more genres of modern prose fiction fall into two basic categories:

Realistic fiction, which places (usually) imaginary characters in recognizably true-to-life settings.

Speculative fiction, which places its characters in settings that are in some way counterfactual, and that difference from what we usually call ‘real life’ is the driving engine of the plot. Perhaps all but one of a world’s unicorns have disappeared. Perhaps there’s a planet where human beings are almost all hermaphrodites. Perhaps the Roman empire is still going strong in the fifteenth century. What happens then?

Speculative fiction, what we are calling the Literature of the Imagination, answers that question, and in exploring small differences illuminates our common humanity.”

Sonora Celtic Faire
Friday-Sunday, March 7-9
Mother Lode Fairgrounds, 220 Southgate Drive, Sonora
see website for schedule and ticket details

“Original and largest Celtic Faire returns to Sonora!

Celebrating the cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, and all Celtic Nations with the 28th Annual Sonora Celtic Faire located at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds.

America's original Celtic Faire, featured on National Geographic Television, returns to the Mother Lode Fairgrounds on March 7-9th, 2014. The 28th Annual Sonora Celtic Faire will expand to three days of never ending Celtic entertainment. The largest gathering of Celtic musicians will be one of the highlights at this year's event, from high-energy Celtic rock bands to the most traditional of groups. With 20 musical groups, performing on five stages, the Faire offers something to every age and ear!

From National Geographic Television to the History Channel, featured performances in 2011 and 2012, we keep adding more non-stop entertainment for everyone which includes: Scottish and Irish Clans, belly dance troupes, Scottish dancers, Irish Step dancers, Celtic Windows in Time (featuring 600 costumed re-enactors and 2500 years of Celtic History), armored foot combat, Welsh longbow archery, street performers, a giant, a fire-breathing dragon, Vikings, jugglers, and a fire eater. Other highlights include the large Celtic food court and Celtic marketplace, with 80 Celtic vendors, artisans, and crafts persons. A special feature at the Faire this year will be the Scots and Irish Whiskey Bars. The best single malts and blends will be sampled and judged by the festival goers. The Faire will also offer a large tavern offering Guinness, Harp, and other fine Celtic imports on-tap!”

Gather the Women North Bay
an International Women’s Day Event
Saturday, March 8, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Rohnert Park Senior Center, 6800 Hunter Drive, Rohnert Park
$25 includes lunch
Registration required

“We gather in community around the world to explore Inspiring Change

With inspiration from:

Heather McTavish
Mythiphista, Mythtress of Myth
(a story-song by Heather McTavish in collaboration with Terry Garthwaite)
Weaving songs, stories and myth, Heather celebrates her life and
invites you to join in her journey of challenge, adventure, creativity and meaning.

Kate Farrell, Amanda McTigue, Linda Loveland Reid
Excuse Me, But I Love My Damn Neck
Hang onto your hats, Ladies. Better yet, toss them aside, because hair will be let down, lips will be loosened. We’ll tell a few juicy life stories and invite yours, celebrating victories hard-won and set-backs overcome. Together we’ll build inspiration through the power of shared wisdom.

Dance to the beat of Ruth Richards and her drummers; experience and inspirational journey guided by Jan Boddie and Marystella Church; bring your cards and fliers to share with community; win your bid in the Silent Auction.

Mail your name, information and check to
GTW Northbay c/o Donna Ahlstrand,
1655 Juliet Drive, Petaluma, CA  94954

For More Information or to Volunteer, contact Donna Ahlstrand at GTWnorthbay@comcast.net

We are a global sisterhood that connects women through circles.  We create a safe place to share our true selves.  Meeting in circle, we find our voices, claim our power, and celebrate our self-worth, leading to personal and planetary transformation.
- Gather the Women Vision Statement”

Rakkasah West 2014
Middle Eastern Dance Festival
Friday-Sunday, March 14-16,
Friday 7:00-11:00PM, Saturday 12:00-11:00PM, Sunday 12:00-8:00PM
Richmond Memorial Auditorium, 403 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond
Friday $15, Saturday-Sunday $18 per day
tickets are available at the door

“World's largest Belly Dance Festival  
American, Egyptian, Fusion and all types of Belly Dance  
Live music, great food, costumes, jewelry, fabrics
2 stages of entertainment for all festival hours.
Family show - fun for all!”

Dublin Saint Patrick’s Day
Saturday-Sunday, March 15-16, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Dublin Civic Center, 100 Civic Plaza, Dublin

“Where else but Dublin... would you want to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? So why not join us for a memorable and authentic Irish experience. The Saint Patrick's Day Festival will be held on Saturday-Sunday, March 15-16, from 10:00AM-5:00PM at the Dublin Civic Center. There will be plenty of things to do with over 150 craft and commercial vendor booths, an international food court, three stages of authentic Irish entertainment, a new carnival vendor with exciting rides and attractions - and it all adds up to fun for the entire family and a great way to be Irish for the weekend!  Don't forget to stop by the Irish Tea Cottage (in the Library Community Room) to enjoy a Celtic harpist, storytelling, crafts, knitting and of course, tea!  Best of all... there is no charge for admission to the festival and parking is also FREE. If you live outside the tri-valley area - you can even take BART to the event! The celebration also includes the Green and White Gala on Friday, March 16th. For tickets and more information call 925-829-4758.  A Pancake Breakfast located in Fire Station #16 on Saturday, March 15th at 7:00AM. Tickets are $5 each. Also on Saturday is the Dublin Lions Club Parade which steps-off promptly at 9:30AM.”

Mi Cuerpo Sagrado (My Sacred Body), An Herbal Exploration of the Body
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki of Ancestral Apothecary
Tuesday, March 18, 10:00AM-12:30PM
and each Tuesday through June 10
Medical Center, 3798 Grand Avenue, Oakland
$100 deposit due by March 4.
To apply for registration, please contact atava@ancestralapothecary.com or call 510-541-2715.

“This class is an exploration of herbal medicine and our body. We will deeply explore each body system (nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc.) using yoga, meditation and energy work. In addition, we will learn about key herbs that support each of our body's system to stay in harmony and balance.

We will cover some key health issues that arise in each body system and learn how to treat them using herbal medicine, movement and meditation.

This class is co-facilitated by Atava and Lilia Roman.”

Intermediate Tarot with Rabbit
Thursday, March 20, 6:00-8:00PM,
and Three more Thursdays, March 27, April 3 and 10
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
$35 per class or $125 for all 4 classes
Prerequisite: Art of Tarot with Rabbit
Please register in advance to reserve your place in this class.

“If you have taken Rabbit's Art of Tarot Class, and you'd like to take the next step as a reader, consider taking Intermediate Tarot. This class is designed to help the student of tarot begin to explore creativity, shift the internal landscape, and integrate the wisdom of the tarot more fully into daily life choices.

March 20: The Unwelcome Guests: ‘bad’ cards and how to deal with them
March 27: Designing your own spreads: building effective spreads to answer your questions
April 3: Intuitive Listening: the temporary autonomous relationship is everything
April 10: Tarot Rituals: shaping your life with the tarot”

The Curandera/o's Toolkit: Spring Series
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki of Ancestral Apothecary
Thursday, March 20, 7:00-9:30PM
and each Thursday through June 5
Medical Center, 3798 Grand Avenue, Oakland
$100 deposit due by March 13.
To apply for registration, please contact atava@ancestralapothecary.com or call 510-541-2715.

“Learn healing skills steeped in ancient wisdom to provide basic health care to yourself and your family.

This class will highlight herbal medicine, but we will also incorporate massage, meditation, and other aspects of curanderismo to learn how to care for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Class time will include hands-on experience learning how to make different herbal medicines and we will also learn and practice curanderismo techniques, such as the limpia (energetic cleansing ceremony).

In this class, each participant will assemble their own ‘toolkit’ of herbal remedies for home and family use including: herbal tinctures, salves, cordials, and more!”

Spring Equinox Picnic
presented by Community Seed
Saturday, March 22, 10:00AM-2:00PM
40 Thieves Picnic Area, DeLaveaga Park, 1290 Branciforte Drive, Santa Cruz
Free, please bring a potluck item

“Hey! Something new!
Let’s all get together and have an old-fashioned picnic.
In the Redwoods.
And let’s do it on the Spring Equinox: March 22nd.

A small ritual and a low-pressure bardic will transpire at some point, but the point is just to come together in Fellowship and good cheer and enjoy ourselves and our amazing Community.

Potluck Luncheon: Air signs bring savory items, Earth signs bring Salads, Water Signs bring Side Dishes, and Fire Signs bring Desserts. All drinks will be provided by Community Seed.
Bring the whole Family!”

The 11th Annual Renaissance Workshops and Symposium
Saturday-Sunday, March 22-23
Folsom High School, 1655 Iron Point Road, Folsom
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“Renaissance Symposium is a place where everyone who loves being a part of Renaissance Events can come together to be inspired for the coming year of shows. Learn something new or refresh yourself on some of the basics of improvisation, acting that could help you the next time you will interact with patrons at faires. Hear from others on BFA, history of the Renaissance, Improv, Costuming, engage in interactive presentations and make connections with friends, other guild members and colleagues. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired for the coming year!

The annual event will be held March 22-23, The weekend long workshop and symposium is geared toward faire participants, vendors, and playtrons. Basically for anyone interested in learning about fitting into the Renaissance atmosphere.

If you have experience and knowledge in related informational areas, you are encouraged to participate as both speakers and discussants. Class submissions are being accepted now and will be vetted before they’re posted to make sure that the classes offered are of quality and on point.”

Nature and Soul Retreat for Vernal Equinox
with Jan Edl Stein, MFT
Friday, March 28, 9:30AM-4:00PM
Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, 1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach, 415-383-3134
see website for registration details

“Nature and Soul: A day of retreat where nature mirrors our inner landscape

This seasonally offered retreat is a day of renewal and rediscovery, as we open ourselves to the land around us in addition to the landscapes within us.  This is a deeply experiential daylong retreat for restoration of health, psyche and spirit, offering a renewal of the soul's intention and a re-connection with the elements of nature that support us.  We will slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds us and let nature reflect the shapes and patterns that are held in the psyche.

The day is a combination of indoor experiences that involves guided meditation and inner journey process and outdoor, land-based contemplative practices. The experience as a whole is an embodied example of eco-therapy.  Each retreat day reflects themes of the season in the meditations, journeys and our approach to the elements we discover in nature.

No previous experience is necessary.

The retreat takes place in the beautiful setting of Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, with its splendid coastal range flora, meandering gardens, Japanese architecture, and easy walk to the beach.  An organic, vegetarian lunch (included in registration fee)  is offered to the group in the dining hall.  Retreat fees include lunch and refreshments.

Details on how to prepare for the day an a confirmation of registration will be sent one week before the event.

Retreat leader, Jan Edl Stein MFT, is the director of Holos Institute and a licensed psychotherapist with many years of experience in guiding people into deep explorations in their own psyche as they open to deeper levels of perception in the natural world.”

Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference 2014
Friday-Sunday, March 28-30
CIIS Main Building, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference 2014
Shadow and Ground: Light, Darkness and That Which Holds Them Both

This annual, cutting-edge conference hosts leading therapists and teachers who are exploring the confluence of nondual wisdom and psychotherapy. How does psychotherapy change when therapists and clients awaken to and embody their true nature as open, lucid awareness that is essentially not separate from the whole of life? The theme of this year's conference is light, darkness, and That which holds them both. Together we will explore skillfully working with psychological shadow material as a way of deepening our experience of the Ground of Being.

About the Conference
Nonduality derives from the Sanskrit word Advaita, which means ‘not-two,’ referring to the fundamental consciousness that underlies the apparent distinction between perceiver and perceived. From the nondual perspective, the split between self and other is a purely mental construct. This understanding, rooted in the direct experience of countless sages through millennia, is at the heart of Hindu Vedanta, Judaism, Islam, and many schools of Buddhism, Taoism, and mystical Christianity. Nonduality points to ‘That’ which is before and beyond the projections of a separative, self-reflexive mind. As nondual awareness emerges in the West in both therapists and clients, the practical and theoretical implications for psychotherapy are far-reaching.

History of the Conference
The first Conference on Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy was held in 1998 at the Mt. Madonna Center in Watsonville, California, and was hosted by The Center For Timeless Wisdom, a non-profit organization established by Peter Fenner, Ph.D. Subsequent conferences have been held annually since 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area including ones hosted by the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, and California Institute of Integral Studies.

Who can Attend?
Anyone is welcome to attend. While the conference presentations are geared towards the theory and practice of psychotherapy and are available to be taken for continuing education units, they are accessible to the interested public. Many graduate students and psychology interns attend along with licensed psychotherapists. Clergy, bodyworkers, and studen
ts of nondual teachings will also find the presentations of special interest.”

Spring Fling at Filoli
Saturday, March 29, 10:00AM-3:30PM
Filoli Center, 86 Canada Road, Woodside
Adults $25, children 5-17 $5, 4 and younger free
reservations can be made at the website below:

“Bring the Entire Family for Fun
This is a family event, that will delight children and adults alike.

Andy Z will engage young and old with his family-friendly music, accompanied by the Queen Bee Dancers. Randall Metz’s puppets will perform Grampa Bunny’s Egg-citing Day and Heather Rogers’ magical act will captivate and surprise. Sterling Johnson, the Bubblesmith, returns to amaze with bubbles large and small.

San Francisco Zoo Mobile
The San Francisco Zoo will visit with the ZooMobile.

The San Francisco Zoo will present a number of animals from their ZooMobile for families to meet and interact with. The Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley will bring some beautiful rescue birds for all to enjoy as they explain how we can make a difference in promoting cohabitation between wild creatures and humans. Our very own Lady Bug can be found amongst the beautiful flowers of the Garden and a guest scientist will explain the life cycle of pollywogs in the pond.

Filoli volunteers will be demonstrating how they create the stunning floral displays seen throughout the House. Children ages 3-12 can show their creativity by making crafts. Children ages 4-12 can test their green thumbs by potting a spring plant in a pot they have hand-decorated to take home. They can also enjoy storytelling and face painting.

Filoli’s Nature Education Docents will be celebrating 30 years of leading hikes and awakening the love of nature. They will be on hand to answer questions about the plants, trees and flowers on the estate. Weather permitting, tours of the Gentlemen’s Orchard will be available and there will be the rare opportunity for a behind-the-scenes peek at the Filoli Greenhouses.

Boxed lunches can be enjoyed on the tennis court accompanied by Amigos Music. The boxed lunches must be ordered and purchased in advance. You may prefer to sample the tempting refreshments at the Filoli Cafe or at our cookie and lemonade stand. Complimentary popcorn will be available as well as samplings of Filoli honey, herb mixes and vinegars, all available for sale in the Garden and Gift Shop Courtyard. A large selection of treasures and tasty treats will be available in the Shop. There will be an art exhibit in the Visitor and Education Center featuring works by our instructors and their students.

Please make your reservations as soon as possible, beginning Monday, February 24, 2014, as space is limited. You may purchase tickets online or by calling 650-364-8300, extension 508, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-4:00PM.”

Nawruz Celebration
presented by Silk Road House
Saturday, March 29, 1:00-5:00PM
The Hillside Club of North Berkeley, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Ticket information to be announced.

“Dear Friends and Supporters of the Silk Road House!

The Silk Road House is delighted to invite you to the annual celebration of the Navruz (Nawruz, Nauryz, Norooz) Spring Holiday! Nauryz transcends religious, ethnic, linguistic and national divisions and brings people together.  

Additional details will be posted in due time.

The SRH Board of Directors
Silk Road House events are sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation.”

Celebration of Woman
Thursday-Sunday, April 3-6
The Oneness Institute, 17824 USS Liberty Lane, Middletown
$995 includes Workshop, Food and Accommodations

“Women all around the world are waking up to an innate yearning to be fully conscious, fully expressed and to be revealed, recognized and appreciated as the beautiful and powerful women that they truly are.

This workshop is based on a Rite of Passage; when you feel that this is a time in your life where you are ready to step in to a whole new experience of yourself as a woman, just come! We are here, ready to guide you into fulfilling that desire!

Here’s what you can expect to experience:
A safe place to let go into, and be the real, wild, passionate, sensual, vulnerable YOU!
An experiential journey of discovering the archetypes of woman that live within you
A visceral and embodied transformation to allow the authentic you to come forth
Dance and movement that will free your body, mind and heart
Sharing our struggles and our longings as women waking up
The remembrance of sacred sisterhood that nurtures and soothes the Soul
Powerfully intuitive guidance by the facilitators
Deep connection and lasting friendships with women
A framework with which to move forward in your life!
A rite of passage that honors and celebrates the emergence of your unique feminine essence

Get Ready For the Most Magical,
Life Changing Workshop
Of Your Life!”

Tartan Day Scottish Fair
Saturday, April 5, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Ardenwood Historic Farm, 34600 Ardenwood Boulevard, Fremont
adults $12, seniors $8, ages 4-17 $5, children 3 and under free
free onsite parking

“Throw on your kilt and celebrate Tartan Day with music, Scottish dancing, bagpipes, handmade crafts, historical re-enactments, and Highland athletics. Local Scottish clans and societies will share their rich culture and colorful heritage. Children can find magic and fantasy in the Children's Glen and might just see a fairy or dragon. Enjoy a meat pie or other Scottish treat.

Presented by the East Bay Scottish Association in partnership with the East Bay Regional Park District.”

Lumen Obscura III
Dark Fusion and Theatrical Bellydance Event
Friday-Sunday, April 11-13
S.E.S. Hall, 1375 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara
see website for detailed schedule and ticket information

“Lumen Obscura endeavors to bring together not only familiar names in dance innovation but new and up-and-coming artists who have exciting ideas and genre-shaking skills. We broaden students' horizons in dance by not just offering the same workshops and performances they can find at their local studios or videos but by bringing together national and international talent in one location for intensive, exciting workshops that challenge and inspire students to seek out new ways to grow and evolve their dance.”

Queer Contra Dance Camp
Friday-Sunday, April 11-13
Monte Toyon, 220 Cloister Lane, Aptos
See website for detailed schedule and registration information

“The San Francisco Bay Queer Contra Dance is hosting its sixth annual dance camp within the lush redwood forest of Monte Toyon, a beautiful camp facility near Santa Cruz, 79 miles south of San Francisco, where you'll be housed and fed and offered a weekend of gender-role-free dancing. Beginners are welcome. Contra is an exuberant, friendly, easy-to-learn American barn dance with roots in English folk dance. While many of our dancers are LGBT, we cheerfully welcome folks of any and all persuasions! Take a weekend away to dance, relax, make friends, and enjoy the lovely California redwoods.”

Friday-Monday, April 11-14
The Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“The third annual ConjureCon is coming in April!  We have a great lineup of classes and workshops this year.  Check out the Schedule page for detailed descriptions.   On Monday, we have a very special overnight addition to the ConjureCon festivities... an immersive experience in invocation and spiritual connection.  

Take advantage of the Early Registration discount by registering before April 1.”

Mills College Native Alliance Pow Wow
Saturday, April 12, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Toyon Meadow, Mills College Campus, 5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland

“The Mills College Pow Wow is a gathering that celebrates Native American community and culture. The Mills College Pow Wow is a longstanding community event supported by the Bay Area’s Native American community and one of few Pow Wows held in the Bay Area by and for the urban American Indian community.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the Mills College Pow Wow being led and organized by the Indigenous Women's Alliance and the Mills College Ethnic Studies department. The students and the department are dedicated to continuing Native American culture and traditions at Mills and in the larger Native American community.

At the center of this event are the traditional songs and dances of Indigenous American peoples from throughout North America. Traditional dances featured this year include: grass, Azteca, and hoop. Contest prizes for northern and southern traditional and fancy/jingle dances. All drums and dancers are welcome. Native American arts and crafts, such as jewelry and textiles from community vendors will be available. We invite you to come and support the Native American community and join us in this celebration of Native American heritage.

All Drums Welcome!

Please bring your own seating. Parking for Elders will be available.
NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED! Please respect our traditions.”

Bay Area Craft Beer Festival
Saturday, April 12, 12:00-4:00PM
Historic Cannery District on the Martinez Waterfront Park, Martinez
see website for ticket details

“The Bay Area Craft Beer Festival in downtown Martinez began in 2010 to highlight the art and flavor of craft beer in Martinez and surrounding communities. Produced by Main Street Martinez, the festival draws 3,000 people to enjoy beer from over 35 microbreweries, live music, and food from local restaurants. This year, the event will be held at Waterfront Park on North Court Street, a short walking distance from the Martinez Amtrak Station and free downtown parking.

We hope you will join us and be part of this fun event!
While you're here we invite you to discover downtown Martinez, and the shops and restaurants.”

San Jose Fantasy Festival
Saturday-Sunday, April 12-13,
Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Guadalupe River Park, 494 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Adults $12, ages 13-17, seniors and military $10, ages 6-12 $7, under 6 free
Parking $5 at HP Pavilion

“The San Jose Fantasy Faire offers visitors the opportunity to step into an enchanting fantasy-land, where you will have more fun than you can shake a wand at.

Fantasy Faire celebrates the best-loved fairy tales of the old and the present. Nestled on Guadalupe River Park Green, this village-style show features a number of characters from Grimm's fairy tales, some portrayed in Disney movies and myriad of others. Visitors can hang out with the various princesses; there's even a handsome prince or two. Little girls of all ages will be delighted by it.

Fantasy Faire can be a break for adults, too. It offers a place for families to sit and be entertained. There will be two stages filled with entertainment and close to 300 actors in the streets frolicking and causing mayhem. The atmosphere will be infectious and the crowd will be encouraged to join in singing songs, cheering for heroes and booing villains. The shows are well-crafted and entertaining for all ages.
Some of the characters you'll meet include Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, Troll and Goblin Kings, Viking Gods, Rumpelstiltskin, Fairies and Dragons, Satyrs, Pirates, Mermaids, Witches and Fairy Godmothers and many more.  

There will be a Pirate Ship for you to examine and a Steampunk corridor as well. And, if you're lucky you might even get a glimpse at the elusive  Dr. Who at the show.

Additionally, the event will feature a series of fantasy and fiction writers who will be sharing their work with you. Need something new to read? Want to be transported to yet another universe? Meet the up and coming authors sharing their works.”

World Book Night
Wednesday, April 23

“World Book Night is an annual celebration dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person.  Each year on April 23, tens of thousands of people in the U.S. go out into their communities and give a total of half a million free World Book Night paperbacks to light and non-readers.

Each year, 30 books are chosen by an independent panel of librarians and booksellers. The authors of the books waive their royalties and the publishers agree to pay the costs of producing the specially-printed World Book Night U.S. editions. Bookstores and libraries sign up to be community host locations for the volunteer book givers.

After the book titles are announced, members of the public apply to personally hand out 20 copies of a particular title in their community. World Book Night U.S. vets the applications, and the givers are chosen based on their ability to reach light and non-readers. The selected givers choose a local participating bookstore or library from which to pick up the 20 copies of their book, and World Book Night U.S. delivers the books to these host locations.

Givers pick up their books in the week before World Book Night.  On April 23rd, they give their books to those who don’t regularly read and/or people who don’t normally have access to printed books, for reasons of means or access.

A Festival of Magick-based Music and Dance
Saturday, April 26, 8:00PM-1:30AM
The Uptown, 1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
$20 in advance, $25 at the door

“Hexenfest is a music and arts festival dedicated to myth, magic, folklore, fairytale, and the numinous.  We feature artists who are exploring the wild archetypal through their art; musicians, dancers, visual artists, and crafters who find their inspiration in the realms of myth and dream and reflect their visions into our world.

Hexenfest has a flair for the darkly exotic. Gothic, Pagan, and Tribal belly dance themes are featured prominently, evoking the forbidden forest more than than the enchanted wood. If you feel at home in dark fairytales, join us in the realm!”

Festival of the Silk Road
Sunday, April 27, 1:00-6:00PM
Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater, 1700 Alum Rock Road, San Jose
$30 for morning and evening concerts,
outdoor events free

“Afsaneh Art and Culture Society/Ballet Afsaneh proudly presents the 6th annual Festival of the Silk Road - 2014 on Sunday, April 27 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater in San Jose.

Concerts with star performers, International Foods, Folk Dance Mania, Costumes and Art!
Dance, music and poetry from the Silk Road including Iran, Afghanistan, Armenia, China, India, Azerbaijan, Egypt, the Balkans, the Roma and more…

Ticketed concert performances in the luxurious 500 seat theater feature master performing artists from across the Bay Area and around the world. One ticket price for an all day pass to All Theater Concerts!  General admission $30, and $100 Gold Circle (reserved seating), Kids and Seniors $20

1:00-6:00PM: Garden Fun Activities and Folkdancing - Free for ALL!
Family fun starts at 1:00PM in the beautiful gardens and lobby of the plaza theater with an International Food Court including Halal favorites, costume exhibits, and a Silk Road Bazaar offering traditional clothing, jewelry and art, dance and music workshops, storytelling. Performances and folk dancing all afternoon with many special guests and live music by Edessa, Armenian dancer and vocalist Hasmik Harutyunyan, and more. Come picnic on the lawn under the palm trees with family and friends! Admission to the gardens is complimentary - FREE!

3:00-4:30PM: Afternoon Concert
Afsaneh Dance Academy, Niosha Dance, Hala Egyptian Dance, Pezhham Daf Ensemble, Tarangini School of Kathak, Amir Abbas Music School Ensemble, Chichaklar Dance Group from Vancouver, Canada and more.

6:00-8:00PM: Evening Concert
Featuring Dance performances by Ballet Afsaneh, Salar System featuring S.A.R.A. (Sounds and Rhythms of Afghanistan), Michael Nejad of Nejad World Music, Chinese Performing Arts of America, ARAX Dance, Zaryab Persian Music ensemble with Neema Hekmat, dance artist Miriam Peretz, master of Persian percussion Pezhham Akhavass with Mehdi Bagheri on kamancheh.”

World Laughter Day
Sunday, May 4

Dr. Madan Kataria, the creator of Laughter Yoga, says:
"World Laughter Day is a very special day celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday of every May. Our mission is to bring Good Health, Joy and World Peace through laughter. The way Laughter Yoga has grown across 65 countries without marketing and advertising leaves me with no doubt that this new concept is widely accepted among different cultures and countries and is truly universal."

Local Laughter Event
with Lydia Gonzalez
Sunday, May 4, 1:00-3:00PM
Sue Bierman Park, Washington Street and Drumm Street, San Francisco

Lydia says:
“Hi and Hahahaha!
Sunday May 4th is World Laughter Day!!
We are celebrating in San Francisco  with many fun folks!!
Last year 2013 we were at a DIFFERENT LOCATION than in years past.
It worked out well, so let's do it there again!!
We will be Kitty corner (north) of the Ferry Building at Sue Bierman Park  on the GRASS!!!
next to Embarcadero 4.
Take MUNI, BART or the FERRY!!! and you're right there
(or at least within spittin' distance!! HAhahahaa!!

Event is from 1:00-3:00PM woo hoo!! Bring water and your giggle.

So, take it upon yourself to make up flyers and give them out!
Encourage people from your Laughter Groups to be involved and tell all of their friends!
Let's keep it simple and make this even bigger than last year!
Till then… miles of giggles, Lydia. 510-390-4105.”

Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium
Session 1: Friday-Monday, May 16-19
Session 2: Friday-Monday, May 23-26
Session 3: Friday-Monday, August 29-September 1
Black Oak Ranch, 50350 Highway 101, Laytonville
see website for detailed schedule and registration details

“PlantWomen gather! The Tribe comes together!

Now, three times a year women from many backgrounds of life gather together in great celebration for four full days of inspiring Herbal and Sustainability classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, talented campfire capers, amazing handcrafted marketplace items, Rites-of-Passage Ceremonies, powerful campfire drumming and dancing, refreshing swimming hole dips, and conversations with remarkable and inspiring women!

We meet together under the ancient oaks, douglas firs, and bay trees of Northern California. Our main gathering area is encircled by sixteen tipis with a large firepit in the center. All classes are held sitting on the ground under these majestic trees, or under shade tarps that we have set-up. At night we camp together, either in the tipis or in tents that we each bring.

During the days we are a gathering of women and children studying, teaching, learning, networking, and talking about plants, healing, and healthy lifestyles. When the sun goes down we become a playful and celebratory group, chatting, chanting, singing, showing off our talents, drumming and dancing into the night around the campfire.

We are a group of 350-400 women and children and we gather to learn from each other, to nurture and nourish each other, to take a break from our daily lives, to regenerate, refresh, dance, frolic, talk plants, and most of all, to have a REALLY GOOD THYME together!

Each session is a separate event. Do join us for one, two, or all sessions!”

Herbal Allies
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki of Ancestral Apothecary
Saturday-Sunday, May 17-18, 10:00AM-4:00PM
and two more weekends, May 31-June 1 and June 13-15
Medical Center, 3798 Grand Avenue, Oakland
$100 deposit required to reserve space.
To register, please contact atava@ancestralapothecary.com or call 510-541-2715.

“This class will focus on building our relationship with our herbal allies. Each class will focus in-depth on one or more herbal medicines and we will learn how they work both physically and energetically . We will learn recipes and other ways to incorporate the plants into our lives.

In the springtime herbal allies class, we'll spend a lot of time outdoors learning about local plants. The final weekend is a camping trip.

This class is geared towards beginner to intermediate level herbalists, but advanced level practitioners are welcomed!”

Himalayan Fair
Saturday-Sunday, May 17-18, Saturday 10:00AM-7:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM- 5:30PM
Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
$5 donation includes raffle ticket

“Under the towering oaks and redwood trees in the midst of a quaint Berkeley neighborhood, Live Oak Park becomes a vast marketplace with over 100 privately owned shops, free live music and several food vendors including Momos freshly made by the Tibetan Community, Nepalese and Indian foods. We do not accept any commercial vendors or commercial support at the fair so to keep the experience authentic and specifically Himalayan in nature. The Himalayan Fair offers a rare occasion to experience a unique Himalayan festival without leaving the Bay Area.”

Redwood Mountain Faire
Saturday-Sunday, May 31-June 1, 11:00AM-7:00PM
Roaring Camp Railroads, 5401 Graham Hill Road, Felton, 831-335-4484
Adults $20 in advance, $25 on the day, Students and Seniors $15 in advance, $20 on the day, Children 12 and Under Free

“Music lovers, arts/crafts aficionados, and people of all ages will enjoy this remarkable festival. The annual Redwood Mountain Faire brings together a wide range of music styles on two stages, with juried fine art and crafts, exciting children’s activities, and excellent food and beverages, including local micro-brews and wines. The Faire benefits a wide range of nonprofit and service organizations and is organized by the Valley Women's Club of the San Lorenzo Valley.”

Valhalla Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, May 31-June 1, and June 7-8,
10:00AM-6:00PM Saturday, 10:00AM-5:00PM Sunday
Camp Richardson’s Wood, 1900 Jameson Beach Road, South Lake Tahoe
Adults $18, ages 13-17, seniors and military $13, ages 6-12 $8, under 6 free

“Two weekends of fun and excitement for the whole family.
Rub elbows with nobility, immerse yourself in the Renaissance village, enjoy continuous entertainment in the streets provided by close to 900 costumed actors, action-packed stage shows, music, dancing, jesters, Shakespearean vignettes, expertly staged battles, storytelling, archery tournaments and much more.
First Weekend:
Scottish invasion! The first weekend is geared more toward younger audiences with tons of shows, dancing, theater plays, and music for your whole family.
Second Weekend:
Pirate and Barbarian Hordes invade the festivities. Let loose and have a jolly good time while you participate in Scavenger Hunts, Costume contests, and a Talk Like a Pirate Competitions.”

Pirate Festival
Saturday-Sunday, June 14-15, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Vallejo Waterfront, next to Vallejo Ferry Terminal, 289 Mare Island Way, Vallejo
$10 at the gate, Children under 12 Free

"The Northern California Pirate Festival has one goal:
To create an entertaining event where everyone who loves pirates will have a great time and feel welcome!

Whether you love nautical music, swordfighting, sailing, cannon-battles, theater, maritime crafts, food and drink, or just shopping fer' pirate booty... there's something here for YOU!

Fun For ALL AGES: Children, Adults, Teens and  Whole Families!

We encourage coming out in costume... whether you dress as an historical era pirate from the Golden Age of Sail or a bejeweled Mardi-Gras Krewmate from New Orleans... whether your taste runs towards Hollywood Swashbucklers or Foreign Buccaneers from international waters! Dress up and share in the experience...

You certainly don't need to come out in costume, but when you leave you're sure to feel like a pirate!

Sail out to the PirateFest and join us for a great time!"

CAYA Sprouts will be at the Pirate Festival on Sunday, June 15!

CAYA Fun For Everyone: FaerieWorlds 2014
Event: Friday-Sunday, July 25-27
Travel dates to be determined
Mount Pisgah, 34999 Frank Parrish Road‎, Eugene, OR
see website for admission and camping details
To be part of the CFE rideshare and camp, please contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com

Cross Sidhe says:
“Hello everyone!

This will mark the third year of CAYA Fun For Everyone being at Faerie Worlds! This year we are planning a camp where we can all get together and be in one place. We will have a 12x12 canopy and a solar shower this year. Since we will have people coming from other states, I have setup a planning page so we can all get together and plan things:

CAYA Fun For Everyone Faerie Worlds 2014:


Blessed Be!

Cross Sidhe”

Fairy and Human Relations Congress
Communication and Co-Creation with Devas, Nature Spirits and the Faery Realms
Friday-Sunday, June 27-29
Skalitude Retreat, Twisp, Washington
See website for registration details   
Bring your Fairy friends from home with you:

"The Fairy and Human Relations Congress affects the planet by joining with the nature, devic and other higher realms to bring more peace, love and understanding into the world. Our goal is not to escape the outer world but to positively affect it. At this time of multiple crises affecting humanity we feel it is very important to seek alliances with as many light forces as possible in other realms. Mother Earth and the fairy realms ARE big players in what is transpiring on the planet. Though many deny their existence, the numbers of people who are tuning into the spiritual realms and to the nature spirit/fairy/devic realms is increasing by leaps and bounds. The Congress is one of the vanguard events bringing these people together. We are not a frivolous event although we do have lots of fun and costume up. Our intent is communication and cooperation, not only for our personal selves, but for all of humanity. We are allying ourselves with Mother Earth and with the forces for peace and love on planet Earth.

Presence in Unity: Co-Creation and Deep Soul Nourishment

Fairy Congress 2014 is already heating up! We had a stellar Council retreat in October as we journeyed to reveal the Theme for this coming year. Were we ever surprised!
Last year our October journey for the theme was explosive: with tornados, hurricanes, lightning storms and cataclysmic change. We discovered the power of connection, the amazing igniting forces that are unleashed for creation when we truly connect with one another…

So this year we were quite startled as we were brought to our knees with the profound SIGHHHHH of Arrival - that moment when you know deeply that you are connected to another and that the connection is forever. This year’s theme is a very still place, a place of listening intently so as to truly integrate the communication coming to you, and to truly feel in your deepest heart the oneness of being in the present moment together, exchanging - uniting - seeing - being together.

This nature is asking us to explore - in our relationships with our ally-friends and with each other.

Thus our theme: Presence in Unity: Co-Creation and Deep Soul Nourishment.

Deep Soul Nourishment…

Beautiful, is it not? Sighhhhhhh...

The energy is already growing strong. It’s going to be an amazing year…”

San Jose Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, August 2-3, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Guadalupe River Park, 494 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Adults $17, ages 13-17, seniors and military $12, ages 6-12 $7, under 6 free
Parking $5 at HP Pavilion

“If you love Renaissance Faires, this full-scale, interactive experience is not to be missed. San Jose Renaissance Faire offers you a chance to visit the days of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. See brave and bold knights competing for the favor of the Her Majesty's Court and for their lady's affection during full-contact jousts held in the Queen's Tiltyard each day. 700 costumed performers will bring Shakespeare's England to life with parades, pageants, and fun townsfolke, offering continuous entertainment of spectacular variety. You'll enjoy musicians, jugglers, and the ribaldry of actors drawing you even deeper into the Renaissance.”

Redwood Magic Reclaiming Family Camp
Wednesday-Sunday, August 13-17
Campsite Three, Mendocino Woodlands, 39350 Little Lake Road, Mendocino
see website for registration information

“Share in four days of Reclaiming style, Earth-based spirituality, magic, and community!

Join us in the redwoods at Mendocino Woodlands as we weave a web that crosses the generations.

Redwood Magic is a do-it-ourselves family camp. During our time at camp, all of us will be responsible for creating a vibrant, magical experience!

This is a community retreat, not a festival or a drop-in camp. We ask that people plan to attend the entire event (unless advance arrangements are made) and be committed to creating camp culture.”

CAYA Fun For Everyone: Burning Man 2014
Monday-Monday, August 26 - September 2
Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada
To be part of the CFE rideshare, please contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com

Cross Sidhe says:
“That is right!!!!  I am going back to the Playa and I am taking you with me!!!  I will have 3 to 4 seats open.  Other drivers are most welcome.  Planning will start after Burning Man 2013.  Camp CAYA?  Dome?  Art?  Group Origami?  The possibilities are limitless.”

Much Ado About Sebastopol
Saturday-Sunday, September 13-14, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Ives Park, 7400 Willow Street, Sebastopol
Adults $12, Ages 6-14 $7, Under 6 Free

“Join us for Sebastopol's very own Renaissance Faire and support local public schools and programs!

Ives Park in the center of Sebastopol, is transformed into the town of Fenford in 16th century England. The locals are celebrating the apple harvest, and Queen Elizabeth and her extensive court pay a visit to honor these humble citizens.

As a visitor to our Faire, wander around and interact with a myriad of villagers from 1578, make herbal soap or try your hand at weaving while listening to a wandering minstrel… enjoy some ice cold lemonade while watching the falcons and learning about their role in Renaissance farming, sit back and take in a short Shakespeare performance while feasting on a hearty, rustic lunch.

Come celebrate the Feast of St. Michael (Michaelmas) - when rents are due, wages are paid, and the crops have been gathered and stored for the coming Winter. It's time for the people of the little town of Fenford to relax and enjoy some well-earned recreation, while giving thanks for a bountiful harvest.

Queen Elizabeth has been out hunting with her courtiers, and her Master of Horse, Robert Dudley, The Earl of Leicester has arranged a surprise for her. He intends to lead her back to his manor by way of the celebration. Here she will join the revels of her loving subjects, and be entertained in their lusty, country fashion.”

Casa de Fruta Renaissance Faire
Saturdays-Sundays, September 13-October 12, 10:00AM-6:00PM,
10021 Pacheco Pass Hwy 152, Gate 6, Hollister (south of Gilroy)
$25 Adults, Children under 12 Free!  Parking $10
Discounted tickets available through the website

“Our little village of Willingtown comes to life as our annual Market Faire welcomes talented and exotic performers from throughout the globe to our streets and stages. The Entertainment is non stop all day.

The streets and stages boast music and dance from traditional Morris and English Country, to Celtic and Gypsy Tribal. Swashbuckling swordfighters render women defenseless with their charm and skill.

The original form of Renaissance theatre is played out on the Royal Garden stage in the form of the hilarious Commedia Dell Arte performed by the renowned troupe, Commedia Volante.

Foolishness and fun rule the day as ever popular favorites, Moonie the Magnif’cent and BrooN bring their unique brand of mischief and humor to the Fools stage. The town is buzzing as the villagers prepare for a visit from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth and the most famous Privateer of the time, Sir Francis Drake. Happy peasants, crooked Constables, gossiping washerwomen, and merry maidens fill the streets with revelry as the festivities begin. Seven stages boast non stop entertainment. For a complete list of shows, click on The Stages category. Meet all of the Theme Characters, Guilds and Musicians that fill the streets on our Theme Characters, Guilds and Musicians pages.”

CAYA Sprouts will be at the Faire on Saturday, October 11!

Folsom Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, October 18-19, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Folsom City Lions Park, 50 Natoma Street, Folsom
$16 adults, $11 students, seniors (55+) and children 13-17, $8 ages 6-12, under six free
parking $4

“There is no better way to end the faire season than with a full our party at the Folsom Renaissance Faire. This year's theme for the event is Shakespeare's Muse. The rising young star of London's theatre scene, Will Shakespeare, faces a scourge like no other: a paralyzing bout of writer's block, while the great Elizabethan age of entertainment unfolds around him. What Will needs is a muse - and in an extraordinary town whilst on progress with Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, he finds himself surrounded by numerous quirky characters who draw him into an amazing, dramatic adventure of action and love. Their stories make their way into his plays and into our hearts.
Revel in the amazing antics of the Elizabethan town filled with myriad of characters and vignettes resembling from Shakespeare's most beloved plays, featuring re-enactment of the 1500s with theater, music, magic, swordplay, puppetry.
Mark your calendars and come and enjoy. Costumes are wonderful and can greatly enhance your faire experience, yet they are certainly not required for attendees.”