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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PantheaCon 2013 Blood Drive

PantheaCon 2013 Blood Drive

A message from Rynn Fox:

Be a Blood Hero at PantheaCon

Coru Priesthood and Solar Cross Temple team with Blood Centers of the
Pacific to host Blood Drive at PantheaCon 2013

The Coru Priesthood and Solar Cross Temple invite all Pagans to donate blood at the ‘Blood Heroes Blood Drive’ being held on Saturday, February 16 and Sunday, February 17 from 11:00AM to 4:00PM at PantheaCon.

Blood Donation as Devotion:

Every three seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. The Coru Priesthood and Solar Cross are hosting this blood drive as an act of kinship, hospitality and devotion to our community and to the Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of sovereignty, prophecy, and battle. We encourage all people to donate the gift of life, whether in the name of your own deities, the Morrigan or without devotional intent.

How to Participate:

Go to www.bloodheroes.com and register as a donor.
Click on ‘Donate Blood,' and enter the sponsor code ‘PCon’.
Select your preferred appointment time.
Show up to the bloodmobile at your appointment time at PantheaCon.

Eligibility and Blood Facts:

Potential blood donors can volunteer beginning at age 16 with a parent’s consent, and 17 year olds can give independently. There is no upper age limit for giving. All donors must weigh at least 110 pounds, be in good general health and present a photo ID each time they donate. It’s also a good idea to eat a nutritious meal and drink plenty of water before giving blood. For more information about donor eligibility, call Blood Centers of the Pacific at 1-800-393-4483 or visit www.bloodcenters.org.
Please visit the Coru Priesthood’s event page for additional event information:

Petition to Reverse the Ban on Gay Men from Donating Blood:

A petition will be on hand at the blood drive booth to urge the Food and Drug Administration to reverse their ban on queer men from donating blood. We believe a blanket deferral of gay men for any length of time both perpetuates the unwarranted discrimination against the bisexual, gay and queer community and prevents healthy men from donating blood without a definitive finding of added benefit to the safety of the blood supply. Blood Centers of the Pacific supports these efforts to change the current policy.

About Coru Cathubodua:

Service, sovereignty, kinship and warriorship are the values that guide the Coru Priesthood (full name Coru Cathobodua Priesthood). We are Pagan priests on the move, ready to take action to advance our mission to bring about sovereignty and kinship to the world through acts of community and individual service. Guided by our the matron the Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of sovereignty, prophecy, and battle, we welcome all who share this vision of service to bringing these values to life for all people. For information about Coru Cathubodua, visit

About Solar Cross:

Solar Cross community is comprised of practitioners of many different Pagan and magical traditions, all working toward spiritual growth and religious expression. We come together as seekers, teachers, and people of good will to learn, practice and engage in various projects
together. Our Statement of Experiential Belief includes the following:
‘We experience divinity as both a unifying force in the cosmos and as an energy of myriad expressions. Divinity is not distant from us, but is both immanent in the physical world and beyond the physical world.’

This concept of divinity is pervasive, carrying over into work in prisons, with elders, the environment, with low income and homeless people, and myriad other expressions. For information about Solar Cross, visit

About Blood Centers of the Pacific:

Blood Centers of the Pacific is the nation’s oldest nonprofit community blood center, providing volunteer blood donations to more than 50 hospitals throughout Northern California. For more information call Blood Centers of the Pacific at 1-800-393-4483 or

Media Inquiries

Rynn Fox
Coru Communications Officer
Mobile: 408-510-1272

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