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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for March 2013 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for March 2013 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for:

7th Annual Bee Symposium
Pollinator Habitat and Forage
Saturday, March 9, 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sebastopol Veterans Building, 282 South High Street, Sebastopol
$35 in advance/$45 at door

“7th Annual Bee Symposium
A Fundraiser for Partners for Sustainable Pollination

This fun and informative symposium is for gardeners, farmers, and beekeepers of all experience levels, as well as anyone simply interested in the miraculous world of pollinators, which do more for the vitality of the Earth than we can possibly imagine. This year our theme is ‘Pollinator Habitat and Forage’. The availability of nutritious food and a clean, safe home is the most important issue facing pollinators today; fortunately, each of us can make a difference, right now.

This year a varied group of speakers will share experience and advice from a number of perspectives. No doubt there will be some impressive slides, and plenty of time will be set aside for questions and discussion. Also, various local groups will be tabling, so come early for coffee, tea, snacks, and plenty of interesting people to chat with and cool stuff to see. Pollinator-friendly plants will be on display and for sale, as well.

All proceeds from The Bee Symposium go to Partners for Sustainable Pollination (PFSP), a locally based non-profit organization whose mission is to work with farmers and beekeepers to improve the health of honey bees and to support native pollinators. We foster awareness and support for providing increased availability of flowering plants to honey bees and native pollinators, generating funds for the planting of pollinator forage plants on farms, schools, and parks through the Bee Friendly Farm and Bee Friendly Garden certification programs.”

My Step Her Stride
presented by Women For Women International
Saturday, March 16, 8:30AM-1:00PM
Great Meadow, Fort Mason, San Francisco
Adults $25, Ages 5-15 $10 if registered by March 14
On-site registration - Adults $30, Ages 5-15 $15
4 and under Free

Join us for the 1st annual My Step, Her Stride - San Francisco on Saturday, March 16, 2013 on “the Great Meadow at Fort Mason! Walkers and runners will enjoy a beautiful 5K course with views of the Golden Gate Bridge followed by a finish line festival that will include music, dance, and food as well as prominent speakers addressing women’s and global issues. Participants will be able to sponsor a woman survivor of war, purchase products handmade by women from WfWI programs, and get more involved with WfWI in the Bay Area.

Check-in begins at 8:30AM and the program begins at 9:30AM. Online registration is available through Thursday, March 14 at 2:00PM. Event-day registration is welcome at 8:30AM on the 16th (at a cost of $5 more per registrant). The event is on rain or shine. Sorry, please leave your dogs at home!

If you would like to help with this event, please register to volunteer!

See you there!

If you have questions, please contact Deanne Travis or Danielle Kraaijvanger, Event Co-Chairs, at MyStepSF@womenforwomen.org. Corporate sponsorships are available.

P.S. Once you register, be sure to fundraise! The more you raise, the more support we can give to WfWI's programs in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Afghanistan.

Your Step Directly Supports Her Stride!”

Nature and Soul Retreat for Autumn Equinox
with Jan Edl Stein, MFT
Friday, March 22, 9:30AM-4:00PM
Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, 1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach, 415-383-3134
$122 early registration up to ten days before the event, $140 within ten days of the event

“Nature and Soul: A day of retreat where nature mirrors our inner landscape

This seasonally offered retreat is a day of renewal and rediscovery, as we open ourselves to the land around us in addition to the landscapes within us.  This is a deeply experiential daylong retreat for restoration of health, psyche and spirit, offering a renewal of the soul's intention and a re-connection with the elements of nature that support us.  We will slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds us and let nature reflect the shapes and patterns that are held in the psyche.

The day is a combination of indoor experiences that involves guided meditation and inner journey process and outdoor, land-based contemplative practices. The experience as a whole is an embodied example of eco-therapy.  Each retreat day reflects themes of the season in the meditations, journeys and our approach to the elements we discover in nature.
No previous experience is necessary.

The retreat takes place in the beautiful setting of Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, with its splendid coastal range flora, meandering gardens, Japanese architecture, and easy walk to the beach.  An organic, vegetarian lunch (included in registration fee)  is offered to the group in the dining hall.  Retreat fees include lunch and refreshments.

Details on how to prepare for the day an a confirmation of registration will be sent one week before the event.

Retreat leader, Jan Edl Stein MFT, is the director of Holos Institute and a licensed psychotherapist with many years of experience in guiding people into deep explorations in their own psyche as they open to deeper levels of perception in the natural world.

Spring Equinox: We turn our awareness to the emergence of newness in our lives and in the land around us, while cultivating and supporting a sense of hopefulness and fresh inspiration.”

Moon Initiation Ceremony
Spring Solstice Women Only Event
Saturday Mar 23, 6:00PM
Bay Area location, address will be given upon registration.
$44.44, registration required
For  women and girls as young as 8 years old.
For more information, please call Veenaa at 510-213-3721

“Our society and culture as a whole does not encourage us to talk about menstruation, our sacred moon and our connection to the Earth. We are disconnected from our bodies, our natural rhythms, our unique identities and hold unnatural ideas of what it means to be a woman. We even avoid talking to our daughters because we do not have the linguistic tools nor the ability to safely and clearly explain the symbolic significance of our sacred moon mysteries. Our normative sexual education talks in schools simply cover the biological and scientific data concerning our ability to procreate which leaves great gaping holes in the spiritual and symbolic significance of being and becoming a full woman who is connected to her essential Goddess nature and to the biorhythms of her natural cycles and seasons in relation to Mother Nature.
In this ceremony, our powerful connection to our moon blood and the valuable information about our Goddess mysteries will be shared by ordained priestesses. We look forward to reconnecting, talking, and sharing ceremony during this potent Spring Equinox. The time for the divine empowered feminine has come. Let’s celebrate it together.

The Moon Initiation Ceremony, in Rainbow Warrior tradition, honors the first moon for maidens, the healing of all transgressions towards womankind and connects all with the sacred nurturing spirit of Mother Earth. It is held over the Spring Equinox season to plant powerful seeds of intention to allow for the bursting and blossoming of the true nature of humanity to flourish, in harmony with nature.

This ceremony will be held in circle fashion, holding The Altar of Inclusivity at its center. This first circle will be made up of young maidens, aged 8-18 years, dressed in all shades of red, pink and/or orange. This first circle’s intention is to honor the coming of age of young maidens all over the world, and all those who have never had an honoring ceremony for first moon.

The second circle, in concentric fashion will be made up of mothers and/or blood relatives/supporters of the maidens. Their role is to provide nurturing comfort to the maidens and to hold space for the collective intentions of the group. They are dressed in all shades of yellow, green, turquoise and sky blue.

The third circle will be made up of crones, those who have completed menopause (have not had a moon for 14 consecutive months). Their intention will be to hold space to heal transgressions to their womanhood and to all womankind. They will be dressed in all shades of sapphire/indigo blue and purple.

The fourth circle is that made of sacred energy and held in space by 6 priestesses, with 4 altars demarcating the four directions. The priestesses will hold space for the collective intentions of the whole group.

The mothers and crones will make a special individual hand-made gift (beforehand and bring it to the ceremony) for the maidens, which will symbolize their own healing journey and contain special elements of what they wish to gift to the world.

The maidens will present something of their choice - a song, a drawing, a poem, a simple speech, or a medicine bag, that they have prepared beforehand, containing their prayers/wishes/dreams for the women of the world.

There will be a time for collective sharing, and contributions from all participants. The ceremony closes with shared potluck feasting, libations to the Goddess and music and dancing.

The  circle will be led by priestesses Veenaa Saynana Laughing Dolphin, Nicki Koethner and Aimee Nelson Macdonald.   

As space is limited and places will fill fast, please complete your registration and payment. An email with detailed instructions of what to prepare and the address will be sent to you.”

The Faery Oath of Oak Ash and Thorn
with RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt
Saturday-Sunday, March 23-24
exact location in Santa Cruz given upon registration
for more information, please contact Andrea at deepestmeaning@gmail.com

The Faery Oath of Oak Ash and Thorn
A Faery Ritual Magic workshop

Part of the ongoing Faery Ritual Magic workshop program of Earth Light, Power Within the Land, and The Well of Light.  A New Initiative first launched at the June 2012 Fairy and Human Relationship Congress on Washington state..

Oak Ash and Thorn are the faery trees that will bring together the sacred spirits of ancient Britain and America. Join us for this remarkable new workshop drawing on powerful ancestral faery magic, offering methods that have long been hidden, now re-created for the present day, and taught for the first time. This is part of a series of workshops building a network and membership of traditional Oak Ash and Thorn faery magic practices.”

CAYA’s Ball for the Bees - postponed until 2014

Ball for the Bees will be back in 2014, bigger, better, and buzzier!

Wellness Essentials For Women
Wednesday, April 3, 6:00-9:00PM, and each Wednesday in April
Berkeley location given upon registration
$240 for all four sessions

“Bay Area Women: Build Your Wellness Tool-Kit!

Four deep-dive sessions taught by world-class women’s health practitioners bringing you practical tools you can use to boost your health now and for the long term.

Join us Wednesday evenings in April for all this wisdom:
We’ll meet from 6:00-9:00PM on Wednesdays in April, at a beautiful venue in central Berkeley.

April 3: Chinese Medicine for Fertility and Reproductive Health
with Amy Taylor Mitchell, M.S., L.Ac.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is known worldwide as a highly effective, safe treatment to enhance fertility and support menstrual cycle health and regularity.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs treat women’s reproductive imbalances holistically, by alleviating stress and re-balancing the whole person.  Amy will provide a Chinese medical perspective on supporting women’s reproductive health at every age, with a focus on optimal fertility.  She’ll also offer a range of practices, tools, and lifestyle modifications to support reproductive wellness.

April 10:  Ayurvedic Tools for Breast and Lymphatic Health
with DeAnna Batdorff of the dhyana Center
The lymphatic system brings nutrients to all tissues, enables endocrine function, and supports immunity. The breasts are surrounded by a high concentration of lymph nodes and vessels, and lymphatic blockage can impede breast health.  DeAnna will provide an overview of Ayurvedic approaches to lymphatic and breast health, teach you how to assess and care for the condition of your breast tissue, and share lifestyle tools to support overall lymphatic health.

April 17: Integrative Medicine for Hormonal Health
with Dr. Sara Gottfried
Your hormones are probably working against you, and you may not know it. We’re culturally conditioned as women to overprovide and this causes a chain reaction of feeling stressed out, irritable, and fat – not to mention a libido that is missing in action – all due to changes in your brain, brain chemicals, and hormones. Dr. Sara has identified the top 5 imbalances affecting your hormones and brain chemicals. Using cutting edge science, such as the serotonin gene, and ancient wisdom, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Sara will show you how to reset your system naturally.

April 24: Western Herbs for Healthy Digestion
with Kami McBride
The old saying, ‘you are what you eat’ is only partially true. ‘You are what you digest!’  Healthy digestion supports the entire body - no matter what you are dealing with, improving your digestion will enhance your health.  Kami will guide you to increase the digestibility of your food with herbal remedies, tea blends and delicious herbal condiments. You will learn tools to assess your own digestive health and leave with lots of easy and tasty recipes to support your optimum digestive wellness.”

Spirit Of A Fully Lived Life
Network for a New Culture Spring Camp 2013
Thursday-Tuesday, April 4-9, all day
Lupin Lodge, 20600 Aldercroft Heights Road, Los Gatos
$290 plus lodging and meal rates

“Spring Camp is co-creating the transformation of our Culture and Ourselves through Universal Earthy Love in the deepest sense. By Universal Love we mean deep intimacy, transparency, honesty, spirituality, genuine equality, compassion, ultimate respect for autonomy and conscious responsible sexual awareness all through the context of community.

Experience The Presence of focused group energy playfully pulling the authentic YOU forward, beyond your box, into your clearer, stronger voice and choice. We are creating a field, The Sacred Matrix where, when one person succeeds in personal transformation, all people in the connected group will benefit, by observing that person’s work in a safe, loving container.

The Zegg Forum authentic self expression
Compassionate Nonviolent Communication
7 Minute Connections and Transparency Games
Tantra / Puja Ritual with Francoise Ginsberg PhD
Gender Circles and Goddess Gatherings
Next Culture self mastery thoughtware
DJ Juicy Dancing
Theater Games / Improv
Cuddle Party
HeartSong Singing
Biodanza Dancing
Creativity Sharing Cabaret night

There will also be opportunity for working together to integrate shadow, reclaim power, voice, sacred conscious responsible sexuality and trust for each other.”

Queer Contra Dance Camp
Friday-Sunday, April 12-14
Monte Toyon, 220 Cloister Lane, Aptos
See website for detailed schedule and registration information

“The San Francisco Bay Queer Contra Dance is hosting its sixth annual dance camp within the lush redwood forest of Monte Toyon, a beautiful camp facility near Santa Cruz, 79 miles south of San Francisco, where you'll be housed and fed and offered a weekend of gender-role-free dancing. Beginners are welcome. Contra is an exuberant, friendly, easy-to-learn American barn dance with roots in English folk dance. While many of our dancers are LGBT, we cheerfully welcome folks of any and all persuasions! Take a weekend away to dance, relax, make friends, and enjoy the lovely California redwoods.”

Sonoma County Maker Kids Mini Maker Faire
Saturday, April 13, 10:00AM-3:00PM
Sonoma Country Day School, 4400 Day School Place, Santa Rosa

“The Sonoma County Maker Kids Mini Maker Faire was first held in 2010. Now in its third year, the event was the first of its kind to focus specifically on youth makers. This youth-oriented DIY festival encourages attendees to roll up their sleeves and take part in a wide-range of hands-on activities, all aimed at promoting invention, creativity, and a sense of wonder.”

San Jose Fantasy Festival
Saturday-Sunday, April 13-14,
Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Guadalupe River Park, 494 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Adults $12, ages 13-17, seniors and military $10, ages 6-12 $7, under 6 free
Parking $5 at HP Pavilion

“The San Jose Fantasy Faire offers visitors the opportunity to step into an enchanting fantasyland, where you will have more fun than you can shake a wand at.

The event is a family-friendly festival, a blending of myth and popular fantasy. You will find yourself a part of a wondrous gathering of knights and princesses, as they stand side-by-side with hobbits, fairies and pirates, on a weekend filled with performances that will enchant children and grown-ups alike. Some of the characters you'll meet include Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, Troll and Goblin Kings, Viking Gods, Rumpelstiltskin, Satyrs, Pirates, Mermaids, Witches and Fairy Godmothers from various fairy tales and many more. This year we're adding more of a steampunk feel to the show.”

World Book Night
Tuesday, April 23

“World Book Night is an annual celebration dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person.  Each year on April 23, tens of thousands of people in the U.S. go out into their communities and give a total of half a million free World Book Night paperbacks to light and non-readers.

Each year, 30 books are chosen by an independent panel of librarians and booksellers. The authors of the books waive their royalties and the publishers agree to pay the costs of producing the specially-printed World Book Night U.S. editions. Bookstores and libraries sign up to be community host locations for the volunteer book givers.

After the book titles are announced, members of the public apply to personally hand out 20 copies of a particular title in their community. World Book Night U.S. vets the applications, and the givers are chosen based on their ability to reach light and non-readers. The selected givers choose a local participating bookstore or library from which to pick up the 20 copies of their book, and World Book Night U.S. delivers the books to these host locations.

Givers pick up their books in the week before World Book Night.  On April 23rd, they give their books to those who don’t regularly read and/or people who don’t normally have access to printed books, for reasons of means or access.”   

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition
Friday-Sunday, April 26-28
Hyatt Regency, 5101 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara
see website for registration information

“Get Your Gear On!

Your Interplanetary Exploration Gear, that is…
The time has come to explore new, uncharted lands, to seek your fortune and adventure in the vast expanses of our known and unknown universe… to trip the light fandango on the dusty red surface of Mars, join a safari in the swamps of Venus, hunt leviathan on Jupiter and race your aerial chariot around the wild rings of Saturn… the possibilities are limitless, as Nova Albion presents:

Steampunks in Space!
The Grand Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition returns to the decadent Hyatt Regency Santa Clara in 2013 for three glorious days, April the 26th, 27th and 28th. Come rub elbows with preeminent scientists and planetary ambassadors, hob-nob with famous airship captains and explorers, and of course imbibe a proper cuppa with the crème-de-la-crème of Victorian society.

We shall present the Foremost Authorities to enlighten and enrich you, provide Grand Entertainments for your amusement and edification, and fill our market stalls with Fine Purveyors of exotic artifacts, rich clothing and jewels, the newest ingenious gadgets, sturdy exploration gear and more.

Maitri Breathwork One Day Workshop
with Trish Noble and Courtney Courtney
Wednesday, May 1, 9:15AM-8:00PM
Wildwood Retreat Center, 20111 Old Cazadero Road, Guerneville
$175 includes lunch and dinner
Space is limited, pre-registration required with a non-refundable deposit of $100 by April 8.
For more information or to register,
please contact Trish Noble at 209-352-0753 withnobleintentions@yahoo.com
or Courtney Courtney at  650-529-1162 courtneycourtney108@gmail.com

“Developed by Jyoti and Russell Park, PhD, Maitri Breathwork is a transformative experience and healing modality that combines the power of breath, cross-cultural music, healing herbs, and hands-on bodywork in a sacred, supportive setting.

Individuals use a simple breathing technique to enter a non-ordinary state, allowing access to healing states of consciousness to explore inner realms and support healing for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of being. Release, re-patterning, and receiving allow one to navigate daily life with more fluidity, ease, and personal power.

Following the Breathwork process, Breathers may create a mandala to capture images, sensations, archetypal symbols, and meanings from the experience.

Our day will consist of an opening circle; we will then work with a partner and have the first breathing session, then a light lunch, followed by another breathing session, dinner, and a closing circle. Each person experiences Breathwork as both a Breather and a Sitter.     

We invite you to join us in discovering a world within, accessible by breath, to lead the way to freedom of expression, personal empowerment, and health. This Breathwork is facilitated by Trish Noble and Courtney Courtney, certified Maitri Breathworkers, and supported by trained Maitri Breathwork assistants.

$175 - Breathwork with light lunch and dinner provided.
Optional lodging (dorm style) for 4/30 and 5/1 with two light breakfasts for an additional $150.
Space is limited, pre-registration required with a non-refundable deposit of $100 by April 8th.

To Prepare:
Bring water bottle,  journal (optional), pillow, blankets or sleeping bag. Wear comfortable, loose, layered clothing. Eat a light breakfast (or none at all) and drink plenty of water. Avoid citrus.”

Beltane Festival: A Gathering of Pagan Folk
Weekend Family Camp Out
presented by Moon n Star Tarot and Metaphysical Boutique
Friday-Sunday, May 3-5
Blue Mountain Event Center, 7250 Mitchell Mill Road, Wilseyville
Adults $20, Children $10, Family package $50

“Please join us for the Second Annual Beltane Camping Weekend to be held on Friday through Sunday, May 3-5, 2013 in Wilseyville, California, approximately 2 hours away from Sacramento. We will be celebrating at the privately owned 200+ acre Blue Mountain Event Center, 7250 Mitchell Mill Road, Wilseyville, California 95257.

The campout will take place in green meadow surroundings, amid towering trees and pure mountain streams. Children are welcome. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times. There will be drumming, dancing, belly dancing, fire dancing, crafting for children and adults, nature walks, rituals, workshops, vendors, and other activities. Several food vendors will be present if you decide not to bring your own food.

Bring a tent, sleeping bag, food, drinks, and any other personal essentials that you will need for the weekend. There are several running-water outhouses with showers, plus parking is available for RVs. No firearms are allowed. Help us make this the best event of the year! Price: $20 per person for the whole weekend.”

Norway Day Festival
Saturday-Sunday, May 4-5, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason, Buchanan Avenue and Marina Boulevard, San Francisco
(parking available at the Marina Middle School, 3500 Fillmore Street, San Francisco)

“The Norway Day Festival, celebrated every year in San Francisco, is the largest and most prestigious festival of its kind in the United States with more than 5,000 visitors!

Take a trip to Norway without ever leaving the Bay Area!”

Inanna: Knowing Ourselves, Knowing Power, In All of Our Parts
a weekend intensive workshop
with Cypress Fey, Irisanya and Inanna Hazel of Reclaiming
Friday-Sunday, May 10-12
The Yurt, Sebastopol - exact address given upon registration
Sliding scale $90-$240
for more information or to register, please contact Irisanya at irisanya@yahoo.com

“This mystery of power, how we hold it, how we share it, how we grab onto it, how we are called into it and changed by it. Inanna collects the Huluppu tree, ripped from the ground by a storm, planting it in her holy garden and nurturing it until the tree is tall and thick. But then, something happens…

In our personal journey and in the collective journey, we ask the question: what are the gifts
that arrive when we are willing to step into our power? Has fear ever led us to interpret gifts as threats? Have we sought to banish gifts before finding out what they held for us?

Inanna brings the gifts of wisdom to her people, and in her time and place, out of her heart,  more are revealed. Following her journey, what arises from of our hearts to bring to human culture? What more do we bring for our time and place?”

Bay Area Storytelling Festival
Friday-Sunday, May 17-19
Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

Oral storytelling is an art for all ages, from the cutest kids and the hippest adults through the wisest grandparents. Every year, the festival offers a school study trip and a professional storytelling workshop on Friday. Saturday and Sunday we offer several performances for adults, a family program and more workshops. In 2013, we are hosting an invitational spoken word slam for local high school students.

We are pleased to announce the tellers for the 2013 Bay Area Storytelling Festival! Award- winning storyteller and NPR commentator Kevin Kling tells hilarious, often tender stories. Megan Wells seeks the story eclipse when the ordinary world gives way to the light of the imagination. When Len Cabral tells stories, coyotes turn into ducks and we travel from Ethiopia to New England cranberry bogs. Yvette Brandy weaves stories and songs, and Will Hornyakpromises to captivate, surprise and intrigue.

The Bay Area Storytelling Festival promotes the timeless, contemporary art of storytelling by presenting todays finest talents. The festival showcases the power of stories to bridge generations, celebrate diverse cultures, and build and connect communities.

Himalayan Fair
Saturday-Sunday, May 18-19, Saturday 10:00AM-7:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM- 5:30PM
Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
$5 donation includes raffle ticket

“Under the towering oaks and redwood trees in the midst of a quaint Berkeley neighborhood, Live Oak Park becomes a vast marketplace with over 100 privately owned shops, free live music and several food vendors including Momos freshly made by the Tibetan Community, Nepalese and Indian foods. We do not accept any commercial vendors or commercial support at the fair so to keep the experience authentic and specifically Himalayan in nature. The Himalayan Fair offers a rare occasion to experience a unique Himalayan festival without leaving the Bay Area.”

Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium
Session 1: Friday - Monday, May 24-27
Session 2: Friday - Monday, August 30-September 2
Black Oak Ranch, 50350 Highway 101, Laytonville
see website for detailed schedule and registration details

“PlantWomen gather! The Tribe comes together!

Now, two times a year, women from many backgrounds of life gather together in great celebration for four full days of inspiring Herbal and Sustainability classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, talented campfire capers, amazing handcrafted marketplace items, Rites-of-Passage Ceremonies, powerful campfire drumming and dancing, refreshing swimming hole dips, and conversations with remarkable and inspiring women!

We meet together under the ancient oaks, douglas firs, and bay trees of Northern California. Our main gathering area is encircled by sixteen tipis with a large firepit in the center. All classes are held sitting on the ground under these majestic trees, or under shade tarps that we have set-up. At night we camp together, either in the tipis or in tents that we each bring.

During the days we are a gathering of women and children studying, teaching, learning, networking, and talking about plants, healing, and healthy lifestyles. When the sun goes down we become a playful and celebratory group, chatting, chanting, singing, showing off our talents, drumming and dancing into the night around the campfire.

We are a group of 350-400 women and children and we gather to learn from each other, to nurture and nourish each other, to take a break from our daily lives, to regenerate, refresh, dance, frolic, talk plants, and most of all, to have a REALLY GOOD THYME together!

Each session is a separate event. Do join us for one or both sessions!”

Valhalla Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, June 1-2 and June 8-9,
10:00AM-6:00PM Saturdays, 10:00AM-5:00PM Sundays
Camp Richardson’s Wood, 1900 Jameson Beach Road, South Lake Tahoe
Adults $18, ages 13-17, seniors and military $13, ages 6-12 $8, under 6 free

“Two weekends of fun and excitement for the whole family.

Rub elbows with nobility, immerse yourself in the Renaissance village, enjoy continuous entertainment in the streets provided by close to 900 costumed actors, action packed stage shows, music, dancing, jesters, Shakespearean vignettes, expertly staged battles, storytelling, archery tournaments and much more.

First Weekend, June 1-2:
Scottish invasion! The first weekend is geared more toward younger audiences with tons of shows, dancing, theater plays, and music for your whole family.

Second Weekend, June 8-9:
Pirate and Barbarian Hordes invade the festivities. Let loose and have a jolly good time while you participate in Scavenger Hunts, Costume contests, and a Talk Like a Pirate Competitions.”

California Witchcamp 2013
Sunday-Sunday, June 23-30
Mendocino Woodlands, exact address given upon registration
Please see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“The story this year is the Descent of Inanna.
The Theme this year is Hope and Inspiration.

This is an extraordinary event for extraordinary people.

Share in a week of Reclaiming style, earth based spirituality and magic. Come and study magic and ritual in a week long Intensive. Witchcamp is offered to all genders at all levels of experience. Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition.

Advanced classes offer the chance to apply the tools of ritual to personal healing and empowerment, or a focus on taking the Craft out into the world, creating public ritual, ongoing groups, and healing issues surrounding leadership and power. This event is a deeply moving, life changing week and also a constant experiment in temporary village life. We will also look at ways of bringing this work and inspiration into our everyday lives, creating powerful, joyful times.

This year, Witchcamp will be held at the Mendocino Woodlands, located just far enough outside the town of Mendocino to avoid coastal fog. The camp is set among a mature Redwood/Douglas Fir forest, creating a beautiful, peaceful setting. The cabins are rustic, but pretty. Camping is also an option. A small river runs through the camp, which is actually the home of steelhead trout. To request a brochure, please send us an email with your mailing address.

What is an Intensive?
Seven days of ritual and magic. Designed for people who are dedicated to powerful spiritual learning experiences and personal growth. This intensive is not a festival. It will expand your unconscious awareness, push your edges and likely change your life. The intensive is sequestered for the entire 7 days. Please plan to attend the entire week. Also, we don't allow children due to the intensity of the week.

How Much Does Witchcamp Cost?
Full details on costs and timelines are available on the registration page. We do offer partial scholarships if you require financial aid. Please email for the application.

What does this fee include?
It includes all meals (vegetarian), workshops, rituals and accommodation for the week. You might want to bring a little extra cash in US currency only for our pagan market place, and for the scholarship fundraising raffle and auctions.

All food is vegetarian, we can cater for some special needs i.e.: vegan, no wheat. We will make every effort to assure that you have an alternative selection. The kitchen staff, however will not be able to prepare special meals. If your needs are highly individual you might want to consider bringing your own snacks etc.

Physical Needs
All of the camp is rustic dirt paths and wooden bridges, not wheelchair accessible. Most of the bathroom blocks are up 40 foot slopes, which can be difficult if you have mobility problems. People have gotten around with walking sticks and crutches at previous camps. We will do our best to support your need. You will need to notify us well in advance (months) if you have special needs so we can discuss them with you. We do our best to accommodate special needs, and sometimes it is just impossible. We also expect you to be the initiator and take responsibility for yourself and getting the help you need.

Due to the limited amount of parking space available, we need to carpool. Cars with 3 or more people will get to park in the closest lot, all others will be required to park further along the road. We do need you and your car space for others. Carpool information will be included in your registration packet.

Pagan Flea Market
We invite all crafts people and anyone who has a service to share to participate in our flea market. You need to provide your own table and everything you will need. Please note 10% of the final sales will go to next year's scholarship fund.”

Fairy and Human Relations Congress
Communication and Co-Creation with Devas, Nature Spirits and the Faery Realms
Friday - Sunday, June 28-30
Skalitude Retreat, Twisp, Washington
See website for registration details.  Register by March 15 for discounted rate.

"The Fairy and Human Relations Congress affects the planet by joining with the nature, devic and other higher realms to bring more peace, love and understanding into the world. Our goal is not to escape the outer world but to positively affect it. At this time of multiple crises affecting humanity we feel it is very important to seek alliances with as many light forces as possible in other realms. Mother Earth and the fairy realms ARE big players in what is transpiring on the planet. Though many deny their existence, the numbers of people who are tuning into the spiritual realms and to the nature spirit/fairy/devic realms is increasing by leaps and bounds. The Congress is one of the vanguard events bringing these people together. We are not a frivolous event although we do have lots of fun and costume up. Our intent is communication and cooperation, not only for our personal selves, but for all of humanity. We are allying ourselves with Mother Earth and with the forces for peace and love on planet Earth.

The 2013 Congress: Igniting Forces of Connection and Manifestation
The time has come for us to consciously unite with our non-physical cohorts and create the reality we want here on Planet Earth! This year we bring our fully human selves into loving relationship with the fairy and devic realms to strengthen our powers of manifestation in joyful union!”

CAYA Fun For Everyone: FaerieWorlds 2013
Friday-Monday, July 26-29
Eugene, Oregon
To be part of the CFE rideshare, please contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com

Cross Sidhe says:
“Hello everyone!  This will be the second year that CFE will be offering an adventure to FaerieWorlds in Eugene, Oregon.  For those who are new to FaerieWorlds, it is a three-day Lammas, Faerie, and Music Festival and camp out.  

We will be leaving Crockett at 5:00AM PROMPT!!!  Sleep over is welcomed.  We will arrive at FaerieWorlds about 1:00PM, in time for the opening Lammas celebration.  

The drive home will be a TWO DAY trip.  We will leave FaerieWorlds sometime around noon on July 28 and do an overnight stopover a at a place TBA.  We will arrive home sometime on the 29th.  The trip home will be a leisure trip with stops at all eye candy and shinies.

CFE will be officially camping in the Outer Grove.  However, you may came with us or join your friends.  If you do decide to camp with CFE then lets plan to food, shade structure, mess kits, etc.

Everyone must buy their own ticket.  The earlier you get your ticket the cheaper it is.  I am asking for $50 to help pay for gas round trip.  Low income gas options are available.  Please contact me for info.

As of right now, I have 2 to 3 seats open.  

If you are interested please contact me.

Cross Sidhe”

Bay Area Tarot Symposium
Saturday-Sunday, August 17-18
Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“The first, the original, the only... There is NOTHING like a BATS!

Two days of Tarot-drenched fun and frolic including workshops, presentations, readings in the Pagan Science Reading Room, fabulous schmoozery, and the legendary Tarot Bazaar, featuring Tarot Garden (your source for all things Tarot) and the Millard Fillmore Memorial Spiritualist Temple Garage Sale (the retail arm of the DoD)
Plus! the Raffle of Fabulous Prizes!

The BATS in the Belfry Magickal, Mystical Mixer on Saturday night will feature the Michael Kenny jazz combo and special guest performers.”

DR E.P. Kitty’s Wunderkammer Festival
featuring the Great Sonoma County Handcar Races
Sunday, August 25
Historic Railroad Square, 9 4th Street, Santa Rosa
$8 in advance through April 15, $10 after April 15, children 12 and under freehttp://www.wunderkammerfestival.com

“Wunderkammer blends art and science into one gigantic feat of moving parts, sounds, and people.

Wunderkammer, featuring The Great Sonoma County Handcar Races, represents a public celebration of Mechanical Handcar Races, Visual, Culinary, and Costumed Performing Arts combined with an inclusive concept of Community Participation and Human Ingenuity embracing sustainability, alternative transportation, and good old fashioned fun.

Attractions include:
Children’s Midway
The Luther Burbank Food Circus

Live Music and other Performers
and, of course, the Handcar Races!”

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