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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Women’s Sacred Circle, Cities Will Save the Planet, Wicca Wednesdays, Crafty Valentine Making Party!, In Her Name Circle: Aphrodite, Children Of The Jaguar, Brigid Rite, I Maltagliati: To Sing A Life, The Road To Ife, Lunafest, Sacred Sites: The Secret History of Southern California, Be Still My Heart, Her Rising Dance Ceremony, Wavy Gravy, Fun and Games, Love Letter Scavenger Hunt, Anatomy of a Dream, Community Seed’s Open Circle, East Bay Waltz, A Benefit For MISSSEY, A Prelude to Valentine's Day, Ya Elah, Oakland Folkharmonic and Teslim, Candlemas: Flame of Inspiration, CAYA Fun For Everyone Outing: Serpent's Kiss - A Sacred Spaces Fundraiser, Temple of Aphrodite, Park Champions Volunteer Workday at Olompali, Adocentyn Library Cataloguing Day, Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft, Women’s Red Tent Event, Shamanic Healing Clinic - Drummers Needed, Codex 2013 International Book Fair, Darwin Day, Park Champions Volunteer Workday at Half Moon Bay, Tarot Salon, The Ifa Way: Discussions on the Yoruba Spiritual Path, Living As An Empath In A Troubled World, A Cultured Gathering, One Billion Rising, Her Rising, STRIKE!  DANCE!  RISE!, A Night for The One Billion: Performance Ritual Mash-Up

Women’s Sacred Circle
with Soul Coach Lis-Lotte Mariscal
Wednesday, February 6, 10:00AM-12:30PM
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation: $25.  
Please RSVP to Lis-Lotte at 510-507-1907 or answers@lis-lotte.com

“Let's gather in Sacred Circle over a Pot of Tea to talk about how Clutter Clearing - inner AND outer - truly can shift stagnant energies and create miracles in your life and relationships.

I am a certified Soul Coach and creator of sacred space. With my presence, playfulness, wisdom and love I gently and powerfully support Women to Step into the Light and dare to Trust, Live and Express their True Intuitive Wisdom Powers.  For the Healing of The Earth, Themselves and Their Relationships.

SHOW UP to gain a new sense of ‘Who You Truly Are’: YOU are SO MUCH MORE than your CLUTTER!

In this powerful ceremony you will Learn:
How Clutter Clearing can have a profound effect on you and your life.
How Inner Clutter is in the way of seeing yourself and others through loving eyes.
Simple tips to get started - without being overwhelmed.
To let go on a guided SOUL JOURNEY: Living Life Lightly.”

Cities Will Save the Planet
with Alex Steffen
presented by SPUR
Wednesday, February 6, 7:00PM, Cocktail reception to follow
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco

“How do cities succeed in the age of climate consequences? 2012 saw some of the most extreme weather events ever recorded, from record floods to rising seas, polar ice melt to epic droughts, Australian megafires to Hurricane Sandy's unprecedented storm surge. At the same time, urbanization has hit a breakneck pace, with increasingly cosmopolitan cities around the world pushing a new wave of technological innovations and urban solutions. How does a planet of cities respond to a planet in crisis - and what does that mean for us?

In a special evening talk with SPUR, Alex Steffen - one of the world’s leading voices on sustainability and the future of cities - presents his provocative ideas for understanding how urbanization can save the planet, and how San Francisco and the Bay Area can thrive amidst massive change.”

Wicca Wednesdays
with Didi
Wednesday, February 6, 7:30-8:30PM,
and seven more Wednesdays through March 27
Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, 831-423-5477
$28 per class module or $300 for the series ($65 savings with advance registration)
for more information or to register, please call 831-423-5477 or e-mail mail@serpents-kiss.com

“I am very excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.
The series is structured as a 13 week course, culminating with a Full Moon ritual on the 13th week.

Wicca 101 with Didi

Module 6: What is Ritual? Creating your own ritual - intention and focus.

Module 7: Ritual Construction - creation and cleansing of sacred space, grounding and centering, circle casting, calling the quarters.

Module 8: Ritual Construction continued - calling/invoking Deity, raising energy and doing the work, cakes and ale, thanking and releasing Deity and the quarters, opening the circle.

Module 9: Connecting with Deity - a discussion about pantheons, honoring, invoking and working with Deity.

Module 10: The Wheel of the Year - Sabbats and Esbats

Module 11: Spellcasting - constructing intention, doing work on behalf of others, corresponding days, lunar influences.

Module 12: Circle Etiquette - Perfect Love and Perfect Trust - What it means to create Magick with others.

Module 13: Esbat Ritual - Honoring the first Full Moon of spring.”

Crafty Valentine Making Party!
Thursday, February 7, 6:30-9:00PM
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385

“Bring your bits, and bobs, scraps, bows and buttons! We're having a Valentine Making Craft Party!We'll have a Supply Sharing Table that we can all contribute scraps, bits and bobs to. Bring your own scissors, glue etc...

Valentines are for everyone and anyone... your honey, your kids, your mom, your dad, your dog! Join us as we celebrate love of ALL kinds!”

In Her Name Circle: Aphrodite: Discover the Many Aspects of Lover
with Joy Reichard
Thursday, February 7, 7:00-8:30PM (and the second Thursday of every month)
Ann Benner Room, UU San Mateo, 300 E Santa Inez Avenue, San Mateo, 650-342-5946
$10-$20 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

“The voice of the Divine Feminine is re-emerging in human consciousness, bringing us a new vision of the sacredness and unity of life.
Her mythology from diverse cultures around the globe illustrates her many representations and rich symbolism offering role models and guidance to modern women and men. Her message is one of peace, compassion, and respect for all life.
If you are seeking to learn more about the Divine Feminine, then please join us on the second Friday of each month as devotees of the Goddess gather to celebrate her many manifestations with ritual, movement, myth, song, divination and guided visualization. A $10-20 donation is appreciated.

This month’s circle features Valerie Sher, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Educator, and Workshop Facilitator

Upcoming dates:     
March 7
April 11
May 9
June 6”

Children Of The Jaguar
film screening
Thursday, February 7, 7:00PM
San Geronimo Valley Community Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, San Geronimo

“Coming to the San Geronimo Community Center - Children of the Jaguar!

Made by indigenous Sarayaku community member, Eriberto Gualinga, it chronicles the experience of the community's first contact with an oil company and their ensuing efforts to push them out of their rainforest home in the Ecuadorean Amazon.

Non-violence, commitment to their land and culture, and persistence saw them take their case eventually to the Inter American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica  - VERY far from their rainforest home.

They pleaded their case and they won.

This film is masterful and engaging - and is an inspiration to those of us who believe justice can prevail.

Q and A after the film with Amazon Watch Director of Engagement Branden Barber and supporter Susan Prince who will share stories from her recent trip to the community in Sarayaku.”

Brigid Rite
Presented by The Fellowship of the Spiral Path’s Gateway Circle  
Thursday, February 7, 7:30-9:00PM  
BFUU Main Hall, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley
$5 donations requested, no one turned away for lack of funds

“This is the celebration of Brigid, Irish Goddess of Poetry, Smithcraft, Inspiration and Healing will be the first in the ritual season of the Maiden. Experience the power of Brigid as we invoke Her and pledge to ourselves and those around us the good changes we will bring into our lives by our actions. The fertility of spring reminds us that we make what comes forth come to us, and we are made to come to the Earth to allow this cycle to be complete. In this ritual, we are blessed by water drawn from Chalice Well.

You may bring a candle to light from the flame of Brigid's eternal flame at Kildare.  Objects may be charged on the altar during the rite. Wheelchair accessible (let us know if you need someone to hold the door for you.) Family and child-friendly. Incense will be used in this ritual, unless requested in advance.

A small donation ($5.00+) is humbly requested to attend this ritual and receive the Blessings of Brigid to defray the costs of renting the hall, although NO ONE will be turned away for lack of funds.”

I Maltagliati: To Sing A Life
Friday-Sunday, February 7-9, 8:00PM
Brava Theater.    2781 24th Street, San Francisco

“From Denmark  on their first US tour
Teatret Om presents
I Maltagliati: To Sing A Life
directed and performed by Sandra Pasini

An old woman stands in her kitchen cooking a pasta dish, I Maltagliati.
During a morning she relives her life through songs.

I Maltagliati is built around a series of powerful Italian folk songs and other songs that uniquely communicate ordinary human feelings, desires and dreams. The songs include all aspects of everyday life: work, love, struggle, birth and death. The story takes place in two spaces: the physical space, the kitchen, where the woman makes pasta, only in the company of a radio, and a space of memories, where we see the woman's life in flashbacks, open to the viewer's own interpretation. During the performance a dish of homemade pasta is prepared. As the performance progresses the spectator will be surrounded by a delicious scent of tomato sauce and basil .. I Maltagliati is performed in English and Italian, and is primarily sung.

Teatret OM, founded in 1989 in Rome Italy, by Sandra Pasini (actress) and Antonella Diana, (set designer) is today a theatre company with an international cast. Since 1996, it has had its base in Denmark and from 2006 Teatret OM as Regional Theater in the Municipality of Ringkobing-Skjern, Denmark. Artistically the group's work is based on physical training of the actors, and the connection of visual arts and theatre. The scenic space is developed parallel to the actor's actions and the dramaturgy and the performances intertwine the actors’ physicality with images generated by the set and props, all set to live music.”

The Road To Ife
Friday, February 8, 6:30-9:30PM (and bi-monthly through 2013)
East Bay Healing Collective, 1840 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley
$21 per class

“Classes will share the teachings of Ifa, a West-African spiritual and life tradition and the progenitor of the Orisha/Santeria tradition. The wisdom and intelligence of Ifa includes cosmology, philosophy, science, ethics, poetry, folktales, proverbs sacred scripture and song. The values inherent in the Ifa tradition (consistent with values across most indigenous and spiritual traditions) provide an approach to life that can lead to greater satisfaction and alignment with our personal and collective destinies as humans.

You do not need prior knowledge nor be a practitioner of the tradition to benefit from the teachings. Each class provides a discrete teaching; you do not have to take the classes in order. Please note that each class is limited to 15 participants, so while drop-ins are welcome, we encourage you to pre-register.

Please note that Road to Ife classes during 2013 will meet bi-monthly (February, April, June, October and December) with a break during the summer months. Unless otherwise communicated, the classes will be held on second Fridays from 6:30-9:30PM or second Sunday mornings from 11:00AM-2:00PM. Stay tuned for more details on our 2013 schedule.

February 2013: Friday; April 2013: Sunday; June 2013: Friday; October 2013: Sunday; December 2013: Friday

Also note that classes are being extended to three hours so that we can delve more deeply into our content and to support an interactive experience for those who attend.  Classes are limited to 15 participants.

February 8:  A Foundation for Practice.

The number of adherents to the Ifa/Orixa tradition is growing exponentially throughout the African Diaspora. With this growth we have found that there is a need for practitioners to have a grounding in the basic tenets of Ifa/Orixa.

This class is an introduction to the tradition and will serve as a foundation for the remainder of our classes throughout out the year. The class will be co-led by Iyanifa Fakayode Fatumise (Xochipala Maes Valdez) and Oshun Ayodele (Sauda Burch). No prior knowledge is necessary to attend the class.”

Friday, February 8, 6:30PM
Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond
see website for admission details

“Attend LUNAFEST and enjoy great films while supporting an important community cause. You'll have fun and make a difference.

Join the Zonta Club of Berkeley/North Bay for appetizers and a no host bar followed by great films.

Proceeds to benefit the H.E.A.T. Watch program to combat human trafficking in our community.

About the host organization: Zonta is a service organization whose mission is to improve the status of women locally and globally.  The proceeds from the film festival will benefit projects that seek to eliminate violence against women.  This year we are supporting the prevention of Human Exploitation and Trafficking (H.E.A.T.) program of the Alameda County District Attorney's office and The Breast Cancer Fund.

About the event: The event itself will be a fun evening of hors d'oeuvres, no host bar and very interesting films. So please consider bringing a friend and joining us while we also help make a difference!”

Sacred Sites: The Secret History of Southern California
with author Susan Suntree
Friday, February 8, 7:30-10:00PM
private home, 685 ½ Fairmount Avenue, Oakland
Admission $10 or free with purchase of the book
for more information or to RSVP, please call 650-327-5493 or e-mail shmoover@comcast.net

“A history that is equal parts science and mythology, Sacred Sites offers a rare and poetic vision of a world composed of dynamic natural forces and mythic characters. The result is a singular and memorable account of the evolution of the Southern California landscape.

Beginning with Western science, Susan Suntree carries readers from the Big Bang to the present as she describes the origins of the universe, the shifting of tectonic plates, and an evolving array of plants and animals that give Southern California its unique features today. She tells of the migration of humans into the region, where they settled, and how they lived. Complementing this narrative and reflecting the Native people’s view of their own history and way of life, Suntree recounts the creation myths and songs that tell the story of the First People, of unforgettable shamans and heroes, and of the origins and migrations of the human beings.

Susan Suntree’s poetry, essays, and performances investigate the dynamics of science, art, and spiritual philosophies as they engage contemporary life. Her work has won many awards and grants and has been presented nationally and internationally. Her performances include one-woman shows, site-specific pieces, and street theatre focused on threats to the Southern California environment and that featured giant puppets and masks.In addition to Sacred Sites, her books include Eye of the Womb (El Ojo de la Matriz), Wisdom of the East, Rita Moreno, and Tulips.“

Be Still My Heart
A Julie's House Concert and Tasting event!
Friday, February 8, 7:30PM
Julie's Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
$10 at the door (price of refreshments not included)  

“Join us for an evening of sensual tastes and heart-warming sounds featuring live music and a special tasting menu hand selected by Julie to warm your heart and stir your soul.

Our new season of House Concerts kicks off with a tasting event for lovers of lush ballads, artisan wine, cheese, and chocolate!   

The Music: Chuck and Sylvia
For this sumptuous, romantic affair, singer-guitarist Sylvia Herold digs deep into her treasure trove of swing-era favorites for lush ballads, songs of romance and rare
gems that will warm your heart and make you smile. Chuck Ervin adds jazz-inflected accompaniment on upright bass.

The Menu:
A selection of small plates featuring artisan cheeses, savory pies, lush chocolates and honey drizzled decadance. Pairing options include wine, beer, tea, lambic or sparkling sangria. Savory and sweet plate prices will range from $6-$12, Choose a variety to share with friends and lovers. Our regular menu items will not be available.

$10.00 - at the door (price of refreshments not included)   
$8.00 - ($2 Early Bird discount) for reservations made at Julie's by February 6th.  
Limited seating available - stop by Julie's as soon as possible to reserve your space.

Our new House Concerts are geared for your optimal listening pleasure. The cafe will be closed to the general public. We offer a seating time with limited, intimate seating, lowered lights, and table service before the concert and during the break.

We are proud to bring top-notch local and touring performers to an appreciative and respectful audience and we're ecstatic to hear artists say that Julie's is their favorite place to play! We hope you'll join us as we celebrate our new live music season :)”

Her Rising Dance Ceremony
Friday, February 8, 7:30-11:00PM
Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland

“On Friday February 8th, men and women will gather for an embodied prayer, bringing light and healing to the feminine wound within us all. This is the wound that is at the core of all other global problems, from poverty, to war to destruction of the Earth.

In the spirit of mid-wifing a world where the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine come into harmony and balance in their most evolved forms, how can we heal that wound and liberate ourselves? We'll dance that living inquiry.

Through high vibrational sound and movement, we'll dive into an inward journey inquisiting how this issue has affected our lives personally, our relationships, our communities and our eco-systems. We'll invoke the field that we we want to see embodied in the world, calling in healing, love, illumination and liberation.

This embodied collective prayer is an invitation to dance not only for our own liberation but also the healing of the billions of women, girls, men and boys worldwide who have been affected by this core wound and are ready to heal.

By an inward journey through the elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether holding a shared intention, we'll support our personal and collective liberation. The journey will be held by Dancing Freedom facilitator Magalie Bonneau-Marcil. Magalie has facilitated dance ceremonies from South Africa to Boom Festival in Europe, and Bay Area.

What is One Billion Rising?
Under the leadership of Eve Ensler, founder of V-Day, on Feb. 14 one billion people have been called to strike, dance and rise in the streets to demand an end to violence and sexual oppression against women and girls. By watching this video, you will get a good sense of the scope of this initiative in relation to what will be taking place in the Bay Area.”

Wavy Gravy's Hippy Icon, Flower Geezer, and Temple of Accumulated Error
Friday-Sunday, February 8-10 - final weekend
Friday 8:00PM, Saturday 5:00PM, Sunday 2:00PM
The Marsh San Francisco, 1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco
$15-$35 sliding scale

“Wavy Gravy recounts his life and times, spilling proverbial beans. Not to be missed!
Best known to millions as the inspiration for a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor ‘I am an activist clown and former frozen dessert,’ says Wavy - it is through his good work on behalf of the planet and its least fortunate residents that Wavy Gravy has achieved his own brand of sainthood.

His friend and satirist Paul Krassner has called him ‘the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa.’ Wavy says, ‘Some people tell me I'm a saint, I tell them I'm Saint Misbehavin'.’ (which is also the name of Michelle Estrick’s critically-acclaimed documentary on Wavy). All performances will benefit Seva Foundation and Camp Winnarainbow.”

Fun and Games
A Children's Program at the McConaghy House
Saturday, February 9, 10:00AM
McConaghy House, 18701 Hesperian Boulevard, San Lorenzo
$2 program fee per child, $3 tour fee for adults

“When it's cold outside, join us for a fun day of parlor games inside Archie's Playroom. There will be board games, mystery games, old-fashioned games and card games. We will enjoy stories and make a unique craft to take home.”

Love Letter Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, February 9, 12:00-7:00PM
starting at the corner of 21st Street and Valencia Street, San Francisco

“The Love Letter Scavenger Hunt is a one-day, whimsy-fueled careen through the Mission, where intrepid adventurers will be given clues to find mysterious lost love letters hidden in parks, alleys, and shops.

Come with your sleuthing hat on, ready to solve puzzles, meet weird characters, and unravel a mystery.

Bring your other half or come solo. We welcome all humans, as long as they are intrepid and pack their sense of adventure. Free and open to all.”

Anatomy of a Dream: A Naturalist’s Field Guide to Dream Contents
with Meredith Sabini
Saturday, February 9, 1:00-4:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767

“Like all forms in nature - whether animal, vegetable, or mineral - dreams have an inherent structure, or anatomy. Identifying its basic components is an excellent prelude to any type of personal or group dream exploration. This workshop is based on the protocol, ‘The Anatomy of a Dream,’ developed and copyrighted by Meredith Sabini; it identifies eight core components of dreams: the setting, atmosphere, characters, main theme or problem, dreamer’s stance, resources, dynamic tension, and outcome. (Not all of these occur in every dream.)

In the first part of the workshop, participants receive a copy of the protocol and a sample dream in order to see how it works. In the second part, we will use the protocol to identify the components of dreams that participants may have brought in.

The Anatomy protocol can be used for cataloguing the themes in your dream journal over time. It is also an alternative to the Ullman-Taylor group method, ‘If this were my dream,’ which invites participants to project onto a dreamer’s dream; by contrast, the Anatomy lets group members participate in unpacking the specifics of a given dream. The Anatomy is based on naturalistic observation rather than abstract theory. Though not an interpretive method per se, it creates the space in which potential meanings can emerge organically as a dream’s components are carefully unpacked and witnessed.”

Community Seed’s Open Circle
Saturday, February 9, 2:00PM (and the second Saturday of each month)
Quaker Meeting House, 225 Rooney Street, Santa Cruz
$5-$10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

“We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Gather at 2:00PM, begin ritual at 2:30PM. The intention of this circle is to provide a regular meeting place for Earth-Spirit, Pagan worship in Santa Cruz. Newcomers are welcome! Let us meet together in sacred trust to create closer spiritual bonds of love and understanding within our community and within our tribes. There is only one love. Following ritual will be a simple feast, and the opening of circle. (No potluck except on occasion). After circle has been opened, we invite you to stay to socialize, and perhaps have some tea and snacks.

What to bring?
Yourself, your open heart and mind. We ask for a small sliding scale donation to cover the costs of the hall rental ($5-$10 dollars). No one will ever be turned away for lack of money.

This month, Alisa and Skot will lead our Monthly circle in a ritual cleansing with a Celtic flair.  Join us as we invoke the trinity of Land, Sea and Sky.”

East Bay Waltz
Saturday, February 9, Lessons: 7:00-9:00PM, Dancing: 9:00PM-Midnight
Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street, Berkeley
$12 for lesson and dancing, $8 for dancing only

“East Bay Waltz is a monthly casual social dance featuring mostly waltz and cross-step waltz, with polka, swing, schottische, and latin dances thrown in to mix things up.

Every month, there is a class for beginners and a class for more experienced dancers, from 7:00-9:00PM. Then, there's DJ'd social dancing and fun times from 9-midnight. $12 gets you the lesson and dance, or $8 for just the dance.

Come by yourself, or with a friend, or a crowd. People of all ages are welcome. Dress in jeans and a t-shirt, or dress up all fancy-like if you'd like.

The introductory class will be on rotary waltz, which is so important that it's usually just called the ‘waltz’. Kathy Lowy teaches. No experience or partner necessary!
The intermediate class will be on tango, taught by Christophe Taylor.
Our DJ from 9-midnight will be Alan Kline.”

Thanks to Ivy for letting me know about this event!

A Benefit For MISSSEY
Saturday, February 9, 7:00-10:00PM
Swarm Gallery, 560 Second Street, Oakland
$20 at the door, all proceeds will be donated to MISSSEY

“Swarm Gallery is pleased to host
A Benefit For MISSSEY
Motivating Inspiring Supporting and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth

Please mark your calendar for an evening of music, art and collaboration to benefit MISSSEY, a community-based organization founded in 2007 to respond to the heartbreaking epidemic of sexual exploitation.

Featured Musicians:
Solace Trio
Words on Strings
Shawn Shine
Stephan Haluska

Beverages and light fare

Every day some of the Bay Area's most vulnerable youth are sexually exploited for other people's profit. They are bought and sold, beaten, drugged, hustled, molested, and raped. Ultimately, they are discarded when they no longer fetch a price. The number of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) is increasing, while the average age is decreasing. Further, these youth are often considered criminals, as if they're seeking to be abused, rather than victims of domestic human trafficking.

MISSSEY is a community-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Alameda County, CA, founded in 2007 to respond to this heartbreaking epidemic of sexual exploitation.”

A Prelude to Valentine's Day
with Jarring Sounds
presented by Seventh Avenue Performances
Saturday, February 9, 7:30PM
Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1329 Seventh Avenue, San Francisco
$10 suggested donation

“A Prelude to Valentine's Day with Jarring Sounds

Mezzo Danielle Reutter-Harrah and Adam Cockerham, guitar/lute, make up the duo Jarring Sounds, in this concert of music from the Renaissance through the 21st century.

Jarring Sounds was formed in 2011 out of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a result of mutual artistic interests. Comprised of mezzo-soprano Danielle Reutter-Harrah and Adam Cockerham, who plays guitar, lute, and theorbo, the duo is committed to the repertoire of early European songs of the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as contemporary classical works of the 20th and 21st centuries. The small ensemble setting of a single voice and instrument allows for flexible creative interpretation not possible in a larger setting.

‘Jarring Sounds’ may have a modern connotation, which resonates with their affinity for contemporary compositions. The line is in fact taken directly from the lyrics in John Dowland’s (1563-1626) lute ayre In Darkness Let Me Dwell, one of the first collaborations between Reutter-Harrah and Cockerham. The name’s link to both early and recent works exemplifies the duo’s artistic mission.”

Ya Elah
in concert
Saturday, February 9, 8:00PM
Garden Gate Creativity Center, 2911 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley
$10-$20 sliding scale
http://www.gardengatecreate.com (site plays music)

“Ya Elah offers an intimate, spiritual and fun experience in concert at Garden Gate Creativity Center.

Ya Elah emerged from a longing to illuminate the beauty, mystery and power of the world's many spiritual paths. Their music combines the sacred texts and liturgies of many traditions to reveal the deep knowing that all life is one. The songs are sent out as prayers on the breath of their hearts. Ya Elah aspires to inspire compassion among diverse cultures and hopes to help bring healing and a sense of wonder at the ways all have connected to the Divine.

Ya Elah sparkles with the influence of Bulgarian Village songs, Middle Eastern melodies and music from other parts of the globe. This ensemble of vocalists, harp, percussion and mandolin performs mostly the original compositions of artistic director, Bon Singer. Other compositions and/or adaptations and arrangements included are by Diana Rowan and Evelie S Posch.

After a long absence from the music scene Ya Elah returns with great spirit and love.

Ya Elah is the voices of Bon Singer, Evelie S Posch, Erica Hockett, Jeannette Ferber, Suzannah Sosman, Chelle Persoff; Diana Rowan on harp; John Waller on percussion, John Pierre on octave mandolin.”

Oakland Folkharmonic and Teslim
house concert
Saturday, February 9, 8:00PM
Wisteria Ways, 383 61st Street, Oakland
Donations, $15-$20 (sliding scale) cash only, given  at the door.  
All funds go to the musicians
Reservations strongly recommended.  Please RSVP to info@WisteriaWays.org
This is an INSIDE concert. Not wheelchair accessible.

“Oakland Folkharmonic and Teslim - Traditional modal music from a variety of traditions

The Oakland Folkharmonic is Shira Kammen and Kaila Flexer's new string ensemble featuring the two of them plus Kyla Danysh and sisters Rachel and Danielle Taylor on a variety of stringed instruments including violin, viola, vielle and tarhui. The repertoire of this ensemble ranges from traditional modal music of Greece, Turkey and the Middle East to medieval music to original compositions by Flexer and Kammen

Teslim (tes-LEEM) is a Turkish word that means both ‘commit’ and ‘surrender.’ It is also a musical term for a recurring theme in Turkish music. For us the recurring theme is that the trust we have in one another musically has allowed us to both commit and surrender to our own individual voices, hopefully creating something larger than either of us. Teslim features two well known Bay Area musicians: violinist Kaila Flexer and Gari Hegedus on oud, Turkish saz, Greek lauoto and other (mostly plucked) stringed instruments. This potent duo performs Greek, Turkish and Sephardic music. In addition, both Flexer and Hegedus are composers whose original music is based on these fertile traditions. Both seasoned performers and recording artists, Teslim released its debut (self-titled) CD in December 2008. This unusual duo is at home in classical, early music, and folk music venues and holds workshops on a variety of topics.”

Candlemas: Flame of Inspiration
with Axis Mundi TranceFusion
Saturday, February 9, 8:00PM-Midnight
Bhakti Mandir (House of Devotional Ecstasy), 6225 Doremus Avenue, Richmond
$15.00 at the Door

“Join us to kick off the New Era and new Beginnings as we Celebrate the Rebirth of the Light.  Candlemas heralds the return of the light and the stirring of Spring. It is dedicated to light, birth, purification, magic, inspiration, and healing.  It's the perfect moment to share Trance Dancing and Shamanic Journeying to Kundalini Trance Chant with World Beat Drumming and Didjeridoo, Crystal Bowls, Sound Healing, Meditation, Nyasa Third Eye Anointing, refreshments and the joys of connection in a radiant commUNITY of kindred spirits!

Hosted Savory Edibles Served - veggie and omnivore
BYO Libations and Contributions of Savory or Sweet Snacks Welcomed!

Wear your EXOTIC and FESTIVE FINERY and have a warm layer to enjoy Full Moon Gazing from the beautiful 3 level outdoor deck!”

CAYA Fun For Everyone Outing:
Serpent's Kiss, a Sacred Spaces Fundraiser
Saturday-Sunday, February 9-10, 12:00PM Saturday-4:00AM Sunday
CLouD 9, 1320 9th Street, Berkeley
see website for admission information

“Galactivate your pineal gland this Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve with the wisdom of the serpent and the welcoming of the snake in the element of water and feminine grace. A coming together to share as one that which symbolizes this age of transformation. Featured are some of the Bay Area’s finest spiritually based intimacy educators, performance artists, playa chefs and audio shamans.”

Contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com if you want to carpool to this event.

Temple of Aphrodite
Sunday, February 10, 11:00AM-12:00PM, (and the second Sunday of each month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“Men and women of all backgrounds are invited to participate in monthly rituals and activities dedicated to the benevolent Lady of Love.

Theme for February: Aphrodisiacs with Rabbit

These services help you tap into the ever-flowing fountain of love within, and to connect that love with your personal practices, work, relationships, and activities in the world.”

Park Champions Volunteer Workday at Olompali
Sunday, February 10, 11:00AM-3:00PM
Olompali State Historic Park, Novato
Free, please register at the website below

“The California State Parks Foundation is seeking volunteers at Olompali State Historic Park. This workday will focus on replacing split rail fencing, repairing replica Miwok kotchas, and weeding in the native plant garden. Teens 16 and up are welcome when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Through our Park Champions program, we hold multiple volunteer workdays at underfunded parks across the state. Our volunteer projects are selected to help with parks’ unmet needs. Volunteering at a Park Champions workday is a fun way to meet other like-minded park supporters and to make tangible improvements to your favorite parks.

The need has never been more urgent for our precious California state park system. Budget cuts over the years have reduced staff and financial resources to the breaking point, and volunteerism has become increasingly vital to parks’ survival. Even though many parks have received a temporary reprieve from closure and will stay open for the next year, resources still remain at an all-time low. Your help has never been more meaningful.

Hope to see you there!”

Thanks to Ivy for letting me know about this event!

Adocentyn Library Cataloguing Day
Sunday, February 10, 11:00AM-6:00PM, and the second Sunday of each month
Adocentyn Library, 1029 A Solano Avenue, Albany
please RSVP to Don Frew at DHF3@aol.com

Don Frew says:
“Dear Friends of the Adocentyn Research Library,

Thank you for expressing interest in helping us get the Library ready for opening. The main bottleneck has been getting the collection catalogued.

To try to move things along, the ARL Board has decided that we will have a cataloguing day at the Library every month on the Second Sunday.  We hope that Second Sunday will be easy to remember and become a regular pattern.

We'll be starting at 11:00AM and going (ideally) to 6:00PM, with a lunch break somewhere in the middle. (Anna says ‘this will be like an old-fashioned quilting bee.’)

The location is 1029 A Solano Avenue (just west of San Pablo Avenue), Albany CA. The phone number on-site is 510-280-3911, but you can reach me at home at 510-524-2078 or cell 510-919-1077.

If you can join us, you'll need to bring your own laptop with wifi capability and power cord. We'll teach you to use LibraryThing (our database), if you don't already know how to use it. (Or you can go to www.librarything.com in advance and poke around.)

We don't have a fridge or a stove on site, but if you would like a cold or hot beverage there is a cafe on our block (The Four Corners Cafe) at Solano and San Pablo - a few steps away.

Also, you should know that the restrooms are upstairs, but if you have any mobility issues the above-mentioned cafe has nice facilities and is very accommodating.

Please let me know if you can join us as space is limited (as are power outlets).

As a small token of our appreciation, everyone who joins us for this will receive a coupon for a free day-pass for use of the Library after we open (which otherwise would cost something like $10).

Thank you and Blessed Be,

Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft
with Rabbit
Sunday, February 10, 3:00-5:00PM, and the second Sunday of each month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
$35 per class
to register, call 510-444-9355

“Theme for February 10: Solitaries, Covens, and Circles

Standing under the moon, staring up into infinity... how many times have you paused here... dreaming... transfixed, gazing at the beauty of the heavens and contemplating the mysteries of the Universe? Life is such a sacred journey, and each person much find their own path. This class is an exploration of my philosophies and practices of witchcraft: a brew of science, spell craft, cosmology, fate, free will, and wonder. The methods I share in this class come from my 20 years of experience in making magic that works for my own purposes, and for the greater good.

This class is a ‘year and a day’ training in building, bringing forth, and discovering your own witchcraft. I share my methods as an example, but you are ultimately the visionary behind your own personal religion. Suitable for beginners on the path, but also satisfying for advanced practitioners who are curious about new perspectives and practices. Be prepared to laugh, to explore your own magic with affection and humor, to wield your power mindfully, and to open to the adventure of life as a witch.”

Women’s Red Tent Event
with Jennifer Penick
Sunday, February 10, 3:00-5:00PM
Tiny Tots, 138 Railway Avenue, Campbell
$15, please RSVP to Jennifer@theredtent.net or 408-365-4905

“Focus for the evening: ‘The most challenging part of my life is…’

Space is limited to 15 for this evening…SAVE YOUR SEAT NOW!

Women: Mothers, daughters (menstruating), grandmothers, sisters, aunts and female friends come together to share their power, love, courage, understanding, support and wisdom with one another.

Listen... receive... come to share from your heart
Please bring an edible to share
Wear your favorite shade of RED

Red Tents are an old ritual honoring a time of transformation or transition in a woman's life... please join us for this amazing evening at Tiny Tots!

The well of power and wisdom is rich and deep... come and drink from it... we look forward to sharing this evening with you.”

Shamanic Healing Clinic - Drummers Needed
Sunday, February 10, 3:00-5:00PM (and the second Sunday of every month)
in Santa Rosa - RSVP for exact location
To reserve your place, or for more information, call 707-570-0111
$20-$40 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds

“Receive shamanic healing in a community setting
Feel the love and energy of the compassionate spirits
Socialize with shamanic healers and other participants
Experience non-dogmatic, non-religious, spirit based healing

We work in a community setting - everyone healing together.
We use drums and rattles to keep the beat of a trance state, plus bells and other sounds.
We bring you the healing of the compassionate spirits in whatever form that may take
We use appropriate touch, or the laying on of hands.
We remove negative energy and restore positive energy
We give people messages of hope and comfort from the spirits

All the clinic healers have studied shamanic healing with Stuart and Anne, and have developed deep relationships with the helping spirits.

Stuart Dole, PhD and Anne Hatfield both graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ 3-year advanced training, where they studied directly with Michael Harner, author of Way of the Shaman, and Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. They pursued further studies, learning shamanic methods from Tuva (Siberia), Tibet, Hawaii, Brazil, Africa, and the Celtic lands. They were also trained by Sandra Ingerman as shamanic teachers.

Anne has heard messages from the spirits from the time she was a child. She worked in the alternative health field for 25 years. Currently she is a yoga teacher and therapist, a massage therapist and a shamanic practitioner. Her passion is helping others explore those places where body and spirit meet.

Stuart was born into a decidedly atheist family and pursued a career in mathematics and science, earning his PhD in biophysics. But he developed an interest in spirituality, then lived in an ashram and practiced meditation devotedly for more than 30 years. He has subsequently pursued a wide array of methods for developing awareness, or enlightenment, and eventually found his way to shamanism. He is currently a meditation teacher and a shamanic bodyworker. He specializes in helping people become more present in their lives, through embodied awareness.”

A message from Stuart and Anne:
“The Shamanic Healing Clinic is in need of a drummer or two. You'll need to be able to hold a steady fast beat. Experience with shamanic drumming is a plus. If you've been to the clinic you know what we're talking about.

Benefits? Yes! You'll have the honor and appreciation for helping to hold the heartbeat of the healing ceremony, and you can receive healing as well - the drumming will count as your donation. You'll be part of the Clinic Team, and drumming itself is a powerful form of healing.

You won't be expected to carry it all yourself - the clinic healers will also help with the drumming - you can take breaks as you need to, and go into the circle for a personal healing too.

We really need drummers to help keep the clinic going!

If you think you'd like to participate, call Stuart: 707-529-2116. ASAP.”

Codex 2013 International Book Fair
Sunday-Wednesday, February 10-13
Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond
see below for schedule and admission details

“Over 175 of the world’s most distinguished book artists and artisans, private presses, and fine art publishers will be exhibiting their art and craft.

There is no better place to find and collect the finest in contemporary artist books, typographic prints, and fine printing than at CODEX.

CODEX IV Book Fair Hours
Sunday, February 10th: 11:00AM - 4:30PM
Monday, February 11th: 12:30PM - 6PM
Tuesday, February 12th: 12:30PM - 6PM
Wednesday, February 13th: 11:00AM - 4PM

Multi-day: $25.
Single-day: $10.
Student(with ID): $10 (multi-day)”

Darwin Day
Tuesday, February 12

“Darwin Day is a global celebration of science and reason held on or around February 12, the birthday anniversary of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin.

On this website you can find all sorts of information about Charles Darwin and the International Darwin Day Foundation. If you are hosting a Darwin Day event, you can post information about it on our events listing. You can also locate Darwin Day programs near you by searching our events section.

We have also provided resources for hosting Darwin Day events, including promotional support and a list of potential Darwin Day presenters.”

Park Champions Volunteer Workday at Half Moon Bay
Tuesday, February 12, 9:00AM-12:00PM
Half Moon Bay State Beach, 95 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay
Free, please register at the website below

“The California State Parks Foundation is seeking volunteers at Half Moon Bay State Beach. This workday is part of an intensive replanting project at Half Moon Bay. Native plants will be planted in areas where invasive plants have been removed. Teens over 14 are welcome with a parent or legal guardian.

Through our Park Champions program, we hold multiple volunteer workdays at underfunded parks across the state. Our volunteer projects are selected to help with parks’ unmet needs. Volunteering at a Park Champions workday is a fun way to meet other like-minded park supporters and to make tangible improvements to your favorite parks.

The need has never been more urgent for our precious California state park system. Budget cuts over the years have reduced staff and financial resources to the breaking point, and volunteerism has become increasingly vital to parks’ survival. Even though many parks have received a temporary reprieve from closure and will stay open for the next year, resources still remain at an all-time low. Your help has never been more meaningful.

Hope to see you there!”

Thanks to Ivy for letting me know about this event!

Tarot Salon
with Grey
Tuesday, February 12, 7:00-8:00PM, and the second Tuesday of each month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“This month's cards: The Chariot and the Four of Pentacles

A Tarot discussion group for beginners and experienced readers alike. Join us in a roundtable discussion where we discuss our two cards for the month and learn, share insights and gain inspirations from one another. Bring your favorite Tarot deck with you, and be ready to share, learn (and maybe even teach) some new ideas!”

The Ifa Way: Discussions on the Yoruba Spiritual Path
Wednesday, February 13, 7:00-9:00PM,
and the second Wednesday of each month
Bay Area location provided upon RSVP
to RSVP, please e-mail iyamahea@thescaredforest.org

“Curious about the Yoruba spiritual tradition? Interested in exploring our relationship with Nature energy and the Ancestors? The Ifa Way recognizes the sacredness of life as revealed through an indigenous African perspective.

Join us for a series of gatherings in which we will learn about Ifa and its unique world view.

Teachings will include:
Understanding the Orisa
Finding Your Song
Ritual and ceremony
Creating altars and sacred space

Our first gathering: Introduction To Ifa

Subsequent meetings will occur on the second Wednesday of (most) months.
Location of the meeting is at a private home and will be provided upon your RSVP.

There will be a limited number of attendees.  Please contact us to reserve your place.”

Living As An Empath In A Troubled World
led by Evalena Rose
Wednesday, February 13, 7:00-10:00PM
LoveJourney Temple in Sebastopol
exact address will be given upon registration
Register by phone at 707-824-1117 or e-mail katie@evalenarose.com, or use the link below.

“Being an empathic person is rarely easy in a tumultuous world. Learning skills to stay free of others’ chaos or clients’ pain takes practice.

Join us in accessing tools for staying safe, clear, and sovereign in your body.

Caring for your sensitive nature
Maintaining strong boundaries
Learning to shield as you work
Clearing toxic energies
Channeled guidance for your specific concerns with the Council of Twelve.”

A Cultured Gathering
part of Garden Gate Creativity Center’s 2013 Lunar New Year Extravaganza
Wednesday, February 13, 7:30-10:30PM
Garden Gate Creativity Center, 2911 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley
$22 in advance, $25 at the door
ticket package for all five days of events $90
http://www.gardengatecreate.com (site plays music)

“Garden Gate Creativity Center and China's Spirit Music Ensemble presents...

2013 Lunar New Year Extravaganza - Five Days of Celebrations!

Day 1:  Tea Culture Demo, Tea Tasting, Qin performances by Tranquil Resonance Studio and paintings by Mabel Lim.”

One Billion Rising
A V Day Event
Thursday, February 14
various times and locations all over the world
see website to find local events or register your own event

“One In Three Women On The Planet Will Be Raped Or Beaten In Her Lifetime.
One Billion Women Violated Is An Atrocity
One Billion Women Dancing Is A Revolution

On V-Day’s 15th Anniversary, 14 February 2013, we are inviting ONE BILLION women and those who love them to WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence. ONE BILLION RISING will move the earth, activating women and men across every country. V-Day wants the world to see our collective strength, our numbers, our solidarity across borders.
What does ONE BILLION look like? On 14 February 2013, it will look like a REVOLUTION.

A global strike
An invitation to dance
A call to men and women to refuse to participate in the status quo until rape and rape culture ends
An act of solidarity, demonstrating to women the commonality of their struggles and their power in numbers
A refusal to accept violence against women and girls as a given
A new time and a new way of being.”

Her Rising
a One Billion Rising event
Thursday, February 14, 4:00-6:00PM

“Join us for a transformative Flash mob that will be performed at 3 occasions in the Bay Area in solidarity with Eve Ensler's Global initiative One Billion Rising.

Her Rising is a transformational community founded by Dancing without Borders focused on empowering the feminine and ending oppression and violence against women. The Her Rising Community weaves together dance, art, healing and activism through many different communities, modalities and traditions of the Bay Area and around the world. It includes professional and community collaboration, community building, media, personal development and healing workshops, ritual performance art, theater, story-telling, pot lucks and gatherings, skill shares and healer jams, viral flash mobs, dance ceremonies, healing rituals and performances that represent and enact the inclusive world we are creating together.”

a One Billion Rising event presented by Center For Sacred Feminine
Thursday, February 14, 5:00PM
Sofia University, Auditorium, 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, 650.493.4430
suggested donation $5-$20
For more information, please call 650-493-4430 xt284 or e-mail sacred_feminine@sofia.edu

“Join us for the first ever school-wide dance to kick off the 2013 V-Day season at Sofia! A top DJ will spin music to get us on our feet and moving. All are welcome!”

A Night for The One Billion: Performance Ritual Mash-Up
February 14, 7:00PM
First Presbyterian Church, 2619 Broadway, Oakland
Youth under 17 Free, Adults sliding scale $10-$30

“Bay Area Rising - performers, ritualists, and advocates for women and girls - are offering a community-based performance ritual as an accumulation of energy and joy after a day of actions with One Billion Rising. Join Destiny Arts, Jennifer Berezan, Holly Near, Dance Mission, Gina Breedlove and Shelly Dotty, Afia Walking Tree, Eve Decker of Rebecca Riots, Hand to Hand, Fat Chance Belly Dance, Mona de Vestel, for an evening of beauty, community, and holding the collective consciousness for a planet free of violence against women.

100% of proceeds go to IDEX women's projects around the world and local organizations serving women and girls (V-Day, MISSSEY, and other local girl's orgs).

To donate, please go to: http://www.razoo.com/story/Bay-Area-Rising?referral_code=share   We need your support for this event and for women's international organizations working on this issue.

One Billion Rising began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On February 14, 2013, V-Day’s 15th anniversary, Oakland will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and women and men across the world as we express their outrage, demand change, strike, dance, and RISE in defiance of the injustices women suffer, demanding an end at last to violence against women.”

Thanks to Heaven for letting me know about this event!

Have a Fun, Crafty, Heart-Singing, World-Saving Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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