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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for February 2014 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for:

Musical Mindfulness
with Kate Janke and Betsy Rose
Saturday, February 8, 9:00AM-4:00PM
Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
$85 per person, 10% discount available for registering for multiple people

“A daylong event for parents, educators and therapists interested in using song, music, and mindful breathing techniques to help children focus, relax, and communicate.

No previous experience with mindfulness necessary.”

Lighten Up About Relationships Playshop
with Annie Goglia and Amos Lans
Saturday, February 8, 1:00-4:00PM
InterPlayce, 2273 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
sliding scale $29-$55 before January 31, $39-$65 after January 31
For more information or to register, please contact Annie Goglia at 510-282-1279

“Join us for this playful workshop where we will explore relationships with a sense of
compassion, connection, and humor!

We will learn fun and useful tools to bring ease and joy into relationships through:
Laughter Yoga
Deep Breathing
Self-Healing Movement

Join Us to Laugh, Heal, Move and Share!

All levels of physical mobility are welcome.”

Wine and Chocolate Walk
Saturday, February 8, 1:00-5:00PM
starts at 90 First Street, Benicia
$25 in advance, $30 on the day

“Wine and Chocolate Walk offers attendees a chance to taste fine wines and chocolate pairings in Downtown Benicia.  Up to 22 different wines will be poured inside participating downtown shops, providing an enjoyable pre-Valentine’s day outing to sip, walk, and shop with the added bonus of chocolate tastings.   Attendees will stroll First Street with glass in hand, tasting different wines, from reds to whites to sparkling, enjoying an array of chocolate treats like truffles, cookies, brownies, fudge, and fondue along the way.

Advance Ticket Prices:
$25 advance for a single ticket
$45 advance for a pair of tickets

Day of Ticket Prices:
$30 for a single ticket
$55 for a pair of tickets

Ticket price includes up to 15 tastes and one (1) complimentary Benicia Main Street wine glass per person. Participants must be age 21 and over. Check-in starts at 12:30PM at Benicia Main Street, 90 First Street.  Wine glass, map of tasting locations, and wristband will be provided per ticket holder at check-in.”

The Travertine Mysteries: Sacred Initiation Rites for Women
with Maria Owl Gutierrez
and Mira Wonderwheel
Friday-Sunday, February 14-16,
and four more weekends, see website for detailed schedule
various private residences and nature preserves throughout the Bay Area
see website for registration information

“Welcome to the Travertine Mysteries.

We are committed to supporting women in claiming their power and living
an embodied, awake, prosperous, authentic life.

We offer women two programs that can launch them into alignment with their destiny.

The first:
Travertine Mysteries Women's Initiation
This is a nine month process offered in Sonoma and Marin Counties, in the San Francisco Bay Area and North Bay. Women initiates will meet every other month for a weekend, plus one full day a month, in sacred ritual work/play. Initiates bring their own food and take care of their own lodging.

There is a circle forming now!  We will begin in February 2014.”

Friday-Monday, February 14-17 (President's Day Weekend)
Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose
$75 for the whole weekend,  $35 for a single day, $20 for an evening only (after 5:00PM)

An enormous, magical, festive and reverent gathering of Pagans from all over the world!

Gaia Girls
Thursday, February 20, 4:00-6:30PM
and seven more Thursdays through April 10
at a home garden in Berkeley, address given upon registration
$400 for whole series
For girls ages 8-10
For more info or to register, please contact gaiamelita@yahoo.com

“Gaia Girls is an 8 week series that nurtures the essence of each girl’s unique spirit in a safe and supportive female environment.

Crafting, playing, sharing, sitting around a fire…

Is your girl starting to fly further from the nest?
Is she starting to ask the deeper and harder questions about life?
Are social dynamics with peers increasingly important and central to her life?
Are you noticing that she is starting to look less like a little girl?

In traditional and earth-based cultures, the age of 8-9 was recognized as an important rite of passage. At this age, girl’s bodies, minds, and spirits are growing and they are passing through a threshold that shifts their focus from being a child in the care of their parents to engaging more with the outer world as their unique individuated self. Gaia Girls will provide support for this changing time in a safe container where girls receive the nurturance of a lovingly held all-female space. Girls will be guided through a journey that builds self-confidence and inner resources, creates stronger friendships, and provides mentorship. Each week will have a theme that includes a craft project, a fire, dinner and a story and sharing about the topic.

Week-By-Week Themes and Crafts:
Week 1: Who Am I? Who Are You? Who are we as Gaia girls? - Journal Making
Week 2: Friendship/Sisterhood - Cordage friendship bracelets
Week 3: Personal Girl Power - Staff making
Week 4: Interconnectedness with nature - Herbal salve and dream pillows
Week 5: Communication: Knowing and speaking what we feel - Song/skit writing
Week 6: The power of our dreams - Dream Catchers
Week 7: Honoring your unique essence - Essence Medicine Pouches
Week 8: Celebration and Honoring with Moms!!

Gaia Girls Guides:

Melita Silberstein: Melita holds a degree from Naropa University in eco-psychology. She is a certified early childhood educator, and has worked extensively with young children in an array of environments. She is currently a music specialist and lead singer in the popular Bay Area kids' band, Octopretzel, and is also the mother of an 8 year old girl.

Sarai Shapiro: Sarai has been running and working with girls-only wilderness rites-of-passage groups for seven years. She has a background in education, music, art, herbal medicine and healing arts. She is currently part time Youth Programs Director for Wilderness Torah and has a small healing arts practice.”

Potlatch SF
Friday-Sunday, February 21-23
Sainte Claire Hotel, 302 S Market Street, San Jose, 408-295-2000
see website for registration information

“Potlatch 23

Book of Honor: The City and The City by China Mieville

Potlatch is a small, literary speculative fiction convention. It was started in Seattle and alternates between Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, and sometimes Portland.

Potlatch contributes to the future of speculative fiction with an auction benefiting the Clarion West Scholarship Fund. Clarion West is an intense six-week workshop for speculative fiction writers at the start of their careers. When you buy books, art, and unique hand-made items in the auction, you are helping students who otherwise could not attend Clarion West. Students who may become your favorite new writers.

Potlatch is a place where readers and writers meet on common ground. Everyone at Potlatch, whether reader or writer or artist or editor, is a fan. Potlatch’s format, with a single track of programming, brings everyone together in a lively discussion that continues from one program to the next and goes on into the evening. Potlatch has some of the most interesting conversations - and people - in the science fiction community.

The first Potlatch committee in Seattle decided that Potlatch would not have a Guest of Honor. For Potlatch 2, the Bay Area committee added the idea of a Book of Honor. It has worked very well. The book is not put on a pedestal as may happen with an honored guest. The discussion includes the flaws of the book as well as its virtues, and it is always thoughtful and insightful. For Potlatch 23 we tried something new: The members, instead of the committee, chose the Book of Honor. The City and The City by China Mieville is an excellent book, fascinating to read, and worth talking about.

Also new for Potlatch 23, the program is being created by the members. It is happening right now at the program ideas page. Check it out.

Potlatch 23 will be at the elegant Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, California. The Sainte Claire is on the National Register of Historic Places, and it is by far the most beautiful hotel in the area. It is in the heart of downtown San Jose, on the light rail line. There are excellent restaurants and cafes nearby, including the Il Fornaio restaurant in the hotel.”

Learn the Secrets of Laughter!
LifeFire Laughter Yoga Leader Workshop
Saturday-Sunday, February 22-23
Rockridge neighborhood, Oakland - address given upon registration
If paid before February 8: check $295 or Paypal $ 299
If paid between February 9-21: check $339 or Paypal $350
Pay first day of workshop: $365 check or cash

“Would you like to:
Attract more joy and laughter in your life?
Promote health and well-being through laughter?
Learn skills that will improve your leadership abilities and social life?
Know how to use laughter as a way to improve quality of life for yourself and others?
Spread peace through the magic of laughter?
Start your own laughter club?
Learn how to lead laughter yoga workshops for parties, the elderly, businesses, organizations, schools?
Answer yes to any of these questions? Then this fun and useful workshop is for you!  

If financially in need, please talk to Annie about the possibility of work exchange and/or providing free workshop space for partial cost of training.
For work exchange, register ASAP: No later than February 8th. Limited availability.
Contact: Feel free to email or call me with questions.  
Landline: 510-655-1433 and Cell 510-282-1279
Looking forward to lots of laughter and fun with you!

Warmly and in shared laughter

FOGcon 2014
Friday-Sunday, March 7-9
Walnut Creek Marriott, 2355 North Main Street, Walnut Creek
see website for registration details

“FOGcon 2014

Theme: Secrets

Science Fiction has a long history with secret identities, secret hideouts, secret societies, even secret worlds. So who decides what is secret? How do we keep secrets? How do we discover what is secret?

Honored Guests:
Seanan McGuire, Tim Powers, James Tiptree, Jr.

Friends of the Genre (FOGcon) is a literary-themed San Francisco Bay Area SF/F con in the tradition of Wiscon. Each year we focus on a new theme in speculative fiction and invite Honored Guests ranging from writers to scientists to artists. We build community, exchange ideas, and share our love for the literature of imagination.

FOGcon is a project done jointly by Friends of Genre and the Speculative Literature Foundation.

The definition of ‘genre’ in fiction is as loose and baggy as the form of the novel. It can refer to setting (Western), intended audience (children’s or young adult fiction), subject (murder mystery), writing style (literary fiction), time period (historical fiction), or emotion evoked (horror, romance). Every genre has its own rules, traditions, ideas, and stock characters that the reader will expect to find. The reader enjoys the author’s skill in combining the familiar elements of the form with fresh ideas, unexpected twists, unusual insights, and evocative language.

All these and many more genres of modern prose fiction fall into two basic categories:

Realistic fiction, which places (usually) imaginary characters in recognizably true-to-life settings.

Speculative fiction, which places its characters in settings that are in some way counterfactual, and that difference from what we usually call ‘real life’ is the driving engine of the plot. Perhaps all but one of a world’s unicorns have disappeared. Perhaps there’s a planet where human beings are almost all hermaphrodites. Perhaps the Roman empire is still going strong in the fifteenth century. What happens then?

Speculative fiction, what we are calling the Literature of the Imagination, answers that question, and in exploring small differences illuminates our common humanity.”

Gather the Women North Bay
an International Women’s Day Event
Saturday, March 8, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Rohnert Park Senior Center, 6800 Hunter Drive, Rohnert Park
$25 includes lunch
Registration required

“We gather in community around the world to explore Inspiring Change

With inspiration from:

Heather McTavish
Mythiphista, Mythtress of Myth
(a story-song by Heather McTavish in collaboration with Terry Garthwaite)
Weaving songs, stories and myth, Heather celebrates her life and
invites you to join in her journey of challenge, adventure, creativity and meaning.

Kate Farrell, Amanda McTigue, Linda Loveland Reid
Excuse Me, But I Love My Damn Neck
Hang onto your hats, Ladies. Better yet, toss them aside, because hair will be let down, lips will be loosened. We’ll tell a few juicy life stories and invite yours, celebrating victories hard-won and set-backs overcome. Together we’ll build inspiration through the power of shared wisdom.

Dance to the beat of Ruth Richards and her drummers; experience and inspirational journey guided by Jan Boddie and Marystella Church; bring your cards and fliers to share with community; win your bid in the Silent Auction.

Mail your name, information and check to
GTW Northbay c/o Donna Ahlstrand,
1655 Juliet Drive, Petaluma, CA  94954

For More Information or to Volunteer, contact Donna Ahlstrand at GTWnorthbay@comcast.net

We are a global sisterhood that connects women through circles.  We create a safe place to share our true selves.  Meeting in circle, we find our voices, claim our power, and celebrate our self-worth, leading to personal and planetary transformation.
- Gather the Women Vision Statement”

Mi Cuerpo Sagrado (My Sacred Body), An Herbal Exploration of the Body
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki of Ancestral Apothecary
Tuesday, March 18, 10:00AM-12:30PM
and each Tuesday through June 10
Medical Center, 3798 Grand Avenue, Oakland
$100 deposit due by March 4.
To apply for registration, please contact atava@ancestralapothecary.com or call 510-541-2715.

“This class is an exploration of herbal medicine and our body. We will deeply explore each body system (nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc.) using yoga, meditation and energy work. In addition, we will learn about key herbs that support each of our body's system to stay in harmony and balance.

We will cover some key health issues that arise in each body system and learn how to treat them using herbal medicine, movement and meditation.

This class is co-facilitated by Atava and Lilia Roman.”

The Curandera/o's Toolkit: Spring Series
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki of Ancestral Apothecary
Thursday, March 20, 7:00-9:30PM
and each Thursday through June 5
Medical Center, 3798 Grand Avenue, Oakland
$100 deposit due by March 13.
To apply for registration, please contact atava@ancestralapothecary.com or call 510-541-2715.

“Learn healing skills steeped in ancient wisdom to provide basic health care to yourself and your family.

This class will highlight herbal medicine, but we will also incorporate massage, meditation, and other aspects of curanderismo to learn how to care for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Class time will include hands-on experience learning how to make different herbal medicines and we will also learn and practice curanderismo techniques, such as the limpia (energetic cleansing ceremony).

In this class, each participant will assemble their own ‘toolkit’ of herbal remedies for home and family use including: herbal tinctures, salves, cordials, and more!”

San Jose Fantasy Festival
Saturday-Sunday, April 12-13,
Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Guadalupe River Park, 494 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Adults $12, ages 13-17, seniors and military $10, ages 6-12 $7, under 6 free
Parking $5 at HP Pavilion

“The San Jose Fantasy Faire offers visitors the opportunity to step into an enchanting fantasy-land, where you will have more fun than you can shake a wand at.

Fantasy Faire celebrates the best-loved fairy tales of the old and the present. Nestled on Guadalupe River Park Green, this village-style show features a number of characters from Grimm's fairy tales, some portrayed in Disney movies and myriad of others. Visitors can hang out with the various princesses; there's even a handsome prince or two. Little girls of all ages will be delighted by it.

Fantasy Faire can be a break for adults, too. It offers a place for families to sit and be entertained. There will be two stages filled with entertainment and close to 300 actors in the streets frolicking and causing mayhem. The atmosphere will be infectious and the crowd will be encouraged to join in singing songs, cheering for heroes and booing villains. The shows are well-crafted and entertaining for all ages.
Some of the characters you'll meet include Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, Troll and Goblin Kings, Viking Gods, Rumpelstiltskin, Fairies and Dragons, Satyrs, Pirates, Mermaids, Witches and Fairy Godmothers and many more.  

There will be a Pirate Ship for you to examine and a Steampunk corridor as well. And, if you're lucky you might even get a glimpse at the elusive  Dr. Who at the show.

Additionally, the event will feature a series of fantasy and fiction writers who will be sharing their work with you. Need something new to read? Want to be transported to yet another universe? Meet the up and coming authors sharing their works.”

Herbal Allies
with Atava Garcia Swiecicki of Ancestral Apothecary
Saturday-Sunday, May 17-18, 10:00AM-4:00PM
and two more weekends, May 31-June 1 and June 13-15
Medical Center, 3798 Grand Avenue, Oakland
$100 deposit required to reserve space.
To register, please contact atava@ancestralapothecary.com or call 510-541-2715.

“This class will focus on building our relationship with our herbal allies. Each class will focus in-depth on one or more herbal medicines and we will learn how they work both physically and energetically . We will learn recipes and other ways to incorporate the plants into our lives.

In the springtime herbal allies class, we'll spend a lot of time outdoors learning about local plants. The final weekend is a camping trip.

This class is geared towards beginner to intermediate level herbalists, but advanced level practitioners are welcomed!”

Valhalla Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, May 31-June 1, and June 7-8,
10:00AM-6:00PM Saturday, 10:00AM-5:00PM Sunday
Camp Richardson’s Wood, 1900 Jameson Beach Road, South Lake Tahoe
Adults $18, ages 13-17, seniors and military $13, ages 6-12 $8, under 6 free

“Two weekends of fun and excitement for the whole family.
Rub elbows with nobility, immerse yourself in the Renaissance village, enjoy continuous entertainment in the streets provided by close to 900 costumed actors, action-packed stage shows, music, dancing, jesters, Shakespearean vignettes, expertly staged battles, storytelling, archery tournaments and much more.
First Weekend:
Scottish invasion! The first weekend is geared more toward younger audiences with tons of shows, dancing, theater plays, and music for your whole family.
Second Weekend:
Pirate and Barbarian Hordes invade the festivities. Let loose and have a jolly good time while you participate in Scavenger Hunts, Costume contests, and a Talk Like a Pirate Competitions.”

CAYA Fun For Everyone: FaerieWorlds 2014
Event: Friday-Sunday, July 25-27
Travel dates to be determined
Mount Pisgah, 34999 Frank Parrish Road‎, Eugene, OR
see website for admission and camping details
To be part of the CFE rideshare and camp, please contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com

Cross Sidhe says:
“Hello everyone!

This will mark the third year of CAYA Fun For Everyone being at Faerie Worlds! This year we are planning a camp where we can all get together and be in one place. We will have a 12x12 canopy and a solar shower this year. Since we will have people coming from other states, I have setup a planning page so we can all get together and plan things:

CAYA Fun For Everyone Faerie Worlds 2014:


Blessed Be!

Cross Sidhe”

San Jose Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, August 2-3, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Guadalupe River Park, 494 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Adults $17, ages 13-17, seniors and military $12, ages 6-12 $7, under 6 free
Parking $5 at HP Pavilion

“If you love Renaissance Faires, this full-scale, interactive experience is not to be missed. San Jose Renaissance Faire offers you a chance to visit the days of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. See brave and bold knights competing for the favor of the Her Majesty's Court and for their lady's affection during full-contact jousts held in the Queen's Tiltyard each day. 700 costumed performers will bring Shakespeare's England to life with parades, pageants, and fun townsfolke, offering continuous entertainment of spectacular variety. You'll enjoy musicians, jugglers, and the ribaldry of actors drawing you even deeper into the Renaissance.”

Redwood Magic Reclaiming Family Camp
Wednesday-Sunday, August 13-17
Campsite Three, Mendocino Woodlands, 39350 Little Lake Road, Mendocino
see website for registration information

“Share in four days of Reclaiming style, Earth-based spirituality, magic, and community!

Join us in the redwoods at Mendocino Woodlands as we weave a web that crosses the generations.

Redwood Magic is a do-it-ourselves family camp. During our time at camp, all of us will be responsible for creating a vibrant, magical experience!

This is a community retreat, not a festival or a drop-in camp. We ask that people plan to attend the entire event (unless advance arrangements are made) and be committed to creating camp culture.”

CAYA Fun For Everyone: Burning Man 2014
Monday-Monday, August 26 - September 2
Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada
To be part of the CFE rideshare, please contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com

Cross Sidhe says:
“That is right!!!!  I am going back to the Playa and I am taking you with me!!!  I will have 3 to 4 seats open.  Other drivers are most welcome.  Planning will start after Burning Man 2013.  Camp CAYA?  Dome?  Art?  Group Origami?  The possibilities are limitless.”

Folsom Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, October 18-19, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Folsom City Lions Park, 50 Natoma Street, Folsom
$16 adults, $11 students, seniors (55+) and children 13-17, $8 ages 6-12, under six free
parking $4

“There is no better way to end the faire season than with a full our party at the Folsom Renaissance Faire. This year's theme for the event is Shakespeare's Muse. The rising young star of London's theatre scene, Will Shakespeare, faces a scourge like no other: a paralyzing bout of writer's block, while the great Elizabethan age of entertainment unfolds around him. What Will needs is a muse - and in an extraordinary town whilst on progress with Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, he finds himself surrounded by numerous quirky characters who draw him into an amazing, dramatic adventure of action and love. Their stories make their way into his plays and into our hearts.
Revel in the amazing antics of the Elizabethan town filled with myriad of characters and vignettes resembling from Shakespeare's most beloved plays, featuring re-enactment of the 1500s with theater, music, magic, swordplay, puppetry.
Mark your calendars and come and enjoy. Costumes are wonderful and can greatly enhance your faire experience, yet they are certainly not required for attendees.”

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