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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

CAYA-Related Events at PantheaCon 2014

Friday, February 14

The Ephesia Grammata
P. Sufenas Virius Lupus
Friday, 1:30PM, Cedar

The Many Faces of Aphrodite
Temple of Aphrodite
Friday, 3:30PM, Pine

Pagans of Color Caucus
Xochiquetzal Duti
Friday, 3:30PM, Silicon Valley

Finding the God: Male Archetypes of Deity in the Craft
Jason W. Mankey
Friday, 3:30PM, Cedar

The Herald, The Father, The Sage
CAYA Coven’s Brotherhood of the Moon
Friday, 7:00PM, San Martin/San Simeon

Pagans in Recovery - Serenity First
Frank Johnstone
Friday, 7:00PM, Boardroom

The Rite of Love and Delight
Sacred Fires and CAYA Coven
Friday, 9:00PM, Oak

The Horned God in the British Isles
Jason W. Mankey
Friday, 9:00PM, San Juan/San Carlos

Pomba Gira 2.0: Red is the New Black!!!
American Magic Umbanda House
Friday, 11:00PM, Cedar/Pine

Saturday, February 15

CAYA Coven Wake up to Spirit Ritual
CAYA Coven
Saturday, 9:00AM, Cedar

Turning toward Justice with Song
Turning Earth Singers
Saturday, 11:00AM, Club Max

Pagans in Captivity
sponsored by The Pagan Alliance
Saturday, 12:30-2:00PM, Pagan Alliance Suite

Tantric Invocation of Hermes
Sam Webster
Saturday, 1:30PM, Silicon Valley

Pagans and Privilege: Let’s Talk About It
T. Thorn Coyle, Crystal Blanton & a Kick-Ass Panel
Saturday, 1:30PM, Oak

Lupercalia 2014!
Ekklesia Antinoou
Saturday, 1:30PM, San Martin/San Simeon

Oracles from the Living Tarot
Aurea Arcana
Saturday, 3:30PM, Cedar/Pine

A Black Woman Speaks
Luna Pantera
Saturday, 3:30PM, Carmel/Monterey

Love Songs of the Goddess
Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe
Saturday, 7:00PM, Cedar/Pine

Sunday, February 16

Yoga Nidra Drum Trance
Albert Robles
Sunday, 9:00AM, Oak

Pagans and Institution Building
Amy Hale
Sunday, 9:00AM, Boardroom

Pagan Kids’ Song and Story Time
Turning Earth Singers
Sunday, 11:00AM, Carmel

Yes They Are! Meeting and Greeting the Queerest of the Gods
Circle of Dionysos
Sunday, 11:00AM, Pine

The Rosary of Mary Magdalene
Luna Pantera
Sunday, 11:00AM, Monterey

The 1899 Ritual
Jason W. Mankey
Sunday, 7:00PM, Oak

Druid Procession and Ritual: Protecting the Web of Life
House of Danu
Sunday, 7:00PM, San Juan/San Carlos

Runes of the Ancestors: A Journey to the Roots of Runic Power
Hannah Lipsky, Grant Guindon, Morpheus Ravenna
Sunday, 9:00PM, Oak

The Dark Ones: No Way Out But Through
Dark Forest Coven
Sunday, 9:00PM, San Jose/Santa Clara

Taking of the Veil
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Sunday, 11:00PM, Oak

Monday, February 17

Beard Blessing Ritual
Ekklesia Antinoou
Monday, 9:00AM, Carmel/Monterey

Youth Blessing Ritual
Ekklesia Antinoou
Monday, 11:00AM, Carmel/Monterey


  1. I'd be interested to know how the various presenters are related to CAYA Coven.

    1. Some of the events are actually presented by CAYA or by groups which are part of CAYA. Some include members of CAYA. Some are being presented by groups which have a close relationship with CAYA.