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Do you base our choices on what you want, or what you think you're supposed to want? Let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, THEN engage your mind in the process. The best wishes are born from your heart.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini with the Mothers of the New Time

Today, Tuesday, December 17, is the Full Moon in Gemini.  This final Full Moon of 2013 is the culmination of this year’s Mothers of the New Time working.  Now is the time to take your full bottle of blessed water to a lake, stream, river, pond, ocean, sea, or other living body of water, and pour it in while reciting the Mother of the New Time prayer.  Thus, we send our individual and collective Blessings out into the World, mingling and uniting with All Water on Earth, all the Water in every Body of Water, and all the Water in each Body on Earth, Healing and Transforming All.

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Giving Moon, letting all of our Gifts and Blessings Flow forth, also Graciously Receiving the Gifts and Blessings which surround us.

In 2014, we will begin a new working.  May All of Your Workings be Blessed!

All Water is One Water,

Molly Blue Dawn

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