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Monday, December 9, 2013

CAYA Aspirants Online

A message from Yeshe Rabbit:

"For the first time, Yeshe Rabbit will be offering distance training for those who wish to learn CAYA approaches, structures, and ritual methods.

Beginning in March, 2014, other members of CAYA and Yeshe Rabbit will be hosting a monthly 75-minute class session via Google Hangout, and pairing each Distance Aspirant with a CAYA e-mail pal/social media buddy for more personal interaction.

Classes cover CAYA's basic principles related to a wide variety of pan-pagan topics: the elements, ancestral reverence, daily practice, ethics, deity work, lunar and solar cycles, and more.

Classes involve a brief lecture outlining CAYA's core principles, followed by group discussion and exercises. There will be homework associated with each lesson. A $13 donation is asked for each class, and class size will be limited to 9 participants who are prepared to commit to a full year of training.

If you would like to apply for this training, please send an email with your name (legal and magical, if there are more than one) and a 3-5 paragraph essay about your spiritual background, practices, and/or beliefs to cayacoven@gmail.com by Dec 31, 2013. You may contact us there with questions as well.

Once all applications are in, Yeshe Rabbit will schedule interviews with interested parties through January. Acceptances will be sent Feb 1, with an introductory session at the end of Feb and classes beginning in March."

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