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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Step Back In Time at Filoli, Angelic Heart VortexHealing Group Healing, Factory Parts Theatre Festival, Concert in the Redwood Grove, Celebrate Mari Spanish/Basque Goddess of Justice, Full-Spectrum Science: Fireworks, Isis the Great Winged Goddess, Fundamentals of Astrology 2: Understanding the Birthchart, Money Spells, The First Agreement: Adam and the Power of the Runes, Twelfth Night, Gold Rush! The Un-Scripted Barbary Coast Musical, The DulciMates, Downtown Benicia Ghost Walk, Roy Zimmerman’s Wake Up Call, The Taming of the the Shrew, RASANBLE! Haitian Arts and Culture Festival, Fabulosa Fest, San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery Clean-Up, Tea Tasting with Teance, Walk With WildCare, Local Motion: Creative Ways to Get Around, Rivertown Revival, Beach Picnic and Clean Up, Health and Happiness Day, Historic Ball At The McDonald Mansion, The Liar, Queer Astrology Conference, Time Travel Weekends, Connoisseurs' Marketplace, Catalan Festival, Mount Wanda Walks, Cacophany Choir, Kitchen Tour at Three Stone Hearth, Bay Area Seasonal Herb Walk Series: Summer Session, ARTchitecture: LEGOS Pre-Engineering Series, Story Theatre, My Body is a Living Temple - A Healing Journey, Crystal Shamanism, FUN(d)athon for the Williams Family, Full Moon Ritual with Sacred Fires Tradition, Full Moon Walk On Mount Wanda, Tea and Chanting with Rabbit

Step Back In Time at Filoli
Wednesday, July 17, 5:30-7:30PM
Filoli, 86 Canada Road, Woodside
$40, tickets must be purchased in advance

“Step Back In Time - Music And Dress Of The 1920s

Filoli is a special place and we have planned a special summer evening that you won’t want to miss.  Imagine the way you might have dressed if you were a guest at Filoli in the 1920s.

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey or The Great Gatsby and enjoy a great garden party, you will enjoy this evening as Filoli ‘steps back in time’ with music and dress of the 1920s. Stroll the House and Garden in your period dress (optional) or don your fedora and come to see those who have also dressed for the occasion.

Partake in passed hors d’oeuvres and drinks, including white wine, iced tea, sparkling water and 21st Amendment craft beer, served by staff and volunteers in period dress reminiscent of Filoli’s 1920s household staff.

Listen to live music provided by The 22nd Street Regulars, a San Francisco jazz ensemble, performing New Orleans and Tin Pan Alley style jazz from the 1920s. Admire circa 1920s automobiles on display throughout the evening.”

Angelic Heart VortexHealing Group Healing
with Dragonfly Adularia
Wednesday, July 17, 7:30PM
Solas Brigid Studio, 403 Burk Street, Oakland
Please e-mail Exlibrys13@yahoo.com or Dragonfly@ArunaBliss.com to reserve your spot

“This week at Solas Brigid Studio we will be nurturing our spirit with the Angels.  An Angelic Heart VortexHealing bridges you deeply into the Angelic realm allowing you to create rapid and lasting changes in your life.

During the healing you may feel, sense, see, know angels communicating with you in the way that is most helpful in the unfolding your natural gifts. Angelic presence will infuse your system to create new energy and clarity.  

Old emotional patterns and blocks will fall away to open the way for new possibilities and the joy of creation to unfold with ease.  It is through inner improvement that we are able to cultivate the skills, wisdom and knowledge that will aid us in creating Harmony and Light upon the Earth.  

For the session, establish a clear intention in your heart of what you would like to ask from the Divine and stay with that intention throughout the healing. Angels are created solely to serve the Divine and are empowered by the Divine to work directly in the manifest world. Angels come to deliver messages and guidance, act as protectors, to bring hope, to strengthen and support us.  

VortexHealing and is a divine healing art that works directly through consciousness and energetics to help release the deepest issues we hold as humans beings.”

Factory Parts Theatre Festival
presented by foolsFURY, co-hosted by Theatre of Yugen
Wednesday-Sunday, July 17-21, 8:00PM,
playing through July 27
NOH Space Theater, 2840 Mariposa Street, San Francisco
$15 per single program, $40 All-Access Pass

“Factory Parts: Focus on Process

10 companies from the Bay Area and New York converge in San Francisco for a program of new works in progress by cutting edge theater ensembles. The series is presented by foolsFURY Theater and co-hosted by Theatre of Yugen. Each evening of features works by at least three companies. The series runs July 17-28, 2013, at NOH Space.

Tickets are $15 for one evening, $40 for a Parts Pass to see as many programs as you’d like.

Program A (July 17, July 19, July 21):
Max and Antoinette (San Francisco)
ACME Performance Project (Los Altos)
Stable Cable (New York)

Program B (July 18, July 20, July 25):
Rapid Descent (San Francisco)
Ragged Wing (Oakland)
foolsFURY (San Francisco)

Program C (July 24, July 26, July 27):
The Affinity Project(San Francisco)
Arc:hive (Palo Alto)
DICE Theater (Bronx, New York)
the real kim harmon (New York/San Francisco)”

Concert in the Redwood Grove
featuring Ramon and Jessica  
and Gojogo
Thursday, July 18, 5:30-7:30PM (and every Thursday through August 29)
“Doors” open at 5:00PM  
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
Adults $12, Youth 5-17 $5
Please register online at the website below
for more information, e-mail garden@berkeley.edu

“Join us this summer for a series of concerts in our beautiful Redwood Grove!

Ramon and Jessica, a boy-girl duo from San Francisco, write deceptively simple songs on the edge of folk and pop.

Gojogo is an unusual quartet that combines the Western sounds of classical and jazz with the rhythmic traditions of India. Show includes special screening of Russian animation.

Ticket includes admission to the Garden before 5:00PM. BYO picnic and non-alcoholic drinks welcome.”

Thanks to Pixie for letting me know about this event!

Celebrate Mari, Spanish/Basque Goddess of Justice
with Daughters of the Goddess
Thursday, July 18, 7:00PM - please note earlier time than  usual
Berkeley location given upon RSVP
$15 newcomer discount/$30 one time exchange
See website for more information and to RSVP
This ritual is for cisgendered women

“Mari is the Basque Goddess of the Moon.  She is the Supreme Goddess of the Basque pantheon.  Mari is associated with the various forces of nature including the wind, storms, and lightning. She creates storms to chastise disobedient people.  She often travels across the sky as a fireball or as a blazing crescent going from one mountain peak to another. Sometimes Her chariot is being pulled by four white horses and other times, She is seen riding a white ram.  Mari has many homes on the high mountain summits and deep within the caves below. It is said that thousands of years ago, the people lived in darkness.  They were afraid and asked Mari for help.  In response, She created the Moon.

Mari is also a shape shifter who can appear as any animal, but sometimes will assume the shape of a white cloud or a rainbow. She is often pictured as a womyn of fire or as a thunderbolt.  Legends revere Her as a prophetess and oracle; She is said to rule over sorcery and divination. She upholds the law code and is known to punish anyone who is guilty of lying and stealing. She condemns pride and boasting and ensures a high level of moral conduct. Her symbol is the sickle which is still used today to ward off evil. Mari protects the travelers and provides good council to humans.

Join us as we come together in Spiritual Sisterhood to call for Justice.  Justice for ourselves, for womyn and for the world. Mari hears our prayers and will answer our call.  For this ritual please bring a candle any color of the rainbow and any of her symbols such as rainbows, clouds or lightening bolts. Also any animals symbols that call to be present to represent Mari in Her animal form.

We will also be Tithing to our sacred Elder Luisah Teish. Please bring any denomination of $5 such as $5, $10, $20, $55, etc. to help support Teish and all the wonderful work that she does in the world.

Please remember to bring a chair or blanket to sit on and warm layers to wear as it can get quite chilly. We want to make sure everyone is warm and comfortable so that they can get the most out of their ritual experience. Mahalo.”

Full-Spectrum Science: Fireworks
with Ron Hipschman
Thursday, July 18, 7:00PM
Central Gallery Classroom, Exploratorium, Pier 15
Included with museum admission, $15
Adults Only (18+)

“In this dynamic series, Exploratorium scientist Ron Hipschman covers different aspects of physics, including sound, color, heat and temperature, and electrostatics. Each hour-long presentation includes hands-on activities and demonstrations.”

Isis, the Great Winged Goddess
Thursday, July 18, 7:00PM
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 S High Street, Sebastopol
$10-$15 sliding scale

“Isis, the Great Winged Goddess
told by Hari Meyers
Musical enhancement by Gordon Pugh”

Fundamentals of Astrology 2: Understanding the Birthchart
with astrobarry
Thursday, July 18, 7:30-9:30PM,
and three more Thursdays, July 25 and August 1 and 8
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$140 for all 4 classes (registration required)

“In Part Two of astrobarry’s 4-part astrology course, we will integrate our knowledge of the zodiac signs, the planets, the house, and the aspects by learning to interpret astrological birthcharts. A birthchart provides us an archetypal map of our innate personality tendencies. By becoming more conscious of the different drives operating in us, we’re better able to make the decisions and take the actions best suited to our unique selves. This class covers how to analyze charts for insight into relationships, career, family, and life purpose.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals 1, or a good working knowledge of the astrological symbols. Contact the store to see if this class is right for you.”

Money Spells
with Glenn Turner
Thursday, July 18, 7:30-9:30PM
$5-$10 sliding scale
Ancient Ways, 4075 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 510-653-3244

“On this day of Jupiter we can make talismans and work other magic to bring jobs, prosperity and money. A short ritual included.”

The First Agreement, Adam, and the Power of the Runes
with John Carosella
Thursday, July 18, 7:30PM
East West Bookstore, 324 Castro Street, Mountain View
Free, but please call 650-988-9800 to reserve a seat

“Why be impeccable with our words? What unseen powers reside within them? Where does the power of Symbol come from, and how does it affect us? How do we bring this power into our awareness, and begin to consciously harness it? Join shamanist, radio host, and compassionate adventure guide John Carosella on a journey into the subtle sorcery and hidden transformational powers of words and symbols.”

Twelfth Night
presented by Shady Shakespeare
Thursday-Sunday, July 18-21,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 7:00PM,
final week
Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park, 1320 Willow Street, San Jose

“Shady Shakespeare Proudly Presents Shakespeare San Jose - Free to the public!

As an audience of local townsfolk gather expectantly beneath the stars, a zany troupe of traveling players arrive to spin a comic tale of mistaken identities and love gone awry with just the contents of a few mysterious trunks. Enter with us into a world of imagination and handcrafted wonders to root for Viola, the Bard's great shipwrecked heroine, as she navigates a topsy-turvy world of clownish knights, saucy servants, and heartsick lords and ladies in the hopes of finding love and laughter at her journey's end.

Bramhall park features a natural amphitheater covered in grass. Bring a blanket or a low-backed chair. Seating is first come - first served. Picnics are welcome. Beverages will be available for purchase. No tickets are required. The actors will pass the hat at the end of the performance. A $10 donation per adult is recommended and very welcome, but not required.”

Gold Rush! The Un-Scripted Barbary Coast Musical
Thursday-Sunday, July 18-21, 8:00PM,
playing through August 24
Un-Scripted Theater Company, 2nd floor, 533 Sutter Street, San Francisco

“Gambling. Prostitution. Crime. Sudden riches... nd sudden death. This summer, Un-Scripted Theater Company pays tribute to a ‘golden’ era in San Francisco: the (in)famous Barbary Coast. It was a time when extraordinarily colorful characters filled every corner of old Sydney-Town - an area that spanned a mere nine blocks but whose influence extends through the city even today. Each night, audience members will experience a never-before-seen musical journey, bringing back life as it might have existed during the earliest days of San Francisco’s history.”

The DulciMates
in concert
Friday, July 19, 8:00PM
Garden Gate Creativity Center, 2911 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley
For reservations, please call 510-910-2574 or e-mail  deborahj@djhamouris.com
“The DulciMates, Deborah ‘DJ’ Hamouris and Buffalo (John Brownson), play traditional and traditionally-inspired music, including songs from their recordings (Welcome to Annwfn with Rick Hamouris; The Chorus of Life with Gaia’s Voice, and Moonrise: Songs of Love, Magic and Other Mysteries with Robin Dolan). They aim to create ‘dulcimers without borders’, stretching the limits of traditional mountain dulcimer playing.

The DulciMates recorded The Green Man in 2012, just after Deborah finished Snapshots, a solo CD with jazz guitarist Mimi Fox. She directs Women and Song and teaches mountain dulcimer at the Freight and Salvage, while Buffalo has a private psychotherapy practice.”

Downtown Benicia Ghost Walk
Friday, July 19, 8:00PM, and the first and third Friday of each month
meet at 90 First Street, Benicia
$25, reservations required.
Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult.
For more information, please call 707-745-9791

“Paranormal history of Downtown Benicia are revealed on this exciting, interactive and fun Ghost Walk led by paranormal investigator Devin Sisk. Each tour is limited to 20 people and lasts approximately 2 hours, depending on what entity you encounter along the way! Walking shoes and flashlight recommended. No children under ten years of age permitted on tours. Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult. $25 per person. Prepaid reservations required by calling 707-745-9791.”

Roy Zimmerman’s Wake Up Call
Friday, July 19, 8:00PM
Glaser Center, 547 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa

“Roy Zimmerman's Wake Up Call is 90 minutes of hilarious, rhyme-intensive original songs, many of which are also incisive calls to action - smart, savvy, and unforgettable. Some (Abstain With Me, I Want a Marriage Like They Had in the Bible) are scathingly funny; others (Hope, Struggle and Change, I Approve This Message) are heartfelt and inspiring. Wake Up Call is a funny, tuneful, and unabashedly progressive look at the condition of the country, as soon through Zimmerman's acerbic and eternally bemused eyes.”

The Taming of the the Shrew
presented by Livermore Shakespeare Festival
Friday, July 19, 7:30PM and Sunday, July 21, 7:00PM - final week
Concannon Vineyard, 4590 Tesla Road, Livermore
see website for ticket details

“An unlikely love story: when money-loving Petruchio meets headstrong Kate, no one gets what they bargained for - they get much more! The Taming of the Shrew may be the original Romantic Comedy. It’s certainly one of the most popular of Shakespeare’s plays, and under the direction of Gary Armagnac, the nationally renowned actor and director, it will be perfect for a memorable evening at the vineyard.

Performances begin at 7:30PM Thursdays and Fridays, and at 7:00PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  Picnic area opens at 5:30PM.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Livermore Shakespeare Festival takes place at Concannon Vineyard, an elegant winery in the heart of Livermore Valley Wine Country. Actors perform in front of a two-story, Queen-Anne style Victorian home. Before the show and during intermission, you can sample award-winning wines in two tasting rooms. Enjoy a pre-show picnic on the lawn or enjoy pre-show small plates in Concannon's Underdog Wine Bar (RESERVATIONS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED). For the optimal pre-theater dining experience, the Underdog Wine Bar recommends making a reservation for 2 hours prior to the performance start time. Reservations for the Underdog Wine Bar can be made by calling (925) 583-1581. During the show, sip wine in the seating area as you experience Shakespeare against a background of vineyards and hills.  

Note: Beverages, wine and food are available for purchase onsite at the Underdog Wine Bar and the Tasting Room. Due to state liquor laws, no alcohol without the winery label is allowed on site. Please contact the Underdog Wine Bar at (925) 583-1581 for questions regarding food. This season at the Livermore Shakespeare Festival, shows are adult-oriented and not appropriate for children under 10 years of age. Babes in arms and children in strollers are not permitted. Children 12 and under are permitted with parents. We recommend acquainting children with appropriate theatre behavior before coming. If you have any specific questions about the suitability of a show for your child, please contact our office at (925) 443-BARD. Climate varies nightly, so please dress in layers. Blankets are rented and sold at the event.”

RASANBLE! Haitian Arts and Culture Festival
Friday-Sunday, July 19-21
The Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland
see website for detailed schedule and prices

“The word Rasanble, in Haitian Kreyol, means ‘to gather’ or ‘to assemble.’ Our goal is to gather dancers, musicians, community leaders, scholars, activists, dance and music educators, linguists, cultural and food enthusiasts and supporters of Haiti to CELEBRATE make VISIBLE and INFORM participants of the rich cultural traditions that are the foundation of Haitian culture.

The Festival will provide a live forum over the course of multiple days that will allow for conversations, inquiries, technique analysis, and in depth interactions with traditional artists from Haiti.

Rara Tou Limen would like to extend a personal invitation to you, requesting your presence at RASANBLE! We look forward to collectively celebrating the richness and vibrancy of Haitian art, music, dance and culture with you!”

Fabulosa Fest
Friday-Sunday, July 19-21
Walker Creek Ranch Retreat Center, 1700 Marshall Petaluma Road, Petaluma
See website for registration details

“The Fabulosa Collective creates fund-raising parties where diverse groups of women and friends come together to celebrate Women-centered arts and raise money for LGBTQ-oriented causes.  Fabulosa is an inclusive feminist fundraising gathering for women, their families and friends of all genders.

Fabulosa was initially the idea of Dawn Huston, who is the owner of the most diverse ‘dive bar’ on the planet, performance space and watering hole, El Rio in San Francisco. She formed the Fabulosa Collective with original members Judea Eden and Jenny Hoyston. Eden is a nutrition specialist and a San Francisco blues-folk singer. Hoyston is a West Coast promoter, DJ and the bandleader of the women’s experimental ensemble Erase Errata.

The Fabulosa Collective continues to grow and seek out new members who love to make beautiful things happen.

Fabulosa Proceeds
Our community is stunning, diverse and deserving of nurture. During financially tough times, many organizations that serve our LGBTQ community need additional help to ensure that their work remains possible. Fabulosa recycles much-needed funds back into the LGBTQ community by donating all proceeds to charities that serve the Bay Area and beyond.”

San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery Clean-Up
Saturday, July 20, 9:00AM-1:00PM
San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery, corner of College Street and Usher Street, San Lorenzo
Free, please bring gloves and rakes. For more information, please  call 510-581-0223.
“HAHS and the Friends of the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery need your help in cleaning up our beloved cemetery! Meet at the corner of Usher Street and College Street. Bring gloves and rakes. Water and light snacks will be provided.”

Tea Tasting with Teance
Saturday, July 20, 10:00AM-12:00PM
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
Registration required
For more information please call 510-643-2755 or e-mail gardenprograms@berkeley.edu

“Join the owner, founder and head tea buyer for Teance tea company in Berkeley, Winnie Yu, for a dazzling tasting of carefully sourced teas. Taste a flight of tea offered as an educational comparative of white, green, oolong, red and black teas. Rare aged pu-erhs and competition-winning oolongs are just some of the premium teas from key producing nations - China, Taiwan, Japan, India and Sri Lanka - that will be served.”

Walk With WildCare
Saturday, July 20, 10:00AM-12:00PM
McInnis Park, San Rafael
Adults $20, Children under 12 Free

“Meet Saturday morning, July 20 at McInnis Park in San Rafael to learn about the wildlife of the Las Gallinas Ponds.

Walks will be led by a Marin County Park Ranger and Naturalists from WildCare.

Enjoy the walk and get a sneak peek at the property that will become the new home for WildCare!

Then stay for a post-walk lunch and learn about WildCare’s new facility!”

Local Motion: Creative Ways to Get Around
presented by Market Days at the Exploratorium
Saturday, July 20, 11:00AM-3:00PM, and the third Saturday of each month
Exploratorium, Pier 15 Plaza

“This summer, we explore the Bay Area’s capacity for invention around the theme of personal propulsion. Whether you’re a commuter, gearhead, daredevil, or just out for a walk along the Embarcadero, there’s bound to be something you haven’t seen when it comes to keeping a body in motion. Look for art bikes and other innovations such as a monowheel and a personal submarine. Test the physics of skateboarding, try out a wheelchair obstacle course, or take a seat in a 45’ dragon boat. Investigate movement through a chicken foot dissection. Make your own stomp rocket with Explorables volunteers, and enjoy food on the go from SeaGlass restaurant.

Exploratorium Market Days kicks off with Local Motion - a celebration of the myriad ways people, machines and animals get around. Free to the public.

This series of free, open-air mini-festivals brings together museum and community scientists, artists, and educators to present an abundance of encounters with local phenomena ranging from culinary seasonings to ‘spacecraft’ made from upcycled materials.

Each Market Days event features curated art and science demos, hands-on activities, exhibits, and craft displays along the Plaza in front of Pier 15.”

Rivertown Revival
Saturday, July 20, 11:30AM-7:00PM
Steamer Landing Park, 6 Copeland Street, Petaluma

“Like you, we love Sonoma County and all of the bounty that it has to offer. For this reason, and many more, we’ve celebrating the 4th year of this local, arts-based, community festival that highlights the Petaluma River and all of the amazing artists who call our county home.   The event includes an art boat race and parade, floating art barges and an all-day festival, which includes local music, art, food and drink and over 40 fabulous local vendors. The Rivertown Revival is sure to be 2013′s most unique and creative summer festival!”

Beach Picnic and Clean Up
with Community Seed
Saturday, July 20, 12:00-3:00PM (and third Saturday of every month)
Bonny Doon Beach, Bonny Doon Road at Highway 1, Santa Cruz
see link below for directions to meeting place

“Don’t miss another opportunity to serve your community and your planet. (Not to mention socialize and have fun!) We’ll provide the bags if you will do your part and help us fill them. Bring your drums, songs, chants and food to share. As the cleanups progress through the year, we’ll also post stats about how much we’ve been picking up, so you can see the difference we make.

2013 Dates:
June 15
July 20
August 17

Bonny Doon Beach is located on Highway 1, near Bonny Doon Road. This beach has ample parking, which is free, and there is the benefit that it is clothing optional. This means if you want you can go skyclad, (nude) but of course this is optional.

At the end of the cleanup, we ask each person to help with hauling away the trash and recycle. Bring leather gloves if you have them. We will supply bags and other containers for nails and glass. Please bring a lunch, or food to share, your own water supply, and be advised that there are No Bathroom Facilities, so come prepared. Also be aware that it is a steep hike down to the beach, so wear good hiking shoes.

Safety Clean Up Rules:
* Children should be supervised at all times.
* Do not pick up needles, syringes, or broken glass without protection!
* Do not touch injured or dead animals.
* Do not turn your back on the ocean.
* Make sure any fire areas cold before touching.
* Driftwood, sea shells and seaweed are not trash, please leave them on the beach.

Directions: Bonny Doon Beach is located on Highway 1, just before Bonny Doon Road, which is just South of Davenport. From Santa Cruz, Drive out of town on the Coastal Highway. About 8 miles out start looking for a long, thin parking lot on your left. That’s your destination. Bonny Doon road is farther up the highway on the right. If you pass Bonny Doon Road, you’ve gone too far. Keep your eyes peeled!

We are very pleased to say that over the last several years a visible difference has been made in the amount of trash that we find on the beach. Further efforts on our part will continue to make a difference.

Please Bring:
Leather gloves if you have them.
Bring a picnic lunch, or snacks to share
Your own water supply
Layers of clothing (It’s often breezy on the sand, and temps can vary widely)
Something to sit on. (Big beach blankets, or towels will do …)

We will supply bags for nails, glass, and trash. Be advised that there are NO POTTIES AVAILABLE. Come prepared.
For More Info Call: 831-469-0336
We hope to see you on sand for picnicing and clean up!”

Health and Happiness Day
Saturday, July 20, 1:00-4:00PM
Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda
$20 in advance, $25 at the door
for  more information, please call call Cia A Robles at 510-853-5323

Join us for these dynamic, enlightening afternoons.

Learn how to create health, balance and happiness for yourself in our hands- on modules:
reduce stress, clear brain fog, anxiety and sadness, aches and pains
and gain control of your life.

Experience an array of integrative and alternative medicine approaches for wellness.
You will leave feeling great!

We are a professional group of integrative health practitioners and educators seeking to provide the community with an awareness of the vast array of healthcare options available. We have created a dynamic team in these seminars to allow our attendees a fun and informative hands on experience of a number of modalities and treatments at each meeting.

Each meeting will consist of 5 modules.
Here is a partial list of our interactive and experiential segments:
Mind component, such as breathing, meditation and self-hypnosis.
A body exercise component, safe and restorative movement, such as yoga for stress management, gentle stretching for flexibility and strength.
A postural treatment component - Bowen Works, chiropractic.
A nutritional supplement component, Usana Health Sciences.
A herbs and teas component for everyday use and healing.

Our Health and Happiness seminars are intended to give the attendee a hands on experience of an array of integrative complementary medicine modalities.  Our unique approach seeks to meet the needs of the individual and assist in the client taking charge of his or her own healthcare needs.  Each attendee will walk away with tools and techniques they can continue to use on their own.

Prize drawings for free classes, discounts on services and other great stuff!

The setting will be casual and comfortable, invite a friend!”

Historic Ball At The McDonald Mansion
Saturday, July 20, 6:00-10:00PM
McDonald Mansion, 1015 McDonald Avenue, Santa Rosa
$95, space is limited, registration required
For more information call 707-543-3737.

“Historic Ball at The McDonald Mansion features dinner and dancing under the stars at the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery. Enjoy the music of Brassworks, a full-course dinner from Legends, a fashion show of elegant hats and special guest stars! Period costumes are required (1854 to 1934).”

The Liar
presented by Livermore Shakespeare Festival
Saturday, July 20, 7:00PM - final week
Concannon Vineyard, 4590 Tesla Road, Livermore
see website for ticket details

“The Liar by David Ives,
adapted from the comedy by Pierre Corneille, Directed by Lisa A. Tromovitch.

For Ives, one of America's better dramatic humorists, translating the fun of Pierre Corneille's 1643 French comedy was an act of respectful reinvention.  The result is a scrubbed, vivacious script salted with hints of cheeky self-awareness.

Performances begin at 7:30PM Thursdays and Fridays, and at 7:00PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  Picnic area opens at 5:30PM.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Livermore Shakespeare Festival takes place at Concannon Vineyard, an elegant winery in the heart of Livermore Valley Wine Country. Actors perform in front of a two-story, Queen-Anne style Victorian home. Before the show and during intermission, you can sample award-winning wines in two tasting rooms. Enjoy a pre-show picnic on the lawn or enjoy pre-show small plates in Concannon's Underdog Wine Bar (RESERVATIONS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED). For the optimal pre-theater dining experience, the Underdog Wine Bar recommends making a reservation for 2 hours prior to the performance start time. Reservations for the Underdog Wine Bar can be made by calling (925) 583-1581. During the show, sip wine in the seating area as you experience Shakespeare against a background of vineyards and hills.  

Note: Beverages, wine and food are available for purchase onsite at the Underdog Wine Bar and the Tasting Room. Due to state liquor laws, no alcohol without the winery label is allowed on site. Please contact the Underdog Wine Bar at (925) 583-1581 for questions regarding food. This season at the Livermore Shakespeare Festival, shows are adult-oriented and not appropriate for children under 10 years of age. Babes in arms and children in strollers are not permitted. Children 12 and under are permitted with parents. We recommend acquainting children with appropriate theatre behavior before coming. If you have any specific questions about the suitability of a show for your child, please contact our office at (925) 443-BARD. Climate varies nightly, so please dress in layers. Blankets are rented and sold at the event.”

Queer Astrology Conference
Saturday-Sunday, July 20-21
Namaste Hall, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco
See website for schedule and registration details

“A two-day conference in San Francisco, July 20-21, 2013. We call professional and novice astrologers together to explore the intersections of  study/practice and queer-identified life. By queer, we invite a broadly imagined array of gender and sexual diversity, self-defined identities and lived experiences. The intent is to work smarter in the present, and to generate queer-specific resources for future astrologers.”

Time Travel Weekends
in Historic Old Sacramento
Saturday-Sunday, July 20-21, 11:00AM-5:00PM
and every weekend through August 25
Historic Old Sacramento, 101 I Street, Sacramento

“Get ready to step back in time when the past mingles with the present once again in Old Sacramento! Visitors to Old Sacramento will enjoy lively and interactive street theatre as part of the hugely popular Time Travel Weekends that debuted last year to much applause. The streets of Old Sacramento will come alive with talented performers who put on spontaneous and elaborate skits and performances. Plus, visitors won’t want to miss the highly entertaining Old West stage shows happening daily including the much acclaimed Golden Melodeon Review in the Eagle Theatre.

As you stroll through Old Sacramento on weekends July through August, you might just chance upon historic re-enactments complete with wagons, wild characters with heroes and villains, children’s pioneer craft activities, historic gambling, bowling, juggling, singing, dancing and other forms of musical mastery, military encampments, mining camps, parades, historic events, medicine shows, Civil War cannon firings, and much, much more!”

A lot of the performers in this program are Renaissance Faire and/or Dickens Fair folk!

Director Robert Young, who may look familiar to you if you’ve ever met Mr. Dickens himself, or attended a Mysterium Om ritual at PantheaCon, says:
“THE CURTAIN'S GOING UP - on a new season of Time Travel Weekends in Sacramento City.  The very first melodrama to open the Eagle Theatre in 1849, 'The Bandit Chief', will be reborn on that stage every afternoon. An entertaining show of variety acts will also take stage - jugglers, Shakespearean actors, medicine show, can can, music hall and much more - concluding in the stirring pageant 'Triumph of Eureka'.  Mr. Mark Twain himself will hold forth with his droll humor and entertaining tales. The streets will be bustling with wagons, carriages, parades, music and lively characters.  Will you be there?”

Connoisseurs' Marketplace
July 20-21, 10:00AM-6:00PM
along Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park

“What could be more sublime than spending a pleasant summer day strolling down a cool tree-lined street, sipping a glass of delicious wine or craft beer, admiring world-class art, watching talented chefs prepare fabulous dishes, noshing succulent food and enjoying music all along the way. It's the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors and the multitude of world-class festivals that make summer such a special time of year in the Bay Area.

Menlo Park's longtime signature contribution to the festival landscape is its popular annual mid-summer Connoisseurs' Marketplace, which this year celebrates its 27th year with a spectacular extravaganza on July 20-21. It promises to be a sun-splashed weekend featuring 250 of America's top artists, two days of stellar live music, engaging chefs' demos, fabulous food and drink, artisan specialty food purveyors, a collector car show, home and garden exhibits, health and wellness displays, an organic and green products showcase, and tons of fun for kids.

Presented by the Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce, large crowds are expected to pour onto the downtown streets for this vibrant celebration of visual, performing and culinary arts. Hours are 10:00AM-6:00PM. both days. Admission is free. Take a leisurely stroll down charming, tree-lined Santa Cruz Avenue and experience a world-class sampler for the senses.”

Catalan Festival
Saturday-Sunday, July 20-21, 12:00-4:00PM
Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards, 23555 Carneros Highway, Sonoma
Over 21: $65 includes 2 wine tickets, complimentary food samples, GF logo flute, all entertainment.
Under 21: $60 per person includes 2 non-alcoholic drink tickets, complimentary food samples, all entertainment.

“Enjoy the soul of Spain in the heart of Carneros at the 21st Annual Catalan Festival on Saturday, July 20 and Sunday, July 21, 2013. This year, the Catalan Festival benefits the schools of Sonoma Valley.

Join us for a day of award-winning wines, Spanish cuisine, and entertainment with passionate flamenco dancing and a lively Rhumba band, a festive grape stomp and traditional folklore surprises. We invite you to share the multi-faceted experience that tantalizes the senses. Stroll and enjoy savory tapas and Paella, a cooking demonstration and educational seminars as you sip our acclaimed Carneros sparkling and estate wines.”

Mount Wanda Walks
Sunday, July 21, 9:00AM
John Muir National Historic Site, 4202 Alhambra Avenue, Martinez

“Be sure to come with a comfortable pair of walking shoes and plenty of water. We recommend hats and sunscreen as well to protect you from the sun. Much of the walk is exposed and as the summer creeps up on us, the weather will get hotter.

The first part of the hike is shaded by California Bay Laurel and various Oak trees, but the trail climbs, the trees thin out and you'll enter an oak grassland. There, the trail gets quite steep, but only for a short time. The advantage of this is spectacular views of the Alhambra Valley at an angle that blocks all development. You'll be able to look back 200 or more years in time.

Dogs are allowed as long as they stay on leash.”

Cacophany Choir
with Toni Tone
Sunday, July 21, 10:00-10:45AM, and one more Sunday, July 28
Mothership HackerMoms, 3288 Adeline Street, Berkeley

“Singer and edu-tainer Toni Tone introduces kids to their own voices as imaginative instruments. This fun, early vocal class teaches them to explore the enormous range of sounds they can make with their mouths and how to turn it into song. It's perfect kids ages 3-6 who's always vocalizing and singing. Kids will work with microphones and amplifiers, and experience group performance. (And yes, parents can join in the fun!)”

Kitchen Tour at Three Stone Hearth
Sunday, July 21, 10:00-11:00AM
Three Stone Hearth, 1581 University Avenue, Berkeley
$5 for the tour, $10 for the entire day
For more information please e-mail info@threestonehearth.com or call 510-981-1334

“At Three Stone Hearth, we are developing a unique model for community-scale food preparation and processing.

Three Stone Hearth co-founder Jessica Prentice provides a guided tour of our production kitchen and an opportunity to learn along side our kitchen staff on Sunday, July 21, 2013. The tour begins at 10:00-11:00AM. Join us for the tour only or stay through the afternoon to experience hands-on time in kitchen and a communal lunch with staff. Tour is $5 per person, or $10 for the entire day.”

Bay Area Seasonal Herb Walk Series: Summer Session
with Tellur Fenner
Sunday, July 21, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Redwood Regional Park in Oakland - directions to meeting place provided upon registration
$60 for one class, $55 per class for two or three classes

“From the mist shrouded sea cliffs to the sun-baked arid expanse of its eastern most regions, the San Francisco Bay area provides us with a chance to view a large variety of botanical specimens all within a relatively small geographical range. Join us as we discover together the diverse array of both edible and medicinal plants found growing within these contrasting yet closely interconnected micro-climates. Historical and modern medicinal applications will be covered along with any edible and/or utilitarian potential. Tips on basic plant identification will be offered, with an emphasis on how to differentiate poisonous look-alike plants from their beneficial counterparts. Plant family characteristics will be discussed as well.

Herb Walk Locations
August 11:  Mt. Tamalpais (Marin County)
September 15:  Point Reyes National Seashore

What to bring:
Bag lunch
Appropriate clothing (check the forecast)

All walks will occur RAIN OR SHINE!”

ARTchitecture: LEGOS Pre-Engineering Series
Sunday, July 21, 11:00-11:45AM,
and one more Sunday, July 28
Mothership HackerMoms, 3288 Adeline Street, Berkeley
$15 drop in

“Hacker Sprouts welcomes back ZettaTech Science with a class that uses LEGOS to teach basic principles of engineering. Kids will re-create some of the world’s greatest feats of construction - a weight-bearing bridge, skyscraper, rocket-proof superwall - to test structural principles through project-based learning and collaboration. Designed for girls and boys ages 3-6, where older kids can help teach younger kids. We recommend the series for maximum learning, but drop-ins are also welcome.

$60 series for non-members ($45 series for HackerMoms). $15 drop-in for non-members ($12 for HackerMoms). Space is limited, so sign up early.”

Story Theatre
with Victoria Goring
Sunday, July 21, 11:00AM, 1:00PM and 3:00PM
Charles M. Schulz Museum, 2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa
included with museum admission, Adults $10, Children 4-18 $5, Children under 4 free

“Join storyteller Victoria Goring for a live, improvised, interactive performance. Children of all ages will participate by providing ideas and helping Ms. Goring create a unique and different story every time she performs.”

My Body is a Living Temple - A Healing Journey
with Diana Melisabee
Sunday, July 21, 1:00-4:00PM
Ancient Future Urban Sanctuary, 2331 K Street, Sacramento
Sliding scale $30-$40

“Our beautiful bodies are much more than a bag of bones. They are the sacred temples that house our bright spirits. In this busy world, we often don't take time to nourish our temple and tend our inner hearth fire. Our bodies and soul become cluttered with our own old baggage - not to mention the baggage other people want to share. This weighs us down, and soon our fire is dampened or reduced to ashes.

In this experiential workshop, we will explore and de-clutter our inner temple spaces so that me may rekindle our brilliant light. Come and celebrate the unique temple that is home to your soul light.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal. You may also want to bring a small blanket, pillow, scarf, and whatever you need to be comfortable.

There will be water and herb tea provided.

For information and to register, please call Diana at 510-295-7108

Equal parts edge-walker, Temple Priestess and kitchen witch, Diana Melisabee walks the Path of the Sacred Hostess. She uses all her skills as shamanic practitioner, Reiki master and RN to facilitate healing through love, self-acceptance and food. Diana is currently manifesting her life calling as Director of Hestia's Mystery School and Goddess Temple.”

Crystal Shamanism
with Devin Hunter
Sunday, July 21, 1:00-5:00PM
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
$50 includes supplies

“Have you ever wanted to unlock the secret potential within a stone? Have you ever wondered why some stones speak to you and others don’t? Have you ever used a stone to bring energy into your life but aren’t sure how it works or how to make it work?  In this workshop we explore the world of crystal allies and discuss methods in which we each can connect to and find medicine within these powerful allies. Topics include Devas, five stones every energy worker and healer should have and know how to use, cleansing energy and space with crystals and basic crystal gridding. This class will finish with a crystal medicine journey.”

FUN(d)athon for the Williams Family
Sunday, July 21, 2:00-6:00PM
Falkirk Cultural Center, 1408 Mission Avenue, San Rafael
suggested donation $10 or more
“We are throwing a very special, fun family friendly fundraiser at the Falkirk Cultural Center on Sunday July 21, from 2:00-6:00PM. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to assist our dear friends, the Williams Family, in their time of need. Liana has been fighting an aggressive form of lymphoma since Fall.

For those who have not already donated online, a $10+ sliding scale donation is requested at the door.

We encourage you to bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy the afternoon on the lawn and experience the wonderful Falkirk Cultural Center. But DON’T bring dessert! We will have a special, ‘made-with-love’ Bake Sale!

Luscious baked goods will be available for purchase as well as lemonade and iced tea. All funds raised will go to the Williams family.

Silent Auction and Raffle
There will be many terrific items to choose from, from jewelry to theater tickets and tours. You're sure to find something fabulous that you MUST bid on! The silent auction will have a staggered close, with the final section closing at 5:00PM. The raffle will be continuous throughout the day.

There will be live music, including High Card Drifters, Brass Farthing, Avalon Rising, 5 Cent Coffee and the Stark Ravens. There will also be children’s entertainment, including The Punch and Judy puppet shows, The Bold Tailor Children's Show, Costumed Characters, and a Kid’s Craft Area where young folks may make their very own musical instruments. Ballet Russ will also be performing throughout the day!

Contributions To Silent Auction/Raffle/Bake Sale
If you have something you'd like to contribute, please contact Holly Holmes-Callahan via Facebook or at holly@starkravens.com.

If you are interested in volunteering at the event, please contact Mark Donnelly via Facebook or at mark@starkravens.com. We need help with set-up, tear-down, greeters, security, face-painting, etc.

For questions about the event: Please email Heidi Wohlwend via Facebook or at heidi@starkravens.com.

Full Moon Ritual with Sacred Fires Tradition
Sunday, July 21, 6:00PM
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
Free, donations accepted

“Please bring a perishable food item to share if possible. Ritual will begin on time and no one will be permitted in once we have begun.

The Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft (SFT) would like to invite you to celebrate the mysteries of the Full Moon. Every Full Moon we gather to explore the inner realms of self and to align with the powers of the Goddess. Our rituals are open to all with an open mind and an open heart.”

Full Moon Walk On Mount Wanda
Monday, July 22, 7:45PM
meet at CalTrans Park and Ride lot, Alhambra Avenue and Franklin Canyon Road, Martinez
Free, please RSVP to 925-228-8860

“Join Us For A Full Moon Walk On Mount Wanda!

Join National Park Service rangers for Full Moon walks on Mount Wanda. This free, two-hour program features a one-mile, moderately strenuous hike to watch the Full Moon rise over nearby Mount Diablo. Atop Mount Wanda's 640-foot summit, visitors can use spotting scopes to view more detailed features of the Moon. Listen to the chorus of night sounds and keep an eye out for the nocturnal native grey fox.

Reservations are suggested. Please call the John Muir NHS visitor center at 925-228-8860 to make a reservation. Visitors should meet at the CalTrans Park and Ride lot at the corner of Alhambra Avenue and Franklin Canyon Road, Martinez (at the Alhambra Avenue exit off Highway 4). Bring water, a flashlight, warm clothes, and binoculars (if you have them). Wear comfortable walking shoes, as the trail is steep. If it rains heavily, the walk will be canceled.”

Tea and Chanting with Rabbit
Tuesday, July 23, (and the fourth Tuesday of each month)
Meet for tea at 7:30PM, chanting begins at 8:00PM for 30 minutes
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$5 suggested donation

“Join Rabbit for an evening of the herbal and the verbal. After sharing information about this month's unique, delicious herbal tea, explaining this month's mantra, and offering a brief dharma talk Rabbit leads the group in rhythmic, harmonic chanting for approximately 30-50 minutes.”

Have a Great, Fabulous, Wild, Healthy Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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