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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creating Spiritual Culture, Save the Bees!, Hunger Action Day, Conservation in Madagascar, Bliss Dance Oakland, astrobarry’s Astrology Salon, Drum Circle at The Mystic Dream, Imaginal Stone: Dreaming with Eyes Open, 13 Moon Introductory Series, Planetary Healing, Astrology: Uranus Square Pluto, Voices from the Past, Lettice and Lovage, Martinez Peddlers Faire, Be the Bridge, In the Kitchen of the Green Witch, Beach Clean-Up, Backyard Chickens, Folktales Across the African Diaspora, Discover Your Core Values, Shades of Faith Book Party, Amelia Hogan, Fire on the Mountain, Redemption: the Acid Gospel Tarot Opera, Omnipure Transformational Music, Brass Farthing CD Release Party, Boogie on the Bayou, Himalayan Fair (including Sprouts field trip), CAYA Fun For Everyone!, Cob Oven Workshop, Bay Area Storytelling Festival, Santa Cruz Rejuvenation Festival, Maker Faire, Chanticleer and the Fox, The Witch's Garden, Invoking the Grandmaster, Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft, A Cup of Tea with Spirit, Tea and Chanting with Rabbit, Cats in Dreams, Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium, Monthly Dinner at the Dream Institute, The Fortune Project Complete Works

Creating Spiritual Culture
with Luisah Teish
Wednesday, May 16, 7:00-9:30PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Class size is limited to 12 people; pre-registration required.
Contact Teish at DahomeyRoyal@gmail.com to reserve your space.

“This Playshop provides instructions for making an ancestor stick, a ritual crown, or an altar cloth using fabric, fiber, crafts supplies and items found in Nature.

Participants will experience visualizations, movement, and chanting; they will learn altar building; and will create objects that can be used in future ceremonies. Please meditate on your needs/desires then bring your favorite paints, bells, buttons etc. and wear comfortable clothing.

This class is open to women and men of all traditions. Teish will provide staffs, raffia, beads, and other specifics.”

Luisah Teish’s art is on display at The Sacred Well through May 30:
“Come by the shop and enjoy the latest works of art created by Teish. These mixed-media pieces are created to illuminate the nature and spirit of Yemaya
and Oshun, of Odu-Ifa, and elements of the Natural World. These visions are manifested using paint, paper, and fabric. They incorporate repurposed, recycled materials such as images from outworn clothing, buttons, beads, shells, coins, and kitchen spices.

The originals are mounted on the walls at The Sacred Well and will be on exhibit until May 30th. Prints are available for purchase. “

Save the Bees!
Bayer Demonstration
Wednesday, May 16, 4:00-6:00PM
march starts at San Pablo Park, 2800 Park Street, Berkeley
ends at Bayer, Grayson and 7th, Berkeley

“Join the protest against Bayer on Wednesday, May 16th, from 4:00-6:00PM
Wear bee garb, dress like bees, bring your smokers and stingers…

We are demanding the immediate ban of Clothianidin, the pesticide responsible for massive bee die-offs worldwide, which is produced by Bayer.   This pesticide has precipitated Colony Collapse Disorder, threatening the livelihood of both large and small farmers as well as beekeepers - indeed the ecological balance of the planet.  Many vegetables and fruits and other crops depend upon bees for pollination.  The variety and nutritional value of our whole food system is threatened by the bee die-off.

Pursuing profits at risk of destroying the food supply, Bayer has successfully influenced public policy and stopped the EPA from banning this toxic pesticide, which is outlawed in several European countries.  Bayer is in our own backyard and we need to call attention to their role in colony collapse disorder.

On Wednesday, May 16, we are marching from San Pablo Park (Ward and Mabel) to Bayer (Greyson and 7th), about a mile, with a potential visit to the Farm at Gill Tract, San Pablo and Marin.

Join us!”

Thanks to Elizabeth for letting me know about this event!

Hunger Action Day
Thursday, May 17
see website for local events

“What is Hunger Action Day?
Each May, anti-hunger advocates from all over the state meet in Sacramento to educate their legislators about hunger and support anti-hunger legislation. Advocates, soup kitchen volunteers, nutritionists, food bank supporters, and others concerned about the millions of Californians experiencing hunger travel by bus, car, and plane each year to participate in this important event.

Who is the California Hunger Action Coalition (CHAC)?
CHAC is a broad-based membership organization of volunteers united in the belief that access to adequate, nutritious and safe food is a fundamental human right.”

Conservation in Madagascar
with David Jackson, Conservation Ambassador Executive Director
Thursday, May 17, 6:30-8:00PM
Learning LODGE, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo,  Kelley Park, 1300 Senter Road, San Jose
Space is limited, please call 408-794-6404 to RSVP.

“What conservation efforts are taking place to preserve the environment of the 4th largest island in the world? Ninety percent of the wildlife of Madagascar is found nowhere else on Earth and Madagascar is considered one of the biodiversity hotspots of the planet. Join David Jackson, Executive Director of Conservation Ambassadors, as he discusses the importance of preserving the fauna and flora of Madagascar. Meet several lemurs and other amazing Malagasy creatures.”

Bliss Dance Oakland
Thursday, May 17, 7:00PM
Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland

“BlissDance is an expression of Tantra, the art of integrating the sacred and sexual, and using this as a force for awakening. In a BlissDance session, you explore your inner and outer worlds through movement and stillness, music and silence. The dance is free and not stylized, though guided by Shakti through the progression of a theme. Shakti introduces the dance, shows you how she interprets it, and then you find our own response.

BlissDance draws on the wisdom of Biodanza and various other dance, movement and meditation traditions.

One of the first principles of Tantra is presence – being present in the here and now, in your body, in your senses. Another is the connection between our passion, our sexuality and our hearts. BlissDance is a space where you can come rest into the simple beauty of moving in a body, with other bodies, in the dance of life.”

astrobarry’s Astrology Salon
Thursday, May 17, 7:30-9:30PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$20 suggested donation

“Join a lively astrology discussion led by astrobarry in this informal interactive group experience. Topics covered in each Astrology Salon will vary, based on who attends and what's going on in the sky. The Salon is intended to provide burgeoning astrologers with a chance to practice their chart interpretation skills in a safe, fun environment. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of the astrological language. Please bring 5-10 copies of any astrology chart you'd like us to discuss (free charts available at http://www.astro.com ).”

Drum Circle at The Mystic Dream
Friday, May 18, 6:30-8:30PM
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342

“The drum circle is for everyone no matter skill level! Bring your drum and a good attitude! Our space is sacred, yet casual.”

Imaginal Stone: Dreaming with Eyes Open
A workshop with Cyndera Quackenbush, M.A.
Friday, May 18, 7:00-9:00PM
Holos Institute, 310 Third Avenue, San Francisco
$20 ($15 for students, interns, artists)

“Deepen your connection to the Earth with billion year-old stones from Death Valley!
In this hands-on workshop, Cyndera Quackenbush will lead a projective meditation process where the group imagination engages with the Imaginal Stones. Stories within the stones are found and expressed in writing, drawing and oral storytelling. Shared and explored with the group, these earth-inspired waking dreams can reveal personal life themes or messages for the culture. While this process is projective, space is held for the stones to speak for themselves through their vivid, often intense, naturally occurring imagery.

The Imaginal Stone workshop challenges participants to be open to deep eco-collective questions: What, in these stories sparked from stone, might reflect realities in the anima mundi, the world soul? Can tending to these dream themes nurture, cultivate and ultimately bridge the gap between modern civilization and a very ancient planet?

Cyndera Quackenbush is the founder of Imaginal Stone, an organization bringing the beauty of billion year-old stones to the realms of art, education, and ecopsychology. As an alumna of Pacifica Graduate Institute she is committed to the motto ‘for the sake of tending the soul of the world.’ Cyndera is a gifted storyteller, workshop facilitator, and the current artist-in-residence at the Dream Institute in Berkeley.”

13 Moon Introductory Series
Friday, May 18, 7:00-9:00PM (and the third Friday of every month)
Aphrodite’s Closet, 1201 Park Street, Alameda
Please call 510-521-3313 to pay and reserve your space

“Learn more about the 13 archetypes of the Divine Feminine and how to live and be seen as the Goddess you are! Go away with practical ways to connect with your authentic Divine self. This is a bite-sized taste of the 13 Moon Mystery School's journey into the Divine Feminine. Come add YOUR magic to the mix!”  

Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine For Global Transformation
with Nicki Scully
presented by Sonoma County Pagan Network  
Friday, May 18, 7:00PM
Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa
$3-$5 donation requested, no one turned away for lack of funds

“We are in the midst of a massive global shift. How do we transform these changes into opportunities for personal, community and global healing? Acclaimed author, teacher and healer Nicki Scully guides us through these changes and offers Alchemical Healing and shamanic tools from her new book, Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation.

Nicki's newest published work is Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation co-authored with Mark Hallert. Underlying her work is the pledge to help in the healing of Mother Earth through recognition and honoring of All Our Relations. Nicki strives to fulfill her commitment by assisting others to recognize their inherent wisdom and power.

Potluck Feast

Since our gathering is at the dinner hour, we ask that you bring a potluck dish and/or non-alcoholic brew to share that serves 4-6 people. Let’s treat ourselves to a good meal. Please bring your own place setting. There will be hot water available for tea.

We ask non-members to make a donation of $5-$3 to help us cover operating costs. No one turned away for lack of funds.”

Astrology: Uranus Square Pluto
with Margaret Cole
Friday, May 18, 7:30-9:30PM
Ancient Ways, 4075 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 510-653-3244
$5-$10 sliding scale

“There are seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015. The first is June 26, 2012. ‘Oh my gods, what does that bring?’ This aspect can show revolutionary changes. The last series of squares was between 1932 and 1934, with five exact hits. In the early 1930s, there was the Great Depression, political and social upheaval, and the rise of dictators and extremism.

Bring your horoscope or come early to have one made at Ancient Ways for $5.”

Voices from the Past: Paranormal Investigations

Friday, May 18, 7:00PM-3:30AM
Meek Mansion, 17365 Boston Road, Hayward

Saturday, May 19, 7:00PM-3:30AM
McConaghy House, 18701 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward

$75 per night or $100 for both nights
Space is limited.  Tickets must be purchased in advance.  
For more information or tickets, call 510-581-2516 and ask for Heather.

“Are you curious about the paranormal? Are you convinced that there's something spooky inside either Meek Mansion or McConaghy House? Here's your chance to be a paranormal investigator!
The Hayward Area Historical Society has partnered with the American Paranormal Research Association to hold paranormal investigations at the two historic properties. Each night includes a presentation by APRA and an investigation led by the APRA team.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided both nights, with dinner provided on Friday.

Proceeds support restoration and preservation of the historic properties.”

Lettice and Lovage
by Peter Shaffer
presented by Butterfield 8
Friday-Saturday, May 18-19, 8:00PM
playing through May 27
Cue Productions Live, 1835 Colfax Street, Concord

“Lettice Duffet, an expert on Elizabethan cuisine and medieval weaponry, is an indefatigable but daffy enthusiast of history and the theatre. As a tour guide at Fustian House, one of the least stately of London's stately homes, she theatrically embellishes its historical past, ultimately coming up on the radar of Lotte Schoen, an inspector from the Preservation Trust. Neither impressed nor entertained by Lettice's freewheeling history lessons, Schoen fires her. Not one to go without a fight, Lettice engages the stoic, conventional Lotte in a battle to the death of all that is sacred to the Empire and the crown.

The Mission of Butterfield 8 Theatre Company is to provide audiences a fresh take on classic plays, and foster the creation of new works.

Our Vision is to present audiences with examples of both ends of the theatrical spectrum: new productions of classic works, focusing in particular on text-driven plays (such as the works of Shakespeare), and new works devised by the company or written by local playwrights.  Our work often examines perceptions of gender, both within the context of the play and the larger context of society as a whole.  We strive to create an immersive environment, believing the audience’s experience starts when they buy the ticket, and shouldn't end when they leave the theatre. We honor that the audience has come for a live theatre experience to engage with a story or an idea; to be taken on a journey. This is our responsibility, and our craft.”

Martinez Peddlers Faire
Saturday, May 19, 8:00AM-4:00PM
Downtown Martinez, Alhambra Avenue at Marina Vista, Martinez
free admission

“Voted East Bay's Best Source for Old Treasures!

One of the largest outdoor antique shows in northern California, held on the streets of historic downtown Martinez. Get here early to get the first pick of that special item to add to your collection.

You will find plenty to choose from as dealers will be showing a huge variety of antiques and collectibles including glassware, porcelain, pottery, furniture, old advertising, toys, native American wares, paper items and much more.

While at the Faire, be sure to visit the 13 downtown Martinez Antique and Collectible stores. The 50 plus dealers in the stores will be bringing in new inventory for the Faire in preparation for the thousands of visitors on Faire day. In addition to the antiques and collectibles, there are over 50 arts and crafts vendors so there will be something for everyone at the show.

John Humphries, radio and TV collectibles talk show host, and the author of several books on collectibles, will again be on hand during the day to give evaluations of up to three carry-in items for a $5 donation to the Martinez Historic Society. John will be located at the information booth on the corner of Main and Ferry Streets from 8:00AM-4:00PM. John is always a popular feature at the Faire so be sure to get in line early and get a number. Bring in that old piece of pottery, glass, toy or other collectible but remember, no furniture, carry-in items only please.”

Be the Bridge
part of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75 Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, May 19, 9:00AM-12:00PM
Crissy Field, Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco

“Be a part of history by being part of the Bridge!

With no Bridge Walk planned for the 75th anniversary (as it was for the 50th anniversary), let's stand together on Crissy Field and BE the Bridge.

We’re helping to organize a mass gathering on May 19 in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge and a 75 on Crissy Field, with the actual bridge in the background - a historic moment that will be captured through aerial photography and documented in a postcard! Participants will get a photo as a keepsake.

Walk, bike, or take transit as there is very limited parking. Wear orange or red clothing and meet on the grassy airfield nearest the marsh (across from Sports Basement) beginning at 9:00AM. You must arrive early enough to get your position in the image.

The photo will be taken at 11:00AM sharp.”

Octopretzel and the Hipwaders
part of the Patchworks Series of concerts for children
Saturday, May 19, 11:00AM
Freight and Salvage Cofeehouse, 2020 Addison Street, Berkeley, 510-644-2020
$8 advance, $9 at door

“Melita Doostan and Rudy Trubitt host this morning’s edition of the Patchwork Series of kids’ shows, featuring rockin' hip-shakers from the Hipwaders and irresistibly hummable tunes from Octopretzel.

A California trio specializing in kid-pleasing power pop anthems full of catchy tunes and beautiful vocal harmonies, the Hipwaders are one of the coolest ‘kindie rock’ bands in town. Tito Uquillas (guitar, keyboards), DJ Kinville (bass), and Nick Baca (drums) honed their chops performing at the Jelly Belly Candy Factory in Fairfield before going on to play other venues and release a succession of albums, winning throngs of adoring fans (young and old) and numerous Parents' Choice, Children's Music Web, and National Parenting Publications awards—they were even invited to perform at Chicago's Lollapalooza Festival in 2007.

In a show as exuberant as their whimsical name, Octopretzel returns to the Freight stage to share exciting new material! The band creates engaging music, inspiring curiosity, wonder, and appreciation for the world we live in. Their skilled musicianship and magical way with children guarantees a dance-able, sing-able and super fun experience for the whole family.”

In the Kitchen of the Green Witch
Tinctures and Brews and Potions, Oh My!
presented by The Order of the Sacred Grove
Saturday, May 19, 12:00-4:00PM
Berkeley- exact address given upon registration
a small donation is requested to cover the cost of materials
to register please email osgmentors@gmail.com

“Join us for a hands-on workshop to unleash your inner green witch.  We will explore a range of materials and approaches for both everyday and magical needs.  Stirring the pot together, we’ll create our own witches brews and deepen our understanding of the herbal arts.

The Order of the Sacred Grove is a Modern American Witchcraft Tradition dedicated to the practice of the Old Religion and to the establishment of the Temple of the Goddess. We are open to all who seek training and initiation into the Ways of the Wise. We are devoted to the Goddess in all of Her forms. OSG consists of independent but cooperative covens or groves within the larger order. Each coven develops its own Patron Gods and may follow an independent, but harmonious magickal current. We believe that witchcraft must remain a living tradition, and although traditional structure is essential, we also allow for a free expression of dynamic and fluid energy to express itself through a working group.”

Beach Clean-Up
with Community Seed
Saturday, May 19, 12:00-3:00PM  (and the third Saturday of each month April-August)
Bonny Doon Beach, Bonny Doon Road at Highway 1, Santa Cruz
(see website for directions)

“We meet on the third Saturday, April - August from Noon to 3:00 pm, and in September we meet at 9:00 am to Noon for Coastal Cleanup Day. Don't miss another opportunity to serve your community and your planet. (Not to mention socialize and have fun!) We'll provide the bags if you will do your part and help us fill them. Bring your drums, songs, chants and food to share. As the cleanups progress, we'll also post stats about what we've been picking up, so you can see the difference we make.

Bonny Doon Beach is known for its beautiful large cliffs and powerful tide. It is also a favorite nighttime gathering place for many people. Unfortunately, many of these visitors bring in cans, bottles and other trash. Wood pallets are often burned here, leaving behind sharp nails in the sand, and broken bottles that get thrown into the fire.
I am very pleased to say that over the last several years, a visible difference has been made in the amount of trash that we find on the beach. I am sure that our further efforts will continue making a difference.

Please Bring:
Leather gloves if you have them.
We will supply bags for nails, glass, and trash.
Bring a picnic lunch, or snacks to share
Your own water supply
Be advised that there are NO POTTIES AVAILABLE.
Come prepared.”

Backyard Chickens
Saturday, May 19, 1:30-3:00PM
Lefavre Classroom, Veggielution Farm, Emma Prusch Park, 647 S King Road, San Jose

“Come on down to the farm and meet our lovely flock of ladies. Learn the ins and outs of creating your very own backyard chicken operation. From buying or rescuing your flock, to  to harvesting your very own omelette to be. You will get to meet our flock, check out our coop, learn how to properly handle chickens, how to resolve common chicken issues, talk about coop designs, and learn how to get your coop started, or how to improve your current set up. Chickens are a wonderful addition to your family, and the health of your garden!

Facilitator Jessie Nichols is a veteran of Veggielution. She moved all the way out to San Jose, from her home state of North Carolina, to help design and run our youth program and start up our very own hen house at the farm. She is an expert in the realm of chicken rearing, and will share her great knowledge with you in this workshop. Jessie has recently been accepted to the renowned and highly competitive Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food System's Apprenticeship Program at UCSC, and is continuing expanding her knowledge in the realm of sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Veggielution is a 2 acre non-profit community farm dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system in San Jose. We empower people to change the way they think about food by getting their hands in the soil, connecting with the land, and tasting the fruits of their labor.

Veggielution empowers youth and adults from diverse backgrounds to create a sustainable food system in San Jose. Our urban farm engages the community by providing access to healthy and local food, creating youth leadership opportunities, and developing creative solutions to social and environmental justice issues.”

Folktales Across the African Diaspora
with Awele Makeba
Saturday, May 19, 2:00-4:00PM
Museum of the African Diaspora, 685 Mission Street, San Francisco
Event included with museum admission
adults $10, students and seniors $5, children under 12 free

“Join Awele Makeba for Anansi: From West Africa to the Caribbean and the African Diaspora.  Anansi the spider is a popular figure in the folklore of parts of West Africa (the stories later came with enslaved Africans to the Caribbean islands and the African Diaspora.) Like Brer Rabbit in America, Anansi is a trickster figure - clever, cunning, sometimes mischievous - who uses his wits to make up for what he lacks in size and strength. The Anansi tales are believed to have originated with the Ashanti people in Ghana. (The word Anansi is Akan and means, simply, spider.) They later spread to other Akan groups and then to the West Indies, Suriname, and the Netherlands Antilles.

Following the storytelling, Awele will lead children and their families in Step It Down: Gullah Circle and Clap Games. Traditional Gullah and African-American circle and clap games and songs from folklorist Bessie Jones teach children about cooperative interaction, preparation for adult roles and socialization showing them how to create fun out of nothing more than their hands, feet, voices, and imaginations.

Awele has mesmerized audiences around the world including TED 2012, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; the Musikverein in Vienna, Austria; the Suriname and Costa Rican rainforest; and Tsinchu Teacher's College in Taiwan. She is an award winning and internationally known storyteller, recording artist, educator and she's also a Community Producer of Cultural Programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. She paints pictures with words, breathes life into characters, teaches, and inspires through the power of story - personal tales, history, folklore and children's literature.”

Discover Your Core Values
with Nancy Knuth
Saturday, May 19, 2:00-4:00PM
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
$50, please pre-register at the website below

“Your personal core values are already a part of who you are.  They are the values that drive us.  They are things like family, integrity, wealth, love, and recognition.

What happens though if we do not seek these values in our relationships, or in our careers?   What happens if we accept others’ values as our own?

Come and discover your personal core values, and what they mean to you and your life and business success.  In this 90 minute workshop you will discover many things about you, and how to apply them to your daily life and  how to allow them to give you the courage and clarity to lead you down new career paths, and to  new opportunities that will allow you to thrive!

Trust me, you will know when you are living your life in alignment with your core values.   Your passionate, content, inspired, growing!   

In the workshop we will also create a poster for you to display to remind you daily.  Come have fun, and enjoy this life changing workshop!

Don’t let another year go by living someone else’s dreams.

Nancy Knuth, Business and Mindset Coach, works with entrepreneurs and independent contractors in accelerating their business success.   She has been a coach and leader for the real estate industry for over 13 years.   She has coached hundreds of individuals to actualize their potential and reach their desired goals.”  

Shades of Faith Book Party
Saturday, May 19, 6:00-8:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355

“Shades of Faith, edited by Crystal Blanton is an anthology of articles written by people of color who practice nature-based traditions from around the world.

Luisah Teish is one of many contributors to this unique work and will be part of a panel discussion on the emerging spirituality of this century. Come and join the conversation.”

Other contributors to this book include Lady Heaven Walker, Szmeralda Shanel, Luna Pantera, and Nadirah Adeye.

Amelia Hogan
in concert
Saturday, May 19, 6:30PM
The Britannia Arms, 1087 S. De Anza Blvd, San Jose, 408-252-7262

Amelia Hogan says:
“I've been singing since before I could walk. My first performances started when I was about 10 years old and I've always loved weaving myth, magic, and hope into a story-song. I sing in the Irish music tradition of Sean-Nos, or Old Style. These songs are typically arhythmic and unaccompanied and were meant to be sung by the fire to a very intimate audience. But there's so much more than Sean Nos to Celtic music.”

“The Britannia Arms in Cupertino boasts a distinguished history plus an amenity of new and established attractions, continuing the tradition as a premiere South Bay dining and nightlife destination. The Cupertino Brit was established in 1981 by an English ex pat and has been family owned and operated since. Our festive atmosphere allows you to satisfy your most insatiable culinary or entertainment urge. In the heated outdoor patio, or amidst nostalgic décor indoors, you will feel like you've been transported across the pond!”

Fire on the Mountain
film screening
Saturday, May 19, 7:00-9:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767
Must reserve a space by May 17; please call 510-845-1767

“This spectacular documentary chronicles a unique ten-day gathering of indigenous elders and medicine people held in the spirit of world peace at a Buddhist monastery in the Swiss Alps. The gathering was initiated by the monastery’s Lama Teundrup after meeting a Chuar elder from the Amazon. You will hear representatives from every continent in their own language - including Apache, Aboriginal, Buryat, Rendile, Tuva, Toltec, Tlingit, Voodoo - as they tell their own stories and prophecies and then perform sacred ceremonies around a hearthstone set by the Dalai Lama. A Mohawk grandmother calls the gathering a miracle.

We have seating for 25. You must call ahead two days to reserve a place. We expect this event to fill and may not be able to accommodate drop-ins. We will show this film again later in the summer.  Film runs 100 minutes; discussion follows.”

Redemption: the Acid Gospel Tarot Opera
Saturday, May 19, 7:30PM
The Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley

Songs from Laramie Crocker’s album Redemption farmed by a Tarot-themed story.

Omnipure Transformational Music
Saturday, May 19, 7:30PM
East West Bookstore, 324 Castro Street, Mountain View
Free, but please call 650-988-9800 to reserve a seat

“Come experience transformational music that can align the energy of your body, mind, and spirit. You'll learn about the healing powers of the embedded energy code, and have the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation to raise your own level of vibration. Kirkland and Laura Ross of Omnipure Music have several CDs to their credit, including Expand the Light, Musical Medicine, Sonic Bliss and, most recently, DNA Music, utilizing the 528 Hz of the Solfeggio Frequencies.”

Brass Farthing CD Release Party
Saturday, May 19, 9:00PM
Plough and Stars, 116 Clement Street, San Francisco
$7 cover charge
Victorian, Steampunk and Western attire encouraged

“The stalwart lads of Brass Farthing are proud to announce the release of their third CD, Plug Nickel. The breakout mostly a cappella music hall group travel across the pond to the Colonies with songs of the sea and traditional Americana as well as original material.

Join the boys as they were meant to be heard - in a pub! Their brand of 19th century music hall humor and 8-and-a-half part harmonies will light up the Plough and Stars as they regale the audience with songs about beer, dogs, love, and more beer.

Now in their sixth year, Brass Farthing are in top form, winning the 2011 Bay Area Harmony Sweeps, performing at the Maker Faire in San Mateo, The Great Dickens Christmas Fair, Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento, steampunk events and corporate parties throughout Northern California.

Opening the show are the 2nd place winners of the 2012 Bay Area Harmony Sweeps - Solstice, a group of lovely ladies with an eclectic repertoire of classical, pop, folk and jazz specifically written by women or for women's voices.”

Boogie on the Bayou
Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM- 5:00PM
Downtown Campbell, E. Campbell Avenue and Central Avenue, Campbell

“Boogie on the Bayou, held every year on the third weekend in May, is a premier festival attracting between 50,000 - 60,000 people to Downtown Campbell for two sunny days of arts, crafts, entertainment, shopping, food, and community.

Boogie on the Bayou Features:
200 Arts and Crafts Booths
Live Entertainment
International Cuisine featuring Cajun and New Orleans style food
Beer, Wine and Soda
Kiddie Korner
All American Food
Free Admission and Free Parking”

Himalayan Fair
Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20, Saturday 10:00AM-7:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM- 5:30PM
Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
$5 donation includes raffle ticket

“Under the towering oaks and redwood trees in the midst of a quaint Berkeley neighborhood, Live Oak Park becomes a vast marketplace with over 100 privately owned shops, free live music and several food vendors including Momos freshly made by the Tibetan Community, Nepalese and Indian foods. We do not accept any commercial vendors or commercial support at the fair so to keep the experience authentic and specifically Himalayan in nature. The Himalayan Fair offers a rare occasion to experience a unique Himalayan festival without leaving the Bay Area.”

CAYA Sprouts are organizing a field trip to the Himalayan Fair!  
Come out on Sunday, May 20 at 12:00PM to join Pagan families with children in exploring the Fair!

Lady Heaven says:  
“Come and join Sprouts and the CAYA community for the Berkeley Himalayan Fair featuring great vendors, great entertainment, great food, and great fun!”

CAYA Fun For Everyone!

Cross Sidhe and his big, friendly truck, Hecate, will be organizing rideshares to various fun events and locations this year!

Cross says:
“Greetings Everyone!!!  With the blessings of Yeshe Rabbit, I am now the Fun Coordinator for CAYA.  Along with me there is Lady Heaven helping me with Sprouts events, Molly Blue Dawn getting the word out, and my wife Maia Mermaidian to make sure one of the events is not boogie boarding down K2 or something.

I have many family friendly and grown up events lined up. Sample of the lineup is Himalayan Fair, Monterey Bay Aquarium, NorCal Pirate Festival and Sonoma County Wine Tasting.

This is a community effort! So I do need your thoughts and input. I also need volunteers for drivers etc.

Many of the CAYA Fun Trips will be free. Some with have admission prices. A few of these I may be able to get group rates if enough people are interested. Lastly, sometimes I am blessed with a free ticket or several. These tickets will be issued to people in need on a case by case basis.

CAYA Fun For Everyone is a good way of meeting the CAYA community and making new friends. Plus, since most trips we will be carpooling it is a good way to do the things you always wanted to do on the cheap.

So, if you have suggestions or any question feel free to hit me up.

Blessings and Happy Times,

Cross Sidhe”

The first CAYA Fun For Everyone event will be at the Himalayan Fair on Saturday, May 19:

Cross says:
“Come join CAYA Fun For Everyone to the 2012 Himalayan Fair at Live Oak Park in Berkeley!!!  Entry to the fair is free, though the fair appreciates all donations. Every $5.00 donated earns you a ticket to the yearly raffle.  Great for kids.  Parking is a BIG problem so let’s rideshare.

My truck, Hecate, can take three passengers.  My pick up areas will be Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, and most areas of Oakland.  Pick up time will be 11:00AM-ish.  Exodus will be when we are all Himalayan Faired out.

If you are interested in a ride please message me.


If you are interested in helping with the rideshare please post the following:

1.  Pick up and Exodus times.

2.  Areas you are willing to pick up people.

3.  How many passengers you can take.

Please drop off passengers with limited mobility near the main gate.

Please post here if you are going, giving a ride, or need a ride.

See You There!!!!

Cross Sidhe”

Cob Oven Workshop
with Miguel Elliott of Living Earth Structures
Saturday, May 19-20, 10:00AM-5:00PM
San Domenico School, 1500 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo
$65 per day, or $100 for two days
Please register by phone at 707-320 3609 or by e-mail at livingearthstructures@yahoo.com

“Learn how to build a wood-fired cob oven using Earth right from your backyard!

Workshop will cover making a strong foundation, insulating your oven, wattle and daub, plastering and sealing.”  

Bay Area Storytelling Festival
Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20
Craneway Pavilion, 1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“Stories lead you far from home, through laughter and tears, and face-to-face with yourself.

The 2012 Bay Area Storytelling Festival is proud to feature Tlingit Raven dancer, storyteller and musician, Gene Tagaban , Celtic harper and storyteller, Patrick Ball, and lively stories from America's heartland told by Beth Horner. In addition, we bring the world folktales to our own backyard with showcase tellers Jill Johnson and Michael Katz.

In addition to the storyteller's concerts, we offer a children's program, storytelling workshops, open mic sessions, and for the first time this year, a Story Slam! To cap off the weekend, we have scheduled a solar eclipse for Sunday evening; astronomers and telescopes will be on hand to enhance our viewing.”

Santa Cruz Rejuvenation Festival
Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20, 10:00AM-5:00PM
San Lorenzo Park, 137 Dakota Street, Santa Cruz

“Two days of incredible music plus all day yoga classes, healing village, kids area, crafts, food and more!”   

Maker Faire
Saturday-Sunday, May 19-20
San Mateo Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo
see website for schedule and ticket information

“A two-day, family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.”

Chanticleer and the Fox: Nun's Priest's Tale
a production of Chaucer’s Theatre
two performances

Saturday, May 19, 7:30PM
Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1329 Seventh Avenue, San Francisco

Sunday, May 20, 2:00PM
Christ Presbyterian Church, 620 del Ganado Road, San Rafael

“Portentous dreams... philosophizing chickens... and British panto.

As if by magic, four Canterbury Tales pilgrims are pulled irresistibly into Aesop’s fable of Chanticleer and the Fox, with humans playing chickens playing humans, a flattering fox, and chicken coop nightmares. For this is a land of dreams… silly one moment as Chanticleer and his hen wife Pertelote tangle in a lover’s tiff… and dangerous the next when portentous dreams of ages past deliver their warnings… and then of course there’s a hungry Fox theologizing with his brunch. Elements of British panto keep everyone on their toes or paws or claws in this delightful tale.

The mission of Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. is to bring the riches and depth of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and related works to the widest audiences possible through performances that exemplify the highest artistic qualities.

Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. is a not-for-profit organization.”

The Witch's Garden - note special date and time!
with Rabbit
Sunday, May 20, 12:30-2:30PM, (typically the second Sunday of every month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$35 for any individual class

“The Witch's Garden is a 12-month series of classes for the budding herbalist. If you have been studying or practicing on your own, or if you are curious and seeking to deepen your knowledge of how to use herbs magically and for personal healing, this class is for you!

Theme for May 20: Tinctures

Each session is a fun, casual, interactive, hands-on lesson in one facet of practical and magical herbalism. As a general rule, please wear clothes that you can get dirty in as we play with the plants and make our potions!”

Invoking the Grandmaster
with Storm Faerywolf
Sunday, May 20, 1:00-3:00PM
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
Donations requested

“Honoring the spirits of the Mighty Dead is a time-honored practice for witches and warlocks. On this day practitioners of the F(a)eri(e) tradition of witchcraft honor the founder of our path, the late elder and Grandmaster Victor Anderson. Join us as we create sacred space and invite his spirit to come and commune with us for our own healing and education.

Storm Faerywolf is a practicing warlock and priest in the Feri tradition of witchcraft where he holds the Black Wand. He has studied various forms of magic and spiritual practice for almost 25 years and has taught classes for over 17.”

Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft
with Rabbit
Sunday, May 20, 3:00-5:00PM, and seven more Sundays (typically third Sundays)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
$35 per class
to register, call 510-444-9355

“Standing under the moon, staring up into infinity... how many times have I rooted here... dreaming... transfixed, gazing at the beauty of the heavens and contemplating the mysteries of the Universe? How many more moons will wax and wane above as I weave the web of my magical life below? Life is such a sacred journey! And this class is a journey into my personal philosophies and practices of witchcraft. The methods I share in this class come from my twenty years of experience in making magic that works for my own purposes, and for the good of the world.

This class is a year and a day training in witchcraft, employing my methods. Suitable for beginners on the path, but also satisfying for advanced practitioners who are curious about new perspectives and practices. Be prepared to laugh, to explore your own magic with affection and humor, to wield your power mindfully, and to open to the wonder and adventure of life as a witch.

May 20: Ancestors, spirits, hauntings”

A Cup of Tea with Spirit
with OwlSnake
Sunday, May 20, 4:00-5:00PM, and the third Sunday of every month
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation $5-$10

“Esoterica Shamanic Center invites you to join OwlSnake (Medicine Woman/Shaman Lineage) for...

A Cup of Tea with Spirit

We will sip tea,  and eat tasty treats as we connect and receive messages from Spirit and the Ancestors to guide us in our daily lives. We will Journey, Chant and Listen within, and be Inspired. A relaxing afternoon gift to yourself and others.

Who is OwlSnake?

Born into a long lineage of Medicine Men/Women, Spiritual Healers, Seers, and Shamans, on both her maternal and paternal ancestral lines, she was first called to this sacred path at the age of 4 years old from her Great Aunt. She was chosen to continue the family tradition of Spiritual Medicine work, some would call Shamanism. Through the years she would experience many of life's challenges and growth opportunities that have allowed her to learn and experience firsthand some of the greatest issues that plague this world today. From those experiences, along with her direct connection with Great Spirit, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, OwlSnake has awakened into being a compassionate healer that is willing to be used as a ‘Hollow Bone’ for Spirit to assist all those that seek healing and inspiration on their journey.”

Tea and Chanting with Rabbit
Tuesday, May 22, (and the fourth Tuesday of each month)
Meet for tea at 7:30PM, chanting begins at 8:00PM for 30 minutes
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$5 suggested donation

“Join Rabbit for an evening of the herbal and the verbal.  After sharing information about this month's unique, delicious herbal tea, and explaining this month's mantra, we will chant for approximately 30-50 minutes.  

Beginners are always welcome at every class. Join us to drop in, center, and recharge your batteries!”

Cats in Dreams
with Meredith Sabini
Wednesday, May 23, 7:00-9:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767

“A common motif in women’s dreams, cats signify our instincts for self-reliance, introversion, sensuality. This talk will cover cultural myths about felines, their objective qualities, and the varied roles they play in women’s dreams, with examples of the lost, injured, hungry, trapped cat; and those that guide, accompany, and talk with us.

Readings: Barbara Hannah, The Cat, Dog, and Horse lectures. Chiron Publications, 1992,
and Patricia Dale-Green, The Archetypal Cat, 1963.”

Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium
Session1: Friday - Monday, May 25-28
Session 2: Friday - Monday, August 31-September 3
Black Oak Ranch, 50350 Highway 101, Laytonville
see website for detailed schedule and registration details

“PlantWomen gather! The Tribe comes together!

Now, two times a year, women from many backgrounds of life gather together in great celebration for four full days of inspiring Herbal and Sustainability classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, talented campfire capers, amazing handcrafted marketplace items, Rites-of-Passage Ceremonies, powerful campfire drumming and dancing, refreshing swimming hole dips, and conversations with remarkable and inspiring women!

We meet together under the ancient oaks, douglas firs, and bay trees of Northern California. Our main gathering area is encircled by sixteen tipis with a large firepit in the center. All classes are held sitting on the ground under these majestic trees, or under shade tarps that we have set-up. At night we camp together, either in the tipis or in tents that we each bring.

During the days we are a gathering of women and children studying, teaching, learning, networking, and talking about plants, healing, and healthy lifestyles. When the sun goes down we become a playful and celebratory group, chatting, chanting, singing, showing off our talents, drumming and dancing into the night around the campfire.

We are a group of 350-400 women and children and we gather to learn from each other, to nurture and nourish each other, to take a break from our daily lives, to regenerate, refresh, dance, frolic, talk plants, and most of all, to have a REALLY GOOD THYME together!

Each session is a separate event. Do join us for one or both sessions!”

Monthly Dinner at the Dream Institute
Wednesday, May 23, 6:00-8:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767
Two levels:
$15 for those on limited budgets
$40 for those who can make a donation to help support The Dream Institute

“The dinners we hosted last fall were a great success, so we will have them regularly now. Meet upcoming presenters and enjoy conversation with kindred folks. It's a great way to visit The Dream Institute and learn more about what we do.

Our monthly dinners began last fall and were occasions for spontaneous, informal, soulful conversation among those attending. We will host these regularly throughout the coming year, on the third or fourth Wednesday of the month.
Delicious food is provided by Poulet http://www.pouletdeli.com with vegetarian and vegan options. We can seat comfortably only about 15, so reserve your place early; you can also call a few days before and listen to our outgoing message about space availability.

Upcoming Monthly Dinner dates:
June 20 (Solstice)
July 25

The Dream Institute is an experimental cultural center founded in 2003. It has come into being during this time known as the shift or the great turning. Our offerings include weekend workshops, daylong seminars, evening salons, film series, professional training, art exhibits, retreats, and dream-based performances. We are also the West Coast center for Culture Dreaming. Programs and events are open to the public; continuing education seminars are for professionals in the healing arts. We do not advocate any single philosophical, psychological, spiritual, or religious viewpoint toward dreams or personal growth.

Dreams are a natural resource, democratically available to all, yet vastly underutilized today. Most cultures throughout history have called upon dreams for information and guidance. Dreams are more relevant than ever at this time of upheaval and transition. Our mission is to offer program participants a soulful experience and to restore dreams, as an ancient wisdom source, to a place of respect in contemporary society.”

The Fortune Project Complete Works
presented by Ragged Wing Ensemble
Wednesday-Sunday, May 23-27, Wednesday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 5:00PM
Osher Studio in the Arpeggio Center, 2055 Center Street, Berkeley
$25-$40 sliding scale

“Final chance to see Ragged Wing's work this season!

Fortune: The Complete Works

You are invited to attend a gathering. Whether or not you attend is a choice. This choice will lead you to a website, down a road, into a theater. Others will be there who have made the same choice. Is it a coincidence that you are there together? Or was it written in the stars, on your hand, in the grounds of coffee at the bottom of your travel mug?

Fortune: The Complete Works is the final chapter in a season-long exploration into fortune in all its varied meanings, devices and kitschy incarnations. It features 3 original performances combined with a pre-show playground of audience-interactive weirdness.

Join Ragged Wing Ensemble for an evening of prophecy, oracle, divination, and innovative performance. Be prepared to put your heart on the line, converse with Lady Luck, and challenge fortune to a duel. If you play your cards right, you could win BIG.

A Fool's Errand, directed by core artist David Stein, tracks The Fool's journey through Doubt, Shame and Desire.

Atomic Intuition, written and directed by core artist Cecilia Palmtag, is an archetypal quest designed to delight and disorient. Challenging the dichotomy of the material and psychic worlds, we ask ‘is the fabric of Mystery woven with electrons and protons?’

Maybe Baby, written and directed by Artistic Director Amy Sass, uses nursery rhyme, quantum theory and teapots to explore the relationship between choice, chance and children.

No Outlet, a short film by Matt Jacobs and Amy Sass, follows one man's attachment to being 'The Winner' and his addiction to 'playing the game'.

Ragged Wing Ensemble’s mission is to catalyze a deep cultural shift where artistic action is at the center of vital social change. We aim to connect artists and audiences through the ritual of live performance, exploring universal questions that span the ancient and contemporary. We engage in the study and practice of Ensemble, collaboratively creating new, interdisciplinary works and activating the next generation of artistically engaged citizens.”

Have a Blissful, Dreamy Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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