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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dickens Day Celebration, 5 Keys to Eliminating PMS, Fairy Tale Worlds, Healing Pain With Emotional Freedom Technique, Lettice and Lovage, Hot Greeks: The Cockettes Musical, Rabbit's 5th Annual Oshun Party, Red Tent Evening, Renaissance Symposium, World Labyrinth Day, Free Comic Book Day, Earth Energy Walk, Cinco de Mayo Work Party, Bealtainne Ritual and BBQ, Berkeley Poetry Festival, Silk Painting Workshop, Creatures Con One, A Midsummer Night’s Ball, Champagne Silent Auction, House Concert with Matt Venuti, Full Flower Moon Beltaine Trance Dance and Celebration, Cave Concert, Norway Day Festival, Holt Ceramics Spring Studio Sale, World Laughter Day, Felting - The Quick Hat Workshop, Goddess Awakening, Fabric and Costume Rummage Sale Extravaganza, Revels May Day Celebration, Spellwork Sundays with Iris and Grey, Attraction Magic and the Honey Jar, Tarot Salon, Hrafnar Oracular Seidh, Make Your Own Beads, Visceral-ization, 11th Annual Pagan Festival and Parade

Dickens Day Celebration
In Honor of Charles Dickens’s 200th Birthday Anniversary Year
Wednesday, May 2, 12:00-8:30PM (see website for detailed schedule of events)
Mechanics' Institute Library and Chess Room,  57 Post Street, San Francisco, 415-393-0102

“The day will start with lunch in their London Pub followed by a series of talks from 12:30-3:30PM on Discovering Dickens' London; from 3:30-4:30PM we feature English Tea with Charles Dickens (performed by the Dickens Christmas Fair's own Robert Young) with additional readings from the audience. The evening program, from 6:30-8:30PM, features a panel of speakers with a keynote by Jane Smiley and professors from the UC Santa Cruz Dickens Project and others, culminating with a dramatic reading by actor Paul Whitworth.”  

Bitch No More: 5 Keys to Eliminating PMS and PMDD
with Marny Culpepper
Wednesday, May 2, 5:00-6:30PM
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
Seating is limited. Please RSVP to marny@culpepperacupunture.com or 415-730-6750

“Does it regularly feel as though your body has been possessed around your period and that person belongs in an asylum?
Do you find yourself warning close loved ones when ‘that time of the month’ is approaching?
Do you take birth control to regulate or altogether eliminate your period so that you do not have to experience any symptoms?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this workshop is for you!

During this free two hour workshop you will learn how to...            
Smooth out the hormonal imbalances naturally, living a painless cycle without advil, ibuprofen, or other medications.
Support yourself, attuning your psyche to your body's needs (they are the same thing, after all).
Make healthy nutritional decisions... Yes, even right before your period.

Live life as an empowered woman owning a deeper connection to her body and her cycle.”

Fairy Tale Worlds
Exhibit celebrating the 200 year anniversary of the Brothers Grimm
opens Thursday, May 3
exhibit runs through May 19, see website for gallery hours
Goethe Institut Art Lounge, 530 Bush Street, San Francisco, 415-263-8760

“The Goethe-Institut presents Fairy Tale Worlds (Märchenwelten), a new exhibition celebrating the Brothers Grimm in 2012.

The world famous fairy tale collection by the Brothers Grimm was first published in 1812. The Goethe-Institut celebrates this 200th year anniversary with a worldwide, interactive exhibition for fans of fairy tales, both young and old. The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are presented as a part of a modern present-day literary genre. Wander into our enchanted forest, find interactive treasure chests and learn about fairy princesses, wise women, wizards, heroes, villains and other fairy tale characters.

You can learn how to perform magic, understand the language of animals and can even contribute to a new fairy tale.

The multi-media exhibition for students ages 8 through 15 travels to Goethe-Instituts and German Schools worldwide and can be seen for a limited time at the Goethe-Institut San Francisco.”

Healing Nagging Back and Body Pains With Emotional Freedom Technique
with Andrea Johnson
Thursday, May 3, 4:00-5:30PM
Rockridge Library, 5366 College Avenue, Oakland
Free - please call 510-229-4555 or e-mail  AndreanAFK@yahoo.com to reserve your spot!

“Learn to move your own energy for self-healing!!
Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, eliminates the stress that maintains nagging body pains. EFT has reduced stress-related pains in my back, neck, and shoulders. I didn’t realize the years of continuing pain were related to my high stress level. I found chiropractors’ and physical therapists’ efforts did not keep me pain-free for long. EFT is designed specifically for stress-related neck and lower back pains. After experiencing EFT, I now wake up pain-free, with much more energy for my day.”

Lettice and Lovage
by Peter Shaffer
presented by Butterfield 8
preview Thursday, May 3, 8:00PM
Friday-Saturday, May 4-5, 8:00PM, playing through May 27
Cue Productions Live, 1835 Colfax Street, Concord
preview $15, regular admission $18

“Lettice Duffet, an expert on Elizabethan cuisine and medieval weaponry, is an indefatigable but daffy enthusiast of history and the theatre. As a tour guide at Fustian House, one of the least stately of London's stately homes, she theatrically embellishes its historical past, ultimately coming up on the radar of Lotte Schoen, an inspector from the Preservation Trust. Neither impressed nor entertained by Lettice's freewheeling history lessons, Schoen fires her. Not one to go without a fight, Lettice engages the stoic, conventional Lotte in a battle to the death of all that is sacred to the Empire and the crown.

The Mission of Butterfield 8 Theatre Company is to provide audiences a fresh take on classic plays, and foster the creation of new works.

Our Vision is to present audiences with examples of both ends of the theatrical spectrum: new productions of classic works, focusing in particular on text-driven plays (such as the works of Shakespeare), and new works devised by the company or written by local playwrights.  Our work often examines perceptions of gender, both within the context of the play and the larger context of society as a whole.  We strive to create an immersive environment, believing the audience’s experience starts when they buy the ticket, and shouldn't end when they leave the theatre. We honor that the audience has come for a live theatre experience to engage with a story or an idea; to be taken on a journey. This is our responsibility, and our craft.”

Hot Greeks: The Cockettes Musical
Thursday-Saturday, May 3-5, 8:00PM, extended - plays through May 19
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers are proud to announce our Spring Season 2012 production of Hot Greeks, A New Full-Length, Fully Restored Version of The Cockettes’ 1972 Musical Extravaganza, an original musical by Martin Worman and Scrumbly Koldewyn. This is the 40th Anniversary of the original production. Originally produced as a Nocturnal Dream Show and performed in 1972 at midnight at the Palace Theatre in Chinatown in SF, Hot Greeks was the fabled and fabulous Cockettes’ only other scripted book musical besides Pearls Over Shanghai. The Cockettes were a gender-bending theatrical troupe who not only originated these two shows, but also exerted a profound influence on the culture of our times, from the phenomenon of midnight movies to glitter rock stars and their outrageous fashions. In 2010 The Thrillpeddlers mounted a condensed 70-minute version of Hot Greeks and it was an instant, sold-out hit. This new 2012 production expands the show to a full-length version and restores 3 songs from the original 1972 production.

In Hot Greeks, college rhythm meets the Peloponnesian War as Athens University takes on Sparta State for their annual pigskin showdown. This musical, loosely based on Aristophanes’ Lysistrata features the Tri Thigh Sorority girls and their hunky footballer sweethearts jiving to the big-band hit parade sounds of the 1940s. The kids sing and dance through the ruins of ancient Greece, on their way to consult the Oracle of Delphi in their pursuit of victory on the gridiron. Dancing columns, vestal virgins, country cousins, and even a pig, all join Lysistrata on her journey to save the day for the Gods and Greece.”

Rabbit's 5th Annual Oshun Party
Friday, May 4, 5:00-9:00PM
party starts at The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
and processes across Grand Avenue to the Colonnades at Lake Merritt

“Whether you're a regular patron, or if this is your first visit to The Sacred Well, make a special effort to attend one of our most lively, fun, and sacred events this Spring!

Each year in May, in gratitude for the love, abundance, intuition, and joy that is present in her life, Rabbit offers an public devotional celebration in honor of Oshun. The Orisha of sweet waters, love, beauty, and wealth offers us so many blessings: fresh water to drink, the beauty of the natural world, the blood in our veins. All over the world, Oshun is worshipped in many different religious systems as "the sweetness that makes life worth living." This annual event is a beautiful, elegant, and fun-filled celebration of Oshun: with singing, dancing, drumming, storytelling, free hors d'oeuvres, fancy water, wine & champagne, and store specials on select items to help draw love, wealth, beauty and healing.

Drop in between 5:00 and 7:00 pm to chat, nibble, sip and socialize. Bring your drum, rattle, or bell and join us from 7:00 to 9:00 pm as we sit beneath the Colonnades and offer our energies in song, dance, and drumming to Lake Merritt, the Oshun of Oakland. You'll want a jacket or wrap in case of chill, and a camp chair if you don't want to sit on the stone steps.

If you plan to attend, here are some ideas to make your experience even more fun. Bring an offering to Oshun if you'd like to ask Her to bless you with a favor in the coming year: honey, champagne, honey wine or ale, peacock feathers, fans, mirrors, costume jewelry, or sweets are good choices, 5 pennies, nickels, or any monetary amount in multiples of 5. Oshun is asked to bless Her adorants with love, prosperity, healing, joy, and greater beauty and grace in their lives. Your offerings will be gathered upon Her altar in the store.

If you'd like to dress up for the party, wear white, yellow, gold, green, orange, or peacock print. Wear lots of jewelry if you like, or adorn yourself festively in some way. Celebrate the beauty of who you already are and the joys of life, ever-growing into more, more, more goodness!

No RSVP necessary, just show up ready to have a great time!”

Red Tent Evening
Friday, May 4, 7:00-9:30PM  
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
$10-$15, complimentary entrance for young ladies menstruating -17 years old
Please RSVP/register at the website below

“Women: Mothers, daughters (menstruating), grandmothers, sisters, aunts and female friends come together to share their power, love, courage, understanding, support and wisdom with one another.

Listen... receive... come to share from your heart

This Red Tent Evening is dedicated to mothers and mothering. We will hold space to reflect on the path/journey of a mother and of those who have been mothered. We will draw on those experiences and create a beautiful picture in our minds of the rich color of mothers. We all have experiences around mothering, either directly through pregnancy, birth and motherhood, adoption, or adolescence and the experience of being mothered, or through the experience of a mother-figure who has mentored and offered guidance. We gather this friday to honor all who are mothering, have mothered, have been mothered... Bring your friends, your mothers, sisters, grandmothers and/or daughters or nieces who have begun their moon cycle. Please bring one flower (perhaps from your garden).

Food offerings brought to share are welcomed and encouraged

Wear your favorite shade of RED

Red Tents are an old ritual honoring a time of transformation or transition in a woman's life... please join us for this amazing evening at The Red Tent in Los Gatos.

The well of power and wisdom is rich and deep... come and drink from it... we look forward to sharing this evening with you.”

The 9th Annual Renaissance Workshops and Symposium
Saturday-Sunday, May 4-5
Folsom City Lions Park, 403 Stafford Street, Folsom
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“It’s time to come together to learn from each other and share ideas to help make for a better Renaissance Faire experience. To be held at the same park as the annual Folsom Renaissance Faire on May 4th-5th, a weekend long workshop and symposium geared toward faire participants, vendors, and playtrons. Basically for anyone interested in learning about fitting into the Renaissance atmosphere.”

World Labyrinth Day
Saturday, May 5
find local Labyrinths and events at the website below

“World Labyrinth Day is a day that brings people from all over the planet together in celebration of the labyrinth as a symbol, a tool, a passion or a practice.

World Labyrinth Day can be whatever you’re inspired to make it. A day to inform and educate the public, host walks, build permanent and/or temporary labyrinths, create labyrinth art and more.
If there are only right ways to walk a labyrinth, it follows that there are only right ways to celebrate World Labyrinth Day. We enthusiastically encourage you to find your way.”

Free Comic Book Day
Saturday, May 5
find your local comic shop at the website below

“Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May each year - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores.”

A selection of specific comics are created to be given away on this day.  See a list of this year’s available free comics here: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/Home/1/1/27/981

Earth Energy Walk
with Community Seed
Saturday, May 5, 9:45AM-1:00PM (and first Saturday of every month)
Natural Bridges State Park, Swanton Boulevard and Delaware Avenue, Santa Cruz
see link below for directions to meeting place

“Join us on our monthly walks, and feel the power of the Earth.  
Walks are on the first Saturday of each month!

Gather at 9:45AM
Departure: 10:00AM
Return: around 1:00PM.

Our walk is usually about 2-3 hrs round trip with a stop for meditation half way in. We will walk rain or shine, however... if the forecast is very stormy, call ahead to verify. 831-469-0336
Before beginning our walk together, we will take a moment to center our minds and bodies. Once we are all fully present, we will begin our journey, all the while tuning in, listening, and absorbing the energies of the elements, plants, and animals. Halfway into our walk we will sit for meditation, a guided visualization, and to share food.

Drinking water
A small snack
Hiking Shoes
Comfortable Clothes
Money for Parking (Several parks)
If the location is not listed... please call or email us.  831-469-0336, info@communityseed.org

Cinco de Mayo Work Party
with Living Earth Structures
Saturday, May 5, 10:00AM-Midnight
see below for detailed schedule
Isis Oasis, 20889 Geyserville Avenue, Geyserville  
$20 donation to cover expenses
please RSVP to Miguel Elliott at 707-320-3609 or livingearthstructures@yahoo.com

“To honor the Latino tradition, (especially Argentinian), we will have a Minga work party to finish the new cob wall for the cat enclosure.

10:00AM-5:00PM: Work party.  Bring clothes that can get dirty.
6:00-8:00PM: Pizza and empanadas cooked in the Horus Cob Oven
8:00-10:00PM: Showing of the film Natural Building in the Patagonian Shire featuring the incredible natural building movement which has erupted in the past 10 years.  Over 250 beautiful cob houses in the village El Bolson.
10:00PM-Midnight: DANCE in the temple, theater

Overnight stay is available in the lodge or camping
Voluntary work on the cob wall the following day.”

Bealtainne Ritual and BBQ
with Protogrove of the Valley Oak, ADF
Saturday, May 5, 10:30AM
Madrone Group Picnic Area,
Stevens Creek County Park, 11401 Stevens Canyon Road, Cupertino

Come join the Druids of Protogrove of the Valley Oak, ADF (Ár nDraíocht Féin's newest Northern California group) for a very special Bealtainne ritual and BBQ as we honor Aine and Aengus Og, and make our grand debut into the Bay Area pagan community!

Rev. Sean Harbaugh  (ADF Clergy, ADF Mother Grove member, ADF Northwest Regional Druid, Chief of Clann na nGael (ADF's Gael Kin), and co-founder/Scribe/former Senior Druid of our sister Grove, Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF) will be joining us to lead ritual; we'd love to see you there as well!

We'll be gathering at 10:30AM at the Madrone Group Picnic Area in Stevens Creek County Park in Cupertino. Ritual will begin promptly at 11:00AM, and you're welcome to bring along any items that you might like to offer during ritual; alcohol is allowed at this location and may be used as offerings, it just can't be consumed within 10 yards of the parking lot.

We have the picnic area reserved until 6:00PM, so after ritual, we'll be having a post-ritual BBQ/potluck... please join us! Beverages (water, juices, soda; anything else you'll have to bring yourself) will be provided (please be kind to the Earth Mother and bring a reusable cup/dishes) and we'll have the BBQ fired up so feel free to bring something to cook; we'll be BBQing and just hanging out with the Earth Mother and each other and enjoying the afternoon. The area is partly shaded, and there are are horseshoe pits as well as plenty of room for tossing a frisbee or football, and we do have our own restrooms right nearby as well.

**Important Note** There is a $6 parking fee charged by the Park (the pay station is near the reservoir & each car is responsible for taking care of their own parking fee), and there is very limited parking in our picnic area. While there are spots along the road here and there where you can park, none are especially close to the picnic area, so carpooling is going to be a VERY good idea. If you arrive and find the parking spots full, park where you can; we can always shuffle vehicles around later when people need to leave. And if need be, we'll arrange for someone to follow drivers back to the parking area near the reservoir so they can park their car there, and then bring them back to the picnic area.. we'll make it work! ;)

The Madrone picnic area is in Stevens Creek County Park in Cupertino, CA, south of Stevens Creek Reservoir and just a bit north of the intersection of Stevens Canyon Road and Mt. Eden Road (if you plan to use GPS, please use this intersection as your destination; some GPS tend to send you to the wrong park if you just look for Stevens Creek County Park). Once you're on Stevens Canyon Road, drive south past the reservoir; the driveway up to our picnic area will be on your left and will have balloons and a sign on the gate so you won't be able to miss us! Come on up the driveway to the parking area, and voila! There you are! If you get to the intersection of Stevens Canyon Road and Mt. Eden Road, turn around; you went too far.

We hope you'll join us on this very exciting day as we celebrate our first Bealtainne together!”

Thanks to Gina for letting me know about this event!

Berkeley Poetry Festival
Saturday, May 5, 12:30-4:30PM
Auditorium and Atrium of Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley

“The Poetry Festival’s main purpose is to introduce the public to the work of the community poets who read throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We know that you will find these poets a breath of fresh air in these rough times.”

Silk Painting Workshop
Saturday, May 5, 2:00PM  
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
Please RSVP/register at the website below

“The pure joy experienced when wrapping a hand painted scarf around the head of a woman going through chemotherapy is profound.  This way of giving your heart to someone while providing the basic needs of covering a chemo challenged head is an experience that I felt needed to be shared, as did the need to create more scarves than time allowed this working fiber artist.  Empowerment happens for those learning to paint and continues with the act of sharing something so personal with someone in need.

Please join us on Saturday May 5th at the Red Tent for a free class to paint a scarf for someone you know going through chemotherapy. No artistic skills are necessary, just the desire to make a woman feel loved and beautiful with the gift of your creation.

Class starts at 2:00PM, please wear suitable clothing in which to paint and bring rubber gloves if you are attached to having clean hands.  All other materials are provided due to the generous support of Dye Na Flow Fabric Paints and other patrons of this program.  If you want to bring a refreshment to share with others it will undoubtedly be appreciated.”

Creatures Con One
Saturday May 5, 3:00-10:00PM
The Historic Bal Theatre, 14808 East 14th Street, San Leandro

“The first ever Creature Features convention, coming to the Bal Theater in San Leandro.
Share your Creature Features memories with fellow fans.  Hosted by Lord Blood Rah.”

If you grew up watching TV in the Bay Area in the 70s, you know that Bob Wilkins is a sacred institution!

A Midsummer Night’s Ball
presented by PEERS
Saturday, May 5, Doors Open 6:45PM, Dance Lesson: 7:00PM, Dancing
Begins: 8:00PM
Masonic Lodge of San Mateo, 100 N Ellsworth Avenue, San Mateo

“Welcome in the May with us at this magical Shakespearean ball.

Since Oberon and Titania and their fairy court are involved, the music for the evening will be magical - but extremely eclectic. Dance to the glorious music of Renaissance rock band Avalon Rising, who will play music from Shakespeare's time to the present - from Elizabethan dances to gorgeous waltzes, from elegant vintage ballroom dance music to free-style rock. Some of the dances will be highly choreographed and will be taught and called on the spot, but some of the music will be appropriate for free-style dancing and creative expression.

Guests are encouraged to come as their favorite Shakespeare characters (from any production, classic or modern) or in Renaissance or fantasy costume. As usual, however, costumes are admired but not required.”

Champagne Silent Auction
benefitting Island Cat Resources and Adoption
Saturday, May 5, 7:00-10:00PM
Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda
Suggested donation at the door is only $30, or $20 with a new bag of cat food.

“Join ICRA for our 18th Annual Champagne Silent Auction.

Help local cats by joining us for an awesome auction and refreshments. We'll have tasty vegetarian small bites, rich desserts, wine, coffee and of course, champagne. We'll also have live music from Mark Peters - Great Music from a Golden Age. Suggested donation at the door is only $30, or $20 with a new bag of cat food. Cash or checks only please. All proceeds go to community cats in need. Free parking is available after 5:00PM in the 1416 Oak garage between Central and Santa Clara, 1 1/2 blocks away from the lodge.

Island Cat Resources and Adoption (ICRA) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of abandoned and feral (wild) cats and to educating and empowering the local community to relieve them from their plight. To donate an auction item, please call 510-869-2584 or email fundraising@icraeastbay.org

Thanks to Pixie for letting me know about this event!

House Concert with Matt Venuti
Saturday, May 5, 7:30PM
The Goddess Garden Sanctuary, 211 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael
Space is very limited - reserve your seat at 415-479-3892 or leema@dancingpriestess.com

Le’ema says:
“Greetings local friends and community...

Matt Venuti is coming to my home temple the Goddess Garden Sanctuary to do a concert on May 5!

Matt is a multi-instrumentalist composer, band-leader and internationally acclaimed soloist of the Hang; an extraordinary new instrument with timeless and mystical qualities.
His concerts are a restorative and inspiring journey of rhythm, melody, and resonance. Hang means hand in the Swiss-German dialect from Bern and in Matt’s hands it’s pure magic!

You won't want to miss this extraordinary evening with him and yours truly visionary dancing priestess Le'ema adding my sacred dance to the make the mixture even more potent!

Not to mention labyrinth walking and a circle dance under the Full Lunar Beltaine Moon! Plus luscious desserts!!!”

Full Flower Moon Beltaine Trance Dance and Celebration
with Axis Mundi TranceFusion
Saturday, May 5, 8:00PM-Midnight
Bhakti Mandir (House of Devotional Ecstasy), 6225 Doremus Avenue, Richmond

“Ignite your Blue Flame and explore the Inner Mystery and Ecstasy that is your Essence as we revive the untamed longings of the Eternal Dance... the Spontaneously Arising Ecstatic Agony of Endless Bliss born at the dawn of consciousness.

World Beat Live Sacred Sound
Trance Dancing - DJ Grooves
Sound Healing - Crystal Bowls
Circle Casting - Invocations
Axis Mundi TranceFusion
Wells Crystal Bowls
DJ Feral

Bask in the glow of the Full Flower Moon and come to celebrate Beltaine and the height of Spring in the full flush of fertility, flowers, sensuality, light and love!  It's the perfect moment to join us for Trance Dancing and Shamanic Journeying to World Beat Drumming, Kundalini Trance Chant, Crystal Bowls, Sound Healing, Meditation, Nyasa Anointing, DJ Grooves, and the joy of connection in a radiant commUNITY of kindred spirits.

Hosted Savory Edibles Served - veggie and omnivore
Complimentary Tastings of SpicePharm Elixirs
BYO Libations and Contributions of Savory or Sweet Snacks Welcomed!

Wear your Exotic and Festive Finery and have a warm layer to enjoy Full Moon Gazing from the beautiful 3-level outdoor deck!”

Cave Concert
with Eternal Presence Bay Area Didjeridu Orchestra
presented by Samavesha
Saturday, May 5, 9:30PM
Hawk Hill Tunnel, Marin Headlands, Sausalito
see website for ticket information
Advance tickets only. No tickets will be sold at the event.

“Samavesha presents
a Cave Concert Experience
with Eternal Presence Bay Area Didjeridu Orchestra
led by Alan Tower and Stephen Kent.

10th anniversary celebration of the original Eternal Presence concert
that launched the Cave Concert Series in 2002.

Hawk Hill Tunnel, Marin Headlands, Sausalito
Hawk Hill Tunnel is located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

A tunnel that is transformed, for one night only, into an enchanted Cave.

You will enter a resonant chamber of suspended time and space, becoming the sound itself.

Past Cave Concerts have always sold out, so please buy the tickets in advance and don't miss this exciting opportunity.”

Norway Day Festival
Saturday-Sunday, May 5-6, Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason, Buchanan Avenue and Marina Boulevard, San Francisco
(parking available at the Marina Middle School, 3500 Fillmore Street, San Francisco)

“The Norway Day Festival, celebrated every year in San Francisco, is the largest and most prestigious festival of its kind in the United States with more than 5,000 visitors!

Take a trip to Norway without ever leaving the Bay Area!”

Holt Ceramics Spring Studio Sale
Saturday-Sunday, May 5-6 and May 12-13, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Holt Ceramics, 1449 5th Street, Berkeley, 510-527-4183
free admission

“Welcome to Gary Holt Pottery.

I've been a studio potter in Berkeley, California for over 30 years. An early and strong interest in Asian ceramics has combined over the years with an equally strong interest in abstract painting, and gradually I've evolved a way of working that includes elements of both. You'll probably see evidence of this progression as you look at the past and present examples of my work on this site, particularly in the pieces done with water-soluble metal salts.

I have lots of shino glazed pieces and many very reasonably priced seconds.

Hope to see you, please tell friends and Come Early...”

World Laughter Day
Sunday, May 6

Dr. Madan Kataria, the creator of Laughter Yoga, says:
"World Laughter Day is a very special day celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday of every May. Our mission is to bring Good Health, Joy and World Peace through laughter. The way Laughter Yoga has grown across 65 countries without marketing and advertising leaves me with no doubt that this new concept is widely accepted among different cultures and countries and is truly universal."

Local Laughter Event:
Sunday, May 6, 12:30-3:00PM
Corner of JFK Drive and Middle East Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

“Local Laughter Leader Bev Bender will lead you in world-class laughing!

In Golden Gate Park across from the conservatory of flowers - a banner and balloons will mark the space.

Look for the grassy area on the south side of John F Kennedy Drive, at Middle East Drive

it is a free event!  Wear comfortable clothes, bring water for yourself, and a snack or two!

And, of course, bring your laugh!

For more information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tommy Westerfield, certified Laughter Yoga teacher and leader, at 415-810-9704.”

Felting - The Quick Hat Workshop
with Heidi Paul
Sunday, May 6, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Commonweal Garden at the Regenerative Design Institute, Bolinas
see website for directions, detailed schedule, what to bring, and registration information

“Discover the process of making raw wool into a wearable garment. This hands-on workshop will model the process of working with something that comes directly off the farm into a fashionable wearable garment – the most eco-friendly and natural way to clothe yourself!
Felt is a non-woven cloth made by tangling and condensing wool; it is also incredibly versatile, insulating and sculptural. Local fiber artisan, Heidi Paul, wil lead us in the ancient technique of feltmaking and contemporary design and blocking of hats. A play ball will be used as a resist in the hat making process.

The workshop covers wool for one hat, extra wool will be available for purchase. You will leave the workshop with a felt hat of your own creation.”

Goddess Awakening - Temple services for She of 10,000 Names
with Rabbit, Iris, and guest Priestesses
Sunday, May 6, 11:00AM-12:00PM, (and the first Sunday of every month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted
Women only

"Women! Join Rabbit and Iris as they share myths that explore and validate the many different experiences of womanhood, from the precious to the painful and back. We all find a Mother, Healer, and Queen in the Goddess, and She can help us honor the lessons of our own experiences.”

Fabric and Costume Rummage Sale Extravaganza
Sunday, May 6, 11;00AM-5:00PM
Cue Productions Live, 1835 Colfax Street, Concord
$5 admission

“More than a dozen costumers on hand selling fabrics, costumes, trims, patterns and more!

Refreshments available.

All admission fees and refreshment proceeds support Butterfield 8 Theatre Company.”

Revels May Day Celebration
at The Pelican Inn
Sunday, May 6, 1:30PM
Pelican Inn, 10 Pacific Way, Muir Beach, 415-383-6000
free admission

“What better place to welcome in the May than on the lawn of the famed Pelican Inn. Traditional English fun includes singing, Maypoles and massed Morris! Bring a picnic lunch or dine at the Pelican's pub. Then enjoy a post-pub perambulation on nearby Muir Beach. We've put in an order for perfect weather. Free admission. 1:30 parade, featuring the fearsome Padstow 'Obby 'Oss.”

Spellwork Sundays with Iris and Grey
Sunday, May 6, 3:00-5:00PM, and one Sunday each month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$35 per class

“Oomph, wooga, woo-woo, mojo - whatever you call it. Want to add a little to your spells? Join Iris and Grey on irregular Sundays to try out a new method or a new perspective on magic. No experience necessary; just come with an open mind and leave with a spell we make and charge together.

This month:  Body Adornment as a Magickal Act
Far more than just fashion; make-up, tattoos, piercing and other decorations can be a way to turn your body into a sacred altar. Come and join Iris for a discussion about sacred decorations for the body, a (PG rated, please) tattoo/piercing show and tell, and a hands-on, non-permanent body adornment spell.

This class was partly inspired by Jim Ward's book Running the Gauntlet now available at The Sacred Well.
For more information on this impressive contribution to cultural history visit runningthegauntlet-book.com

Attraction Magic and the Honey Jar: All Things Sweet
with Auntie Sindy Todo
Monday, May 7, 7:30-9:00PM
Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, 831-423-5477
Sliding scale $35-$55
Please pre-register by calling 831-423-5477 between noon and 7:00PM

“Dry or wet? Honey or Sugar? Granulated or Powdered? Brown or White? Syrup or Molasses? So many choices… so many directions.

Join us for a workshop crammed with information and a variety of techniques to create and learn all about conjure sweetening jars. Auntie's favorite panty jars for love and any type of attraction, super strong money drawing jars, hot shake em' up jars, get the hell away jars… the list goes on!  A workshop for experiencing and enjoying; be sure to bring your panties and pictures and we'll supply the rest.”

Tarot Salon
with Grey
Tuesday, May 8, 7:00-8:00PM (and the second Tuesday of each month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“Cards for this month: The Magician and the Two of Wands

Maybe you have taken a class, perhaps tried to learn to read the Tarot from a book, or are just trying to piece it together on your own. Now you want to know how to really dive in to what specific cards are all about. This monthly discussion group is where you want to be.

Each month we will take two cards from the Tarot and spend time really getting to know them in a roundtable discussion where we can all learn, share insights and gain inspirations from one another. Bring your favorite Tarot deck with you, and be ready to share, learn (and maybe even teach) some new ideas!”

Hrafnar Oracular Seidh
Tuesday, May 8, 7:00PM
BFUU, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Donations accepted to pay for the space

"Now, as in the ancient North, seers and seeresses find answers to the pressing questions of folk in their communities.

Seidhjallr, the working seiðr group associated with Hrafnar, will be performing this rite at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU), located at 1924 Cedar Street in Berkeley. This practice comes from the heathen (Germanic pagan) tradition, but all are welcome.

Questions appropriate to an oracular seiðr presentation are any that one might consider appropriate to address to a tarot, rune, or other reader, as well as many questions that work best in the more open, oracular format, including contact with ancestors and gods.

Doors for the event will open at 7:00PM, with the ritual expected to start at 7:30PM. Once the ritual begins, the doors will be locked; please be prompt. While there is no admission fee, we will be taking a collection to help defray expenses, especially hall rental."

How To Make Your Own Hand-Held Beads For Prayer And Meditation
Wednesday, May 9, 7:00-8:30PM
East Bay location - exact address given upon RSVP

“Prayer beads are used in many world religions as a portable physical reminder of a personal goal, journey or special time. They can provide comfort and focus as well as encourage relaxation.

We will learn the basics of designing and stringing prayer beads. You will be gently guided in creating your own unique commemoration of an Orisa, or of your personal journey. The $25 fee includes all materials needed, though feel free to bring and utilize your special beads in your work.  Class size will be limited, and preregistration is required (please visit Personal Spiritual Items page in our Marketplace, or contact us at 510-827-3997).“

with Stan Morey II
Wednesday, May 9, 8:00-9:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355

“Stan Morey II, Founder of Wizard Craft Technologies and 3rd Degree High Priest in the English Tradition of Wicca, brings us his own technique for manifestation across spiritual boundaries. He calls it ‘visualization on steroids’ and this session is an interactive approach to one of the best tools for effective manifestation of your reality, and your spellwork. Practitioners of any faith are welcome to join us for hands-on exercises in Time/Space folding.”

11th Annual Pagan Festival and Parade
Theme: Paradigm Shift
Saturday, May 12, 10:30AM-5:30PM
Parade is at noon
Civic Center Park, 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way , Berkeley

“Keeper of the Light 2012: T. Thorn Coyle
MCs: Shay Black and Dian Rowan

Music, Dance, Stage Performances, Speakers, Pagan Pride Parade in the streets of Berkeley, Speaker's Pavilion, Altars, Public Ritual, Vendors, Druid Story Telling Pavilion, Green Pavilion and Displays, Authors Circle, Arts and Crafts Pavilion, Info Booths and Program/Resource Guide.

Best Costume prizes for Youth and Adults! Best Float prize!
Visit the Pagan Marketplace with over 40 vendors and numerous non-profits and organizations.

Beloved Dead Altar- Please bring copies of photos that will honor our loved ones that have crossed over.

Please bring canned/non-perishable goods for the Alameda County Food Bank. Bins located next to the Pagan Festival Info Booth.”

Volunteer for the Festival!  
Contact Arlynne Camire, Festival Director at arlynne@thepaganalliance.org
Put VOLUNTEER in the subject line.

May your Week be Blessed by the Faeries of the Flowers and the Creatures of the Caves!

Molly Blue Dawn

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