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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Califas Festival, Mole Day, Jack's Glow and Fire Show, Angelic Heart Vortex Group Healing, Science and Nonduality Conference, History Mystery Tour, RiffTrax Live! Riffing Night of the Living Dead, Buried In The Body, The Disappearance of Mary Rosemary, Goblyn's Glen and Wicked Woods, Red Virgin: Louise Michel and the Paris Commune of 1871, Shocktoberfest 14: Jack The Ripper, Bay Area Science Festival, Annual Spooky Night at Campbell Historical Museum, Astrology and Dreams, Pumpkin Carving for Teens, The Artists Are Present, Gamble Mansion Haunted House, Women’s Spiral Dance, Goddess of the Month, East Bay Pagan Meet and Greet, Moms and Sex!, Downtown Martinez Ghost Walk, Samhain Concert with Four Shillings Short, Vintage Invasion, Halloween at Rengstorff House, Voices from the Past, Gaslight and Ghosts, Monty Python's Spamalot, Shakespeare Night At The Blackfriars (London Idol 1610), A Murder Most Un-Scripted, Halloween Costume Contest and Sidewalk Stroll, Fort Ross Harvest Festival, Voodoo Pincushion, Halloween at Howarth Park, Monthly Mindful Photography 2013, Animal Refugee Response Rummage Sale and BBQ, Take Back the Night! Healing Arts Festival, September Sail on Board the Alma, Evergreen Cemetery Tour: Spooky Tales, Art in the Garden, The Hidden Path Oracle Workshop, Pumpkins on Pikes, Crafts for Kids On Board the Balclutha, Reclaiming's Spiral Dance, South Bay Circles Samhain, Bal-o-ween Spooktacular at the Bal Theatre, Gaskell Ball, Sea Music Concert Series, Our Mission: No Eviction!, Between the Worlds for All Hallows Eve, All Hallows: Wickedly Dark!, Halloween ComicFest, Earth Medicine Alliance's Annual Conference, Boo at the Zoo, Jack O'Lantern Jamboree, Halloween Costume Party at Playland, Metamorphoses, The Haunted House of Horrors, Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Spooktacular, Family Practice Day at Spirit Rock, Hands-On Greywater Workshop, Hombrewing Gruit Ales, Family Day at Sienna Ranch, Community Celebration for the Days of the Dead, Visioning Circle, Karbi Anglong: An Insight from North East India, Annual Blessing of the Animals, African/Hawaiian Sacred Retreat, How to Cast a Magical Candle Spell, Witches' Tea Party!, Tea and Tarot, Parent as Healer: Herbal Medicine for the Next Generation, Liturgy of the Lady to Hecate, Cafe Flamenco, The Gift: From Economy to Cosmology, Dia de los Muertos Berkeley, Awakening the Sacred Body, Explore The Realm Of Dreams, Gone But Not Forgotten: Honoring the Beloved Dead Ritual, On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Land, Psycho, Halloween Night at the Exploratorium, Kali Puja Festival

Califas Festival
presented by Intersection for the Arts and the California Shakespeare Theater
Intersection for the Arts, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco
see website for detailed schedule

“Intersection for the Arts and the California Shakespeare Theater come together this fall to co-produce the Califas Festival, a six week-long immersive, story-filled play yard of music, visual art, performance, and more in and around Intersection’s headquarters at 5M (5th and Mission) in San Francisco. The Festival is the culminating event of the Califas Project, a year of multimedia creative exploration in communities around the state including productions of Richard Montoya’s The River at Campo Santo this past March, and American Night at Cal Shakes in June. The Festival will feature a new performance piece with text by renowned California playwright Luis Alfaro, commissioned songs from seven California jazz greats including Howard Wiley and Terrence Brewer, visual art from Joan Osato, Andrea Blum, Mia Nakano and others, as well as a myriad of community voices.

Working together through their research and development wing The Triangle Lab, Cal Shakes and Intersection continue to cross boundaries in their art-making, asking what kind of change can happen when an arts event features a letter from a Dream-act youth next to portraits of and by women living in SOMA SRO’s next to the work of Macarthur-award winning Luis Alfaro, next to a crowd-sourced playlist of California songs.  This is the Califas Festival: a place to discover how our journeys - individual and shared - can help us dream the future of our state.”

Mole Day
Wednesday, October 23, 6:02AM-6:02PM

“Celebrated annually on October 23 from 6:02AM to 6:02PM, Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry.  Mole Day was created as a way to foster interest in chemistry. Schools throughout the United States and around the world celebrate Mole Day with various activities related to chemistry and/or moles.

For a given molecule, one mole is a mass (in grams) whose number is equal to the atomic mass of the molecule. For example, the water molecule has an atomic mass of 18, therefore one mole of water weighs 18 grams. An atom of neon has an atomic mass of 20, therefore one mole of neon weighs 20 grams. In general, one mole of any substance contains Avogadro's Number of molecules or atoms of that substance. This relationship was first discovered by Amadeo Avogadro (1776-1858) and he received credit for this after his death.”

Jack's Glow and Fire Show
Wednesday, October 23, 6:30-7:30PM - final week
Pavilion Stage, Jack London Square, Oakland
For more information, please call 510-645-9292.

“Experience a fusion of fire dance and flow art with fire hoopers, fire spinners and fire jugglers. This free performance is perfectly timed as an appetizer before a great dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants in Jack London Square.”

Thanks to Vicki for letting me know about this event!

Angelic Heart Vortex Group Healing
with Gailynn Carroll, Vortex Healing Divine Energy Healing Facilitator and Teacher
Wednesday, October 23, 7:00-9:00PM
Rudramandir, Main Sanctuary #106, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, 510-486-8700,
“Come Transform and Renew in the Presence of Angels!

The Angelic Heart Group Healing bridges you deeply into the angelic realm, allowing an angel to come into your spine to facilitate the session. During the healing, you will feel/sense/see/know angels communicating with you in the most helpful way, in unfolding your natural gifts.

Angelic presence will infuse your system and create new energy and clarity. Old emotional patterns and blocks will fall away to open the way for new possibilities and deeper joy.  For the session, establish a clear intention in your heart of what you would like to ask from the Divine and stay with that intention throughout the healing.

Angels were created solely to serve the Divine and are empowered by the Divine to work directly in the manifest world. Angels come to deliver messages and guidance, to act as protectors, to bring hope, give relief from adversity, to strengthen and support your spiritual growth.
Reserve your Angelic Heart VortexHealing  Divine Energy Healing today!
Please e-mail Robert Courtney (aka Dragonfly)  Vortexhealingberkeley@gmail.com
or call 510-467-8841 to let me know that you will be joining us.
Please come and experience Gailynn's introductory talk followed by a group healing that gives participants the opportunity to experience energy healing and ask questions afterward.  

This healing is open to the public and is also for VortexHealing students.  Come early, for we will be starting on time.  Bring a friend or loved one.”

Science and Nonduality Conference
Wednesday-Sunday, October 23-27
Embassy Suites, 101 MacInnis Parkway, San Rafael
See website for schedule and registration details

“The Science And Mystery Of Perception

Perception underpins all human behavior and helps interpret sensory information to make sense from the senseless. The brain, to create meaning where there is possibly none, processes perception from the unperceived and thought from the unthinkable. The process of perception is in fact one of creation. What we perceive is not what is out there or within. There is no inherent value in the incredibly complex patterns of light that fall onto our eyes, and yet we see coherent forms and motions that enable us to survive. Exploring the nature of perception can help us glimpse life beyond experiencer and experience, perceiver and perception.”

History Mystery Tour
on board the USS Hornet
Thursday, October 24, 7:00-10:00PM
USS Hornet Museum, 707 W Hornet Avenue, Pier 3, Alameda, 510-521-8448
must be age 12+
$35, must book in advance at the website below

“Is the USS Hornet really haunted? Come and see for yourself! Do you dare explore Hornet after hours?

Beat the crowds and receive a special tour of areas onboard Hornet that have not yet been opened to the public or have been reported to host unseen visitors:
Combat Information Center (CIC)
Message Center (Radio Central)
Mess Deck
Sidewinder Missile Assembly Room
Catapult Machinery Room
Sick Bay
Captain and Admiral’s In Port State Rooms
Flight Deck and Island
Focsle and Secondary Con

Upcoming dates:
Thursday, October 31, 2013 (Halloween)
Friday, November 15, 2013
Friday, December 20, 2013

The three-hour guided tour is 7:00-10:00PM.
Everybody must bring their own flashlight. Hornet does not supply individual lights.
Cameras are welcome, but must have a neck strap.
Tour participants must wear comfortable shoes. Heels and open-toed shoes are not allowed.
Tour participants must be in good physical health as there will be lots of walking and climbing.
Due to safety reasons, children 12 and under are not allowed on History Mystery Tours.
The USS Hornet reserves the right to cancel a tour if less than 8 people sign up. Tours may be rescheduled or a refund will be issued.”

RiffTrax Live!
riffing Night of the Living Dead
Thursday, October 24, 8:00PM
various Bay Area theaters, see website for details

“The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are back in select cinemas nationwide on Thursday, October 24 for only one night in a hilarious never-before-seen take on the zombie movie that started it all: Night of the Living Dead.

Join Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett of RiffTrax.com on Thursday, October 24 LIVE at 8:00PM ET/7:00PM CT and taped-delayed to 7:00PM MT/8:00PM PT for a hilarious riff on this masterpiece of flesh-eating mayhem! This one-night event will be your only chance to see the guys fire their wisecracking commentary at Night of the Living Dead on the big screen.

Don’t miss this one night comedy event!”

Buried In The Body
Ragged Wing Ensemble’s Fourth Annual Fall Festival
Thursday-Saturday, October 24-26, 8:00PM
City of Oakland Uptown Art Park, corner of Telegraph Avenue and 19th Street, Oakland
playing through November 2
various dates, times, and locations, see website for detailed schedule

“Ragged Wing Ensemble presents
Buried In The Body
Written by Anthony Clarvoe
Directed by Adam L. Sussman

Our 4th annual fall festival show featuring an original play and immersive installations

Do you hear that? Do you feel that? All in the same park and all at the same time a former couple has come to spread the ashes of a dead parent; a woman busks for spare change while her baby sleeps in a stroller; spirits in borrowed bodies try to remember their past lives over a picnic of leftovers. Yet nothing is as it seems to be: songs appear from mysterious places, memories come and fade away again, and relationships between those in the park grow both more familiar and much much stranger. Just remember, everything always happens at once. Ragged Wing Ensemble is proud to present this world premiere play by award-winning writer Anthony Clarvoe, followed immediately by a series of interactive installations for the audience to experience and participate in.”

The Disappearance of Mary Rosemary
presented by Second Wind Productions
Thursday-Saturday, October 24-26, 8:00PM - final week
The Phoenix Theatre, 6th floor, 414 Mason Street, San Francisco
Thursday$15, Friday-Saturday $20

“The Disappearance of Mary Rosemary
Re-Imagined from the Classic Ghost Story by JM Barrie

A family holiday is disrupted by the mysterious disappearance of their little girl, Mary Rose. Reunited with her family but with no memory of what transpired, the riddle of her vanishing troubles the family for years to come, sparking a dark journey into love, loss, and the supernatural. Adapted from the acclaimed play by JM Barrie (author of Peter Pan), The Disappearance of Mary Rosemary is an old-fashioned, spine-tingling tale with hauntingly contemporary ideas.  Curl up with spiked hot chocolate or a glass of Chianti for an unforgettable night of theatre.

When JM Barrie's Mary Rose opened in London it was a sensation, running for over 340 performances and generating excitement all the way across the pond in America.  Its Broadway premiere prompted the NY Times to declare: ‘Barrie has written no better play than this one dramatically powerful (with) scenes of incomparable beauty.’  It became Alfred Hitchcock's favorite play and an ongoing obsession for years to come. International award-winning playwright Ian Walker has re-imagined this classic tale in the Louisiana Bayou and the specter of soldiers returning from war.”

Goblyn's Glen and Wicked Woods
Thursday-Sunday, October 24-27,
Goblyn’s Glen 7:00-9:00PM,
Wicked Woods 9:00-11:00PM
Oak Meadow Park, 233 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos
see website for admission details
For more information, please e-mail SkeletonCoastProductions@gmail.com
or call  408-459-8509

“Goblyn’s Glen
Located in the lovely and picturesque Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos, California, Goblyn’s Glen is a fully interactive fun and creepy experience for children of ALL ages, but especially for the young ones, 12 and under.

At Goblyn’s Glen, guests will enter a world of enchantment, wonder and spooky thrills as they trick or treat their way through this magical place that only appears out of the mists in October.

As they tour the town, they will meet different characters, take in marvelous Halloween displays and find out how and why Halloween began. They just might encounter the ghost of Captain Glen, who was once the patriarch of Goblyn’s Glen and is now said to wander the town in spirit form... are you brave enough to find out why?

2008 was our inaugural year and was an instant success. In 2009 and 2010, we expanded and grew. Now come see what's in store for 2013!

There will be vendors, food and fun for the entire family. Be sure to visit us on Saturday, October 26 for Festival Night for extra special surprises, featuring puppet shows, a magic act, balloon twisters and a special V.I.P. dinner (additional cost for dinner).

Wicked Woods
Carver Moonlight Preserve, or how I got over my fear of werewolves.

On behalf of the Wicked Woods, welcome to the James (don't call him Jimmy) Carver Moonlight Preserve - dedicated to the preservation of lycanthropy in all its forms. Werewolves, as they are commonly known, have become quite endangered in the modern era and the Moonlight Preserve offers visitors a (mostly) safe venue to observe these majestic (monstrous) creatures in their natural habitat.

Named for Jimmy Carver, the great explorer and pioneer of abomination rights, the Moonlight Preserve contains some of the rarest and most terrifying examples of Werewolves alive today. Visitors will have the unprecedented chance to watch Werewolves at all stages of life-from the desperate cries of victims transforming for the first time to the triumphant howl of the pack as they tear their victims limb from bloody limb. We've got it all.

Just don't wander off the path. Really.

Don't forget to visit Carver Castle, which houses our state of the art veterinary clinic and research lab. Visitors will be treated to an inside look at Werewolf biology and the next stage of (forced experimentation on) Lycanthropic evolution.

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets tonight!

Wicked Woods will open a half hour after the Glen has escorted its last child out, with all new effects and scares and is NOT recommended for children or the faint of heart. Groups will be limited to 4 people, thereby guaranteeing a more intimate, intense experience for those brave enough.

Be sure to come see Goblyn’s Glen transformed every night into the Wicked Woods, if you dare!”

Red Virgin: Louise Michel and the Paris Commune of 1871
presented by Central Works
Thursday-Sunday, October 24-27,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 5:00PM
Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
$15-$28 sliding scale at the door

“Red Virgin
A New Musical
written by Gary Graves
directed by John Patrick Moore
musical direction by Allison Lovejoy

We finish the season with a new play about the tumultuous events of the great socialist uprising known as the Paris Commune of 1871. Written by company co-director, Gary Graves (who authored last season's Richard The First trilogy), Red Virgin tells the story of Louise Michel, one of the most incendiary revolutionaries in the history of France - with live music from the period!

In the spring of 1871, the government of France surrendered to Germany at the end of the Franco-Prussian War. But the working people of Paris refused to accept their government's surrender, and instead ignited an insurrection that sent the French government fleeing from the city, and led to the establishment of a new socialist, revolutionary government. They called it the Paris Commune. The rebels held the city for two months, and instituted a wave of socialist changes, before the government forces recaptured Paris and crushed the rebellion in a horrific act of carnage known as the Bloody Week, when some 20,000 communards were put to death. Public trials, further executions, and a wave of deportations to far off penal colonies followed. One of the most remarkable figures to emerge from these tumultuous events was Louise Michel, whom history remembers as the Red Virgin.

Come join us on the barricades at the Berkeley City Club!”

Shocktoberfest 14: Jack The Ripper
presented by the Thrillpeddlers
Thursday-Saturday, October 24-27, 8:00PM
playing through November 23
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers are pleased to announce our annual Halloween Extravaganza, Shocktoberfest 14: Jack the Ripper - An Evening of Horror, Madness, Spanking and Song commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Jack The Ripper Murders in London.

This 14th Annual Extravaganza of Terror and Titillation includes:

A Classic 1934 Grand Guignol Thriller: Jack the Ripper by Andre de Lorde and Pierre Chaine (Premiere English adaptation by Carl Grose)
The Wrong Ripper: a World-Premiere One-Act play by Rob Keefe
A Visit to Mrs. Birch and the Young Ladies of the Academy:
The opening scene from the Victorian Spanking drama, a Thrillpeddlers’ favorite also celebrating its 125th year
Salome by Scrumbly Koldewyn: a new musical spin on Oscar Wilde’s classic
…and a Lights-Out Spook-Show Finale.”

Bay Area Science Festival
Thursday, October 24-Saturday, November 2
various locations, see website for detailed schedule

“Unleash Your Inner Scientist

Created by the Bay Area’s scientific, cultural, and educational institutions, the 3rd annual Bay Area Science Festival returns with a 10 day festival, scheduled October 24-November 2. The Science and Health Education Partnership (SEP) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is pleased to produce the festival alongside a core group of science institutions. The festival will provide a wide range of science and technology activities - lectures, debates, exhibitions, concerts, plays, workshops, etc.  - at a variety of locations throughout the Bay Area.
Young people will understand that science is fun, exciting and important, encouraging them to pursue careers in science; parents will feel more confident about supporting their kids’ interests in science; teachers will have new resources to get students thinking about science outside of the classroom; and, policy-makers and corporate leaders will understand that the public demand for science-related resources is real… and requires investment and support.
This ambitious collaborative public education initiative brings together our leading academic, scientific, corporate, and non-profit institutions to showcase the region as an international leader in innovation. Based on similar festivals throughout the world, the 50+ festival events are expected to attract over 50,000 active participants, many of whom traditionally do not have access to quality scientific resources.”

Annual Spooky Night at Campbell Historical Museum
Friday, October 25, 2:00-6:00PM
Campbell Historical Museum, 51 N Central Avenue, Campbell, 408-866-2119

“Calling all ghosts and goblins!  Don't miss the Annual Spooky Night at the Campbell Historical Museum.  Come enjoy a not-so-spooky afternoon filled with fun family Halloween crafts and activities.  This event is held in conjunction with the Downtown Campbell Trick-or-Treat Night; costumes are encouraged.

Bring the kids and make ghoulish masks, participate in a scavenger hunt, enjoy sweet goodies galore, and enjoy having a safe place to let your witches and mummies explore.”

Astrology and Dreams
with Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT
Friday, October 25, 3:00-7:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767

“This experiential workshop explores how dreams reflect the symbolism of our natal and transiting planets and how planetary symbolism illuminates meaning in our dreams. Astrology can help us understand the precise timing of the appearance of specific archetypes linked to planetary symbols, cycles, and transits; and understand time as an archetype of transformation and cyclical development. We will explore how planetary archetypes manifest in waking life as well as in dreams. Participants are welcome to bring a recent dream and their natal chart and transits, which will be the basis for some spontaneous process work and hopefully moments of insight.

Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT, is a psychotherapist in the East Bay and has taught and practiced astrology professionally for more than 30 years. He teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies and at Sonoma State University. His books include Planets in Therapy: Predictive Technique and the Art of Counseling  (Ibis Press, 2012), Astrology and Spiritual Awakening; and Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change.”

Pumpkin Carving for Teens
Friday, October 25, 4:00-5:30PM
Campbell Library, 77 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, 408-866-1991
Ages 13-18, sign up at the children's information desk

“We'll have pumpkins, carving supplies, and candy ready for teens ages 13 to 18 who sign up for this event at the children's information desk. One carving will win a $10 gift card.”
The Artists Are Present
Fundraiser for Pro Arts
Friday, October 25, 6:00-9:00PM
Pro Arts Gallery, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland
Tickets $30, Sponsorship $100  

“Drinks and compelling conversation at an informal cocktail party with artists who have something to say.

The Artists Are Present is Pro Arts' Fall Fundraiser event that sets the stage for interactions with artists. Let us introduce you to some of the Bay Area's most esteemed and audacious artists who will be ‘present’ at tables and waiting to meet you. Engage in light, fun conversation with established and emerging artists and gain insight into the creative process at this first of its kind fundraiser event at Pro Arts.

Participating artists include:
Chris Fraser, Mildred Howard, Ernest Jolly, Hung Liu, Jim Melchert, Lordy Rodriguez...
More artists to be announced soon!

As an organization committed to sustaining artists present at the center of our community, Pro Arts is hosting this intimate event to encourage a fun and mutually valuable exchange between artists and art fans. Enjoy an open bar, tasty treats, music by DJ Eric Rukis, and mix'n'mingle with the artists present.

The event also celebrates Executive Director, Margo Dunlap's ten anniversary with Pro Arts!

All proceeds directly support our visual arts, artist services and youth arts programs. We are extremely grateful to participating artists for generously donating their time in being present.”

Gamble Mansion Haunted House
Saturday, October 25, 6:30-8:00PM
Gamble Mansion at Elizabeth Gamble Garden, 1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto
$15, reservations required

“Wear your costumes and join us on the Carriage House Patio for crafts and nibbles, then ‘parade’ into the Carriage House at 7:15PM for the Puppet Show…The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This 30 minute show is suitable for all ages.

Based on the music of the famous classical piece by Paul Dukas, the Puppet Company brings the magic, mystery, and music of this enchanting tale. Harold wishes to become the apprentice of the local Sorcerer. He wants to learn the ancient arts so that he too can become famous.

Best enjoyed by children 4-10 years old, accompanied by an adult.”

Women’s Spiral Dance
Honoring the Ancestors and the Crones
with Daughters of the Goddess
Friday, October 25, Marketplace opens at 6:30PM, Ritual begins at 7:30PM
Orinda Masonic Temple, 9 Altarinda Road, Orinda
This Event is for Cisgender Women
Adults $29, Teens 14-19 $5, Girls 13 and under Free

“Craftswomen, Drumming, Chanting
Dancing in Community and Sisterhood
Bring your drums, rattles, and a picture of an Ancestor for the Ancestor Altar
For more information call 925-787-9739 or 925-787-9247 or
Email Leilani at Leilani@DaughtersoftheGoddess.com

Goddess of the Month
with Phoenix LeFae
Friday, October 25, 7:00-8:30PM, and the fourth Friday of every month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Women only

“Goddess for October: Baba Yaga   

Together we will gather once a month and listen to the words of the Great Mother. We will do this through song, dance, trance, storytelling, and joyful community celebration.

Each month we will learn about and dive into the energy of a different Goddess from around the world. Our hope that is by meeting these different energies you will find one that resonates with your heart and you will walk away with the potential for a greater relationship with a Divine One.

In the month where the veil is thin, we will come to the house on chicken legs and sort the seeds of the Baba Yaga. October's Goddess of the Month will bring us face to face with the wild hag, the great initiator, the Baba Yaga.

We will also be blessed to have Yeshe Rabbit guest Priestess this journey to one of the dark mothers of Eastern Europe.

Phoenix LeFae is an eclectic magickal practitioner, Tarot reader, and professional Priestess, who has been walking the path of the Witch for many years. She is driven by a love for myth and Deity, working to help people connect to the Mysterious Ones in their daily lives. She believes that magick and ritual can transform our inner landscapes and change the world. Phoenix teaches in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft and she is the founder of Brigid's Hammer Mystery School. Above all else, Phoenix is a spiritual seeker looking for ways to deepen her practice every day.

Ella is a Reclaiming witch and life coach, helping people to change their lives by finding their path and true calling. She works with mystery in a myriad of forms and embodies magic in every cell of her being. She has a spark of energy that infuses her magick and inspires those around her. Ella recognizes that there is magick in even what seems mundane and helps others to see this for themselves.”

East Bay Pagan Meet and Greet
at The Mystic Dream
Friday, October 25, 7:00-8:30PM, and the fourth Friday of every month
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
donations accepted

“Come and join other witches, warlocks, and pagans as we come together in community to some food, and maybe a few laughs. Come and meet some of the other magically minded people in the East Bay area. Coffee and tea will be served. Feel free to bring a small food item to share.”

Moms and Sex!
with Madison Young
presented by HackerMoms
Friday, October 25, 7:00-9:00PM
Feelmore510 Adult Gallery, 1703 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

“From Fizzle to Fireworks!

In this 2-hour workshop, HackerMom and sex expert, Madison Young, will address and develop techniques with the audience on how to reignite new passion in your relationship, catering to the specific challenges of motherhood including lack of sleep, privacy, time, and self love.  Madison will empower attendees with tools to create an abundance of love, romance, and sexual pleasure in our lives rather than a deficit.

Creative exercises to develop the following skills:
Identify ways to reconnect with your partner romantically
Identify date night solutions for the emotionally and physically exhausted
Identify techniques around creating space and attention to your own personal sexual pleasure.
Identify new realms of sexual desire you would like to explore with your partner and how to communicate those desires to your partner.
Practice body affirmations and reclamation of post-partum mommy bodies
Developing skill around time-sensitive, time-deficient lifestyles that result from parenthood
How to create romantic connection and  sexual intimacy with the power of intent, breath, and energy awareness.

Madison Young is an international award-winning feminist porn star, performer, director, gallerist, artist, and sexuality educator. She has been directing and performing in erotic films for nearly a decade and has won great acclaim for her video line, Madison Young Productions, and her network of erotic web sites, the Feminist Porn Network. Young, who has been called a ‘sex positive Tasmanian devil’ values sexual education in her work and has taught workshops, lectures, and acted as a panelist on the topics of sexuality, feminism and pornography, and kink across the around the world including at Yale University, University of Minnesota, and UC Berkeley. Madison Young has handled the artistic curation of over a hundred art exhibitions over the past decade for her non-profit arts organization, Femina Potens Art Gallery, as well as The National Queer Arts Festival, SOMARTS, The SF LGBT Center, and the Traveling Erotic Art Show. Her writings have been published in books such as The Ultimate Guide to Kinky Sex, Baby Remember My Name, Power Exchange, and In Soumises, published in France by Tabou Editions, and her soon to be released memoir Daddy through Barnacle Book Publishing. Young's work and views on feminism, sex and art appear in numerous documentaries including Real Sex for HBO, 1000 Ways to Die for Spike TV, Lesbian Sex: Pushing the Limits for Here TV!, Out and About featured on MTV's LOGO channel, Deeper with Dave Navarro for the Independent Film Channel, and is currently being considered for her own documentary-style reality show on Bravo.”

Downtown Martinez Ghost Walk
Friday, October 25, 8:00PM, and the fourth and fifth Friday of every month
tour starts at Main Street Martinez, 649 Main Street,  Suite 106, Martinez

“Take the 90 minute guided walking tour through Historic Downtown Martinez to discover the hidden past, little known facts and tales of days-gone-by.

Tours conducted by Central Valley Paranormal.

Tours are limited to 25 people. Advanced ticket purchase recommended. No children under 12 years allowed. Teens 12-17 years must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a flashlight, wear comfortable shoes. Bring jacket and wear comfortable clothing.”

Samhain Concert with Four Shillings Short
Friday, October 25, 8:00-9:30PM
Julie’s Tea and Coffee Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation $10

“Celebrating the Celtic New Year with music, stories and poetry

Four Shillings Short have a repertoire of music that ranges from the Celtic lands to the Americas and from Medieval and Renaissance Europe to India. They are performers and educators who perform on a fantastic array of instruments (over 30) including Hammered Dulcimer, Mandolin, Mandola, Bouzouki, Tinwhistles, Recorders, Medieval and Renaissance Woodwinds, North Indian Sitar, Charango, Bowed Psaltery, Banjo, Bodhran, Guitar, Percussion, vocals and even a Krumhorn. Celebrating their 18th year together, the husband/wife duo, of Aodh Og O’Tuama from Cork, Ireland and Christy Martin from California, tour in the US and perform at Celtic and Folk festivals, theatres and performing arts centers, coffeehouses, folk societies, libraries, schools, yoga and retreat centers, historical societies and churches.”

Vintage Invasion
Friday, October 25, 8:00PM-Midnight and the fourth Friday of each month
The Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street, berkeley

“Vintage Invasion - where the old dances invade a new generation
Our crowd is growing and thriving... a really positive atmosphere!

Have you ever waltzed to Metallica or danced a polka to Lady Gaga? Yes?  Then you know what a great time it is, and we will see you there!  No?  Well it's never too late to start.  Since we have hundreds of years of waltz music to choose from, the variety makes a wonderful, festive evening.  This is a casual, neighborhood party: a chance to meet people, bounce around, and generally make merry.  We'll have a potluck; you are welcome to bring snacks if you like.  Your hosts always bring the punch and water.  No alcohol, please, as we sometimes have dancers under 21 attending.

All are welcome for the lesson, so we can get you moving and ready to sail across the floor.  If you're new to dancing we promise to be patient with you, and if you have waltzed before we will improve your technique.  After class, during the dance party, we will still be available to help you with what we taught you, and introduce you to some of our regulars.  They are well skilled, but don't be shy about asking them to dance with you too.  They'll probably be happy for the chance to show off. :)

8:00-9:00PM = Lesson in Vintage Waltz - no partner or experience needed
9:00PM-Midnight = Dance to Persephone and guest DJs playing lots of waltzes, and a little bit of many other partner dances.”

Halloween at Rengstorff House
The Rengstorff House, 3070 N. Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View
for more information, call 650-903-6392 or e-mail friends@r-house.org

A Family Celebration
Friday- Saturday, October 25-26, 12:00-4:00PM
“This will be a Halloween celebration for the whole family, even the littlest trick-or-treater. The Rengstorff House will have been transformed into a haunted mansion, made child friendly, for the afternoon.

Come in costume and take part in the Costume Parade, at 2:00PM.
Enjoy autumn inspired crafts and games. Light refreshments will be served.”

Where History Meets Haunting - Tours
Friday- Saturday, October 25-26, 7:30-10:00PM
Tours leave every 20 minutes
$10 in advance

“Come join us for a night of history and haunting at the historic Rengstorff House. For two nights only, the Friends of Rengstorff House will transform the House into a haunted mansion. As in previous years a group of talented and educated living historians will guide your tour through the house and the garden while imparting their knowledge of Victorian oddities to those brave enough to find themselves wandering the halls alongside a resident ghost.”

Voices from the Past:
Paranormal Investigations at Meek Mansion and McConaghy House
Friday-Saturday, October 25-26, 6:30PM-3:30AM
Meek Mansion, 17365 Boston Road, Hayward
and McConaghy House, 18701 Hesperian Boulevard
$75 per night, $100 for both nights
Tickets must be purchased in advance.  
For more information or to make reservations, please call Heather at 510-581-2516

“Each night includes a house tour, a presentation of previous findings by the American Paranormal Research Association and the chance to investigate for yourself.  Refreshments and snacks will be included both nights.  Dinner is provided on Friday night.”

Gaslight and Ghosts
presented by Butterfield 8
Friday-Saturday, October 25-26, 8:00PM
Cue Productions Live, 1835 Colfax Street, Concord

“Victorian and Edwardian tales of the Macabre

A staged reading of short stories
compiled by Donald L. Hardy and Jean Butterfield
adapted by Jean Butterfield
directed by John Butterfield  

A wild boy living in the woods, a watery ghost, and other strange and uncanny characters are on hand for your Halloween entertainment. Read by the talented members of Butterfield 8, these stories are sure to get you in the mood for a frightful holiday!

Featuring stories by John Kendrick Bangs, E. F. Benson, M. R. James, Edgar Allan Poe, and Saki (H. H. Munro).”

Monty Python's Spamalot
presented by Tri-Valley Rep
Friday-Sunday, October 25-27,
Friday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 2:00PM
Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street, Livermore
see website for ticket details

“Spamalot pokes fun at almost everyone and everything, even Broadway musicals. It is most appropriate for children 12 and older who can appreciate the unique Pythonesque sense of humor that, without apology, can appear cheeky, impertinent, irreverent, disrespectful and sometimes just plain rude… but to the sophisticated and discerning eye, it is silliness raised to an art form and all good fun. But, please, if you are easily offended, heed the call of King Arthur, ‘Run away!’”

Shakespeare Night At The Blackfriars (London Idol 1610)
presented by Subterranean Shakespeare
Friday-Sunday, October 25-27,
Friday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 7:00PM
playing through November 17
Phoenix Theatre Annex, 414 Mason Street, San Francisco

“Subterranean Shakespeare Presents A World Premiere
Shakespeare Night At The Blackfriars (London Idol 1610)
by George Crowe, directed by Robert Currier

Richard Burbage's Blackfriars Theatre is not fairing well, what with the plague outside it's doors and the rumors of war.  ‘How might I resurrect this house. Another raucous bear pit, brothel, A drinking den.’ Richard thinks why not a playwriting contest between the best writers of his time. London Idol 1610 is born. With playwrights Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, Francis Beaumont and the ghost of Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe competing with each other by presenting their one page ‘cover’ plays based on Shakespeare's well known plays of the time. Quills are Drawn! The competition is fierce and poetic! The play is funny and heartfelt! Come and root on your favorite playwright!”

A Murder Most Un-Scripted
Un-Scripted Theater’s Halloween Show
Friday, October 25-Saturday, November 2, 8:00PM
The Un-Scripted Theater, 533 Sutter Street, San Francisco
Halloween performance $15-$25

“A Murder Most Un-Scripted  
An idyllic small town. A dinner party hosted by the mysterious gentleman who recently purchased the mansion up the hill. A missing brooch. A secret to kill for.

This Halloween, join Un-Scripted Theater Company for nine nights of improvised murder mysteries, done in the style and world of Agatha Christie. Everyone has something to hide, but only one is responsible for the murder. Will you determine whodunit before our sleuth does?”

Halloween Costume Contest and Sidewalk Stroll
Saturday, October 26, 10:00AM
City Park, 1st St and Military W, Benicia

“Benicia Main Street offers a great time for kids of all ages during the popular Halloween costume contest and sidewalk stroll. The local merchants on First Street get into the spirit of the holiday for all to shop and enjoy. At noon there will be a Canine and Critter Costume Contest on the First Street Green with awards and treats.”

Fort Ross Harvest Festival
Saturday, October 26, 10:00AM-6:30PM
Fort Ross State Historic Park, 19005 Coast Highway, Jenner
$15 per car special event fee

“Autumn is our favorite time of year along the coast, and we invite you to join us at Fort Ross Harvest Festival, generously underwritten by Renova Fort Ross Foundation.

In addition to the inspirational song and dance of Kedry, this year we are proud to also host the full Kitka ensemble to Ross to help us celebrate the changing season.

The day offers a wide variety of activities suitable for all ages and interests:
Song and dance, and gentle apple harvesting in the historic orchard
Interpretive talks by dedicated experts on the historic orchard, replica windmill, and the Alaskan marine history at Ross
Working demonstration of replica Russian-style windmill
Food trucks with delicious seasonal fare for sale
Local samples of heirloom apples, apple cider, apple baked goods, Sonoma cheese, and more
Horse and wagon ride, children's activities, historic crafts, cannon firing, communal dances
Su-Nu-Nu-Shinal Kashaya Pomo dancers”

Voodoo Pincushion
Saturday, October 26, 10:30AM-4:30PM
Castle in the Air 1805 Fourth Street, Berkeley
$110 includes materials

“Ulla invokes the spirit of New Orleans’ voodoo legend Marie Leveau in this new spin on her popular pincushion class. Whether you plan to tickle a lover or tame a rival (all in good fun, of course), this voodoo doll will be a keepsake worthy of a sacred place in your home. Working from several examples, Ulla has created a pattern and collected special materials and embellishments for you to make your very own doll.

Fee: $110; includes materials. Bring fabric scissors, and feel free to bring favorite scraps of fabric, lace, trim, sequins, and other ephemera to use.
Instructor: Ulla Milbrath - Limit: 10 students”

Halloween at Howarth Park
Saturday, October 26,
11:30AM-1:00PM or 1:30-3:00PM
Howarth Park, 630 Summerfield Road, Santa Rosa
$6 Pass: includes trick-or-treating, train and carousel ride.
$10 Pass: includes same as above plus pony ride and ice cream treat

Join us for the 8th annual Halloween at Howarth! Dress in your best costume and come trick-or-treat throughout one of Santa Rosa's most popular parks! Plus, hop on Howarth Park's train and carousel with your costumed friends and catch a pony ride too!

All tickets to the event MUST be purchased in advance at Finley Community Center beginning Monday, October 7th. It is highly anticipated that this event will sell out - so don't delay on purchasing your ticket!

Children ages 12 and under will trick-or-treat through the park at treat stations hosted by local Santa Rosa businesses and organizations and can then enjoy Howarth Park's many other attractions. The event is held rain or shine!

$6 Pass: includes trick-or-treating, train and carousel ride.
$10 Pass: includes same as above plus pony ride and ice cream treat
Passes include one adult rider to accompany child on the train and carousel. Additional adult riders will need to purchase a ticket ($2) per ride.

How to Purchase Event Passes
Event passes must be purchased in advance of the event at Finley Community Center (2060 West College Avenue) beginning Monday, October 7. It is highly anticipated that this event will sell out, so don't delay on securing your pass!

Additional Questions
Email howarthpark@srcity.org or call 707-0543-3737.”

Monthly Mindful Photography 2013
with Dr. Marcus Lorenzo Penn
Saturday, October 26, 12:00-2:00PM, and the fourth Saturday of each month
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$25-$50 sliding scale

“In this workshop series, participants  will:

1) Be guided through a relaxing meditation incorporating natural imagery and colors, while activating the 5 senses and connect to their ‘photographic prescription’.

2) Be led through a gentle seated movement series to prepare and open their body and mind for photography.

3) Be taken out into natural surroundings to experience the vulnerability and openness of the
photographic process.

4) Use their own camera or camera phone to obtain images from their outdoor photographic experience.

5) Facilitated in a group wrap-up discussion of what was experienced and ‘seen’ during  their photographic experience.

Rev. Ouida and Dr. Marcus are hosting a new MONTHLY Mindful Photography workshop every 4th Saturday. There will be time for meditation, creating your own Photo Prescription, taking photos on THOT grounds, and then follow-up sharing. You can bring a notebook, water and your own camera or use your camera phone. Photos will be on display in June. $25-$50 (sliding scale). Please RSVP to Rev. Ouida or for more information: revouida@yahoo.com, 510-350-6249 or contact Dr. Marcus at ThePhotographerPhysician@gmail.com, 510-473-6861. We hope to see you there!”

Thanks to Lorelei Moon for letting me know about this event!

Animal Refugee Response Rummage Sale and BBQ
Saturday, October 26, 12:00-4:00PM
Animal Refugee Response, 2905 San Pablo Dam Road, San Pablo
$ entry donation

“Support the NO-KILL alternative and find second-hand gold.

There is a new animal shelter in town! Animal Refugee Shelter, located at 2905 San Pablo Dam Road, in San Pablo offers a safe place to cats, dogs, puppies and kittens in dire and unfortunate circumstances. What distinguishes Animal Refugee Shelter from others is their commitment to NO-KILL. Animals sheltered at the Animal Refugee Shelter are not destroyed because of age, poor health or lack of space, they live there until they are adopted.

Animal Refugee Shelter is home base to Animal Refugee Response, a local non-profit organization dedicated to urban animals in need. We believe that every life is a precious gift. Most of the animals at our shelter were minutes from being euthanized. In fact, many animals come to Animal Refugee Shelter after they have been surrendered to local veterinarians instead of being treated for injuries or illness. Rather than destroy them, the vets call Animal Refugee Response.

Once rehabilitated, these animals are ready to be placed in new loving and permanent homes. Although they all have extremely sad experiences with people, they still dearly want a special human companion. Animal Refugee Response is looking for extraordinary individuals and families who will make the commitment to one of the extraordinary animals at our Shelter, by adopting them, and accepting them as a forever friend.

Animal Refugee Shelter is open for adoptions Saturday and Sundays 12:00-6:00PM, and on weekdays by appointment (call 510-230-3758). Visitors are welcome.”

Thanks to Pixie for letting me know about this event!

Take Back the Night! Healing Arts Festival
Saturday, October 26,
Festival 12:00-5:00PM, Walk 7:00-9:30PM
California Institute of Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street, San Francisco
suggested donation $10

“Greeting Fabulous People!

Join the California Institute of Integral Studies in collaboration with Robert Basker Post 315, Veterans For Peace Chapter 69, AMVETS Women Committee, SF Veterans Art Guild, and the SF Lions Club as we sing, perform poetry, storytelling, dance, and display art to empower and honor those who have gone through sexual assault, rape, domestic violence and have survived and thrive.

In addition, this event is to prevent and heal those who have the unseen scars of rape, domestic violence, and sexual assault. There will be psychologists, homeopathic therapy information on site, as well as other vendors at this event.

Many organizations are encouraged to join and assist in this event as this will be an annual event. Artists, Self-defense, yoga and other healing modalities will be included.

This event is free. 12:00-5:00PM. A $10 suggested donation for the evening event 7:00-9:00PM. There is also a Silent Art Auction to raise money for Girl and Boy State. In addition, there will be a raffle with wonderful prizes $1.00 for 1 ticket and $2.50 for 3 tickets, as well as candles for sale $2 each for the walk and rally, wristbands, and whistles will also be for sale.

The walk will start at 9:10PM and end at the United Nations Plaza in a spiral. We will light each other’s candles one by one in silence honoring those who have the courage to survive, thrive, and heal. Lastly, we will honor those who did not survive for 5 minutes.

In the light with Taking Back Our Power, Innocence, and Self-Affinity,
Latonia M.Dixon, R.N, M.A, M.F.A.”

Thanks to Stella Iris RedRaven for letting me know about this event!

September Sail on Board the Alma
Saturday, October 26, 12:30-4:00PM
board from Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
For more information or to make reservations, please call 415-447-5000
Wheelchair accessible with assistance

“Haul line to raise sail as you explore San Francisco Bay aboard the restored 1891 scow schooner Alma! Take in dazzling views and San Francisco’s riveting history. Native Americans, Spanish explorers, the Gold Rush, the Barbary Coast, Fisherman’s Wharf and more are topics covered through ranger talks.

Before highways and bridges, hundreds of scow schooners plied the Bay and rivers, hauling goods as the ‘flatbed trucks’ of their day. The last of her kind, Alma will transport you to a long ago era on this hands-on educational sailing program.”

Evergreen Cemetery Tour: Spooky Tales
Saturday, October 26, 1:00-2:00PM
Evergreen Cemetery, Evergreen Street near Harvey West Park, Santa Cruz
Free, donations welcome

“Break out your costume a little early and get into the Halloween spirit at this festively fall Evergreen event! Journey through the grounds with friends and family on a spooktacular scavenger hunt. Listen to spooky stories told by Evergreen docents and the Santa Cruz Ghost Hunters as you make tombstone rubbings to remember some of the most buried stories of Santa Cruz. More scary stories can be read in a ghostly hearse hosting a haunted book nook. Psychic readings will also be made available by Harvey Althaus.

Be sure to wear your costume!”

Art in the Garden
at Veggielution Community Farm
Saturday, October 26, 1:30-3:30PM, and the fourth Saturday of each month
Emma Prusch Park, 647 South King Road, San Jose
$10 includes materials

“Our resident artists, Pamela and Joseph, guide participants in an exploration of line, color, contour, and much more. With an exceedingly inspiring environment to draw from, artists of all caliber grow and cultivate their skills. We request a $10 donation to help cover materials and support our nonprofit farm. Come on out and get creative at the farm!

Veggielution is a 6 acre non-profit community farm dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system in San Jose. We empower people to change the way they think about food by getting their hands in the soil, connecting with the land, and tasting the fruits of their labor.”

The Hidden Path Oracle Workshop
with Agate
Saturday, October 26, 2:00-4:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Please register in advance to reserve your spot for this event.

“This workshop explores Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor’s Hidden Path Oracle deck, with a focus on divination, inner teachings of the Craft and magical connection. This deck can be used as a type of spiritual quest that connects one with the possibilities ahead on one's life's path, including one's spiritual path.

We will also explore such deck themes as: the wheel of the year, the golden and silver boughs, faery door and faery kindred, elder staff, or the path of a spiritual teacher, the art of magic, Oak King.

Agate will teach participants how to use the Hidden Path Oracle deck. She will also read for participants, from this deck, during this workshop.
Agate, MA., has worked as a counselor, counseling families and their children. She has taught classes on soul mates and twin souls, numerology. She has written and led rituals. She has taken classes with teachers Kathy Cybele and Raven Grimassi.”

Pumpkins on Pikes
Saturday, October 26, 2:00-10:00PM
Tara Firma Farms, 3796 I St, Petaluma, 707-765-1202

“Pumpkins on Pikes is one of those very special events where magic is created and experienced by all who attend.

The festivities start in the afternoon with great food, music and pumpkin carving. Everyone will get the chance to display their Jack-O-Lantern on a pike in the corn field. When the sun goes down the pumpkins are lit. It is a truly heart warming feeling looking over the glowing corn field to see the individual creations of all who attended.

FREE pumpkin included with admission.

$10 BBQ plate will be available for dinner.

Bring your favorite plate of food if you would like to take part in the potluck.

Special carving tools
Blanket (if staying after dark)
Favorite plate of food (If participating in potluck)”

Crafts for Kids On Board the Balclutha
Saturday, October 26, 3:00-4:00PM, and the fourth Saturday of every month
Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
included with Balclutha admission, Adults $5, 15 and under free
For more information, please call 415-447-5000.

“Learn a little about life at sea and make a maritime craft! Meet at the entrance to Hyde Street

Reclaiming's Spiral Dance
A ritual to honor our beloved dead and dance the spiral of rebirth
Saturday, October 26, doors open at 6:00PM, Ritual begins at 7:30PM
Come early to view the altars, for pre-ritual music, and to hear the names of the Beloved Dead
Kezar Pavilion, 755 Stanyan Street, San Francisco (in Golden Gate Park)
see website for admission details

“2013 Intention: With our ancestors, we weave the web of connection to protect and regenerate Life's resilience!

A ritual to honor our beloved dead and dance the spiral of rebirth
The holiday popularly known as Halloween is the time of year known to witches as Samhain, when the veil is thin between the worlds of the living and the dead. We gather to remember and honor our ancestors, our Beloved Dead, and all those who have crossed over. As we mourn for those we love who have died this year, we also mourn the losses and pain suffered by the Earth, our Mother. Yet even as we grieve we also remember and honor the sacred cycle of life, death, rebirth and regeneration, celebrating the births of our children born this year, and our own vital connections to the Earth and each other, in which we ground our hope.

The first Spiral Dance ritual was held in 1979 to celebrate the publication of Starhawk’s book, The Spiral Dance (Harper and Row) Starhawk, a founding member of the Reclaiming Collective, wrote the original script which remains the heart of the ritual, though it has been altered and embellished over the years by her and many other people. Traditionally, the Spiral Dance calls upon the energy and talents of musicians, artists, poets, dancers, craftspeople, singers, technicians, priests and priestesses from the Reclaiming Community and beyond, and we are grateful to everyone who helps to create this magical experience we all share.

This is a participatory ritual and pageant which has become a central event in the Wheel of the Year for many in the Reclaiming Community and beyond. Over 1,200 people join in this observance of the Witches’ New year, and the event raises funds which support the work of Reclaiming throughout the year.

When we dance the Spiral, young and old together, we remember and honor our own past at that same time that we renew our vision and embrace the future. Let it begin now!

Beloved Babies and Beloved Dead
Honor the cycle of death and rebirth by sending us the names of those born and those who have died during the past year:

Children are welcome - childcare not provided. Wheelchair Accessible. This is a drug- and alcohol-free, family-oriented ritual. Please honor us and the sacred by keeping it so.“

South Bay Circles Samhain
Saturday, October 26, 7:00PM
Fireside Room, Palo Alto Unitarian-Universalist Church, 505 E Charleston Road, Palo Alto
$5-$10 suggested donation

“I am happy to announce that this year's Samhain ritual will be taking place on Saturday October 26 at the Palo Alto Unitarian Universalist Church. Gather time is 7:00PM with a ritual start time of 7:30PM. Please bring a dish to pass and a donation of $5-$10 per person to help cover room costs (f$15-$20 dollars per family).
Bring: Something substantial to share for the potluck, a beverage for yourself, a donation to help cover the costs of the room.”

Bal-o-ween Spooktacular at the Bal Theatre
Saturday October 26, 7:00PM
The Historic Bal Theatre, 14808 East 14th Street, San Leandro

“Bal-o-ween Spooktacular

Double Creature Feature of Films:
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
and the cult classic Tales From The Crypt Demon Knight.

Come in Costume and enter to win our Costume Contest, Raffle of Prizes and so much more.

This year we're not just celebrating Halloween, we're celebrating Bal-ow-een!”

Gaskell Ball
Saturday, October 26, 7:30PM
Oakland Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Drive, Oakland

"Ye Gaskell Occasional Dance Society has been sponsoring Victorian Ballroom dances for over 20 years. We currently sponsor 6 balls a year at the Scottish Rite Temple in Oakland.
We have live music played by the Brassworks of San Francisco, a group of 5 brass horns and a drummer led by Frank Davis. The dances feature Victorian Waltzes, Polkas, Schottisches, Mazurkas, and set dances such as the Sir Roger de Coverley and the Congress of Vienna.

The general format of the dance is three 40 minute and one 30 minute sessions of live music, with three 20 minute breaks. We also occasionally have other entertainment during the breaks such as Morris dancing. The first set starts at 8:30 PM, with the last set ending at Midnight. Starting at 7:45 PM is a dance workshop where members of the Society quickly cover the basics of waltzing, polkas and the schottische.

Of course, the usual 19th, 20th and 21st century formal wear is always welcome.

Dress is 19th, 20th, or 21st Century Formalwear
Admission may be refused for those inappropriately dressed.

Refreshments are potluck finger food with the Society providing both fruit punch and ice water.

Upcoming dates:
December 21, 2013"

Sea Music Concert Series
Irish Traditions: Amelia Hogan, Shay Black, and the Jammy Dodgers
Saturday, October 26, 8:00PM
onboard the Balclutha, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco

Experience the driving rhythms of chanteys and the beauty of seafaring ballads and instrumentals from the wooden decks of the historic sailing ship Balclutha. Join the park in its 25th year of presenting some of sea music's outstanding performers.

Saturday, October 26, 8:00PM
Irish Traditions: Amelia Hogan, Shay Black, and the Jammy Dodgers

Amelia Hogan is a singer of traditional Irish and American Folk Songs weaving myth, history, humor, and play into every one. For 30 years she has graced stages from Killarney to Seattle, San Francisco to New York, and has been lucky enough to have been singing songs of a Maritime flavor at the Hyde Street Pier since 1983. Her recently released audio album, Transplants: From the Old World to the New and music video of Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore details the historic journey from Old World to America. Listen as she takes you back, into the lives of your own ancestors.

Shay Black is an avid song catcher, musician, and singer and is known for his extensive knowledge of songs and music from the Irish, English, and Scottish traditions, as well as songs and shanties from seafaring traditions. Born in Dublin, Ireland, he moved in 1994 to Berkeley, CA from Liverpool, where he had lived for the previous twenty years. While in Liverpool, he toured and recorded with Irish band Garva, the illustrious Stan Hugill and the fabled sea shanty group Stormalong John.

The Jammy Dodgers are a hot, new Irish traditional band featuring fiddle, flute, concertina, tin whistle, banjo, guitar, and vocals. They bring intricate, creative, innovative arrangements to driving high-energy jigs and reels and soulful two-part harmony Irish Gaelic songs to make for an exciting and enjoyable musical experience.”

Our Mission: No Eviction!
A Community Action to benefit Mission artists Rene Yanez and Yolanda Lopez
Saturday, October 26, 8:00PM
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco

“A Community Action to benefit Mission Artists Rene Yanez and Yolanda Lopez.

Please join us for an evening of performance, art and tributes to long-time San Francisco Mission artists and residents Yolanda Lopez and Rene Yanez.

Yolanda and Rene have both been issued Ellis Act Evictions and are facing serious health issues. This fundraiser will be to raise funds to help cover some of the lawyer expenses, medical expenses and moving expenses.

Yolanda and Rene have made huge contributions to the Chicano art world and the uniqueness and beauty that so many of us love about the Mission and San Francisco. Please come out to celebrate these two amazing humans and help them fight this eviction and raise some funds to help them.

Featuring performances by Culture Clash, Marga Gomez, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Las Bomberas de la Bahia, Alejandro Murgia and Dr. Loco, Cherrie Moraga, Celia Rodriguez, Loco Bloco, Maya Chinchilla y mas.

Art Auction with work by Enrique Chagoya, Ester Hernandez, Jesus Barraza, Melanie Cervantes, Ana Teresa Fernandez, Rio Yanez, Rene Yanez, Yolanda Lopez, Xuxo Perez, Jos Sances, Jean Melesaine, Alexa Trevino and many more!”

Between the Worlds for All Hallows Eve
with Axis Mundi TranceFusion
Saturday, October 26, 8:00PM-Midnight
Bhakti Mandir (House of Devotional Ecstasy), 6225 Doremus Avenue, Richmond
$15.00 at the Door

“Join us to journey Between the Worlds as we honor our Ancestors who have transited Beyond the Veil for All Hallows Eve, celebrate our own place and purpose in the Continuum of Life, and encounter the non-ordinary realities hidden between the daily routines.  It's the right
moment for Trance Dancing, Tantric Kundalini Chant, World Beat Drumming, Didjeridoo, Crystal Bowls, Ritual, 3rd Eye Anointing, Sound Healing, and the joy of connection in a radiant commUNITYof kindred spirits!

Hosted Savory Edibles Served - veggie and omnivore
BYO Libations and Contributions of Savory or Sweet Snacks Welcomed!

Wear your EXOTIC and FESTIVE FINERY and have a warm layer to enjoy Full Moon Gazing from the beautiful 3 level outdoor deck!”

All Hallows: Wickedly Dark!
Saturday, October 26, 9:00PM-6:66AM
Radiance Oak, 278 4th Street, Oakland
$20 in advance, $25 at the door

“We're just dying to meet you - please arrive early if you can!

Float in the Shadows:

‘When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.’

Dear Friends and Community:
Once again we're pleased to invite you to join us at Radiance Oak for a celebration of the darker and wickeder sides of our nature - All Hallows, a night to embrace the shadows, and dance away all artifice!

It is said that on All Hallows eve, the veil between worlds is thinnest, and we can most easily touch the other side. We honor and celebrate those who have gone before, and contemplate our own eventual crossing.

‘We all need to look into the dark side of our nature,
that is where the passion is, the energy.
It is part of who we are, do not fear it, embrace it
become whole.
We are both darkness and light’
- Don de Marheil

In keeping with its spiritual aspect, this event is intended to be both celebratory and contemplative, so please communicate our intention to any friends who have not yet received an invitation.

What's waiting in the Shadows at Hallows:
Costumes strongly encouraged!
Magical uptempo and spirit-lifting beats, by otherwordly community DJs.
The Dark Art chill experience, with your warm blooded comfort, caring ease, music and mood.
Thought-provoking dark art installations in the Radiance Gallery
Live performances including spoken word, pole dance, and aerial!
Hot tub for sociable soaking, and the purging of bad spirits.

Starts at 9:00PM, Ritual Ceremony at Midnight on Saturday October 26, please plan to attend the invocation if you can.

Snacks and liquid refreshment - tasty treats for you to resurrect yourself with, lots of liquid sustenance for your hydrating imperative and good blood flow.

No alcohol provided.”

Halloween ComicFest
Saturday-Sunday, October 26-27
your local comic book store - see website for participating shops in your area

“Celebrate Halloween at Comic Book Shops!
Your local comic book specialty shop is a great destination for the latest Halloween and horror pop-culture products and merchandise: from comics and graphic novels to costumes, toys and more! Plus, each shop has great Halloween events planned, so make sure you find your closest destination and come in and see what haunts your local comic book shop!”

Earth Medicine Alliance's Annual Conference
Saturday-Sunday, October 26-27
Unitarian Universalist Church of San Francisco, 1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco
$75 - early registration is encouraged
see website for registration and detailed schedule

“2013 Conference: Sacred Mountains of the Bay Area

Living in earth-honoring ways calls for an integrated approach to ecology, culture, and relationship with the Sacred. If you live in the Bay Area, chances are you live between the Estuary and a ring of prominent mountains. How can relating consciously with these mountains support a sense of home and nourish your relationships and inner life?

On Saturday, October 26, over 15 presenters will guide our approach to the mountains from five disciplines:
Natural science (including geology, flora, and fauna)
Bay Area cultures past and present
Storytelling, song, and creative expression
Public policy and advocacy
Spiritual practice focused on relating with mountains

On Day Two, join smaller circles led by conference presenters on or near four local mountains.”

Boo at the Zoo
Saturday-Sunday, October 26-27, 10:00AM-3:00PM
Oakland Zoo, 9777 Golf Links Road, Oakland
included with Zoo admission

“Visit the Oakland Zoo for our annual Halloween event, Boo at the Zoo! Stroll the Zoo in costume and collect yummy treats. Ride the spooky boo train and join the costume parade. Plus, get your face painted, make treats for the animals, and see how the animals at the Oakland Zoo celebrate Halloween. Kids in costumes receive a free ride ticket.”

Jack O'Lantern Jamboree
Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Children's Fairyland, on the shore of Lake Merritt at Grand Avenue and Bellevue, Oakland

“Join us the weekend of Halloween as we celebrate the holiday with fun and games that are much more delightful than frightful!
Come in costume and enjoy a spooktacular extravaganza with:
Unlimited rides
Goody bags for kids*
Treat stations for kids*
Two jumpers, one for little kids and one for bigger kids
Arts and Crafts*
Pirate school
Balloon twisting
Costumed fairytale characters
Clowns and magicians

*While supplies last

And don’t miss our special presentations by our Children’s Theater Program and Storybook Puppet Theater!

Admission to Fairyland for the Jack O’Lantern Jamboree days is just $10 for everyone age 1 through 100. (Sorry, no passes or coupons accepted for this event.)”

Halloween Costume Party at Playland
Saturday-Sunday, October 26-27, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Playland-Not-At-The-Beach, 10979 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito
see website for admission details

“Show off your outfits before you trick-or-treat and win special prizes at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach's Halloween Costume Party. While you're here, explore the Dark Mystery exhibition and check out our 5000-year-old mummy.

Please Note: On Sunday, October 27, Playland-Not-at-the-Beach will host a large party until 2:00PM. If required by city capacity constraints, admissions may be restricted until 2:00PM. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Over 30+ pinball machines spanning seven decades, video games, Penny Arcade machines, challenging carnival games of skill, interactive displays and exhibits, miniature circuses, sideshow exhibits, baffling magic shows - they are all here waiting to entertain and amuse you!
Revisit Whitney's Playland and the Sutro Baths as well as the 1939 World's Fair on Treasure Island.  There is always fun at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach! “

Playland at the Beach is a fun part of San Francisco history, now being kept alive by people in El Cerrito who are obsessed with fun and history! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playland_(San_Francisco)

presented by Inferno Theatre
Saturday-Sunday, October 26-27, 8:00PM
playing through November 23
South Berkeley Community Church, 1802 Fairview Street, Berkeley

“Adapted by Giulio Cesare Perrone from Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Inferno Theatre is proud to present the world premiere of Metamorphoses. Adapted by Inferno Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director, Giulio Cesare Perrone, from Ovid’s masterpiece, Metamorphoses uses movement, multimedia, music, and both ancient and modern texts as it explores the relationship between Ovid’s work, Shamanism, Climate Change, and the Human Genome Project.  The design elements incorporate natural, sustainable and recycled materials.  The highly trained physical ensemble will portray ancient and post-modern gods as nymphs and satyrs who once inhabited the woods, as they transform and are transformed by both heroes and mortal men and women.  This provocative work will stir debate and action as the audience comes to understand nature itself on an emotional level, bridging evolutionary changes and mutations in the ecology of our planet.”

The Haunted House of Horrors
Saturday-Thursday, October 26-31, 5:00-11:00PM
The Old Mint, 88 5th Street, San Francisco
see website for admission information

“Haunted House of Horrors is San Francisco’s first ever Haunted House and Halloween Attraction at the historical national landmark: 1874 United States Old Mint Building.

For 6 nights of terror, running from noon Saturday, October 26th until Halloween Night, October 31st! The Old Mint will be frighteningly transformed into the scariest, most terrifying experience of your life!

Boasting a $150,000 spooky, theatrical production with 25 chambers of horror, 2 scary mazes of screams, over 30 soul-jarring scare-actors, an ‘interactive’ movie theatre showcasing all of your favorite horror-movie classics, ‘movie set’ photo shoot opportunities with your favorite monster characters, scare!cams to get you when you are not looking, bloody-red carpets, movie premiere paparazzi shots, 'thriller' dance shows, oddity acts, a killer-costume fashion show, a 'creepy candy' store, a 'if looks could kill' costume shop, a ‘blood and guts’ grille, and Dracula's ‘blood bar’ to quench even the thirstiest vampire's wet appetite!  

The Haunted House of Horrors offers San Francisco residents and surrounding cities in North Bay, East Bay and South Bay a scary, Halloween-themed-attraction alternative to other haunted houses that require driving over an hour away.”

Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Spooktacular
Sunday, October 27, 10:00AM-2:00PM
along Main Street,  Martinez

“We’re teaming up with local businesses to provide a safe place for you to enjoy Halloween festivities. Instead of walking house to house, visit creatively themed and decorated car trunks and shops lining downtown Martinez to collect candy and treats.

The Trunk-or-Treat and Store-to-Store event will happen on a Sunday in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market. The Market will be on the 600 and 700 blocks of Main Street and the 500, 800, and 900 blocks will be filled with Trunk-or-Treat cars.”

Family Practice Day at Spirit Rock
with Wes Nisker, Betsy Rose, and Master John W Ellis IV
Sunday, October 27, 10:30AM-3:00PM
Community Meditation Hall, Spirit Rock Meditation Center,
5000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Woodacre (West Marin)
$35 for 2 person family; $45 for 3 person family; $55 for 4+ person family

“Family Days are a wonderful opportunity to spend the day connecting with your children, yourself and a community of supportive peers. Come play, share, learn and open your heart!

Family Practice Period: A Program for the Whole Family
We start our morning with a program specifically tailored for two specific age ranges, 4-10 and 11-14. Each program weaves the theme of the day into songs, skits and family activities. Come and explore mindfulness with us!

Youth Program:
During the second half of our day, youth ages 4-12 will attend age-appropriate groups with our mindfulness leaders. They will play, make art, sing songs and practice mindfulness together.

Parent's Program:
Parents of children ages 4 and older, will have an opportunity to meditate, hear a talk related to parenting as practice, and connect with one another through group discussions.

Pre-registration requested so we can plan ahead, especially for the kid's activities.”

Hands-On Greywater Workshop
with Greywater Action
Sunday, October 27, 10:45AM-4:00PM
private home in Oakland, address will be sent upon registration
$30-$100, sliding scale. Limited work-trade available.

“Lower your water bill ** Conserve water ** Practice reuse ** Grow happy plants

Learn how to reuse water from your from your bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and washing machines in this fun, hands-on workshop.
Learn about common and popular greywater systems, soap and product considerations, codes, design and installation considerations, and how to build a laundry to landscape system.
Install a greywater system from the washing machine to irrigate edible plants at a private residence, so that you can do the same to yours!

Attire:  Bring and wear sunblock.  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.  You might want to bring gloves. This is a hands-on workshop.

Lunch included!

Space is limited - reserve your ticket today.

Location: A private home in Oakland, CA, address will be sent after registration.

Cost: $30-$100, sliding scale. Limited work-trade available.”

Hombrewing Gruit Ales
part of Homestead Apothecary’s Herbalist Bartender Series
Sunday, October 27, 11:00AM-5:00PM
Homestead Apothecary, 486 49th Street, Oakland, 510-495-6549
$80 includes equipment, materials, and lunch

“A summer saison brewed with heather tips and juniper? A smokey winter stout balanced with licorice, spruce boughs, and mugwort? What about an IPA that uses an herbaceous blend of sweet gale, wormwood, stinging nettles, and yarrow instead of hops?

Enter the not-so-distant past where beers are brewed not with hops, but with a varied array of herbs, roots, flowers, spices and other botanicals. These predecessors to modern beer - called Gruit Ales - open a whole new world of flavors, aromas, and healing properties.

Come learn to brew your own Fall Seasonal Gruit Ale, and bring home a liquid time capsule of beer brewing's lost-but-not-forgotten roots! Whether you're a first time homebrewer or a seasoned veteran just looking to expand your understanding of this unique beer relic, our comprehensive course will leave you inspired, confident, and capable.

Each participant will bring home one gallon of actively fermenting Gruit Ale to experience the fermentation process from start to finish - enough to bottle 10 delicious bottles of homebrewed Gruit Ale. The course fee includes all materials, equipment to brew future batches of Gruit, and lunch provided by Dona Tomas.”

Family Day at Sienna Ranch
Sunday, October 27, 12:00-4:00PM, (and the last Sunday of every month)
Sienna Ranch, 3232 Deer Hill Road, Lafayette, 925-283-6311
$85 includes up to five people, advance registration required - see website

“On the last Sunday of each month, Sienna Ranch will open its doors for a special family and community day.  Come enjoy the activities, good company, healthy food, and the wholesome environment at Sienna Ranch.  Family Day is fun for all ages.  

Horse and pony rides, sustainability education and projects, archery, hayrides, survival skills activities, and more.  Bring your own picnic lunch or buy from one of our healthy food vendors.  

Family Days are on Sundays, 12:00-4:00PM.  
Family Day Pass is $85.

With the purchase of a family pass, you will get
admission to Sienna Ranch family day for up to 5 people
3 horse ride tickets
3 archery tickets
5 hayride tickets
participation in the featured hands-on sustainability or survival skill activity
unlimited animal visits to goats, sheep, chickens
special demonstrations, entertainment, or hands-on projects (vary from month to month)

Note: Food and special services offered at an additional cost.  For additional archery and horse ride tickets, please purchase a second family pass.

Family Days are limited to 40 families, so register soon!”
Community Celebration for the Days of the Dead
Sunday, October 27, 12:00-4:30PM
Museum Gardens, Oak Street Plaza, Gallery of California Art
Oakland Museum of California, 1000 Oak Street, Oakland

“OMCA comes alive for the 19th annual Community Celebration for the Days of the Dead on Sunday, October 27, 2013. Craft activities, tasty food, dance and music groups, colorful ofrendas, and ceremonia bring the community together for this healing tradition. Visitors can watch demonstrations of traditional Mesoamerican arts and cooking, buy Days of the Dead merchandise by local artisans from OMCA's mercado, and visit the special exhibition, The Tree of Life and Death: Días de los Muertos 2013, on view in the Gallery of California Natural Sciences, all with their Museum Admission.

The Tree of Life and Death: Dias de los Muertos 2013
October 9 - December 8

The Mesoamerican tradition of Dias de los Muertos, celebrated between October 31 and November 2, is associated with iconic elements - sugar skulls, marigolds, colorful ofrendas - arranged or created to honor deceased loved ones. This fall, OMCA presents its 19th annual Dias de los Muertos exhibition, The Tree of Life and Death: Dias de los Muertos 2013. Housed in the transformed Gallery of California Natural Sciences, installations by guest artists will fuse the themes of life, death, and mourning with ecology, focusing on topics including indigenous knowledge, empathy, habitat and species loss, and accountability for preventing such losses through conservation and action. The Tree of Life and Death: Dias de los Muertos 2013 is on view October 9 through December 8, 2013.

The exhibition is guest curated by Eduardo Pineda, an active participant in the United States Community Mural Movement since 1978. Pineda has held positions in museum education at both the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), and has artwork in the collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco's Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts and public art collection of the Alameda County Arts Commission.”
Visioning Circle
at The Home of Truth
Sunday, October 27, 12:30-1:15PM, and the fourth Sunday of each month
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
For more information, please contact Rev. Ouida at 510-350-6249 or revouida@yahoo.com

“The Visioning Process as founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith allows us to tap into the Divine for insights, answers and awareness. As THOT is moving into this new phase, I invite the community to come together as we ‘catch the vision’ of what THOT is, and can be. What is the highest vision for THOT? What does that feel like? Who/what must we become? Visioning allows us to catch the highest possibilities.
We will also have time for personal visioning. What are you calling forth? What is the highest vision for your Life? This process is a meditative one that invites us to go within, listen, and receive insights about our Heart's desires.
Please join us!”
Karbi Anglong: An Insight from North East India
Sunday, October 27, 1:00-3:00PM
Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-0700
for more information, please e-mail silkroadhouse@yahoo.com

“The talk of Dr. Dattaray would focus on oral traditions from Karbi Anglong, a hill ‘tribe’ from North East India. By focusing on songs and ancient rituals related to food symbols, the discussion would transcend political and linguistic boundaries. The emphasis would be on the power of storytelling which tells us to listen, learn, imagine and empathize. Songs narrate a story of survival - physical, cultural, political and social. The spontaneity and feeling in an oral communication invoke an inherited wisdom through passion, emotion, and character.  Human dignity and existence are conveyed through sharing of stories and not through obtuse academic jargon. The talk would open windows to Karbi Anglong through visual images, stories and songs from the ancient tradition.
This will be an interactive session through stories, anecdotes and visual images from India’s North East Frontier. It will help us all remember that ‘birds do not sing because they have answers, birds sing because they have songs.’
Debashree Dattaray is Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. She is currently a Fulbright Visiting Faculty with the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley for Fall 2013. In 2012, she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus Europe Asia Fellowship for Academic Staff at the University of Amsterdam. In 2007-08, she was a Fulbright Doctoral and Professional Research Fellow at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Her areas of interest and publication are Indigenous Studies, Gender, Narrative, Oratures and Comparative Indian Literature Methodology.
Silk Road House events are sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation.”

Annual Blessing of the Animals
at The Home of Truth
Sunday, October 27, 1:30-2:30PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
For more information, please contact Rev. Ouida at 510-350-6249 or revouida@yahoo.com

“Please join us as we bless our animal companions, those with us and those who have crossed over. Feel free to bring your animal companions and/or a photo. Doggies, kitties, fish, snakes, lizards, turtles, chickens, birdies… all are welcome!”

African/Hawaiian Sacred Retreat
with Iya Mahea and Masankho Banda
Sunday, October 27, 2:00-6:00PM
Rudramandir Center for Spirituality and Healing, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
$35-$50 sliding scale, includes light snacks
Space is limited, please RSVP to iyamahea@thesacredforest.org

“Join International Healing Leader Masankho Banda and Iya Mahea in an exploration of the unique and amazing intersection of African and Hawaiian indigenous spiritual practices.

We will experience:
Hawaiian and Malawian Sacred Chants, Dance and Rituals
Mbira, Drum and Sacred Sound Meditations
Interplay Style Storytelling”

How to Cast a Magical Candle Spell
with Dragonfly
Sunday, October 27, 3:00-5:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Please register in advance to reserve your spot for this event.

“Emotional healing spells, love and attraction spells, healing candle spells for others and protection candles will be revealed. There is a candle spell for just about everything. This is a chance to focus on your desire and embody your magical child by bringing your inspirations and creative ideas to this workshop.

During this class on the basic casting of candle magic, we will go over some basic tips and guidelines, as well as instructions on simple ways to burn candles with purpose. Also, we will discuss working with herbs, stones, the Tarot and other forms of divination to enhance your spells and the best day, time of day and moon phases to work your intention.
Dragonfly is a Priest of the Temple of Isis. He is also a VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher working in various healing modalities and body work.
For over twenty years, Dragonfly has passionately practiced body and energy work and is excited to bring his extensive knowledge of practical candle magic to you!”

Witches' Tea Party!
with the San Jose Pagan/Magick Meetup Group
Sunday, October 27, 3:00-6:00PM
Palo Alto Cafe, 2675 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

“Let's get together for a Witches' Tea Party!

Witches, Pagans, Magicians, Asatruarfolk, all ye fine and fun folk, to this nice little coffeehouse in Midtown Palo Alto. They have an assortment of tasty teas and coffees, plus yummy sandwiches and plenty of pastries.

We'll take a little break from all our Samhain preparations, from the demands of school, work, and family, and enjoy the company of our fellow walkers of the path of the independent spirit. Relax in the company of those who won't think you're weird for talking with the land-wights or listening to the voice of the Goddess on the breeze!

Feel free to wear your Witchy finery, fancy-wear, or costumes (but keep'em street-legal, please)!

$1 contribution toward this website requested (not required).

See you there, and

Blessed Be!


Tea and Tarot
with Charlie London and Chas Bogan
Sunday, October 27, 4:00-6:00PM, and the fourth Sunday of every month
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
Donations accepted to cover cost of tea

“Tarot lovers of every skill level will enjoy Tea and Tarot. Each month we will explore a new facet of working with the cards, examining multiple meanings, layouts, and learning how to express our insights with others.”

Parent as Healer: Herbal Medicine for the Next Generation
Frieda Kipar Bay of Taproot Medicine
part of the Nourished Child series
Sunday, October 27, 4:30-6:00PM
Three Stone Hearth, 1581 University Avenue, Berkeley
For more information, call 510-981-1334 or e-mail info@threestonehearth.com
sliding scale $10-$20

“Herbs to Heal your Children and Keep Them Well (Also referred to as ‘witch-rearing’)
Come with questions and we'll discourse on the ways that you can be empowered to empower your children with infusing herbs into your life.”

Liturgy of the Lady to Hecate
with Fellowship of the Spiral Path
Sunday, October 27, 5:00-7:00PM  
BFUU Main Hall, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Donations gratefully accepted

“The Liturgy of the Lady is an open celebration of the Goddess in Her many forms. She is the Maiden of youth, the Mother of culture, the Crone of wisdom, and She is mirrored in all life, death and rebirth. We honor Her with reverent and joyful singing, ritual activities, and opportunities to learn. Now in our fourth decade of offering this sacred service, we invite you to join us.

The Greek Goddess Hecate is Goddess of magic, night, the moon, and dogs. She stands at the crossroads holding two torches and protects those crossing between realms. She is there on the journey to birth or death. The traditional witch seen at this time of year is one of the images of Her.

Objects may be charged on the altar during the rite. Wheel-chair accessible (let us know if you need someone to hold the door for you.) Family and child-friendly. Incense will be used in this ritual, unless requested in advance.”

Cafe Flamenco
Sunday, October 27, 2013 7:00PM (doors open at 6:15PM)
Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda
$15 in advance, $20 at the door, $10 children 12 and under

“Cafe Flamenco - Experience the Passion of Flamenco Music and Dance!

Cafe Flamenco is back… and in the East Bay! The art of flamenco, up close and personal, revealing the spirit of Spain right at your table!

Rhythmix Cultural Works will host Caminos Flamencos in a showcase featuring a rotating cast of world-class flamenco performers, special guest artists and surprises. Caminos Flamencos, created and directed by Yaelisa, Emmy Award-winning dancer and artistic director, invites the community to celebrate this rich cultural heritage in a pena-style setting, where the passion of Flamenco music and dance fills your soul.

Spanish refreshments and a delicious home-cooked paella will be available created by Marcos Quezada.

Marcos has a passion for cooking that he inherited from his Spanish grandmother. He will be creating freshly cooked seafood paella by hand at Rhythmix with local seafood and vegetables and imported authentic Spanish spices.”

The Gift: From Economy to Cosmology
with Charles Eisenstein
and special guests David Best and Joshua Coffy
Tuesday, October 29, 6:00-9:30PM
The Sunflower Center, 1435 North McDowell Boulevard, Suite 100, Petaluma

“The Gift: From Economy to Cosmology
How Sharing and Giving Can Transform Our World
The gift and sharing economy is becoming an important component of our culture. The economic consequences of this movement are profound, signaling a transition to a new economic era. Beyond economy, this movement toward gift is part of an even bigger shift in our conception of self, nature, and cosmos.

This exciting and inspiring evening will feature a presentation from Charles Eisenstein, followed by a panel with special guest gifting artists David Best and Joshua Coffy, moderated by Julia Bystrova of Transition’s Heart and Soul outreach. We will have a lively discussion!

The evening will benefit the work of Transition US and Burning Man Project
These nonprofit organizations are doing real work in the world to educate and build community in the spirit of a more sustainable and just society. Because this is a fundraiser, we will be inviting your gifting. There is no set cost to attend, though we do ask a contribution based your value received. Donations to both organizations are fully tax deductible.

Organic wine and Lydia’s healthy fare will be available for purchase. Come early to enjoy and connect!

Your donation will reserve your space, and will be divided equally between the two organizations. You may attend and choose to make a donation of any amount at the door, if there is still space available.”

Dia de los Muertos Berkeley
Tuesday, October 29, 5:00-9:00PM
1400 block of Shattuck Avenue, North Berkeley

“Community Altar 5:00-7:30PM
Candle Light Procession 7:45-9:00PM

Aztec Dancers - Fire Dancers - Day Of The Dead Window Displays - Diy Art Projects - Free Face Painting - Food Trucks - Beer and Wine Garden - Art and Craft Booths

Celebrate and remember those who have passed on at a time of year when the veil between the living and dead is thought to be at its most diaphanous. At the fifth annual Dia de los Muertos Celebration, gather on Shattuck Avenue between Rose and Vine Streets in Berkeley on Tuesday, October 29, 5:00-9:00PM. Food trucks, a wine and beer garden, free skeletal face painting, and DIY art projects for kids and adults, musicians and fire dancers enliven the night. Costumes and papier mache giant heads are encouraged.

Help create an altar, or ofrenda, by bringing photos or stories of loved ones, candles, breads, or flowers to add to the altar. Cuatli Mitotiana Mexica Aztec dancers will bless the altar with drums and dancing, then lead a sidewalk candle light procession through the district for about an hour following along a path of strewn marigold petals. Several other ofrendas will be created by local artists and will be installed in front of several businesses in the district.”

Awakening the Sacred Body
with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Part two of a five part series
Tuesday, October 29, 7:30-9:00PM
and three more dates, November 13, December 11 and January 8
Sacred Stream Center, 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley, CA 94702
$20 in advance, $25 at the door (may sell out)
For more information, please e-mail info@sacredstream.org

“Join Bon Buddhist meditation master, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, in the practice of meditation and reflection. Through bringing together the focus of the mind, breath, and physical movements, you will be taught simple and powerful exercises to open your body and release the obstacles that obscure you from recognizing the unbounded space within. Discover inner refuge and the gifts of spaciousness, awareness, and warmth that bring healing and benefit not only to you but also to your relationships with others and the greater world.
This is a five-part series that takes place on September 26, October 29, November 13, December 11 and January 8. You can take one class or all five. Each class is a discrete set of teachings and it is not required that you take the classes in any particular order. This series takes place at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley. Funds go to the Tibetan Children's School, part of TANC (Tibetan Association of Northern California).”  

Explore The Realm Of Dreams
with Suzette
Tuesday, October 29, 7;30PM
Moonfyre Metaphysical, 401 E Campbell Avenue, Campbell, 408-370-0333

“Please join Suzette from Aphrodite's Laundry and Moonfyre Metaphysical as we explore the realm of the dream world.
There is more to the dream world than what books, podcasts, and speakers may describe. Tonight we'll share an introduction about the dreamworld, our inner and outer world, and how they are used to manifest, create, and re-member who we are. We will use the Lightening Dreamwork technique to practice dream sharing, journey through shamanic drumming and briefly discuss dream re-entry, healing and telepathy.”

Gone But Not Forgotten: Honoring the Beloved Dead Ritual
with Sarah Astarte
Wednesday, October 30, 5:00PM
Sofia University, 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto

“This is the time to remember and revere those people who have passed before us. This is a safe space to allow our grief to emerge and let it go. The ritual includes building an altar, and saying the names of our beloved dead, and offering prayers and blessings. It is open to public and is free.”

On Holy Ground: Commitment and Devotion to Sacred Land
Book Reading with Luisah Teish and Leilani Birely
Wednesday, October 30, 6:00-7:30PM
McCarthy Library Community Room, Napa Valley College,
2277 Napa Vallejo Highway, Napa
For more information, please e-mail Leilani@DaughtersoftheGoddess.com
or call 925-787-9247

“On Holy Ground is a self-published, quality paperback. It contains our personal stories, cultural myths and folktales, prayers, chants, rituals and exercises to help you define your relationship to Mother Earth and Her Children. It also contains photographs from our travels to several sacred sites and our original artwork. This book will be useful to those wishing to travel as kindred spirits, to address ecological and environmental issues, and to experience the joys of rituals in nature.”

accompanied live by the San Francisco Symphony
Wednesday, October 30, 8:00PM
Davies Symphony Hall, Van Ness Avenue between Grove and Hayes, San Francisco
see website for ticket prices

“Lights! Camera! Join the San Francisco Symphony, with one of the most iconic film scores ever created. The partnership between filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and composer Bernard Herrmann resulted in some of cinema’s greatest musical moments - none more memorable than the famous shower scene in Psycho. Hitchcock himself acknowledged, ‘33% of the effect of Psycho was due to the music.’ Join the SFS and conductor Joshua Gersen for a chilling night at the movies, as the orchestra accompanies this classic thriller live.

Meet Tere Carrubba, Alfred Hitchcock’s granddaughter at a memorabilia and book signing in the Symphony Store following the concert.

Drink Special
In a week featuring the cinematic masterpieces of iconic filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, take a pre-concert breather or relax at intermission with a cocktail at the main lobby bar. Enjoy The Voyeur, a sparkling cocktail accented with VSOP cognac and a hint of Grand Marnier, specially crafted to honor Mr. Hitchcock's spine-tingling work. Order your specialty drink at the main bar, or call (415) 252-1937 to pre-order.

Halloween Night at the Exploratorium
Thursday, October 31, 6:00-10:00PM
Exploratorium, Pier 15, San Francisco
Included with museum admission.
Adults Only (18+)

“Join us for an adult evening of deathly delights, including creepy cocktails, such as the Bloody Mary and the Corpse Reviver, and a festive funeral where we’ll mourn scientific notions killed off by cold, hard evidence. Cloak yourself in a costume and come see a knife slicing into a cow heart; handle snakes, lizards, and other crawling, slithering reptiles; or decorate a skull made from molten sugar that you can take home.”

Kali Puja Festival
hosted by SHARANYA
Saturday, November 2, 5:30PM
The Cultural Integration Fellowship, 2650 Fulton Street, San Francisco
$11-$21 sliding scale donation

“10th Annual Kali Puja Festival

Join us for a celebration honoring the cycle of life, the Great Mystery and all things on the margins on November 2 at 6:00PM in San Francisco. We come together in community to welcome in the new year at this time of Kali Puja and Divali, the Festival of Lights, and honor Goddess manifest in the whole of creation.

As the darkness closes in, we offer our prayers to Maa Kali, Mother of the Universe. Together we will honor Her in Her many forms through the Sha'can tradition of Shakta Tantra. With your help, we are planning to fill the temple with chant, song, dance, devotion, and celebration.

What to bring... Offerings for the main altar are welcome. It is customary to bring flowers, fruit, wine, vegetarian offerings, or sweets and to refrain from wearing black to our public rituals. If you wish to wear a special color for Kali, we invite you to don red, a color associated with Her power in the phenomenal world as shakti, the activating force and the energy of creation. You are also invited to bring an object you would like to have blessed.

A sliding scale donation of $21-$11 is suggested to cover the cost of the space, puja supplies and prasad (blessed food); however, no one is ever turned away for lack of funds, and any donation is graciously accepted; we appreciate so much the offerings you make to support our work and the community.

SHARANYA is a Devi Mandir (Goddess Temple) dedicated to the embodied worship of the Divine Mother, especially Maa Kali, as an agent of social justice and deep awakening.”

Have a Spooky, Glowing, Insightful, Healing Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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