What do you wish for?

Do you base our choices on what you want, or what you think you're supposed to want? Let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, THEN engage your mind in the process. The best wishes are born from your heart.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrate the Full Moon in Aries with the Mothers of the New Time

Today, Friday, October 18, is the Full Moon in Aries, and there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse visible from some parts of the world.  This is a time to examine what has been in the shadows at the back of the mind, boldly facing fears and finding a new way forward.

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Poison Moon - a time to work on what needs healing/purification/transmutation in our lives.  Poison can be Power!

Tonight, or during this week, I invite you to join or support the Mothers of the New Time in our Full Moon working:

All Water is One Water,

Molly Blue Dawn

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