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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Concert in the Redwood Grove, Zoe Keating, Celebrate Juno: Roman Goddess of Family and Marriage, Fundamentals of Astrology 1: Learning the Language, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma, How A Mountain Was Made, Conscious Goddess Temple Service, Rearranging Time - Cielo Vertical Arts, Temple of Aphrodite Book Club, Stirring the Cauldron: A Roundtable Discussion, Downtown Benicia Ghost Walk, It’s About Time, SCA West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, World Oceans Day, CAYA Beach Clean Up Day, Wonderful World of Victorian Childhood, Temple of Aphrodite, Day in the Life 1901, Free Laughter Yoga Class, Community Seed’s Open Circle, Self as Super Hero: The Power To Transform, Beardless Cheater Stories, Labyrinth Ritual Improvisation with The Elements, East Bay Waltz, Ecstatic Evening Puja, Brahms Requiem, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Emptiness, Summer Full Bloom, Art at the Source Open Studios, Valhalla Renaissance Faire, Live Oak Park Fair, Fairfax Festival, San Francisco Free Folk Festival, Circle of Wise Women, 14th Annual Butterfly and Bird Festival, Shamanism and The Journey, Sunday Crafternoon for a Cause: Sewing Dresses for Africa, Fixit Clinic at Albany Community Center, Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft, Shamanic Healing Clinic, Intermediate Tarot with Rabbit, Resonance Meditation with Beautiful Chorus, Dark of the Moon Practice for Hermes and Hekate, Tarot Salon, Zele: The Kitka Community Chorus and The World Harmony Chorus, CAYA’s Solstice of Light Triumphant - Different time and location!

Concert in the Redwood Grove
featuring Caldecott and Ash Reiter
Thursday, June 6, 5:30-7:30PM (and every Thursday through August 29)
“Doors” open at 5:00PM.  
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
Adults $12, Youth $5, under 5 Free
Please register online at the website below
for more information, e-mail garden@berkeley.edu

“Join us this summer for a series of concerts in our beautiful Redwood Grove!

California style garage rock pop!

Oakland's own Caldecott makes independent rock & roll music with depth and California mystique, while Ash Reiter charms audiences with golden-pop tunes that rock.

Ticket includes admission to the Garden before 5:00PM. BYO picnic and non-alcoholic rinks welcome.”

Thanks to Pixie for letting me know about this event!

Zoe Keating
performing at Exploratorium After Dark
Thursday, June 6, 6:00-10:00PM
Exploratorium, Pier 15, San Francisco
$15, 18 and over

“Connect with the unexpected: Explore art and music at the Exploratorium

The Exploratorium’s After Dark returns June 6, 2013, with a special music-and-art-focused evening featuring performances by acclaimed cellist Zoe Keating, and highlighting works by artists throughout the museum. Operating as a one-woman orchestra, Keating uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of sound in real time, resulting in intricate and breathtaking music that has been delighting audiences since she began improvising for late night crowds in her San Francisco warehouse in her twenties.

Keating is known for both her use of technology, which she uses to sample her cello onstage, and for her DIY ethic, which has resulted in the sale of over 60,000 copies of her self-released albums and a devoted social media following.

Performances are at 7:30PM and 9:00PM in the Observatory.”

Celebrate Juno, Roman Goddess of Family and Marriage
with Daughters of the Goddess
Thursday, June 6, 7:30PM
Berkeley location given upon RSVP
$15 newcomer discount/$30 one time exchange
See website for more information and to RSVP
This ritual is for cisgendered women

“We come to Juno’s altar on Thursday - Her day of the week and in the month of June - Her month, the month that is named in Her honor.
Like many Goddesses, Juno has a vast and varied story.  She is the Goddess of all womyn.  She is with us at the moment of our births, stays with us throughout our lives, and is with us at the time of our deaths.  She is so much a part of womyn’s daily lives, that Her name has become synonymous with the souls of womyn.  Each womyn’s Juno is Her very soul essence.  And so it is.
In Rome, She and Her consort Jupiter were the rulers of all.  She is called the Great Mother and also Optima Maxima - The Greatest of All Goddesses.  As the attendant Goddess at the beds of childbirth, She was the protector of creation itself - of the birthing womyn and their offspring.  She is the Mother phase of the Goddess trinity and the round-bellied Full Moon of the Moon phases.
In addition to Her roles as protector of all womyn, Juno oversees the household, particularly in matters of marriage.  She helps keep domestic concord, is invoked to soothe fiery arguments, and keeps equanimity at the forefront of the family life.  She would not tolerate the abuse of wives by husbands and in Her name the earliest battered womyn’s shelters were opened in Rome, giving refuge to any married womyn and their children who needed it.
As Juno Moneta, this Goddess is invoked as the Goddess of memory.  As such, She is the Goddess who warns.  In a circular vision of History, Juno Moneta is the force that watches carefully and teaches the stories of those who have gone before, keeping the human memory alive.  How special that as the Great Mother of Womyn, She serves us by aiding us on our journeys into our relationship with the Divine Feminine - to help us remember, to hold our hands as we walk uncertain paths, to trust the truths that She shows us.  To know.  We are blessed by Her presence in our lives!
As you prepare for this Ritual, consider your own Juno, your own Soul essence and how She and you are one in the same.  How does She shine through you?!  For the altar, please bring a color of purple, green, or blue, any images of Her, and any of Her plants or symbols which are many:  anise, ash, borage, clover, dandelion, juniper berries, mint, sage, cedar or nutmeg incense, amethyst, sapphire or turquoise stones, peacocks and unicorns.  Also, if you are a Juno Sacred Flame holder, please bring your Juno flame and a story that you would like to share about your experience as a Juno holder!”

Fundamentals of Astrology 1: Learning the Language
with astrobarry
Thursday, June 6, 7:30-9:30PM,
and three more Thursdays, June 13, 20 and 27
$140 for all 4 classes (registration required)

“In Part One of astrobarry's 4-part astrology course, we will master the essential building-blocks of astrology. In addition to covering the different facets of what astrology is, we'll conduct in-depth interpretive explorations of each of the zodiac signs, the planets, the houses, and the aspects (geometric angles between planets). This class provides a wonderful entry into the world of astrology, introducing the archetypal symbols which comprise this centuries-old system of divination and celestial insight.”

Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma
The Next Cockettes Musical
Thursday-Saturday, June 6-8, 8:00PM
playing through June 29
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers 6th annual Theatre of The Ridiculous Revival showcases a rare Cockettes Musical, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma, a new full-length, restored version of The Cockettes’ 1971 musical extravaganza featuring original Cockettes Scrumbly Koldewyn, Sweet Pam Tent, and Rumi Missabu. Seats and private Shock Boxes always sell out quickly, so be sure to get your tickets in advance.”

How A Mountain Was Made
by Greg Sarris
presented by The Imaginists
Thursday-Sunday, June 6-9,
Thursday 7:00PM, Friday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 5:00PM
playing through June 9
“We are very excited to be opening our world premier adaptation of Greg Sarris’ How a Mountain Was Made (not yet published!) Inspired by Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo creation stories, that center on the Santa Rosa plain, Copeland Creek, and the sacred sites of Sonoma Mountain. Join us in re-imagining place as we perform in and out of our store-front theater and around our neighborhood, right in sight of Sonoma Mountain. Every stone holds a memory. Every creek has a song.

The stories from the Mountain teach important lessons, and many of the songs that Coast Miwok people have sung since the beginning of time are gifts from the Mountain and come from the stories.”

Rearranging Time - Cielo Vertical Arts
presented by Ann Hamilton's Tower Performances   
Friday, June 7, 4:30-7:00PM
Oliver Ranch, Geyersville - exact address provided upon registration

“The Imaginists invite you to join us for a very special event, Rearranging Time by the Cielo Vertical Arts at Ann Hamilton's Tower at the Oliver Ranch in Geyersville.  Tickets are $100 and are limited.  We recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.  All proceeds benefit the Imaginists.

Once you have purchased your tickets, you will receive an email with detailed instructions about where and when to meet and what to wear for the performance.  Please note, there is some walking involved including a narrow path that will go up and downhill.  Comfortable walking shoes are strongly encouraged.  Arrival time is 4:30PM, performance ends at 7:00PM.

Rearranging Time - Cielo Vertical Arts
Using aerial dance, live music and word, Cielo Vertical Arts and its collaborators: Jesse Olsen Bay, musician, Richard Kittle, set designer, and Steve Schneider, head rigger, will weave an immersive fabric of performance art, responding to and inhabiting Ann Hamilton’s Tower on Oliver Ranch.  Rearranging Time brings the audience through a world where falling slows down, memories jump, rise, and run, real time loses its rhythm and the sublime might last a bit longer.  Rearranging Time will be drawn from the personal stories, myths, and assumptions we collectively hold about time as a precious resource, time as an indestructible truth, and time as an illusion.   

The Oliver Ranch Story
Located in the heart of Sonoma County, 70 miles north of San Francisco, and known internationally for its wineries and scenic pleasures, the Oliver Ranch is home to 18 remarkable site-specific installations; the most recent of which is Ann Hamilton's The Tower, where commissioned dance, poetry, theatre, and music performances take place. The picturesque 100-acre property was originally bought by Steve and Nancy Oliver in 1981 to graze a few extra sheep from, as Steve says, ‘My daughter’s 4-H project gone bad.’ The ranch’s evolution from exiled sheep quarters to world-renowned sculpture ranch was gradual and organic, a natural convergence of the Olivers' longstanding passion for art and deep connection to the land.

In 2009, Steve and Nancy Oliver partnered with Community Foundation Sonoma County to create the Oliver Ranch Foundation as a supporting organization of the Community Foundation. This partnership assures that the Olivers’ vision for the ranch continues into perpetuity and allows the Olivers to leave the ranch in local hands. As of 2009, the Olivers contributed to the Oliver Ranch Foundation an undivided interest in the land and the sculptures affixed to the land, with plans for the remaining interests in the land and sculptures to go to the Foundation over the Olivers' lifetimes.  

Please note:  Tickets are nonrefundable and not transferrable.  All tickets sales subject to availability.  For more information or to buy your tickets from the Imaginists Box Office, please contact Brenda Fox at brenda@theimaginists.org or 707-528-7554.”

Temple of Aphrodite Book Club
Friday, June 7, 7:00-8:00PM, and the second Friday of each month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“We are a group devoted to Aphrodite in all Her splendor. Please join us to learn more about Aphrodite's presence in our lives through a roundtable discussion of her lore and literature.

Laurelei Black’s In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite.  
Please come prepared to discuss chapters 4 and 5 of In Her Service, bringing any relevant questions and experiences you may have!”

Stirring the Cauldron: A Roundtable Discussion
with Elayne Lockhart
Friday, June 7, 7:00-8:30PM, and the first Friday of every month
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342

“Join us on the first Friday of each month for a round table discussion. Each month a topic is selected in regards to paganism, witchcraft, or the esoteric arts. This is a moderated group; strong discussion is welcomed, however respect for diverse opinion and tolerance of other people's beliefs is a must.

Elayne Lockhart is a 4th generation witch living in the East Bay, where she works to educate the public on paganism and the esoteric arts. She has appeared in various live and print media regarding witchcraft and is the former moderator of Witchy Wednesdays. You can reach Elayne by phone at 925-935-3808, by e-mail at elaynelockhart@yahoo.com.”

Downtown Benicia Ghost Walk
Friday, June 7, 8:00PM, and the first and third Friday of each month
meet at 90 First Street, Benicia
$25, reservations required.
Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult.
For more information, please call 707-745-9791

“Paranormal history of Downtown Benicia are revealed on this exciting, interactive and fun Ghost Walk led by paranormal investigator Devin Sisk. Each tour is limited to 20 people and lasts approximately 2 hours, depending on what entity you encounter along the way! Walking shoes and flashlight recommended. No children under ten years of age permitted on tours. Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult. $25 per person. Prepaid reservations required by calling 707-745-9791.”

It’s About Time
a film, art, performance and music festival
Friday-Sunday, June 7-9,
see below for details
final week
SoleSpace, 1714 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

“Join us for It’s About Time, a multi-disciplinary event featuring the work of Ragged Wing’s artistic community. Come out for an evening of ice art, documentary and experimental films, paintings, performance art and music all woven into one tapestry toward the theme: It’s About Time. Check out our artist talks and the variety of creative workshops offered by our Ragged Wing Ensemble's Core Company.

First Friday Party!
Friday June 7, 10:00PM
Music: The Crane and the Crow
Tickets: $5  

Saturday, June 8, 7:00-11:00PM
Music by The Kilbanes
Plays: The Music Tree and Now! Now? Now.
Silent auction
Delicious dinner and drinks
A dance party!
Tickets: $45

Sunday, June 9, 7:00PM
Play: The Music Tree
Music: Jascha Hoffman
Artist Talk: Eric Bohr at 8:30PM
Tickets: $15

Each evening will feature a gallery show including large scale paintings, ice sculptures, photography, short films playing in repetition, performance art, and immersive opportunities to engage with the artwork.  There will be one 15 minute play, one band playing and one artist talk each night.  The entire, multi-layered evening will run for about 2 hours.”

SCA West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney
Friday-Sunday, June 7-9,
see website for schedule and admission details
Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All America City Boulevard, Roseville

“Start your summer off right with some incredible classes.

Tournament Categories
Practical Science: Cooking
Performing Arts: Dance
Performing Arts: Performance
Fine Arts: Needlework
Fine Arts: Calligraphy
Technical Science: Alchemy
Practical Science: Seamanship
Fine Arts: Glass
Performing Arts: Storytelling

Saturday Evening Entertainment
My Lords and Ladies, children of all ages, come one come all to The Carnival of The Phoenix for an evening of fun and entertainment!

What is The Carnival of The Phoenix? The Carnival is an evening of family friendly entertainment. A venue for something just a bit different which I, your humble Carnival Proprietor, hope to bring to you on a regular basis starting with Kingdom Arts and Sciences. A magician and juggler. Story tellers and puppeteers. A bardic circle and a fortune teller shall grace our first outing.

And this is just the beginning. As The Carnival expands for future events you will see an ever changing landscape of entertainment, new acts, returning favorites, carnival games, and more.

For our first show ever we will be bringing you the following evenings’ entertainments:

I, Santiago, will bring you feats of mystery and magic.

The lovely Vittoria and her cast will bring you The Tale of Apollo and Daphne.

And Yukiko's Noh Hands Puppet Theater shall bring you an original work entitled The Kraken Bell Brothers.

Following we shall open our Bardic Circle to all who wish to join us for an evening of song and story led by Master Allesandro.

During the Bardic Circle we shall also have available the talents of Madame Ghislaine, fortune teller extraordinaire!

So come, join us around our fire after evening court for fun, frivolity, song, story and magic.

Thank you,
Proprietor of The Carnival of The Phoenix”

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
Saturdays-Sundays, June 7-30  
see website for detailed schedule

“We celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival with a series of inspiring events and performances featuring 35 dance companies that embody the breadth and diversity of the Bay Area’s dance communities.

Join us for four weekends of dance from around the world, including both traditional masterpieces and innovative world premieres that may forever change the way you think about dance.”

World Oceans Day
Saturday, June 8
see website to find events in your area

“The concept for a World Ocean Day was first proposed in 1992 by the Government of Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. As a result of a United Nations General Assembly resolution passed in December 2008, World Oceans Day is now officially recognized by the UN as June 8th each year.

Since 2002, The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network have helped to promote and coordinate World Oceans Day events worldwide with aquariums, zoos, museums, conservation organizations, universities, schools, and businesses. Each year an increasing number of countries and organizations have been marking June 8th as an opportunity to celebrate our world ocean and our personal connection to the sea.

Together, we also developed and widely circulated a petition to the United Nations urging them to officially recognize World Oceans Day. With help from our Partner organizations, tens of thousands of people from all parts of the world signed online or paper copies of the petition. Congratulations to all for helping to make this happen!

Designation of World Oceans Day provides an important boost to those organizations and individuals who have been deeply committed to ocean conservation. Official UN designation is another important step toward improving the health of our world's ocean.

Now we need to capitalize on this fresh momentum! We hope you will be involved in planning or participating in a World Oceans Day celebration near you!

Please visit the rest of the World Oceans Day website to list your event, get celebration ideas, access the media and outreach kit, and more.”

CAYA Beach Clean Up Day
Saturday, June 8, 10:00AM-1:00PM
Crown Memorial State Beach, Crab Cove entrance, 1252 McKay Avenue, Alameda

“Come As You Are to our second Beach Clean Up day in Alameda!

The CAYA Coven Public Service Committee will be hosting an open Beach Clean Up day at Crown Memorial State Beach.

Bring work gloves, a container for trash, sunscreen/protective gear, water and sturdy shoes.

RSVP to: Amata Maia at thislittlemaya@gmail.com or just show up at 10:00AM!  

Hope to see you there!

-Manea Trinacria on behalf of the Caya Coven Public Service Committee

PS - Save the date for the last Beach Clean Up on Saturday, July 13 at the same location.”

Wonderful World of Victorian Childhood
Children's Program at McConaghy House
Saturday, June 8, 10:00AM-4:00PM
McConaghy House, 18701 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward
$2 program fee per child, $3 tour fee for adults

“Experience a day in the life of a Victorian child. Play the Game of Graces, learn the waltz, cross-stitch a craft, and take time for tea. Dress-up in a top-hat and bustle in Archie's Playroom and make craft-stick harmonicas to create original tunes.

Drop in from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.”

Temple of Aphrodite
Sunday, June 8, 11:00AM-12:00PM, and the second Sunday of each month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“Men and women of all backgrounds are invited to participate in monthly rituals and activities dedicated to the benevolent Lady of Love.

Theme for June: Festivals of Aphrodite/Venus with Volpe

These services help you tap into the ever-flowing fountain of love within, and to connect that love with your personal practices, work, relationships, and activities in the world.”
to open to the adventure of life as a witch.”

Day in the Life 1901
with the Hyde Street Living History Players
Saturday, June 8, 11:00AM-5:00PM, and the second Saturday of each month
Aboard the historic vessels at Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
included with vessel admission, Adults $5, 15 and under free

“Step into the past as you board our historic ships. Help the sailors on Balclutha raise the staysail in the morning and return for musical fun during the afternoon dogwatch. Learn about life in 1901 from the ferry passengers on Eureka, or join Mrs. Galan on the Ark houseboat for an afternoon tea to discuss issues of the day.

Witness a dramatic re-creation of the 1901 labor strike that shook the San Francisco Waterfront in July. In September, picknickers in period swimsuits frolic on the beach. Don’t miss President McKinley’s visit in May and the Old Time Maritime Christmas celebration in December, with all the ships decorated as they were in 1901.

June 8: Chautauqua at Hyde Street Pier. A special program of visiting luminaries sure to enlighten the hearts and minds of all who witness this amazing Chautauqua.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is located at the west end of Fisherman’s Wharf, in San Francisco. The park includes a magnificent fleet of historic ships, visitor center, maritime museum and library. For more information about the park, or its public programs, please call 415-447-5000 or visit the park’s website. To contact Hyde Street Living History directly, please email David Hirzel at sfmaritime1901@sbcglobal.net.”

Free Laughter Yoga Class
for Social Change and Self Care
with Annie Goglia and Amos Lans
Saturday, June 8, 12:00-1:00PM
North Oakland Farmers Market, 942 Stanford Avenue, Oakland

“Hello LifeFire Laughter Lovers

Do you want to make positive changes in the world and take care of yourself?
Have more fun and flexibility at work and at home?
Make healthy connections with others?
Join us for a fabulous free hour of fun stress-busting and easy laughter and breathing exercises. No mats or experience needed.

My co-leader, Amos Lans, and I will be there at 11:30AM to hang out, laugh and answer questions.  The free Laughter Yoga class begins at noon.

Shop at the wonderful friendly Phat Beets Farmers Market from 10:00AM-3:00PM!
Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Crossroads Collective Cafe.

Keep laughing!  See you in the Sunshine :)


Community Seed’s Open Circle
Saturday, June 8, 2:00PM, and the second Saturday of each month
Quaker Meeting House, 225 Rooney Street, Santa Cruz
$5-$10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

“We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Gather at 2:00PM, begin ritual at 2:30PM. The intention of this circle is to provide a regular meeting place for Earth-Spirit, Pagan worship in Santa Cruz. Newcomers are welcome! Let us meet together in sacred trust to create closer spiritual bonds of love and understanding within our community and within our tribes. There is only one love. Following ritual will be a simple feast, and the opening of circle. (No potluck except on occasion). After circle has been opened, we invite you to stay to socialize, and perhaps have some tea and snacks.

What to bring?
Yourself, your open heart and mind. We ask for a small sliding scale donation to cover the costs of the hall rental ($5-$10 dollars). No one will ever be turned away for lack of money.

This month, Willow and Rich  will lead our Monthly circle.  Join us for ecstatic connection with Spirit through song, dance, creative movement and expression! We feel the flow of love from Earth and Sky within ourselves and between each other.”

Self as Super Hero: The Power To Transform
the 15th Annual ArtEsteem Exhibition
Saturday, June 8, 3:00-6:00PMPM
Oasis Gallery, American Steel Studios, 1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland

“Attitudinal Healing Center is proud to present ArtEsteem's 15th Annual Exhibition,
Self as Super Hero: The Power To Transform

It is our hope that you will join us as we imagine, envision and to create the Self As Super Hero for a better world. In a world of violence and hopelessness, there is an urgent need for super heroes to assist in the transformation of our communities from fear to love, peace and joy.

Self As Super Hero: The Power To Transform exhibition will take you through a journey of super heroes created by the children, fashion design and cultural arts. Some of the art pieces will indentify personal, local, national and global heroes. Students identified their strengths and talents which they translated into superpowers to help solve problems they see in the community and the world.”

Beardless Cheater Stories
with Erik Aasland
Saturday, June 8, 5:00-7:00PM
Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-0700
for more information, please e-mail silkroadhouse@yahoo.com or call 510-981-0700

“The Vitality of Tradition: Appropriation of Aldar Kose (the trickster) in a Kazakh Folktale to Represent 'The New Kazakh'
Aldar Kose (lit. ‘Beardless Cheater’) is a hero-trickster character present in the oral traditions and literature of Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Turkmen, and Tajiks. He uses his cunning wit and eloquence to defeat the greed and laziness of the rich, powerful, and pompous. Readers not only delight in, but also vicariously share in his victories.
Our guest will compare and contrast two versions of the same Kazakh folktale: ‘Aldar Kose and the Devils’. One recent version was modified to depict the ‘New Kazakhs’. Aldar Kose goes from representing, acting in the stead of gentle Kazakhs, to presenting the Kazakhs as cunning like himself.
Erik Aasland received his Ph.D. from Fuller Graduate School of Intercultural Studies in Pasadena, CA. He has done invited talks at USC and UCSD where he spoke in particular about proverbs (‘How I got Hooked and What I have Done About It’ and ‘Kazakh-speaking Students' Refractions of Community by Means of Kazakh Proverbs’). From 2006-2011 he carried out field research concerning Kazakh proverbs, folktales and oral traditions, developing relationships with such distinguished scholars as Academic Abduali Qaidar of the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences. He also taught at Suleyman Demirel University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He specializes in cognitive poetic and language ideological analysis of Kazakh oral tradition.“

Labyrinth, Ritual, Improvisation with The Elements
presented by Samavesha
Saturday, June 8, 7:00-9:00PM
Berkeley Rose Labyrinth, 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Sliding scale $15

“The Elements are: Shay Nichols, Green Huse, Briony Greenhill, Sam Rogers, &and Christopher Kuntzsch. Join these 5 dynamic vocalists for an evening of richly-textured a cappella singing in The Rose Labyrinth on Saturday, June 8 from 7:00-9:00PM. With their presence, freedom, tenderness, and respect, they will call forth music of the elements, and of the audience. Come to listen, come to sing, come to walk the ritual path with an organic human soundtrack to aid your self-discovery. Tickets are $15 at the door, and benefit Samavesha as well as these healing sound artists.

About the Artists
Shay Nichols sings in a style all her own, and loves helping
people experience the beauty and power of their voice. Her
work blends the freedom of improvisation with the wisdom of
sound healing traditions to encourage well being and transformation.

Green Huse has many miles of touring under her feet, and is now lovingly rooted in family life in Berkeley. She sings with all she's got and improv is her mother tongue.

Briony Greenhill is freedom and acceptance given voice! She also founded the London Vocal Improv Collective and has studied with Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon.

Sam Rogers (aka The One Mouth Band) has crisscrossed the globe as a solo a cappella act, TaKeTiNa Rhythm Facilitator, and CircleSong Leader. Formerly of SoVoSo and the theater/vocal group Improvox, he loves getting to sing with people of all levels, especially those who challenge him.

Christopher Kuntzsch elegantly combines mastery with beginner's mind. Born of two opera singers and experienced in building community and leaders, he is now finding his own voice, and what a beautiful voice it is...

About Samavesha
Samavesha is a non profit multidisciplinary performing art and music organization base out of the Bay Area, with the mission of bringing performing art events to the community, exploring the intersection of traditional art forms with contemporary artistic languages, and creating the awareness of the vital importance of creativity and art in human lives as a source of a healthy living. Under the artistic direction of Laura Inserra, the door to the marvelous Rose Labyrinth has just been opened!”

East Bay Waltz
Saturday, June 8, Lessons: 7:00-9:00PM, Dancing: 9:00PM-Midnight
Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street, Berkeley
$12 for lesson and dancing, $8 for dancing only

“East Bay Waltz is a monthly casual social dance featuring mostly waltz and cross-step waltz, with polka, swing, schottische, and latin dances thrown in to mix things up.

Every month, there is a class for beginners and a class for more experienced dancers, from 7:00-9:00PM. Then, there's DJ'd social dancing and fun times from 9:00PM-Midnight. $12 gets you the lesson and dance, or $8 for just the dance.

Come by yourself, or with a friend, or a crowd. People of all ages are welcome. Dress in jeans and a t-shirt, or dress up all fancy-like if you'd like.

The introductory class will be on rotary waltz, which is so important that it's usually just called the ‘waltz’. Kathy Lowy teaches. No experience or partner necessary!

The intermediate class will be cross-step waltz variations, taught by Bob Galloway.

Our DJ from 9:00PM-Midnight will be Anthony Argyriou.”

Thanks to Ivy for letting me know about this event!

Ecstatic Evening Puja
for all Men and Women
Saturday, June 8, 7:30-10:00PM
Terra's Temple, 654 Oakland Avenue, Oakland
$30 per person , $50 per couple, pre-registration is required.
“Share joyous ritual with beginners and many who practice Tantra.   
No experience required, best if you've done an Introduction to Tantra.

Couples and singles:
Partner with many delightful Tantrikas, or you can choose to stay with your special partner.
Breathe and dance your way into heart-filled delights!
Enjoy being nurtured in sacred exchanges
Explore a range of sensual and erotic passions while practicing mutual honor, respect, safety
Hone Tantric skills and nourish new heart connections
Deepening bonds bring healing to us all!”

Brahms Requiem
with The California State University East Bay Choral Union
Saturday, June 8, 8:00PM
The Cathedral of Christ the Light, 2121 Harrison Street, Oakland

This choir features Q'desha Yansumi Diwata, High Priestess of Musical Ecstasy!

Yansumi says:
”Please join me for a concert I am singing at the Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light with the CSUEB Choral Union. Brahms' Requiem is one of the great works of western art music and we will be singing it with full orchestra - there will be over 175 performers on this concert (including choirs from CSUEB, the Tucson Girl's Chorus and a professional full orchestra!).

This is an amazing and beautiful piece of musical literature and I have been having a challenging but FUN time learning this piece with this choir and its amazing director - I'm super excited (and nervous!) about this performance.  I hope to see some of you there!”

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Emptiness:
A Comedic Musical Romp Through the Buddhaverse
with Lou Montgomery   
Saturday, June 8, 8:00PM
Occidental Center for the Arts, 3850 Doris Murphy Court, Occidental

“In this new, original one-woman comic performance, Lou Montgomery weaves together humorous personal narrative, Buddhist teachings, topical songs, and visual imagery as she depicts her madcap journey towards awakening.  Joining her onstage will be musicians Richard Mandel, Hoytus Rolen, and Kim Atkinson. Refreshments will be available.”

Summer Full Bloom
with Axis Mundi TranceFusion
Saturday, June 8, 8:00PM-Midnight
Bhakti Mandir (House of Devotional Ecstasy), 6225 Doremus Avenue, Richmond
$15.00 at the Door

“Celebrate the long lush days of June, the fragrant flowers that fill the air, and Vestalia, the ancient festival honoring the Goddess Vesta, who kept the Eternal Sacred Flame burning in her temple. It's the perfect moment to join us for Trance Dancing and Shamanic Journeying to World Beat Drumming, Devotional Kundalini Chant, Crystal Bowls, Sound Healing, 3rd Eye Anointing, and the joys of connection in a radiant commUNITY of kindred spirits!

Hosted Savory Edibles Served - veggie and omnivore
BYO Libations and Contributions of Savory or Sweet Snacks Welcomed!

Wear your EXOTIC and FESTIVE FINERY and have a warm layer to enjoy Full Moon Gazing from the beautiful 3 level outdoor deck!”

Art at the Source Open Studios
with Caren Catterall, Sonoma County Printmaker
Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Studio #72, 11214 Occidental Road, Sebastopol

“Come visit printmaker Caren Catterall in her lovely studio in the redwoods and see the latest Giantess and other mythic creatures, watch a demo, and learn about the art of limited edition prints.

Caren will explain the mysterious printmaking process, educate you about what a limited edition print really is, and show how to ink and wipe an etching. Demonstrations will be at 12:00PM and 3:00PM each day.”

Valhalla Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9,
10:00AM-6:00PM Saturday, 10:00AM-5:00PM Sunday
final weekend
Camp Richardson’s Wood, 1900 Jameson Beach Road, South Lake Tahoe
Adults $18, ages 13-17, seniors and military $13, ages 6-12 $8, under 6 free

“Two weekends of fun and excitement for the whole family.
Rub elbows with nobility, immerse yourself in the Renaissance village, enjoy continuous entertainment in the streets provided by close to 900 costumed actors, action packed stage shows, music, dancing, jesters, Shakespearean vignettes, expertly staged battles, storytelling, archery tournaments and much more.

Second Weekend, June 8-9:
Pirate and Barbarian Hordes invade the festivities. Let loose and have a jolly good time while you participate in Scavenger Hunts, Costume contests, and a Talk Like a Pirate Competitions.”

Live Oak Park Fair
Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

“Come and Celebrate Creativity and Community at this Family-Friendly Fair!

A cornerstone of the vibrant North Berkeley art and crafts community, the Live Oak Park Fair showcases affordable contemporary art, fine crafts, handcrafted jewelry and accessories, couture adult and kids’ clothing, handmade quilts and baskets, plus sculptural and functional objects in clay, fiber, glass, metal and wood.  Plus, kid-friendly entertainment all day including live music, magic shows, puppets, and face painting.  Excellent food purveyors and for the first time this year, samplings and tastings of edibles and body products. Enjoy all the delights among the heritage oaks and redwoods and alongside the charming Codornices Creek. No cost to attend. You can catch a free shuttle from the North Berkeley BART Station every half hour from 10:00AM to 6:00PM both days.”

Fairfax Festival
Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, 11:00AM-6:00PM
Bolinas Park, 78 Bolinas Road and Peri Park, 40 Park Road, Fairfax

“For the Love of Fairfax…
36th Annual Fairfax Festival
Downtown Parade Saturday 10:00AM Grand Marshal: Ingrid Weiss
3 Stages of Music plus a Kid’s stage!
Flea market, Arts and Crafts, Eco Products and Services
Organic Wine Tasting Tent, Great Beer, Delicious Food!
Community Celebration, Friends, Family, Neighbors
Bolinas Park, Peri Park, Ball Field of FUN, Fairfax Pavilion”

San Francisco Free Folk Festival
Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, 12:00-10:00PM
Presidio Middle School, 450 30th Avenue, San Francisco

“The festival is two full days of music and dance workshops, concerts, dance parties, crafts, vendors, formal and informal music-making, and just plain fun for the whole family. All ages and musical interests are welcome. All events and workshops are open to anyone who wants to drop in and participate or just listen. And did we mention that admission is free?”

Circle of Wise Women
with Arlene Samen
Sunday, June 9, 10:00AM-3:00PM
Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center, 820 Bel Marin Keys Blvd, Novato, 415-884-2314
Free, donations accepted

“Arlene Samen’s journey is about amazing courage against all odds. At the request of the Dalai Lama she went to Tibet in 1997 to assess the situation of maternal health care. Arlene spent the next 10 years working side-by-side with the local government to bring a safe motherhood project to women who were poor, uneducated and living in remote mountainous areas on the ‘roof of the world.’

After facing a political uprising in Lhasa, Tibet, and unimaginable challenges while in Mexico, she remembered what the Dalai Lama said to her, ‘On the path of service all doors will open.’ She witnessed that in the light of her purpose and mission, it transformed the opposition to become supporters in the work of One Heart reaching world wide.

Experience from Arlene’s story the effect the human spirit has in difficult challenges. We will have a chance to share, meditate and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Arlene Samen, APRN, President/Founder One Heart World-Wide
Arlene has been a Nurse Practitioner in Maternal Fetal Medicine for 31 years. She brought the ‘Network of Safety’ model to women who face death in order to give life in Tibet. In 2009, One Heart World-Wide took its life-saving model to remote villages in Nepal and in the Copper Canyon of Mexico.

She has received many awards, including being selected one of the 50 Unsung Heroes for Acts of Compassion in 2001, a Soroptomist Women Making a Difference Award and as a CNN Hero of the Week in 2008. In 2009, she was a Rainer Arnhold Fellow with the Mulago Foundation and is a current member of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). See her TedxSF talk on Dying to Give Birth.

Includes wholesome and delicious vegetarian lunch.

We invite all women to participate in Circle of Wise Women. We meet once every quarter with a different guest facilitator covering spiritual based themes.

All workshops and retreats at Anubhuti are made possible by the generosity and contributions of the participants. Please check with our staff for details.”

14th Annual Butterfly and Bird Festival
Sunday, June 9, 10:00AM-3:30PM
Coyote Hills Regional Park, 8000 Patterson Ranch Road, Fremont
for more information, please call 1-888-327-2757, option 3, ext. 3220

“Join us for a fun time at the 14th Annual Butterfly and Bird Festival. The special event is dedicated to increasing the numbers and species of butterflies and birds in Bay Area landscapes. Spend a day of adventure and learning that allows you to get close to nature's flying critters. Enjoy garden tours, family hands-on activities, educational speakers, photo presentations and music. Learn how to bring your backyard to life by creating wildlife friendly habitats! Parking fees apply where charged. Disabled accessible. No registration required; Drop-in program only. For information, call 510-544-3220.”

Shamanism and The Journey
with Claudia and Moria
Sunday, June 9, 11:00AM-4:00PM
San Francisco, exact location given upon registration
$75-100 sliding scale

“Curious about shamanism and want to know more? This workshop is for discovering what shamanism is about, and for learning to journey. Journeying is an altered state, which can be accessed by listening to drumming or other rhythmic percussion. It gives us the ability to receive direct guidance and healing, find answers, and release limiting  beliefs. No prior experience is necessary to take this workshop.

During the workshop, we’ll spend some time talking about what shamanism is, and how it fits into today’s world. Then, you’ll dive right in and learn to journey. We could talk for days, but that’s not half as much fun as experiencing it for yourself. You will first journey to meet your Power Animal, and we’ll do a second journey as well, to be determined depending on the group. Some of the questions you have now, you’ll see they answer themselves - you will know you’re not making it up, and you will be able to practice on your own afterwards, should you choose to.

The San Francisco session is co-taught by Moria, a shamanic practitioner and teacher who does healing work on the etheric/spiritual levels, and Claudia, an energy healer/body worker and flower essence practitioner. Their complementary perspectives show two of the many ways shamanic practice can inform and express in a modern world.

Bring a bag lunch, notebook, eye pillow or bandanna and a rattle if you have one.
Email compostmentis@volcano.net or call Moria at 209-489-3271 to sign up and receive location information.

About Moria
I believe that everything has Spirit, and we are all connected. I love this Earth that we live on, and I am committed to  minding and mending the webs - both physical and energetic - that connect and feed us all. I believe it is important for each of us to live our whole, authentic self in balanced relationship with the energies of our worlds. I follow this path with an open heart, and the path follows me as well.

About Claudia
I believe that as we move toward living in reciprocity with the natural world, our channels of awareness start opening. We start to reconnect with inner sight, inner knowing and start to listen with our hearts. We become aware that everything is alive, the trees, the rocks, the wind. When this happens our world expands, we move into responding to life from our Divinity and connection rather than separation. When we practice this way of being, we enter the flow of life and stop swimming against the tide.”

Sunday Crafternoon for a Cause: Sewing Dresses for Africa
Sunday, June 9, 12:00-2:00PM
Modern Mouse, 2223 South Shore Center, Alameda

“It was the photo of these adorable dresses - made with pillowcases, no less! - that first piqued our interest while searching for our next charity craft project. But it was the incredible mission behind Little Dresses for Africa that sealed the deal and inspired us to forge ahead with this month's Sunday Crafternoon for a Cause.

We're so excited (and a little nervous) that it will be our first ever workshop involving the use of sewing machines, which couldn't happen without the generous involvement of local artist and sewing instructor Jennifer Serr! Please join Jennifer, Polly Conway, Alameda South Shore Center and Modern Mouse this Sunday, June 9th from 12:00-2:00PM to make beautiful, simple dresses that will be distributed through the orphanages, churches and schools in Africa to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy.

Space is limited, so please RSVP now to reserve your spot! Your $5 participant fee will be used to help with the cost of shipping the dresses.”

Fixit Clinic at Albany Community Center
Sunday, June 9, 1:00-4:00PM
Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Avenue, Albany
for more information, please contact Peter Mui at petermui@gmail.com

“Fix your broken stuff - Or at least learn more about it disassembling it.

Bring your broken, non-functioning things - electronics, appliances, computers, toys, etc. - for assessment, disassembly, and possible repair. We'll provide workspace, specialty tools, and guidance to help you disassemble and troubleshoot your item. Whether we fix it or not, you'll learn more about how it was manufactured and how it worked. This is a family-friendly event: children are heartily invited!

1) your broken or non-working thing (carry-in only: no oversize items)
2) accessories and tools you already own that might be helpful (e.g. phillips head screwdriver)
3) any knowledge or advance research you've done on the issue
4) boxes, bags and/or small containers to organize (and carry away) parts.

To make friends, learn how things work, and have fun!”

Shamanic Healing Clinic
Sunday, June 9, 3:00-5:00PM (and the second Sunday of every month)
in Santa Rosa - RSVP for exact location
To reserve your place, or for more information, call 707-570-0111
$20-$40 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds

“Receive shamanic healing in a community setting
Feel the love and energy of the compassionate spirits
Socialize with shamanic healers and other participants
Experience non-dogmatic, non-religious, spirit based healing

We work in a community setting - everyone healing together.
We use drums and rattles to keep the beat of a trance state, plus bells and other sounds.
We bring you the healing of the compassionate spirits in whatever form that may take
We use appropriate touch, or the laying on of hands.
We remove negative energy and restore positive energy
We give people messages of hope and comfort from the spirits

All the clinic healers have studied shamanic healing with Stuart and Anne, and have developed deep relationships with the helping spirits.

Stuart Dole, PhD and Anne Hatfield both graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ 3-year advanced training, where they studied directly with Michael Harner, author of Way of the Shaman, and Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. They pursued further studies, learning shamanic methods from Tuva (Siberia), Tibet, Hawaii, Brazil, Africa, and the Celtic lands. They were also trained by Sandra Ingerman as shamanic teachers.

Anne has heard messages from the spirits from the time she was a child. She worked in the alternative health field for 25 years. Currently she is a yoga teacher and therapist, a massage therapist and a shamanic practitioner. Her passion is helping others explore those places where body and spirit meet.

Stuart was born into a decidedly atheist family and pursued a career in mathematics and science, earning his PhD in biophysics. But he developed an interest in spirituality, then lived in an ashram and practiced meditation devotedly for more than 30 years. He has subsequently pursued a wide array of methods for developing awareness, or enlightenment, and eventually found his way to shamanism. He is currently a meditation teacher and a shamanic bodyworker. He specializes in helping people become more present in their lives, through embodied awareness.”

Intermediate Tarot with Rabbit
Sunday, June 9, 6:00-8:00PM,
and two more Sundays, June 16 and 23
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$35 per class

“If you have taken Rabbit's Art of Tarot Class, and you'd like to take the next step as a reader, consider taking Intermediate Tarot. This class is designed to help the student of tarot begin to explore creativity, shift the internal landscape, and integrate the wisdom of the tarot more fully into daily life choices.

Prerequisite: Art of Tarot with Rabbit

June 9: Designing your own spreads:
Building effective spreads to answer your questions

June 16: Intuitive Listening:
The temporary autonomous relationship is everything

June 23:Tarot Rituals:
Shaping your life with the tarot”

Resonance Meditation with Beautiful Chorus
Sunday, June 9, 7:00-9:00PM
ClouD 9, 1320 9th Street, Berkeley
$10-$20 sliding scale at the door

“This Sunday we are honored and so excited to be hosting Beautiful Chorus on their 2013 Tour of Abundance for a Resonance Meditation.

Beautiful Chorus is a 12-woman meditative chorus who create a continuous, undulating wave of harmonies, accompanied by chakra-aligned crystal singing bowls to help people feel ease, joy, relaxation, and exhilaration!

Resonance Meditation is a combination of chakra-tuned Cr​ystal Singing Bowls and the undulating waves of Beautiful Chorus harmonies. For the duration of at least one hour, the ladies of Beautiful Chorus create divine soundscapes and high tonal frequencies to help bring about an experience of both personal and group alignment.”

Dark of the Moon Practice for Hermes and Hekate
with Sam Webster
Sunday, June 9, gather at 8:00PM, Ceremony begins at 8:15PM,
and each month within the three day Dark Moon window
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Donations welcome
“Sam Webster (founder of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, author of Tantric Thelema, and Priest of Hermes and Hekate) hosts an open Dark of the Moon practice at The Sacred Well each month, making offerings to Hermes and Hekate. The large wooden representation of Hermes, classically called a Herm, was consecrated and worshipped at PantheaCon 2013 by Pagans, Magickians, and spiritual practitioners from many different backgrounds in a large ceremony that drew heavily on classical Greek material. The Herm now resides at the Sacred Well, and each month we gather to continue this sacred work with Dark Moon ritual for Hermes and Hekate, who were frequently honored at the crossroads together in ancient Greece. The practice that Sam shares in this circle is one he has maintained without fail since the Dark Moon of January 1992.

Study with Sam and more formal training in the Priestcraft of Hermes for those who desire to keep this rite are available. Please speak with Sam about this directly when you attend.”

Tarot Salon
with Grey
Tuesday, June 11, 7:00-8:00PM, and the second Tuesday of each month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“This month's cards: The Hierophant and the Two of Pentacles  

A Tarot discussion group for beginners and experienced readers alike. Join us in a roundtable discussion where we discuss our two cards for the month and learn, share insights and gain inspirations from one another. Bring your favorite Tarot deck with you, and be ready to share, learn (and maybe even teach) some new ideas!”

Zele: The Kitka Community Chorus and The World Harmony Chorus
Tuesday, June 11, 8:00PM
Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison Street, Berkeley
$10.50 in advance, $12.50 at the door

“Take a musical tour around the world with the World Harmony Chorus and Zele: The Kitka Community Chorus!

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, The World Harmony Chorus, directed by Daniel Steinberg and Betsy Blakeslee, is an ensemble of singers of all ages and abilities who enjoy singing songs from a variety of cultures. The World Harmony Chorus has invited Zele: The Kitka Community Chorus, directed by Janet Kutulas, to join them in their celebration. Zele will present a program of harmonies from Eastern Europe and Georgia in their uniquely joyful and spirited style!”

Different time and location!

CAYA’s Solstice of Light Triumphant
Saturday, June 22, 6:00PM  
Washington Park, Alameda - exact location in the park TBA
$10 donation requested

Have a Wonderful, Transformational, Time-Of-Your-Life Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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