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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Juneteenth, Monthly Dinner Salon at the Dream Institute, Pagan Songs, Pulling the Power of Magic!, Vagabond Opera, Concert in the Redwood Grove, Celebrate Summer Solstice and Nike Greek Goddess of Victory, Vagabond Opera, The Liar, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma, The Medea Hypothesis: A Reconfiguration, Solaris, Summer Solstice Revelling, Chaos Cabaret Mandelbrot Consciousness Collective’s 21st Birthday Celebration, World Humanist Day, Bones Quigley, Nurturing Our Spring Seeds Into Manifestation, Earth Tribe Yoga Presents SOL, Litha Celebration with SCPN, Lady of the Labyrinth Summer Solstice Celebration, VortexHealing Group Healing, This Was Queerlesque!, Downtown Benicia Ghost Walk, Your Spiritual Journey and Mask of Inspiration, 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway, History Walking Tours at the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, The San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair, The Way of Tree Treeshop, Healthy Parks Healthy People Festival, Monthly Mindful Photography 2013, Summer Fix-It Clinic, Berkeley World Music Festival, NROOGD Litha, Health and Happiness Day, Art in the Garden, Topsy Turvy: A Queer Circus Extravaganza, Dancin' on the Avenue, Crafts for Kids On Board the Balclutha, THOT Annual Summer Solstice Ritual and BBQ, Clothes Hacking Workshop, The Desert of Forbidden Art, Be Love Farm Dinner, CAYA Solstice of Light Triumphant, Summer Solstice Oral Traditions Salon, Godzilla Night, Gaskell Ball, Vagabond Opera, Plants of Point Reyes National Seashore, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, The Signatories 1916, Ludus Danielis: The Play of Daniel, Open Gardens Day at Hallberg Butterfly Gardens, Berkeley Juneteenth Festival, Visioning Circle, Tea and Tarot, Full Moon Ritual with Sacred Fires Tradition, Intermediate Tarot with Rabbit, Summer Solstice Drum Circle, Full Moon Walk On Mount Wanda, California Witchcamp 2013, Berkeley Pride 365, Tea and Chanting with Rabbit, Post-Solstice Bardic Circle

Wednesday, June 19
see website to find events in your area

“Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

From its Galveston, Texas origin in 1865, the observance of June 19th as the African American Emancipation Day has spread across the United States and beyond.

Today Juneteenth commemorates African American freedom and emphasizes education and achievement. It is a day, a week, and in some areas a month marked with celebrations, guest speakers, picnics and family gatherings. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement and for planning the future. Its growing popularity signifies a level of maturity and dignity in America long overdue. In cities across the country, people of all races, nationalities and religions are joining hands to truthfully acknowledge a period in our history that shaped and continues to influence our society today. Sensitized to the conditions and experiences of others, only then can we make significant and lasting improvements in our society.”

Monthly Dinner Salon at the Dream Institute
Wednesday, June 19, 6:00-8:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767
Please RSVP to 510-845-1767
$15, $40 with dinner catered by Poulet

“We continue our delightful monthly dinners on with the addition of having a topic of general interest that we hope will spark lively discussion.

Catered by Poulet of Berkeley, with chicken, vegan, and vegetarian options.  Please call or email the office by the day before if you’d like to attend so we order the right amount.”

Pagan Songs
with Don Barks and Donna Isler
Wednesday, June 19, 7:30-9:30PM, and the third Wednesday of each month
Ancient Ways, 4075 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 510-653-3244
$5-$10 sliding scale

“Sing along with us. It's fun to know the songs for the sabbats and for other magical needs
like healing. Join us each 3rd Wednesday of the month for songs of the upcoming season.”

Pulling the Power of Magic!
with Orion Foxwood
Wednesday June 19th, 7:30PM
Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, 831-423-5477
Advance registration is necessary to reserve your space, please call 831-423-5477

“Recited Charms and Incantations in Southern Conjure and Traditional Witchery with Orion Foxwood

The use of rhyming verbal charms to cyclone the power of spirit and magic into our work is a core practice in southern conjure and northern European traditional witchcraft. This form of magic is both powerful and transporting in the way it moves the worker into a magical stream as old as time itself. It connects us into the same stream of sorcery that witches and conjure workers have tapped and employed around the world and across traditions. There are mechanics to how this time-honored technique works and Orion will share some of the ones he knows in this workshop. He will share several of the charms he knows as well as teach simple but effective techniques for constructing your own. A part of this will include what he calls ‘the zone’ that workers enter when the charm, the charmer and the charming become ONE.”

Vagabond Opera
Bohemian Balkan Gypsy Cabaret
Wednesday, June 19, 8:00PM
Moe’s Alley, 1535 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz, 831-479-1854
$12 in advance, $15 at the door

“European Cabaret! Vintage Americana! Balkan Belly Dance! Neo-Classical Opera! Old World Yiddish Theater! Welcome to the six-piece, Portland, Oregon-based Vagabond Opera.

Bohemian Cabaret ensemble Vagabond Opera is described by the Washington Post as ‘band of ceaseless charisma, boundless energy, impeccable musicianship and more than a little touch of both the naughty and exotic.’ The group delivers passionate offerings of Bohemian cabaret for young and old. Paris hot jazz, gut bucket swing, tangos, Ukrainian folk-punk ballads, klezmer and vigorous originals meet a world of riverboat gambling queens, Turkish belly dancers, and the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich. Weaving elements of Kurt Weill, Duke Ellington and Edith Piaf with absurdist flair, theatrics and an old world mood, Vagabond Opera presents the new wave of opera - lusty voices singing in 13 languages and presenting a cabaret of rich musical phrasing, sparkling lyrics and indomitable stage presence, all played with exuberance, skill and a gritty Vagabond edge. This is Opera liberated and reinvented for everyone!”

Concert in the Redwood Grove
featuring Gautam Tejas Ganeshan and The Bodhidharma Ensemble
Thursday, June 20, 5:30-7:30PM (and every Thursday through August 29)
“Doors” open at 5:00PM  
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
Adults $15, Youth $5, under 5 Free
Please register online at the website below
for more information, e-mail garden@berkeley.edu

“Join us this summer for a series of concerts in our beautiful Redwood Grove!

Innovative Indian roots music

Dubbed a local treasure by SF Classical Voice, Gautam Ganeshan sings classical Carnatic music with distinction and an inimitable style.

Led by saxophonist Prasant Radhakrishnan, the Bodhidharma Ensemble links the cultures of India and China through innovative interpretation of old songs, and original compositions with an unprecedented sound.

Ticket includes admission to the Garden before 5:00PM. BYO picnic and non-alcoholic drinks welcome.”

Thanks to Pixie for letting me know about this event!

Celebrate Summer Solstice and Nike Greek Goddess of Victory
Thursday, June 20, 7:30PM  
Clayton location, directions given upon RSVP
$15 newcomer discount, $35 one time exchange
This ritual is for cisgendered women.
Please RSVP to 925-787-9247 or Leilani@DaughtersoftheGoddess.com

“Nike is commonly depicted as a small winged female figure being held in the hands of primordial God such as Zeus or Athena. In fact, one of the most famous portrayals of Nike is in the hand of Athena located inside the Parthenon. This winged Goddess represents victory over strife not just for combat or war but in athletics and personal triumph as well. Athletes, warriors, and common folk all called upon the energy of Nike when needed so that they could continue on with their own journeys.

Some have said that Victory is the fine result which is achieved in accordance with the aim pursued. So, for example, crushing the enemy is Victory for the general, obtaining good and abundant food from the land is Victory for the farmer, and re-establishing a patient to health is Victory for the physician. Similarly, whoever has a chief aim will, as the general, the farmer and the physician, attempt to achieve the finest result, and this one he will call Victory, considering it the sweetest thing of all. And Victory being so irresistible sweet, everybody wants Her to stay, and that is why the wingless Nike was conceived, so that She never would fly away.

There are mixed mythologies regarding the specific origin of the Goddess of Victory. Some say that She is the daughter of Pallas (Titan) and Styx (Water) while others say that She is the sister of Kratos (Strength), Zelus (Zeal), and Bia (Force). It is also believed that She was brought to Zeus while he was assembling the Gods in the fight against the Titans. She became closely related with Athena the Goddess of war and knowledge. Later, She became depicted as a charioteer who flew over battlefields rewarding the victors with fame and glory.

Join us as we come to Her altar to claim Victory for ourselves, the Temple and the World. For this ritual please bring a white or red candle and any of the following representations of Her: palm leaf, wings, laurel leaves. We will also be Tithing to our sacred Elder Luisah Teish. Please bring any denomination of $5 such as $5, $10 $20, $55, etc. to help support Teish and all the wonderful work that she does in the world.

If you are interested in participating in a ritual or celebration, please help out by doing the following:
Please bring a snack to share (if possible, food of the culture we are celebrating), washable eating utensils (bowl, cup, plate, utensils, etc. In honor of Mother Earth, we do not provide disposable items), a candle (for safety reasons, we highly recommend a candle in a glass container, often called a novena), and pillow or chair to sit on to all rituals. For more information about our rituals please visit our FAQ page.
Please see our current series schedule and check the web page for the specific ritual to see what items to bring and how to prepare yourself. Please take the time to read this, especially if you are a newcomer. New information is added from time to time so even if you feel you have already seen this, it is important to check back in every now and then.”

Vagabond Opera
Bohemian Balkan Gypsy Cabaret
Thursday, June 20, 8:00PM
Mystic Theater, 23 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma, 707-765-2121

“European Cabaret! Vintage Americana! Balkan Belly Dance! Neo-Classical Opera! Old World Yiddish Theater! Welcome to the six-piece, Portland, Oregon-based Vagabond Opera.

Bohemian Cabaret ensemble Vagabond Opera is described by the Washington Post as ‘band of ceaseless charisma, boundless energy, impeccable musicianship and more than a little touch of both the naughty and exotic.’ The group delivers passionate offerings of Bohemian cabaret for young and old. Paris hot jazz, gut bucket swing, tangos, Ukrainian folk-punk ballads, klezmer and vigorous originals meet a world of riverboat gambling queens, Turkish belly dancers, and the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich. Weaving elements of Kurt Weill, Duke Ellington and Edith Piaf with absurdist flair, theatrics and an old world mood, Vagabond Opera presents the new wave of opera - lusty voices singing in 13 languages and presenting a cabaret of rich musical phrasing, sparkling lyrics and indomitable stage presence, all played with exuberance, skill and a gritty Vagabond edge. This is Opera liberated and reinvented for everyone!”

The Liar
presented by Livermore Shakespeare Festival
Thursday-Saturday, June 20-22,
Thursday-Friday 7:30PM, Saturday 7:00PM
Concannon Vineyard, 4590 Tesla Road, Livermore
see website for ticket details

“The Liar by David Ives,
adapted from the comedy by Pierre Corneille, Directed by Lisa A. Tromovitch.

For Ives, one of America's better dramatic humorists, translating the fun of Pierre Corneille's 1643 French comedy was an act of respectful reinvention.  The result is a scrubbed, vivacious script salted with hints of cheeky self-awareness.

Performances begin at 7:30PM Thursdays and Fridays, and at 7:00PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  Picnic area opens at 5:30PM.  Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Livermore Shakespeare Festival takes place at Concannon Vineyard, an elegant winery in the heart of Livermore Valley Wine Country. Actors perform in front of a two-story, Queen-Anne style Victorian home. Before the show and during intermission, you can sample award-winning wines in two tasting rooms. Enjoy a pre-show picnic on the lawn or enjoy pre-show small plates in Concannon's Underdog Wine Bar (RESERVATIONS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED). For the optimal pre-theater dining experience, the Underdog Wine Bar recommends making a reservation for 2 hours prior to the performance start time. Reservations for the Underdog Wine Bar can be made by calling (925) 583-1581. During the show, sip wine in the seating area as you experience Shakespeare against a background of vineyards and hills.  

Note: Beverages, wine and food are available for purchase onsite at the Underdog Wine Bar and the Tasting Room. Due to state liquor laws, no alcohol without the winery label is allowed on site. Please contact the Underdog Wine Bar at (925) 583-1581 for questions regarding food. This season at the Livermore Shakespeare Festival, shows are adult-oriented and not appropriate for children under 10 years of age. Babes in arms and children in strollers are not permitted. Children 12 and under are permitted with parents. We recommend acquainting children with appropriate theatre behavior before coming. If you have any specific questions about the suitability of a show for your child, please contact our office at (925) 443-BARD. Climate varies nightly, so please dress in layers. Blankets are rented and sold at the event.”

Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma
The Next Cockettes Musical
Thursday-Saturday, June 20-22, 8:00PM
playing through June 29
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers 6th annual Theatre of The Ridiculous Revival showcases a rare Cockettes Musical, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma, a new full-length, restored version of The Cockettes’ 1971 musical extravaganza featuring original Cockettes Scrumbly Koldewyn, Sweet Pam Tent, and Rumi Missabu. Seats and private Shock Boxes always sell out quickly, so be sure to get your tickets in advance.”

The Medea Hypothesis: A Reconfiguration
presented by Central Works
Thursday-Sunday, June 20-23 - final week
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 5:00PM
Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
sliding scale $15-$28

“A world premiere from the Central Works Writers Workshop:  The Medea Hypothesis.  Local playwright Marian Berges takes the time-honored Greek myth about a wronged woman with a score to settle, and reconfigures it into the story of a modern jet-setting ‘execu-diva’ in a fractured world of absurdity - a quirky cultural critique with a wicked sense of humor.”

Thursday-Sunday, June 20-23
Earth Matters Retreat Center, 11629 Love Creek Road, Ben Lomond
see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“Hello Nature Lovers. Mark your calendars for the weekend of June 20-23 and get the days off work now: Solaris is back for another long, leisurely weekend of Spiritual Renewal.

This year we will again be having two-track of playshops: A more meditative track and a more energetic one.

Our Grand Poobah this year will be the lovely Karen.
New this year! Thursday Tea Party!
Also new this year: Sliding Scale Pricing!
Registration before May 5th is just $100-$130 for 3 nights and 4 days of camping, rituals, playshops and fun!
For Friday arrival (2 nights and 3 days), we will set you back a mere $80-$110.00

Some things never change:
Clothing Optional camping.
Rituals and Activities every evening.
Morning gourmet pancakes from the Chef Without Pants.
A community ritual presented on the day we all write it as a group.
The entertaining and moving evening Bardic.
Snaps. Hundreds and hundreds of Snaps.
The wood-fired hot tub.
Jigsaw puzzling, dancing, lounging, laughing and on and on.”

Summer Solstice Revelling
Friday, June 21, 6:00PM until Sundown
The Lake Merritt Pergola, 599 El Embarcadero, Oakland

“We're planning to gather once more on the shores of Lake Merritt for a celebration of the Longest Day (or the Shortest Night). Join us for informal singing, dancing, juggling, skygazing, and general Solstice Revelling. You can bring a picnic and watch the Morris team dance down the sun as we do every year….and of course, it's absolutely free.

The California Revels Solstice Ensemble will raise their voices in honor of the day, and also hope that you and yours will join them in song for several special selections.

Revels performer and spiral Dance Heartistic Visionary Evelie Delfino Sales Posch will lead us in the ancient and sacred Spiral Dance.

Young Revels performer Keiran ‘Dragon’ Harmon is passionate about circus arts and has a Solstice show in store for us.

An unbroken tradition for almost 10 years, we will mark the Solstice by dancing as the Sun tips over the Western horizon.

We're joined by joyous Balkan and Eastern European Singing Ensemble Mozaik, even more musicians, and what Solstice event could possibly be complete without telescopic astronomical observation?  We'll have that and more.
Bring a blanket and a picnic if you wish. This is a relaxed and casual celebration where we come together to pay homage to the longest day of the year.”

Chaos Cabaret Mandelbrot Consciousness Collective’s 21st Birthday Celebration
Friday, June 21, 4:00PM
Chaos Cabaret, 746 Alcatraz Avenue, Oakland

joi wolfwomyn says:
“heya, all...

on friday, june 21st, the chaos cabaret mandelbrot consciousness collective will be hosting a party celebrating both the summer solstice and the 21st birthday of chaos as a household. the theme is chaos is old enough to drink, and the fashion theme is gold.

please come, feel free to bring food, drink, stories of chaos past to share, and your glorious self.

we'll be going from about 4pm on. there will be a fire to enjoy.

feel free to forward this invitation freely!

hugs and blisses
- joi, for the chaos collective

the chaos cabaret mandelbrot consciousness collective:

and sometimes sinnergee”

World Humanist Day
Friday, June 21, 6:00PM
The Fireside Room, Unitarian Universalist Church, 1 Lawson Road, Kensington

“World Humanist Day is an international Humanist celebration on June 21, often coinciding with the summer solstice.  It is an opportunity for Humanist individuals, organizations, and groups to reflect upon and publicize the positive values of Humanism and to share the global concerns of the Humanist movement.  The evening will begin at 6:00PM with a pot luck supper.  Please bring scrumptious healthy food to share!  At 7:00PM discussions begin with breaks for singing!  Please bring your favorite song or favorite instrument to play!

Our discussions will focus on the Humanist highlights of the year, with respect to both the Humanist groups we belong to and our own personal journeys as Humanists.  What Humanist group have you been participating in?  And what is your vision for your group?  What are your personal Humanist aspirations?  And what do you want to bring to the Humanist movement?  This day we will celebrate our mutual contributions: our Humanist groups as they inspire our lives and each one of us as we inspire our Humanist groups.”

Bones Quigley in concert
featuring Albert Robles
part of Evening At The Vineyard
Friday, June 21, 6:00-9:00PM
Las Positas Vineyards, 1828 Wetmore Road, Livermore
Free, please RSVP to 925-449-9463 or info@laspositasvineyards.com

“Enjoy free concerts at Las Positas Vineyards.

LPV wine and available beer, along with Artisian pizzas crafted by On the Vine Catering available for purchase.”

This band features Albert Robles, the gifted drummer who livens up many CAYA rituals!

Summer Solstice: Nurturing Our Spring Seeds Into Manifestation
Friday, June 21, 6:00-11:00PM
Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center, 761 University Avenue, Suite A, Los Gatos
See website for ticket details

“Join us for a transformative event at the Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center for another enchanted evening featuring a team of gifted Healers; including Adam Atman, Dr. Ayleen Augustine, Mark Takata, and the Guided Tour Band.
Loose fitting comfortable attire is recommended.

6:00-6:30PM: Warm up and Arrival
When you arrive you will be cleansed with sage and cedar. Then you will be escorted through the veil into our sacred container where we will prepare to begin the evening.

6:30-7:15PM: Guided Tour will begin with a set to help us release the day.
7:15-7:30PM: Short Break with smoothies, light snacks, and herbal tonics.
7:30-9:15PM: All Participants receive Body Work and Sound Healing, along with Acupuncture.
9:15-9:30PM: Short Break
9:30-10:00PM: Adam Atman will lead participants in Qi Gong movement with music provided by Guided Tour
10:00-10:15PM: Short Break
10:15-11:00PM: Ecstatic dance powered by Guided Tour
11:00PM: Closing Circle followed by a short social/dessert/get ready to drive bit of time.”

Earth Tribe Yoga Presents SOL
Friday, June 21, 6:00PM-6:00AM
Earth Tribe Yoga, 1924 Franklin Street, Oakland

“Earth Tribe presents
SOL: A Summer Solstice Celebration

Yoga, Cacao Ceremony, Sound Healing, Live Art, Kirtan

To welcome the dawn of summer days we celebrate into the night through yoga, dance, music, art and healing. Sol is a union of like-minded spirits gathering in peace and consciousness to raise the vibration of our community.”

Litha Celebration
presented by Sonoma County Pagan Network  
Friday, June 21, 7:00PM
Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa
$3-$5 donation requested, no one turned away for lack of funds

“Potluck Feast
Since our gathering is at the dinner hour, we ask that you bring a potluck dish and/or non-alcoholic brew to share that serves 4-6 people. Let’s treat ourselves to a good meal. Please bring your own place setting. There will be hot water available for tea.

We ask non-members to make a donation of $5-$3 to help us cover operating costs. No one turned away for lack of funds.”

Lady of the Labyrinth Summer Solstice Celebration
Friday, June 21, 7:00-9:00PM
Unity In Marin, 600 Palm Drive, Novato
see website for ticket details

“Enjoy a magical evening of sacred music and story telling about the Lady of the Labyrinth.  Priestess Christy Michaels, M.A. and Rev. Jeanne Sutter will share the beautiful stories of the origin of herstory of the Labyrinth, which at its center is feminine:
The Labyrinth is connected to a Cretan Goddess Ariadne who impacted our modern success.  Behold the dance to the Goddess danced in the center.  She in her brilliance came up with ideas for which she is later credited for in the creation of the world-wide web and to the development of an expanded benefit to the scientific method.
Chief Reyna will share a special story of the powerful peace pipe ceremony at Chartres Cathedral and open the four directions in sacred ceremony with peace pipe tobacco.   

Wrapped in the sacred music of Barbara Bacon we take a deeper meditative journey to prepare for the walk and/or to enjoy the fabulous singing of Gospel singer Beverly Freeman and friends.
We live in a dualistic world where we are finding our way back home to the center.  A Course In Miracles says that we do not make this journey alone. 2 by 2 we walk - conscious of our connection to the center of our heart, creating Heaven on Earth… as we behold the Divine in each other at the center of the Labyrinth.

Those who wish to walk in the Red Thread Ritual will enter into the birth canal of the Labyrinth 2 by 2 connected with a red thread.  Those who wish to walk alone may do so for a love offering starting at 5:30 until 6:30PM, as the Labyrinth will be open for single-file walking prior to the event.  

RSVP requested to walk in the special Red Thread Ritual.
Men are welcomed and appreciated.”

VortexHealing Group Healing
with Dragonfly Adularia H.P.
Friday, June 21, 7:30-9:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
$20 donation requested - no one turned away

“This session, Dragonfly asks that each person bring a crystal that they work with in their own magickal or manifestation practice. He will lead us in a guided crystal attunement meditation, teaching us how to be in clear communication with our crystal allies.

Through VortexHealing Divine Energy Healing and help from the Angelic healing realm, Dragonfly, Wizard of the Merlin Lineage, will facilitate a dynamic session for unfolding magical transformation. This is your chance to learn more about this amazing and very powerful form of energy work, designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken spirit within the human heart.”

This Was Queerlesque!
with Vagina Jenkins
part of National Queer Arts Festival presented by Queer Cultural Center presents
Friday, June 21, 8:00PM
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
$10-$20 sliding scale
“This Was Queerlesque is an intergenerational burlesque and cabaret show that explores the queer history of burlesque and exotic dance. Featuring performances from drag and burlesque legends from the 50’s-70’s as well as tribute performances performed by neo-burlesque’s queer stars.

Performances from burlesque legends like Holiday O’Hara and Isis Starr as well as new work from neo-burlesque performers such as The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, Essence Revealed, Rivolta Sata and Kitty Von Quim that pays tribute to their queer performer influences.

Since 1998, San Francisco's Queer Cultural Center (QCC) organizes and stages the annual month-long multidisciplinary arts showcase, National Queer Arts Festival.  As part of its efforts QCC documents significant Bay Area Queer arts events on their website, provides fundraising and other technical assistance services to emerging culturally-specific and gender-specific Queer arts groups, and conducts Creating Queer Community, a program that to date has commissioned more than 60 San Francisco-based artists to create new works.  To date, these Festivals have presented more than 400 different events featuring over 1000 Queer artists.”

Downtown Benicia Ghost Walk
Friday, June 21, 8:00PM, and the first and third Friday of each month
meet at 90 First Street, Benicia
$25, reservations required.
Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult.
For more information, please call 707-745-9791

“Paranormal history of Downtown Benicia are revealed on this exciting, interactive and fun Ghost Walk led by paranormal investigator Devin Sisk. Each tour is limited to 20 people and lasts approximately 2 hours, depending on what entity you encounter along the way! Walking shoes and flashlight recommended. No children under ten years of age permitted on tours. Ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult. $25 per person. Prepaid reservations required by calling 707-745-9791.”

Your Spiritual Journey and Mask of Inspiration
with Kaleo and Elise Ching
Saturday, June 22, 9:00AM-5:00PM, and one more Saturday, June 29
Peace Lutheran, 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville
$150 plus $30 for a feast of art materials.

“Whether in Hildegard von Bingen’s songs of Divine revelation, Rumi’s poetic immersion in holy ecstasy, or Marc Chagall’s paintings of Hasidic inspiration, the Sacred speaks to us through creative expression. Creativity is a common path among ancient and modern traditions to mystical communion with Spirit.

Engage the Divine beyond, around, and within during these two days of creative exploration with Kaleo and Elise. Investigate manifestations of energy through Chi Kung, discover through guided journeying your own deep resources of spiritual inspiration, then create your EXPERIENCE:
An opportunity for seekers of all faiths to engage creativity as spiritual encounter
Chi Kung for energy awareness and spiritual attunement
Guided journeys to access your personal experience of Sacred Wisdom
Simple, easy-to-learn, but effective art techniques to create your mask
A joyful hands-on creative process in a supportive community

$150 plus $30 for a feast of art materials.  A portion of the fee benefits Art and Spirituality at Peace.  PRE-REGISTRATION required. Space is limited.
To reserve your space, send $50 nonrefundable deposit and contact info (email and phone #) to: Peace Lutheran Church, 3201 Camino Tassajara, Danville, 94506
A limited number of scholarships are available. Inquire with Pastor Steve: steve@peacejourney.org

Kaleo Ching, MA Art, and Elise Ching, English and Transpersonal Psychology, are both Certified Acupressure Massage Therapists and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. They co-teach classes (22 years) combining Chi Kung, acupressure, guided meditation, and art and have co-authored several books, including Faces of Your Soul: Rituals in Art, Maskmaking, and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals (North Atlantic Books, 2006) and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist Snake Books, 2007).”

100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway
Summer History Walks with Frank Goulart
Saturday, June 22, 10:00AM
Meet at 22380 Foothill Boulevard, Hayward
$5 for adults, $3 for seniors and students

“Trace the route of the first transcontinental automobile highway through downtown Hayward. This tour will focus on the years 1913-1927. Bring water, sunscreen, and wear walking shoes.”

History Walking Tours at the Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery
Saturday, June 22, tours leave every 20 minutes, 10:00-11:00AM
tours start at Franklin Gate, 1600 Franklin Avenue, Santa Rosa
For additional information, please call 707-543-3292

“Experience the history and learn the stories of the people of Sonoma County and California during an 80 minute docent-led walk through this pioneer cemetery. (Uneven surfaces and slopes).”

The San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair
Saturday, June 22, 10:00AM-400PM
San Mateo Event Center, Fiesta Hall, 2495 S Delaware Street, San Mateo
$8 in advance, $10 at the door. Children 18 and under free

“Don’t miss the premier event for new and expecting parents in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. The Birth and Baby Fair showcases local businesses and resources as well as independent designers with the aim to educate and expose new and expecting parents and young families to unique and beneficial products and services.

Highlights include:
Local representatives from many pregnancy, birth, parenting and baby related resources including doulas, midwives, massage therapists, fitness instructors, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, photographers and more!

Free workshops and demonstrations. Topics include: meet the doulas, baby sign language, vaccines, going green with baby, cloth diapering, baby wearing/slings and things, making your own baby food, pre and post natal yoga, and breastfeeding. Pre-register to save your spot!
Unique, cute clothing, accessories and gear from local designers as well as a Maternity Xchange sale with a large selection of new and nearly new designer maternity clothing. Take home some original products from up and coming designers!

Find new, innovative, one of a kind products at discounted show prices.

Spa areas with complimentary pampering and rejuvenating treatments including massage, mocktails, beauty treatments, and more! Hang out in our play area where your child can run free or join in an arts and crafts activity while you rest for a bit. Hungry? Pick up something for lunch at our Cafe. Have a little one to feed? Spend some time in our Nursing Nook. Before you go, strike a pose at our photo booth.”

The Way of Tree Treeshop
with Lynetta
Saturday, June 22, 11:00AM-2:00PM
Our Sacred Space Wellness Center, 2075 Lincoln Avenue, Suite C, San Jose,

“Walking through the forest the trees whisper in the wind, ‘We have a message we want you to bring to the people.  We give you the roots; your foundation. Stop doing, be in the unknown, trust and have faith, silence is golden, and listen to the whisper of nature.’  Lynetta will assist us in learning how to be a clear vessel for the Tree People to talk through.  Please email us to sign up.”

Healthy Parks Healthy People Festival
Saturday, June 22, 11:00AM-3:30PM
Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont
Free Admission and Free Parking

“Discover your Regional Parks along with health related activities, vendors, and more at this free festival, celebrating National Get Outdoors Day in partnership with the US Forest Service. Enjoy music, entertainment, a Kids' Zone, naturalist programs, cooking demos, healthy food, and much more.

Aerobics with Carmen Bogan
Ballet Folklorico Nacional Mexicano
Children’s Puppet Shows
Dahn Yoga
Golden Lion Martial Arts Academy
Laughter Yoga with Annie Goglia of Lifefire
Mariachi Jalisco Band
Peruvian Singer and Puppeteer Susy Dorn
Master Park Castillo Tae Kwon Do
Zumba Dancing”

Monthly Mindful Photography 2013
with Dr. Marcus Lorenzo Penn
Saturday, June 22, 12:00-2:00PM, and the fourth Saturday of each month
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$25-$50 sliding scale

“In this workshop series, participants  will:

1) Be guided thru a relaxing meditation incorporating natural imagery and colors, while activating
the 5 senses and connect to their ‘photographic prescription’.

2) Be led through a gentle seated movement series to prepare and open their body and mind for

3) Be taken out into natural surroundings to experience the vulnerability and openness of the
photographic process.

4) Use their own camera or camera phone to obtain images from their outdoor photographic experience.

5) Facilitated in a group wrap-up discussion of what was experienced and ‘seen’ during  their photographic experience.

Rev. Ouida and Dr. Marcus are hosting a new MONTHLY Mindful Photography workshop every 4th Saturday. There will be time for meditation, creating your own Photo Prescription, taking photos on THOT grounds, and then follow-up sharing. You can bring a notebook, water and your own camera or use your camera phone. Photos will be on display in June. $25-$50 (sliding scale). Please RSVP to Rev. Ouida or for more information: revouida@yahoo.com, 510-350-6249 or contact Dr. Marcus at ThePhotographerPhysician@gmail.com, 510-473-6861. We hope to see you there!”

Thanks to Lorelei Moon for letting me know about this event!

Summer Fix-It Clinic
with Peter Mui
Saturday, June 22, 12:00pm-3:00PM
Oakland Public Library, Temescal Branch, 5205 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

“Bring your broken, non-functioning things: electronics, appliances, computers, toys, etc. for assessment, disassembly, and possible repair. We'll provide workspace, specialty tools, and guidance to help you disassemble and troubleshoot your device. Whether we get it fixed or not, you'll learn more about how it was put together and how it worked. This is a family-friendly event: children are heartily invited!”

Berkeley World Music Festival
Saturday, June 22
12:00-6:00PM, free concert and craft bazaar,
People’s Park, Dwight Way and Bowditch Street, Berkeley
12:00-9:00PM - performances in various locations in Berkeley - see website for details

“Join us to celebrate the 10th annual Berkeley World Music Festival!

A full day of FREE concert starting from 12:00PM at the Med Caffe and ending up at 9:00PM at The Village. People's Park Concert is 1:00-6:00PM!

While you're there, visit the Crafts Market in People's Park, 12:00-6:00PM.

Upon arrival, pick up a map and schedule at the info booth along Telegraph at Haste Street.

Come and celebrate world music with us!”

with Dark Forest Coven and the Children’s Magick Grove
Saturday, June 22, 1:00PM
Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
suggested donations $10-$20, no one turned away for lack of funds.

“On this the longest day of the year, we celebrate the joys of Summer!

Bring you’re your Hawaiian Shirts, Board Shorts, Fairy Wings and Bubble Wands - anything that reminds you of your best childhood summer!!!  For this is a whimsical romp of music and motion honoring the Fae of Midsummer and the fleeting freedom of sunny days.

Come join us as we try to Keep those Good Vibrations Happening!!!

This is a KID FRIENDLY and KID RUN ritual!

Any contributions of food for the feast following ritual is greatly appreciated.”

Health and Happiness Day
Saturday, June 22, 1:00-4:00PM
Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda
$20 in advance, $25 at the door
for  more information, please call call Cia A Robles at 510-853-5323

Join us for these dynamic, enlightening afternoons.

Learn how to create health, balance and happiness for yourself in our hands- on modules:
reduce stress, clear brain fog, anxiety and sadness, aches and pains
and gain control of your life.

Experience an array of integrative and alternative medicine approaches for wellness.
You will leave feeling great!

We are a professional group of integrative health practitioners and educators seeking to provide the community with an awareness of the vast array of healthcare options available. We have created a dynamic team in these seminars to allow our attendees a fun and informative hands on experience of a number of modalities and treatments at each meeting.

Each meeting will consist of 5 modules.
Here is a partial list of our interactive and experiential segments:
Mind component, such as breathing, meditation and self-hypnosis.
A body exercise component, safe and restorative movement, such as yoga for stress management, gentle stretching for flexibility and strength.
A postural treatment component - Bowen Works, chiropractic.
A nutritional supplement component, Usana Health Sciences.
A herbs and teas component for everyday use and healing.

Our Health and Happiness seminars are intended to give the attendee a hands on experience of an array of integrative complementary medicine modalities.  Our unique approach seeks to meet the needs of the individual and assist in the client taking charge of his or her own healthcare needs.  Each attendee will walk away with tools and techniques they can continue to use on their own.

Prize drawings for free classes, discounts on services and other great stuff!

These seminars are held once a month at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda.
Dates and Times:
July 20

The setting will be casual and comfortable, invite a friend!”

Art in the Garden
at Veggielution Community Farm
Saturday, June 22, 1:30-3:30PM, and the fourth Saturday of each month
Emma Prusch Park, 647 South King Road, San Jose
$10 includes materials

“Our resident artists, Pamela and Joseph, guide participants in an exploration of line, color, contour, and much more. With an exceedingly inspiring environment to draw from, artists of all caliber grow and cultivate their skills. We request a $10 donation to help cover materials and support our nonprofit farm. Come on out and get creative at the farm!

Veggielution is a 6 acre non-profit community farm dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system in San Jose. We empower people to change the way they think about food by getting their hands in the soil, connecting with the land, and tasting the fruits of their labor.”

Topsy Turvy: A Queer Circus Extravaganza
with Indi McCasey and India Davis
part of National Queer Arts Festival presented by Queer Cultural Center presents
Saturday, June 22,
Family Show 2:00PM, Adult Show 8:00PM
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
Adults $12-$20 sliding scale, Youth under 12 $8
“A one-of-a-kind event, Topsy-Turvy: A Queer Circus Extravaganza features mesmerizing circus artists from across the country. Spin your world upside-down with awe-inspiring aerialists, side-splitting antics, jaw-dropping entertainment, and cutting-edge visions of what circus looks like and where it can take you.

Since 1998, San Francisco's Queer Cultural Center (QCC) organizes and stages the annual month-long multidisciplinary arts showcase, National Queer Arts Festival.  As part of its efforts QCC documents significant Bay Area Queer arts events on their website, provides fundraising and other technical assistance services to emerging culturally-specific and gender-specific Queer arts groups, and conducts Creating Queer Community, a program that to date has commissioned more than 60 San Francisco-based artists to create new works.  To date, these Festivals have presented more than 400 different events featuring over 1000 Queer artists.”

Dancin' on the Avenue
Saturday, June 22, 2:00-8:00PM
along Lincoln Avenue from Willow Street to Minnesota Avenue, San Jose,
(ie the Willow Glen neighbourhood)

“18th Annual Dancin' on the Avenue set for Saturday, June 22!

Join us for the 18th Annual Dancin' on the Avenue, presented by CEFCU, in the heart of Willow Glen on Lincoln Avenue between Minnesota and Willow.  We are proud that Dancin' on the Avenue will once again be a Green Certified Event!

Four stages will feature an eclectic mix of live music and entertainment, including:  The Cruzers’ rock to soul dance music; SlingTown’s country sound with 7-part harmony with acoustic ‘attitude’; acoustic rock from Blue House Band; and a top 40 high-energy mash-up from The Peelers. The Community Stage will present family favorite Grammy-nominated David Sharpe and The PapaHugs Band as well as performances from local dance groups and musicians.

The Kids’ Court area, sponsored by Intero, Western Bancorp and First American Title, is being expanded even more this year.  It will be held in the parking lot of Wells Fargo Bank and have a petting zoo, a balloon artist, face-painting, games and crafts for the family-friendliest part of the festival.”

Crafts for Kids On Board the Balclutha
Saturday, June 22, 3:00-4:00PM, and the fourth Saturday of every month
included with Balclutha admission, Adults $5, 15 and under free
For more information, please call 415-447-5000.

“Learn a little about life at sea and make a maritime craft! Meet at the entrance to Hyde Street

THOT Annual Summer Solstice Ritual and BBQ
Saturday, June 22, 3:00-7:00PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Sanctuary, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda

“Drumming and Ritual: 3:00-4:00PM, Sanctuary  
BBQ 4:00-7:00PM, Cottage and Garden
Hosted by Randall and Barbara

The Home of Truth has operated for over 100 years, serving communities of Alameda, Oakland, and the East Bay. It was founded by Annie Rix Militz and Harriet Hale Rix in the late 1800s.  Part of the New Thought movement, the Rix sisters were contemporaries of the founders of Unity Church.  Many people from Unity, Religious Science and A Course in Miracles backgrounds, as well as those who want a fresh perspective from the more traditional faiths, feel at home here.
Today we are a community of people committed to deepening the experience of The Divine in our lives.

The Mission and Purpose of The Home of Truth is to:
Co-create a spiritual community for learning and celebrating Truth Principles of unconditional love, trust, peace, compassion and joy; Honor diversity of people, ideas and spiritual teachings, and celebrate the unity that underlies all differences; Encourage self-transformation through devotion, communication and service; Promote the manifestation of abundance, and
Express and share all these principles in our lives, homes, spiritual center, community, and world.”

Clothes Hacking Workshop
Saturday, June 22, 4:00-6:00PM
Mothership HackerMoms, 3288 Adeline Street, Berkeley
for more information, please e-mail info@thecraftyavenger.com
Childcare available at $5/hour, please e-mail info@hackermoms.org

“Crafty Rachel from our partner hackerspace, Ace Monster Toys, comes to HackerMoms with scissors sharpened to help us hack our clothes. The clothing hacks and general approach in this workshop is designed to work with real bodies in the real world… celebrate what ya got! Hack your t-shirt, make that pair of pants fit. Turn that beloved but worn old coat into something awesome you can use again. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of what it takes to make your clothes useful and comfortable again.

Bring your projects and garments that you would like to work on, and a sewing machine and/or needle and thread. Also with the demonstrations of some more fun clothing hacks there will be time for us to work on individual projects as well.”

The Desert of Forbidden Art
Saturday June 22, 5:00-7:00PM
Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-0700
for more information, please e-mail silkroadhouse@yahoo.com or call 510-981-0700
“This is the 2010 award-winning documentary film, written, produced and directed by Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georgiev. Cinematography by Alexander Dolgin and Gennadi Balitski. Original music by Miriam Cutler.  
This story of how Igor V. Savistsky (1915-84), a Russian painter, archaeologist and collector, stashed more than 44,000 censored Soviet Union paintings into the Nukus Museum in a hidden corner of Uzbekistan, in the remote Kyzylkum Desert, on the shores of the Aral Sea, is a portrait of defiant vision blended with tremendous contemporary art. In viewing the collection, it’s no overstatement to say - as did a New York Times reporter - that an entire chapter of art history should be rewritten due to these works.
Dubbed 'Le Louvre des Steppes' by Telerama magazine, the museum houses a collection of about 90,000 items, ranging from antiquities from Khorezm to Karakalpak folk art, Uzbek fine art and, uniquely, the second largest collection of Russian avant-garde in the world.  Although the ancient Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva may be better known, the Nukus Museum is in fact the fourth splendor of Uzbekistan. With its impeccable research, exquisite cinematography, and flawless editing, ‘The Desert of Forbidden Art’ is storytelling at its best, and affords an otherwise impossible entry into this dazzlingly creative and colorful world. Both the collection and the film are brilliant.
Film is in English and Russian, with English subtitles. Running Time: 80 minutes.
Note: Some of SRH members had a lucky chance to watch this film at our venue in July 2010, but the majority of SRH community is looking for that remarkable screening - especially after the inspiring presentation ‘The Avant-Garde Savitsky Collection from Nukus, Uzbekistan’ by Richard Dion, a Board Member of the Friends of Nukus Museum, which took place at SRH on May 11, 2013.
Silk Road House events are sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation.”

Be Love Farm Dinner  
Saturday, June 22, 5:30PM
Be Love Farm, Vacaville - exact address given upon registration
Adults $65, Children under 12 $35

“Be Love Farm is the dream ‘child’ of Matthew and Terces Engelhart, the founders of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre.  It is where they nourish their relationship with the earth so that they can provide healthy food for their Cafes. It is also their home and place where their connection with Mother Nature allows them to be in near continual service to others.

Matthew and Terces are so pleased to host a wonderful vegetarian Farm Dinner at  their organic Be Love Farm in Vacaville, CA. (50 miles north of San Francisco) The farm dinners are cooked (not raw) and may contain farm fresh dairy products. Please visit the Cafes for amazing raw and vegan meals. Join us for engaging conversation, a farm tour and the best farm fresh vegetarian food on the planet!  

Seating is limited, to reserve your seat please pre-register. For questions or concerns please email marta@cafegratitude.com or call 415-501-9678. There will be Farm Dinners throughout the Summer. Plan ahead and visit the farm! July 13, August 17, September 21, October 19.
CAYA Coven welcomes you to our Summer Solstice of Light Triumphant!

***PLEASE NOTE: many things about this ritual are different than usual, so
please read this e-mail carefully if you plan to attend.***

CAYA Solstice of Light Triumphant
Saturday, June 22,
Ritual will begin at 6:00PM, but please arrive any time between 5:30 and 5:45PM since the cove is a few minutes walk from where you will park.
Crab Cove Beach, Alameda (directions below)

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
- Mother Teresa

“CAYA's Summer Solstice ritual this year will honor the Greek Deities Pythia and Apollo, in a story of coming together to provide their oracular wisdom to the world, through our community. We'll also have a community working to heal the food supply and the ocean and to thank the waters for their abundance, their healing powers and their helping us to mark time's ebb and flow. This ritual will be joyous, family-friendly, educational, participatory, and respectful.
Please do join us as we turn the Wheel of the Year one more spoke and combine our energies in creating positive change which will benefit all.

Please feel free to bring drums, rattles, shakers, and anything you wish to charge with the healing powers of the water. Due to the outdoor location and sand concerns, we will not have traditional Cakes and Ale. Though following the ritual, if there is interest, you may wish to eat at a local eatery. Some of us will be doing so shortly after ritual's close.  The usual blessing of the Cakes and Ales will be dedicated in this case to the Ocean as part of the community working above.  .

We encourage participants to dress in the colors of the Sun or Ocean, or maybe a Dragon! Please do dress warmly and bring extra layers as we will be outdoors and the breeze off the water can get very chilly in the evening. If you wish to be seated, please bring a lawn chair or blanket. Unfortunately this space allows only limited access for those with mobility concerns, as there is a swath of beach sand to traverse along. Please feel free to contact us to ask for a guide/helper if necessary.

Driving Directions:
Easiest 2 ways to enter Alameda:
From the south: Exit 880 northbound at High Street. Turn left. Cross the bridge and continue on High until you reach Central Avenue. Right at Central and follow about 2.25 miles to just past Webster Street (See Below for common directions)

From the North, you may wish to take the Webster Tube (accessible via Webster Street in Oakland), which will enter Alameda on Webster Street. Follow that until you reach Central Ave (about a mile) and turn Right. Continue on Central a couple blocks (See Below for common directions):

There are three other bridges that lead into Alameda, all of which can connect you to Central Avenue. Let us know if you need assistance, or Map from your location to 620 Central Avenue. (See Below for common directions)

(You will find an entrance to McKay just a short way northwest of Webster at the Crab Cove sign at 620 Central Avenue. Turn left at McKay and follow to end. You may be able to park in the parking lot for the Visitors Center on the left, about 2/3 of the way down the road. (Parking lot may be $5 charge.)  Or park on the street and walk through the parking lot, about 350 steps to the ‘SeaWind’ entrance to the beach. There will be a colorful CAYA signifier.).

If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to sharing this ritual with you!”

Summer Solstice Oral Traditions Salon
with Barry and Maya Spector
Saturday, June 22, 7:00PM
private home, 685 1/2 Fairmount Avenue, Oakland
Free, please RSVP to 650-329-1415
“Barry and Maya Spector invite you to a Summer Solstice Oral Traditions Salon

An evening of poetry and storytelling. Bring musical instruments, stories, poems, songs, tall tales, insults, boasts and toasts LEARNED BY HEART!

No one is required to perform.  Please join us even if you don’t care to recite anything. Together let’s make a brief community dedicated to the love of the spoken word.
Refreshments provided. Feel free to invite friends and forward this invitation to others who might like to attend.  For more information, call 650-329-1415.

Please Note: Our new living room is smaller than our old one, so we MUST REQUIRE RESERVATIONS.”

Godzilla Night
Saturday, June 22, 7:00PM
Historic Bal Theatre, 14808 East 14th Street, San Leandro, 510-614-1224

“Godzilla Night features the return of Kyle Yount from the internet podcast Kaijucast and more Godzilla than you can imagine.

Also, Skyping in live from Tokyo, Japan on the big screen will be Robert Scott Field (Android M-11 from Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah) and IDW comic artist Matt Frank live from Texas to discuss his new Godzilla comic book series, Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth.

The monstrous double feature for the night will be the Heisei classics Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah and Godzilla vs. Mothra!

Enjoy live kaiju-inspired music by Big Pimp Jones!  

We'll have a theater full of dealers, monstrous prizes, Godzilla displays, an amazing raffle you won't want to miss and we're working on many more surprises!

And if you pre-buy tickets to this show, either at the Bal or online at Ticketweb, you will get a free 11x17 Godzilla Night art poster, by Japanese artist Shinji Nishikawa! This is an art only poster and does not have the titles or text used on the promotional posters for this show.

So, what are you waiting for??”

Gaskell Ball
Saturday, June 22, 7:30PM
Oakland Scottish Rite Center, 1547 Lakeside Drive, Oakland

"Ye Gaskell Occasional Dance Society has been sponsoring Victorian Ballroom dances for over 20 years. We currently sponsor 6 balls a year at the Scottish Rite Temple in Oakland.

We have live music played by the Brassworks of San Francisco, a group of 5 brass horns and a drummer led by Frank Davis. The dances feature Victorian Waltzes, Polkas, Schottisches, Mazurkas, and set dances such as the Sir Roger de Coverley and the Congress of Vienna.

The general format of the dance is three 40 minute and one 30 minute sessions of live music, with three 20 minute breaks. We also occasionally have other entertainment during the breaks such as Morris dancing. The first set starts at 8:30 PM, with the last set ending at Midnight. Starting at 7:45 PM is a dance workshop where members of the Society quickly cover the basics of waltzing, polkas and the schottische.

Of course, the usual 19th, 20th and 21st century formal wear is always welcome.

Dress is 19th, 20th, or 21st Century Formalwear
Admission may be refused for those inappropriately dressed.

Refreshments are potluck finger food with the Society providing both fruit punch and ice water.

Upcoming dates:
August 17, 2013
October 26, 2013
December 21, 2013"
Vagabond Opera
Bohemian Balkan Gypsy Cabaret
Saturday, June 22, 8:30PM
Ashkenaz, 1317 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley  
$12 in advance, $15 at the door

“European Cabaret! Vintage Americana! Balkan Belly Dance! Neo-Classical Opera! Old World Yiddish Theater! Welcome to the six-piece, Portland, Oregon-based Vagabond Opera.

Bohemian Cabaret ensemble Vagabond Opera is described by the Washington Post as ‘band of ceaseless charisma, boundless energy, impeccable musicianship and more than a little touch of both the naughty and exotic.’ The group delivers passionate offerings of Bohemian cabaret for young and old. Paris hot jazz, gut bucket swing, tangos, Ukrainian folk-punk ballads, klezmer and vigorous originals meet a world of riverboat gambling queens, Turkish belly dancers, and the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich. Weaving elements of Kurt Weill, Duke Ellington and Edith Piaf with absurdist flair, theatrics and an old world mood, Vagabond Opera presents the new wave of opera - lusty voices singing in 13 languages and presenting a cabaret of rich musical phrasing, sparkling lyrics and indomitable stage presence, all played with exuberance, skill and a gritty Vagabond edge. This is Opera liberated and reinvented for everyone!”

Plants of Point Reyes National Seashore: An Ethnobotanical Field Exploration
with Tellur Fenner
Saturday-Sunday, June 22-23, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Point Reyes National Seashore and Regenerative Design Institute,
directions to meeting place provided upon registration
$150  Course fee, includes camping at RDI on Saturday night

“Situated just 30 miles north of downtown San Francisco, Point Reyes National Seashore is the largest and most diverse tract of contiguous wilderness to be found so close to the cities of the Bay Area. The botanical diversity of the region is due to its varied landscapes, including: coastal bluffs, chaparral, dunes, deep forests of Douglas-fir and Bishop pines, grasslands, and both fresh water and salt water marshes. Join us on this day-long field class as we explore many of these habitats while learning about the many amazing and useful plants which grow there. We will spend our time hiking and botanizing from a variety of different locations within the park reached via car shuttle. Topics/activities to be covered include: plant identification, medicinal/edible/utilitarian uses, plant family characteristics, ethical harvesting guidelines and information about at-risk medicinal plants (no plants will be picked during the course as they are protected within the park’s boundaries), safety issues and tips on how to avoid toxic/poisonous plants, medicine making techniques, natural fibers, sampling of a variety of edible/medicinal plant preparations, and more!

What to bring:
Bag lunch
Appropriate clothing (check the forecast)

Class will occur RAIN OR SHINE!”

San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival
Saturday-Sunday, June 22-23, and every weekend through June 30
see website for detailed schedule

“We celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival with a series of inspiring events and performances featuring 35 dance companies that embody the breadth and diversity of the Bay Area’s dance communities.

Join us for four weekends of dance from around the world, including both traditional masterpieces and innovative world premieres that may forever change the way you think about dance.”

The Signatories 1916
presented by Wilde Irish Productions
Saturday, June 22, 7:30PM and
Sunday, June 23, 2:00PM
Garden Gate Creative Center, 2911 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley

“The story of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, Ireland.  Told in the ORAL TRADITION through music, song and story.

Created and performed by Pat Waters and Wally Desmond.

Following a successful tour of Ireland, this is part of a US tour including sell-out performances in Cincinnati,  Ohio and the Big Irish Fair in Irvine Lake, Orange County.”

Ludus Danielis: The Play of Daniel
$30 general, $25 student/senior, $15 Children age 12 and under
Tickets available in advance online and at the door forty-five minutes before show times, depending on availability

Saturday, June 22, 7:30PM
Seventh Avenue Performances, 1329 Seventh Avenue, San Francisco

Sunday, June 23, 2:00PM
Congregation Kol Shofar, 215 Blackfield Drive, Tiburon
Saturday, June 29, 8:00PM
All Saints' Episcopal Church, 555 Waverley Street, Palo Alto
Sunday, June 30, 4:00PM
Congregation Beth El, 1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley

“Ludus Danielis, The Play of Daniel, was written by students at the Beauvais Cathedral in France some time between 1227-1234 and is one of the earliest examples of what we now call opera.  Its poetic text closely follows the story of the prophet Daniel at the court of the Persian king Belshazzar and is filled with satraps, soldiers, angels... and of course lions.  Our Assistant Music Director, Katherine McKee, will conduct this semi-staged production and will be joined by members of our dance troupe and an exciting array of instrumentalists playing shawm, curtal, recorders, bowed psaltery, harp, lute and all sorts of percussion.  Rabbi Reuben Zellman (also a San Francisco Renaissance Voices tenor who will be singing the part of Habbakuk) gives a pre-concert lecture a half-hour before each performance.

Tickets are already selling briskly and we hope you can join us for this exciting ending to our ninth season and a great show for the entire family!”

Open Gardens Day at Hallberg Butterfly Gardens
Sunday, June 23, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Hallberg Butterfly Gardens, 8687 Oak Grove Avenue, Sebastopol, 707-823-3420

“Annual Open Gardens Celebration
It's our 16th anniversary!  Come celebrate with us...

Free! No Reservations Needed!

Children’s activities
Wildflower display
Walking tours
Bird and butterfly sightings
Plants, books, and crafts for sale

Our annual Open Gardens Day draws hundreds of visitors from near and far. People come to learn what they can do to protect and enhance habitat for butterflies, to buy plants, and to enjoy a sense of Sonoma County's rich agricultural history. It is a special community event, made possible by many volunteer hours, that brings together a wide variety of people with a passion for natural history.”

Berkeley Juneteenth Festival
Sunday, June 23, 10:00AM-6:00PM
South Berkeley’s five-block Alcatraz-Adeline corridor

“The Berkeley Juneteenth Festival is free and open to the public. Family entertainment is the focus of all Berkeley Juneteenth Festivals, and no alcohol and tobacco sales or sponsorships are allowed.

The RD Bonds Main Stage is the heart of Juneteenth-in-Berkeley. The music incorporates the best of the African American experience: African drumming, jazz, blues, neo-soul, gospel, rhythm and blues, and reggae. Local talents, like John Handy, Faye Carol and Pharoah Sanders have graced our stage, but the BJF is a vehicle for showcasing 'up and coming acts', providing them with an opportunity to show their talents.

The Lothario Lotho Community Stage features specialty performances like dance, spoken word, fashion, as well as local talent. Auditions are held 60 days prior to the Festival.

Health Fair: Alameda County health agencies offer informational workshops and health screenings.

Two On Two Basketball Tourney provides wholesome, physical competition on event day.

Historical Exhibits includes exhibits featuring a collaboration of presenters.

Art For Children programs and for-fun activities which are coordinated by practicing artists.

The Vision Magazine is a BJF souvenir publication sold on Festival day that features highlights about the performers and artists, and stories pertinent to the community.”

Visioning Circle
at The Home of Truth
Sunday, June 23, 12:30-1:15PM, and the fourth Sunday of each month
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
For more information, please contact Rev. Ouida at 510-350-6249 or revouida@yahoo.com

“The Visioning Process as founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith allows us to tap into the Divine for insights, answers and awareness. As THOT is moving into this new phase, I invite the community to come together as we ‘catch the vision’ of what THOT is, and can be. What is the highest vision for THOT? What does that feel like? Who/what must we become? Visioning allows us to catch the highest possibilities.
We will also have time for personal visioning. What are you calling forth? What is the highest vision for your Life? This process is a meditative one that invites us to go within, listen, and receive insights about our Heart's desires.
Please join us!”

Tea and Tarot
with Charlie London and Chas Bogan
Sunday, June 23, 4:00-6:00PM, and the fourth Sunday of every month
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
Donations accepted to cover cost of tea

“Tarot lovers of every skill level will enjoy Tea and Tarot. Each month we will explore a new facet of working with the cards, examining multiple meanings, layouts, and learning how to express our insights with others.”

Full Moon Ritual with Sacred Fires Tradition
Sunday, June 23, 6:00PM
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
Free, donations accepted

“Please bring a perishable food item to share if possible. Ritual will begin on time and no one will be permitted in once we have begun.

The Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft (SFT) would like to invite you to celebrate the mysteries of the Full Moon. Every Full Moon we gather to explore the inner realms of self and to align with the powers of the Goddess. Our rituals are open to all with an open mind and an open heart.”

Intermediate Tarot with Rabbit
Sunday, June 23, 6:00-8:00PM - final week
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$35 per class

“If you have taken Rabbit's Art of Tarot Class, and you'd like to take the next step as a reader, consider taking Intermediate Tarot. This class is designed to help the student of tarot begin to explore creativity, shift the internal landscape, and integrate the wisdom of the tarot more fully into daily life choices.

Prerequisite: Art of Tarot with Rabbit

June 23:Tarot Rituals:
Shaping your life with the tarot”

Summer Solstice Drum Circle
Sunday, June 23, 6:30PM
Sacred Stream Center, 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley, 415-333-1434
For more information, e-mail info@sacredstream.org

“Equinox and Solstice Drumming Circles

We hold drumming circles four times a year to come together to honor the season and to focus on healing for the community and the earth. We invite you to join us.
You do not have to be experienced in drumming or shamanism to attend. It is recommended that you know how to journey, though not required.

If you have a drum or rattle, please bring it. Some drums and rattles will be available to borrow.

Full Moon Walk On Mount Wanda
Sunday, June 23, 8:15-10:15PM
meet at CalTrans Park and Ride lot, Alhambra Avenue and Franklin Canyon Road, Martinez
Free, please RSVP to 925-228-8860

“Join Us For A Full Moon Walk On Mount Wanda!

Join National Park Service rangers for Full Moon walks on Mount Wanda. This free, two-hour program features a one-mile, moderately strenuous hike to watch the Full Moon rise over nearby Mount Diablo. Atop Mount Wanda's 640-foot summit, visitors can use spotting scopes to view more detailed features of the Moon. Listen to the chorus of night sounds and keep an eye out for the nocturnal native grey fox.

Reservations are suggested. Please call the John Muir NHS visitor center at 925-228-8860 to make a reservation. Visitors should meet at the CalTrans Park and Ride lot at the corner of Alhambra Avenue and Franklin Canyon Road, Martinez (at the Alhambra Avenue exit off Highway 4). Bring water, a flashlight, warm clothes, and binoculars (if you have them). Wear comfortable walking shoes, as the trail is steep. If it rains heavily, the walk will be canceled.”

California Witchcamp 2013
Sunday-Sunday, June 23-30
Mendocino Woodlands, exact address given upon registration
Please see website for detailed schedule and registration information

“The story this year is the Descent of Inanna.
The Theme this year is Hope and Inspiration.

This is an extraordinary event for extraordinary people.

Share in a week of Reclaiming style, earth based spirituality and magic. Come and study magic and ritual in a week long Intensive. Witchcamp is offered to all genders at all levels of experience. Newcomers can learn the basic skills of magic and ritual, working with the elements, movement, sound and the mythological and historical framework of the Goddess Tradition.

Advanced classes offer the chance to apply the tools of ritual to personal healing and empowerment, or a focus on taking the Craft out into the world, creating public ritual, ongoing groups, and healing issues surrounding leadership and power. This event is a deeply moving, life changing week and also a constant experiment in temporary village life. We will also look at ways of bringing this work and inspiration into our everyday lives, creating powerful, joyful times.

This year, Witchcamp will be held at the Mendocino Woodlands, located just far enough outside the town of Mendocino to avoid coastal fog. The camp is set among a mature Redwood/Douglas Fir forest, creating a beautiful, peaceful setting. The cabins are rustic, but pretty. Camping is also an option. A small river runs through the camp, which is actually the home of steelhead trout. To request a brochure, please send us an email with your mailing address.

What is an Intensive?
Seven days of ritual and magic. Designed for people who are dedicated to powerful spiritual learning experiences and personal growth. This intensive is not a festival. It will expand your unconscious awareness, push your edges and likely change your life. The intensive is sequestered for the entire 7 days. Please plan to attend the entire week. Also, we don't allow children due to the intensity of the week.

How Much Does Witchcamp Cost?
Full details on costs and timelines are available on the registration page. We do offer partial scholarships if you require financial aid. Please email for the application.

What does this fee include?
It includes all meals (vegetarian), workshops, rituals and accommodation for the week. You might want to bring a little extra cash in US currency only for our pagan market place, and for the scholarship fundraising raffle and auctions.

All food is vegetarian, we can cater for some special needs i.e.: vegan, no wheat. We will make every effort to assure that you have an alternative selection. The kitchen staff, however will not be able to prepare special meals. If your needs are highly individual you might want to consider bringing your own snacks etc.

Physical Needs
All of the camp is rustic dirt paths and wooden bridges, not wheelchair accessible. Most of the bathroom blocks are up 40 foot slopes, which can be difficult if you have mobility problems. People have gotten around with walking sticks and crutches at previous camps. We will do our best to support your need. You will need to notify us well in advance (months) if you have special needs so we can discuss them with you. We do our best to accommodate special needs, and sometimes it is just impossible. We also expect you to be the initiator and take responsibility for yourself and getting the help you need.

Due to the limited amount of parking space available, we need to carpool. Cars with 3 or more people will get to park in the closest lot, all others will be required to park further along the road. We do need you and your car space for others. Carpool information will be included in your registration packet.

Pagan Flea Market
We invite all crafts people and anyone who has a service to share to participate in our flea market. You need to provide your own table and everything you will need. Please note 10% of the final sales will go to next year's scholarship fund.”

Berkeley Pride 365
Monday, June 24, 5:00-9:00PM
Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison Street, Berkeley, 510-644-2020
“First comes love, then comes marriage

Come celebrate the soon-to-be announced U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
Free Food and Entry!
Open to All!
Children's Activities

Questions? Call 510-981-7170 or e-mail asoto-vigil@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Tea and Chanting with Rabbit
Tuesday, June 25, (and the fourth Tuesday of each month)
Meet for tea at 7:30PM, chanting begins at 8:00PM for 30 minutes
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$5 suggested donation

“Join Rabbit for an evening of the herbal and the verbal. After sharing information about this month's unique, delicious herbal tea, explaining this month's mantra, and offering a brief dharma talk Rabbit leads the group in rhythmic, harmonic chanting for approximately 30-50 minutes.”

Post-Solstice Bardic Circle
with Ximena Terrean
Wednesday, June 26, 7:00-9:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Free, donations gladly accepted

“Come join us as we share in circle our sacred, creative expression in the form of songs, poems, prayers, dance, jokes, skits etc. Bring a brief piece or two of your creation to share with other Pagans. One by one we will be heard and in turn listen to what our Muses have inspired for us to bring forth and share. This is a participatory, no-experience-necessary, get-together moderated by Ximena Terrean.”

Have a Week of Play and Revelry, or Inspiration and Victory!

Molly Blue Dawn

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