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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for January 2012 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for January 2011 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for:

Live Safe Training for Girls
with Master Ramir Mosqueda of Jim Buhisan’s USA Martial Arts
Saturday, January 7
9-13 year olds 2;00-3:00PM, 13-17 year olds 3:00-4:00PM
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
please RSVP at one of the links below:
9-13 year olds: http://theredtent.net/red_tent_events?eventId=416907&EventViewMode=EventDetails
13-17 year olds:

“Live Safe Training is a Self Defense class specifically created for girls ages 9-13yrs and 13-17yrs of age. The class will focus on the ABS’s of Conflict Avoidance. It will focus on Principle over Technique…meaning the girls will learn tools for Conflict Avoidance, Bullying, making safe choices as well as some techniques to help create opportunities for escape in the event it becomes necessary.
The class will be taught for the specific age ranges above in a 1 hour format for each age group. The two classes will talk specifically about the typical environments that 9-13yr olds and 13-17yr olds are frequently in and/or introduced to.
It is a fact of “our time” that 1 out of 3 girls/women will experience assault of some sort in their lifetime. It is our intention to empower girls by providing them with principles and techniques to help them keep themselves safe. Girls will gain knowledge on how to get away with the least amount of force and/or harm by learning Self Defense. They will learn to be aware of their surroundings and to keep themselves out of potentially dangerous situations. They will learn how to create opportunities for escape as well as basic wrist release techniques.
Come and support your daughters, nieces, friends in their learning and learn along with them. Share and encourage friends and family to bring their daughters too! Together we are helping our girls grow into empowered young women…building confidence and self-esteem.”

5-Session Dream Group
Saturday, January 7, 10:00AM-12:00PM,
and 4 more Saturdays, January 14, February 4, February 25 and March 3
in Albany - exact location given with registration
please RSVP to Laura Prickett at 510-848-8749 or prickett_L@yahoo.com

“Explore the meanings and gifts that dreams can bring into our waking lives.  The group will be led by Laura Prickett, a candidate for certification in dreamwork and spiritual direction.  There is no charge, since leading the group is in partial fulfillment of dreamwork certification from the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork.  Sessions will be on Saturday mornings, from 10 to noon, in Albany, on the following dates:  Jan 7, Jan 14, Feb 4, Feb 25, and Mar 3.  This is not a drop-in group.  Participants are asked to commit to attending at least four sessions.  To register or ask questions, please contact Laura, prickett_L@yahoo.com or 510-848-8749.”

Machine: A Fire Opera
Wednesday-Saturday, January 11-14 and January 18-21, 7:30PM
The Crucible, 1260 7th Street, Oakland

“The Crucible proudly presents, MACHINE: A world premiere Fire Opera written, conceived and directed for The Crucible stage by Mark Streshinsky, who previously collaborated on Dracul and Firebird. The music of MACHINE is by Clark Suprynowicz who is well known in the Bay area for his Jazz and Rock infused compositions of opera and symphonic work.
Based on a short story by science fiction author Derek J. Goodman, MACHINE is set in a fiery industrial universe in which workers have sold themselves into a lifetime of servitude. When one worker regains his power of self-determination, the story ignites into an explosive brew of escape plots, alliances, and unlikely love interests. This spectacular performance features two opera singers, a rock singer and percussionists that “play” the scaffolding-like set. Visual effects including a molten metal pour, fire performers and industrial artists such as glass blowers and blacksmiths. MACHINE will deliver the kind of awe-inspiring performance that Crucible audiences have come to expect.
Composer Clark Suprynowicz has written a riveting score for this piece that incorporates seven percussionists alongside both classical and rock instrumentalists and directed by noted conductor, Barnaby Palmer. The musicians inhabit the machine and perform as the workers of the factory. Suprynowicz’ score reinforces the virile voice of baritone Eugene Brancoveanu who The SF Chronicle calls “extravagantly gifted with unforced charisma, vocal clarity and heft."
Sung in English, MACHINE is a stunning show that takes full advantage of the industrial surroundings of The Crucible’s 56,000 square foot education facility.
This project is based on the short story Deus Ex Machina by Derek J. Goodman and is being developed in collaboration with composer Clark Supynowicz and writer/director Mark Streshinsky with support from The Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, and the East Bay Community Foundation’s Fund for Artists.”

Edwardian World's Faire and Edwardian Ball
Friday - Saturday, January 20-21, 8:00PM
The Regency Ballroom, 1300 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

Friday, January 20 – The Edwardian World’s Faire
“A little more rambunctious, a little more casual and certainly colorful, Friday night’s World’s Faire presents an interactive night of gaming, inventions, exploration, circus, cabaret, and even a bit of swaggering rock n’ roll, Edwardian style!
There are a host of “Friday Only” features such as bicycle-powered rides by Cyclecide, large-scale mechanical installations by Kinetic Steam Works, and a one-of-a-kind midway created by Edwardian hosts Vau de Vire featuring classic carnie games, a kissing booth, shooting gallery, and Gorey-inspired games of grim comedy. And don’t listen to what “they” say, here you CAN collect wooden nickels for fabulous prizes!
Visit Our extraordinary Vendor Bazaar (see complete vendor listings here!) will be open from doors til closing, the perfect opportunity to find that special something, perhaps for the next night’s Ball?”

Saturday, January 21 – The Edwardian Ball
“This is the night of The Ball itself, a slightly more formal affair where the games, rides, cabaret acts, and steam machinery are cleared away to make room for a costumed floor of ballroom dance, roaming performances, and the tales and characters of Edward Gorey brought to life on stage and throughout.
Each year, in the depths of the night, Edwardian Ball founders Rosin Coven and their co-hosts Vau de Vire Society bring a featured Gorey story to life onstage with original music, choreography, narration, circus acts, and many surprises. This year’s feature is “The Iron Tonic”.
The Vendor Bazaar is of course open this night as well, saunter down and peruse the delights, enjoy a hand of cards at the Gaming Parlour, sip an absinthe cocktail, and dance the night away…”

Edwardian period costumes!  Edward Gorey themed costumes!  The kind of stuff you expect from people who are into Edward Gorey and like to dress up!

(Article about who the heck Edward Gorey was: http://archive.salon.com/people/bc/2000/02/15/gorey )

Friday-Monday, February 17-20 (President's Day Weekend)
Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose
$65 for early registration by January 15!
$75 for the whole weekend,  $35 for a single day, $20 for an evening only (after 5:00)

An enormous, magical, festive and reverent gathering of Pagans from all over the world!

Fourth Annual Witches' Ball
A Benefit for The Pagan Alliance
Saturday, March 3, 3:00PM-Midnight
Benicia Clock Tower, 1189 Washington Street, Benicia
see Eventbrite page for admission details

“Children's Afternoon 3:00-6:00PM:
Ostara Egg Hunt
Face Painting
Live Music and Dance
Druid Storytelling Pavilion
Snacks! Games! Fun! And More!

21+ 8:00PM to Midnight - photo ID required:
Sharon Knight Trio http://www.sharonknight.net
Druid Sisters Tea Party http://www.druidsisters.com/MUSIC.html
DJ Capt Kaoss
dj gravedigger
Aerial Dance by Lady Luck
Grateful Sirens Bellydancers
Drummers welcome!
Dance, Drink and Be Merry!
Free Bottled Water for Designated Drivers

All day:
Raffle prizes
Costume contest
Photography by Avalon Arts http://www.avalonartstudio.com
Divinatory Readings all day and night
Vendors with Clothing, Amber, Jewelry, Art, Henna, Crochet, Pan horns, Masks etc!”
Presale Tickets available at :

The Sacred Well
536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355

Red Raven
1505 Louisiana Street, Vallejo, 707-558-0808

JoHanna White, President of the Pagan Alliance, says:
“If you are interested in volunteering please contact me privately!
Thanks, JoHanna johanna@thepaganalliance.org

Volunteer tarot readers, storytellers, face painters, door people and kid wranglers needed.”

Medieval Fantasy Festival
Saturday, April 28, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Downtown Vacaville, centering on Merchant, Main, and Parker Streets and Town Square

“A Family Fair with a Celtic Flair. Fairies, wizards, dragons, elves, wee folk, and all other mythical beings are welcome. If you wish, come in costume as your favorite fantasy fiction character or as a traveler from the 6th through the 15th centuries.”

11th Annual Pagan Festival and Parade
Theme: Paradigm Shift
Saturday, May 12, 10:30AM-5:30PM
Parade is at noon
Civic Center Park, 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way , Berkeley

“Keeper of the Light 2012: T. Thorn Coyle
MCs: Shay Black and Dian Rowan

Music, Dance, Stage Performances, Speakers, Pagan Pride Parade in the streets of Berkeley, Speaker's Pavilion, Altars, Public Ritual, Vendors, Druid Story Telling Pavilion, Green Pavilion and Displays, Authors Circle, Arts and Crafts Pavilion, Info Booths and Program/Resource Guide.

Best Costume prizes for Youth and Adults! Best Float prize!
Visit the Pagan Market Place with over 40 vendors and numerous non-profits and organizations.

Beloved Dead Altar- Please bring copies of photos that will honor our loved ones that have crossed over.

Please bring canned/non-perishable goods for the Alameda County Food Bank. Bins located next to the Pagan Festival Info Booth.”

Fairy and Human Relations Congress
Communication and Co-Creation with Devas, Nature Spirits and the Faery Realms
Friday - Sunday, June 24-26
Skalitude Retreat, Twisp, Washington
See website for registration details.  Register by March 15 for discounted rate.

"The Fairy and Human Relations Congress affects the planet by joining with the nature, devic and other higher realms to bring more peace, love and understanding into the world. Our goal is not to escape the outer world but to positively affect it. At this time of multiple crises affecting humanity we feel it is very important to seek alliances with as many light forces as possible in other realms. Mother Earth and the fairy realms ARE big players in what is transpiring on the planet. Though many deny their existence, the numbers of people who are tuning into the spiritual realms and to the nature spirit/fairy/devic realms is increasing by leaps and bounds. The Congress is one of the vanguard events bringing these people together. We are not a frivolous event although we do have lots of fun and costume up. Our intent is communication and cooperation, not only for our personal selves, but for all of humanity. We are allying ourselves with Mother Earth and with the forces for peace and love on planet Earth.”

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