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Do you base our choices on what you want, or what you think you're supposed to want? Let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, THEN engage your mind in the process. The best wishes are born from your heart.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrate the first Dark Moon in Aquarius for 2015 with the Fathers of Change

Today, Tuesday, January 20, is the Dark Moon in Aquarius - the first of two.  This Dark Moon falls in the very early degrees of Aquarius, and the next Dark Moon, on February 18, will fall in the very late degrees of Aquarius.  In the space between them, Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius.  This is a time to open our minds to entirely new ways of thinking, understanding, and living.  It is the beginning of a drastic paradigm shift, bringing fundamental questions about what we actually know, and placing everything we do already know in a new context, changing its meaning entirely.  It is time to go back through our memories and re-evaluate them, preparing us to move forward at the next Dark Moon with a transformed sense of our purpose and what will now be possible in the world we are continuously co-creating.

Tonight, or during this week, I invite you to join or support the Fathers of Change in their new 2015 Dark Moon working:

If you would like to share more of your experience with the Fathers of Change, you may join the Google+ community:

All Earth Is Connected,

Molly Blue Dawn

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