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Monday, December 29, 2014

CAYA Events for January 2015


The CAYA Public Service Track is running the CAYA Winter Drive!

As the weather grows colder, we gather together for warmth and comfort. This year, CAYA is hoping to spread that warmth by collecting coats, blankets and other necessities to donate to East Oakland Community Project’s (EOCP) Crossroads Emergency Shelter.

We'll be collecting donations at all January rituals.

EOCP accepts:
Warm coats and blankets
New white tube socks
Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrushes, lotions, mouthwash)
Disposable razors
Men’s boxers (no smalls)
Flip-flops/shower shoes
Linens (towels, wash cloths, sheets & pillow cases)

We encourage all who are able to participate. Please share this widely and help us bring as much warmth and comfort as we can to the community!

CAYA Cares

Amata Maia Mermaid, High Priestess of the Sacred Hearth, has created a campaign for the CAYA community to raise funds for the Ferguson Public Library:

In 2015, due to popular demand, CAYA Coven is resurrecting its Men's and Women's Full Moon Circles, and adding a third circle which honors gender diversity - people of any gender identity (or none) will be welcome to participate in the forthcoming Rainbow Moon Circle as well. Watch our announcements for more info, or sign up to receive our newsletter here: http://caya-coven.squarespace.com/contact

Yearning Moon
presented by Grove of the Goddess
a Full Moon Circle for self-identified Women
Saturday, January 3, 7:00PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Main Sanctuary, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10-$20 donation requested

“The Yearning Moon in January is the time in CAYA when we ask ourselves: What desires, deep within, are yearning to be fulfilled, and how might we begin to take steps toward fulfilling them?

In this ritual of yearning, we honor our yearning for knowledge, and for hope even in the face of painful facts. We welcome Pandora, whose vessel of knowledge was a considered a dangerous source of power. Knowledgeable women are dangerous women, it's true. Join us for an intimate, personal circle in which we share knowledge with one another, make offerings to She Who Knows, and receive gifts of knowledge from Pandora herself.  

Chairs will be provided. Please feel free to bring a cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor. Feel free to bring drink or food to share, or flowers for the altar.”

Yearning Moon
presented by Brotherhood of the Moon
a Full Moon Circle for self-identified Men
Saturday, January 3, 7:00PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Cottage, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10-$20 donation requested

“As 2015 dawns, CAYA Coven's Brotherhood of the Moon welcomes all self-identified men to join them in a ritual to reflect on what the old year has brought us and on what we may find in the next. Together we will call upon the God Janus to bless us in our new beginnings and to aid us in becoming all that we desire.”

Please note new location - in the Cottage at the Home of Truth!  

The Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe
welcomes self-identified Women to
Rite of the Sacred Maiden
Friday, January 30, 7:00PM
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Cottage, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10-$20 donation requested
Clothing is optional

“The Maiden runs free in nature and discovers her psychic gifts. She is fascinated by magic and wonder. The onset of menses and realization of our ‘powers’ is celebrated. This is the ‘coming of age’ ceremony for the Maiden Goddess. All is open to her as she discovers and is affirmed in her freedom. This is a good time for blessing our bodies, heightening our divination abilities and psychic gifts, celebrating our self-determined natures, cleansing and purifying ourselves of ‘baggage,’ skepticism, powerlessness, or lack of confidence.”

CAYA’s Festival of Prophecy & Initiation: Dedications & Initiations
Saturday, January 31, 7:00PM
7:00 PM (doors are locked once the circle is cast at 7:45)
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, in the Main Hall, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$10-$20 donation requested

“This ritual marks the formal Dedication of our Aspirant class; talented and focused practitioners now completing their year of study.  We are also proud to be Initiating our next group who have felt the call to serve this community on the path of Wildflower Priest/esshood. Expect to see these new faces in our rituals and events throughout the year. Join us for a celebration of the new growth to come!”

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