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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, November 12, 2014

See more event listings on the calendar at the Pantheon Foundations' website:

Decolonize Menstruation, Live Faith Live Food Lecture Series, Network For A New Culture North Bay Monthly Meeting, Tales of Poe, The Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation, Chaplin Shorts, astrobarry’s Astrology Salon, Gamble Garden: Landscape of Optimism, Pairings: Cultivating a Taste for Science Through Food, The Power of Grace: Recognizing Unexpected Gifts on Our Path, Shocktoberfest 15: The Bloody Debutante, Recipe, Puppet Up: Uncensored, The Dragon Play, Three Ways of Seeing Water, Constructing a New Gaming Genre, Resistance and Remembrance: A Transgender Day of Remembrance Shabbat, The Art of Relaxation and Self Care, Exoplanets in the Kepler Era, LUMA: Theater of Light, Mystery Mystery Science Theater 3000, Taiko Fusion: Breaking New Ground, Writing Wild to Change your Life, Center for Sacred Studies Community Celebration, Harvest Festival Original Art and Craft Show, San Francisco Green Festival, Earth Energy Walk, Northern California Bats: Demystifying and Discovering these Amazing Animals, Make Bath Salts, Get the Rush: Day of Activities at Rush Ranch, Fibershed Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium, Cowboy Hootenanny Folk Festival, Guatemalan Craft Mercado Fundraiser and Craft Sale, Fall Forward Festival, Pagan Women’s Brunch, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Celebration, Sci Fi/Fantasy Day, November Tea Tasting: Black Teas, Intro to Pointed Pen Calligraphy, Winterblast, The Great Gatsby Gala, The Rite of the Underworld Crone, Mysterious Tremendum: Don Conreaux Gong Master Performance, Foundry Nights #14!, 26th Annual Sea Music Concert Series, Like Never And Like Always, Dangerous Beauties: A Celebration of the Leading Ladies of Film, A Two Day Qigong and Tutorial Seminar, Goat Hill Antique Fair, Typhoon Maseg, Luminous Night, Faulted, Solar Cross Devotional: Dagda Devotional, In the Creek Litter Clean Up, Pine Needle Basketry, Wooden Spoon Carving, Patchwork Show: Modern Makers Festival, Pinball Tournament at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach, The Power Of Singing: Polyphonia - Albania’s Forgotten Voices, Open Shamanic Journey Circle, Windy Wynazz is Uncouth, Unlikely Duo and West of Malarkey, Winter Wellness: Helping Your Family through Cold and Flu Season, A Cup of Tea with Spirit, The Art of Vegetable Fermentation, Sea Ballads with Stephen Canright, Sustainable Economies Law Center Fall Celebration, A Wife of Buddha, Succulent Wreath Making Workshop, Transgender Day of Resistance Oakland/East Bay, Raptors Rats and Riparian Areas

Decolonize Menstruation
hosted by Natural Flow
Wednesday, November 12, 12:30-1:30PM
Omi Gallery, Impact Hub Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland
Free Brown-Bag Discussion

“Do you know about this sign in the Impact Hub Oakland bathroom? First labeled with ‘#decolonize’ and then later ‘don’t gender my period.’

What are your reactions?

We see signs everyday that use of terms like ‘feminine products,’ ‘sanitary products,’ and ‘personal care products,’ often unconscious to how these words impact the ways ways in which we imagine menstruation, menstrual practices, and our relationship with our own bodies.

What connections can be made between the practice of decolonizing and the body, our relationships to the earth, and menstruation? What could decolonizing menstruation look like?

Let us explore together what this sign evokes and the commentary on gender, decolonization, and menstruation that is already being voiced in our community. (We promise we didn’t write it!) Come share any perspectives and reactions to this photo and other related signage / word usage.

This is the sixth lunchtime discussion hosted by Natural Flow. All are welcome to attend, regardless of menstruation status or any other factor.

In particular, we want to create a space that acknowledges and welcomes a spectrum of gender identity. Our individual experiences as white, cisgender, queer women give us only part of the picture and we want to learn from and honor the wisdom of different perspectives as well.

We’re thrilled that Impact Hub Oakland supports having designated spaces for these types of important, deeply personal, yet systemic conversations.”

Live Faith Live Food Lecture Series
Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco
Wednesday, November 12, 6:00-8:30PM - final session
$15 per lecture

“More faith leaders, clergy, and religion members are affirming diet is not just a ‘health’ thing, but a spiritual discipline as well. Are there traditional religious reasons for seeking to live a vegan life? See how four religious paths, plus secular humanist meditators, view and value a live-food and vegan way.

Each talk is presented by different leaders from within the faith traditions, interview style. The first five talks go in-depth into each of five different paths. The sixth talk will bring all five traditions together ecumenically to discuss.

November 12: Wrap up, all paths together
Many returning speakers.

Series Moderated by Michael Bedar

First (at 6:00PM) enjoy a vegan organic dinner with live-food options planned by a certified Nutrition Consultant, Patricia Allen Koot, NE, NC.

Take the elevator to the first floor, then security will key you down to the mezzanine for the event.

Series Co-Sponsored and Supported by:

San Francisco Vegetarian Society
Wellness Central
Dharma Voices for Animals
Green Faith
Institute for World Religions
Society of Ethical and Religious Vegans
Jewish Vegetarians of North America

A fifteen dollar requested donation covers the all you can eat vegan dinner plus the program.  The Nutritionist, speakers, and organizers donates their time.  Funds go toward facility rental, food, transport and other costs.”

Network For A New Culture North Bay Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, November 12, 6:00-10:00PM
LoveJourney Temple, Sebastopol, exact address given upon RSVP
$10-$20 suggested donation

“Our community is deeply enjoying hosting the Network for a New Culture evenings for the North Bay at the beautiful retreat center, LoveJourney.
Network for a New Culture (NFNC) is part of a larger global movement to create local communities where transparency, self-awareness, love, trust, and compassionate honesty are the new cultural norms.  We believe that it takes a village to raise consciousness.  We, of course, intend that our work and play together will be transforming not only for our small communities, but for the community of the world as well.
We will start our evening at 6:00PM with a delicious potluck dinner. Please bring something fun and nutritious to share.

At 7:00PM, we then gather for dancing and community building exercises. Following this, we will move into the ZEGG Forum.  One of the main elements of our time together will be a ZEGG Forum.  If you have not yet participated in a Forum we request that you arrive at 6:30PM for an important orientation meeting.
Feel free to stay after the event to dance, hot tub, schmooze, and snuggle.
Please RSVP by phone at 707-824-1117, or by email to jackie@lovejourneytantra.com. This helps us know how many to plan for.

We request a $10-$20 voluntary donation at the event to cover costs of the space and travel expenses of forum facilitators, as needed.

We can always use extra help with parking, set up, potluck clean-up, and take down. If you can help please contact Rachel Dawson at 805-421-8869, or radiantearth@gmail.com.

ZEGG Forum is a facilitated awareness and communication process for groups of 12 to 50. It was designed in the Zegg community in Germany as a way for the community to be able to communicate with itself. It provides an artistic way of personal sharing where an individual moves in the center of the circle and shares whatever is alive in them. Our true motivations, our deep feelings, longings, ideas, and emotions become revealed.
This focus on transparency, sharing, and clarifying unsolved situations makes it an invaluable catalyst for growth. Forum is a personal process in a social context.  We discover how our personal issues resonate with everyone, and learn how each theme is part of a common human experience.  Many people have had life changing experiences from what they are able to see about themselves in their expressions and from the mirroring of a loving community.
We also have an opportunity to experience how we can feel more connected to ourselves and the group when we speak directly about our own present time experience, rather than telling a story about something which is not fully alive for us in the moment.”

Tales of Poe
presented by the Meanderthals
Wednesday-Saturday, November 12-15, 8:00PM
The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland
$20, $15 if in costume

“Prince Prospero has brought together his nearest and dearest friends, including special guest, Edgar Allan Poe, for an elaborate party intentioned to keep the red death at bay. Come join Prince Prospero, Edgar Allan Poe, Tripetta, Montresor, and more in their desperate attempt to avoid the fabled red death! Interactive theatre with classic favorites such as the Cask of Amontillado, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, and more!

Please come at least ten minutes early as you will not be permitted in after show has begun.”

The Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation
Wednesday, November 19-Thursday, November 20

“This is a ritual to honor the transgender dead.

Ancestor elevation, in the words of polytheist scholar and ancestor worker Galina Krasskova, ‘is a sacred practice that is done to help the soul of a dead family member who was troubled or angry or depressed in life, perhaps doing harmful things to themselves or others, perhaps never able to live a happy life due to their own inner demons… In doing an elevation for a particular ancestor, we are engaging in ancestral healing, in cleansing a tiny bit of mess, blockage, pain, strain, hurt from that particular line.’

We have adapted her suggested ancestor elevation ritual format to elevate our transgender ancestors, those who came with us and before us, those who survived struggles and violence and hardships, as well as those who didn’t survive them. There is incredible pain and rage in the ranks of the transgender dead - we the living can understand it all too well. We seek to help relieve the suffering that persists after death, and to offer back to those who gave so much so that we could simply exist today. We elevate our ancestors out of the miasma that clings to them. We hope to bring them healing and peace.

The format of the ritual is as follows: for nine consecutive days, beginning on November 12 and concluding on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, participants will set out a candle and a glass of clean drinking water on an ancestor altar, and then read a series of prayers offered to the dead. That, plus the physical raising of the altar itself to counterpoint the spiritual raising of our ancestors, is the basic framework within which we will be working.

Thank you for joining us in honoring our beloved transgender dead.”

Thanks to Jaina Bee for letting me know about this event!

Chaplin Shorts
Thursday, November 13, 7:00PM
The Cerrito Theater, 10070 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, 510-273-9250

“Come celebrate the birth of The Little Tramp!

Charles Chaplin created his beloved Little Tramp character one hundred years ago, and it still has worldwide appeal. Now, the prints have been beautifully restored, and Cerrito Classics is proud to show four of the best Chaplin shorts, one night only.

The Pawnshop
One of Chaplin’s most celebrated and surreal shorts, including the famous ‘sick’ alarm clock gag. 1916, black and white, silent.

The Rink
Charlie Chaplin skates circles around his antagonists, figuratively, waiting tables in a swanky restaurant, and literally, at the rink next door, in one of his best-loved two-reelers. 1916, black and white, silent.

The Immigrant
One of Chaplin’s signature works, praised by fellow filmmakers the world over, including Elia Kazan, Francis Ford Coppola, Ousmane Sembene and Satyajit Ray. 1917, black and white, silent.

The Adventurer
After a daring escape from prison, the Tramp saves Edna Purviance and her mother from drowning, and is taken into their home. But Edna’s jealous suitor Eric Campbell does his darnedest to have him removed. 1917, black and white, silent.

Chaplin shorts play only once on Thursday, November 13 at 7:00PM. All seats are $8. Moviegoers are advised to get advance tickets at the box office or online, as shows may sell out. Arriving early is a good idea, in order to choose your seat and also order delicious food and wine or beer.”

astrobarry’s Astrology Salon
Thursday, November 13, 7:30-9:30PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Suggested donation $10-$20

“Join a lively astrology discussion led by astrobarry in this informal interactive group experience. Topics covered in each Astrology Salon will vary, based on who attends and what's going on in the sky. The Salon is intended to provide burgeoning astrologers with a chance to practice their chart interpretation skills in a safe, fun environment. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of the astrological language.

Please bring 5-10 copies of any astrology chart you'd like us to discuss (free charts available at http://www.astro.com).”

Gamble Garden: Landscape of Optimism
with author Susan Woodman
Thursday, November 13, 7:30PM
Kepler’s Books, 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, 650-324-4321

“Join us for a lovely evening with Susan Woodman, pumpkin cookies (the recipe is in the book!), and a gorgeous floral arrangement courtesy of the folks at Gamble Garden, as Susan presents the beauty of our very own city oasis. With over 200 photographs, Gamble Garden: The Landscape of Optimism, presents a seasonal tour of the garden and its draw to all who seek it and its restorative rewards.  

Gamble Garden celebrates an early 20th-century property in Palo Alto, and tells how it has become a haven and treasured community centerpiece. Gamble Garden has thrived as a model public garden since its rebirth in 1985. The reader is introduced to Elizabeth Frances Gamble, a granddaughter of the co-founder of Procter and Gamble, and the family house and garden she left to the City of Palo Alto.

As a student at the College of William and Mary, Susan Woodman developed an interest in photography. Susan has more than decade of volunteer involvement with Gamble Garden, and for this book turned an historian's eye to the heritage and present-day vitality of this important local institution.”

Pairings: Cultivating a Taste for Science Through Food
Thursday, November 13, 7:30-10:00PM, and the second Thursday of each month
Exploratorium, Pier 15, San Francisco, 415-528-4444
$15, 18 and over

“In culinary terms, pairings match complementary or contrasting flavors to create a pleasing complexity. Hosted by Clay Reynolds and Chef Loretta Keller of SeaGlass Restaurant, Pairings offers fresh perspectives from a range of scientists, chefs, farmers, vintners, brewers, and others to enhance your exploration of intriguing and edible topics.

Join us on second Thursdays for robust presentations and refreshing conversations designed to inspire your scientific palate.

Tonight’s Menu:
The Dirt on Dirt Featuring Paul Stepahin and Torey Arvik

Hear Exploratorium Exhibit Developer and molecular gastronomy aficionado Paul Stepahin discuss why we can’t just eat dirt, and uncover the truth about terroir - the soil, climate, and growing conditions affecting a wine’s unique aroma and flavor - with wine enthusiast and SeaGlass General Manager Clay Reynolds. Delve into vineyard microbiology with Dr. Torey Arvik, and sample earthy enticements from Chef Loretta Keller.”

The Power of Grace: Recognizing Unexpected Gifts on Our Path
with David Richo, Best-selling Author of The Power of Grace
Thursday, November 13, 7:30PM
Many Rivers Books and Tea, 130 S. Main Street, Sebastopol, 707-829-8871

“Grace is the term Dave Richo uses to describe any of those events in which help comes your way unexpectedly: when the solution to a perplexing problem just suddenly pops into your head; when you suddenly find the strength to rise to an occasion you didn't think you could endure; when the next phase in your spiritual path becomes plain as day. Moments of Grace usually come as surprises, but, Richo shows, we can learn to expect them - for Grace is a resource any of us can access. He begins by showing where to look to recognize the Grace that surrounds you: in nature, in religion/spirituality, in relationships, in yourself. He then provides practical exercises for learning how to manifest Grace in your life - to recognize and claim the help the universe is constantly offering you.

David Richo, PhD, is a therapist and author who leads popular workshops on personal and spiritual growth.  Since 1976, Richo has been a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor in California. In addition to practicing psychotherapy, Richo teaches courses at Santa Barbara City College and the University of California Berkeley at Berkeley, and has taught at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and Santa Barbara Graduate Institute. He is a clinical supervisor for the Community Counseling Center in Santa Barbara, California.”

Shocktoberfest 15: The Bloody Debutante
presented by the Thrillpeddlers
Thursday-Saturday, November 13-15, 8:00PM
playing through November 22
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“15 Years of Thrilling Terror!

Our latest extravaganza of terror and titillation includes:

An Edgar Allan Poe classic from Le Theatre du Grand Guignol - The System Of Dr. Tarr And Professor Fether - by Andre de Lorde, freely adapted by Paulo Biscaia Filho.

Isabel’s Zombie Holocaust - A world-premiere puppet show by Nick Knave.

The Bloody Debutante - A musical ritual one-act by Scrumbly Koldewyn.

Deathwrite - A world-premiere black comedy by Andy Wenger and Damien Chacona.

Contortionist Michael Curran and a Lights-Out Spook-Show Finale.

Tickets always sell fast, so don’t delay… buy yours today.”

"Spooky" is not quite the word for Grand Guignol Theatre - it's more like "horrifying".  Possibly even “grossenating”.  If you like that sort of thing, you’ll love Shocktoberfest!

Recipe: A new comedy about the Morning Glory Baking Circle for Revolutionary Self Defense
presented by Central Works
Thursday-Sunday, November 13-16,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 5:00PM
playing through November 23
The Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Street, Berkeley, 510-848-7800
sliding scale $15-$28

“Autumn brings Recipe, a profoundly funny new work by Michael Gene Sullivan, resident playwright for the Tony award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe.

Central Works serves up the laughs in this delicious take on a circle of sweet old grandmotherly bakers, who just happen to be dedicated to the armed overthrow of the United States government.  But baking pies and cakes isn’t enough to satisfy these four intrepid refugees from the 60s (and 50s, and 40s), and their burning desire to Up the Revolution!”

Puppet Up: Uncensored
The OTHER side of The Jim Henson Company
Thursday-Sunday, November 13-16,
Thursday-Friday 8:00PM, Saturday 6:00PM and 9:00PM, Sunday 7:00PM
playing through November 23
Marines’ Memorial Theater, 609 Sutter Street, San Francisco, 415-673-6672
see website for ticket details

“What happens when Henson puppeteers are unleashed? You get a new breed of intelligent nonsense that is Puppet Up: Uncensored - a live, outrageous, comedy, variety show for adults only. Enjoy an unpredictable evening when six talented, hilarious, expert puppeteers will improvise songs and sketches based on your suggestions! With a motley group of characters brought to life by the world-renowned puppeteers of The Jim Henson Company, this is not your average night at the improv and it is definitely not for children. But all others are welcome to enjoy the uninhibited anarchy of live puppet performance as never seen before.

Puppet Up: Uncensored is a silly, daring and exciting challenge that has evolved from a small class where our puppeteers could work on their improvising skills. Traditionally, going back to the earliest appearances my dad did on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show and many others, our company’s style of puppetry has always involved improvisation. It was quite often true that our funniest moments on set happened after the director yelled cut. Improvising brings a certain energy that is exciting, irreverent and unique and I wanted to strengthen that comedic voice in our work.

So back in 2005 we invited some performers, fed them pizza, and hoped for the best. The class was funny and we thought other people might think it was funny too. So we had a little private show and a festival scout was there. The next thing we knew we were no longer a class but a world-traveling troupe of skilled puppeteers who improvise - or skilled improvisers who puppeteer, whichever you choose.

Perhaps what has been the most rewarding for us has been how much our audiences have embraced the rebellious anarchic energy that gets unleashed with this show. It can be a little disturbing to see unrequited love between a goat and a fish, but we find it delicious and surprising and it has been wonderful to have audiences around the world agree with us.

Performing in Puppet Up: Uncensored requires us to improvise freely and to let loose our emotional selves. We ask that of the audience too. So when we need suggestions, open your mind, release your inhibitions and feel free to shout out the first ridiculous thing that pops in your head. Chances are it is exactly what we’re looking for.

I guess for a show that is labeled ‘adults only’, we’re actually quite juvenile. And we’re truly excited to have you come play with us.

  • Brian Henson”

The Dragon Play
by Jenny Connell Davis
Thursday-Sunday, November 13-16,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 7:00PM,
playing through December 14, No performances Thanksgiving weekend
Impact Theatre at La Val's Subterranean, 1834 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, 510-224-5744
$20 in advance, $25 at the door

“In the frozen north a woman and her husband, weathering the challenges of their marriage, receive a mysterious visitor who threatens to upend their world. Decades before and thousands of miles away in the burning south, an 11-year-old boy and a 300-year-old - yet still relatively adolescent - dragon girl meet and fall in love. Far from fairy tales or airbrushed fantasies, these two achingly poignant stories alternate in a heart-rending dance of desire, longing, and commitment that spans time and geography. The intensity of the ways these characters yearn and fall for each other is like nothing audiences have witnessed on stage, and the staggering final revelation will stop your heart with its beauty.”

Three Ways of Seeing Water
paintings by Will Noble, Mary Wagstaff, and Nelson Hee
Opening Reception Friday, November 14, 5:30-7:30PM,
exhibit runs through December 27
Falkirk Cultural Center, 1408 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, 415-485-3328

“These three Marin painters all observe water and render it with meditative detail, yet each has a unique artistic voice. Will Noble is focused on the intimate world of streams, cascades, and sea. Mary Wagstaff is absorbed by the ocean’s surface as she finds it from her surfboard. And Nelson Hee has created a whole series on the effects of water on moorings and tethers.

Each artist’s work fills one gallery room at Falkirk, making a powerful and fascinating exhibition.

Falkirk Cultural Center is a 19th century country estate listed on the National Historic Register. The Queen Anne Victorian, designed by Clinton Day, was built in 1888 by Ella Nichols Park, and purchased by Captain Robert Dollar in 1906. Falkirk is named after Dollar's birthplace in Scotland, and his descendants occupied the house until 1970. The estate was saved from demolition in 1974. The Cultural Center is owned and operated by the City of San Rafael and has served the community for over 30 years.”

Constructing a New Gaming Genre
part of the Future Fridays series at Chabot Space and Science Center
with Will Wright, Game Designer and Creator of Sim City
Friday, November 14, 6:00-7:30PM
Chabot Space and Science Center, 10000 Skyline Boulevard, Oakland, 510-336-7373

“Twenty years ago, a video game that you could neither win nor lose was inconceivable unless you were Will Wright. With five years of college under his belt and no degree, then twenty-something year old Wright created a game based on designing and building cities. In achieving that goal, Will created a new genre in gaming and within it, one of the best-loved game franchises in history, SimCity. An entirely new kind of video game genre, focused on open-ended, non-violent gameplay was born! Hear Will discuss his journey and his upcoming projects.

Will Wright (born January 20, 1960, Atlanta, Georgia) is a well-known computer game designer and is co-founder of Maxis. He created groundbreaking games unlike any others such as: SimCity, The Sims, and Spore. Known for his unusual ideas and projects, which later have become groundbreaking hits sealing his reputation as one of the most important game designers in the world. Currently CEO of Stupid Fun Club, he's now working on new concepts to expand the realm of gaming into our everyday lives. When asked what he does he just says ‘I design stuff.’”

Resistance and Remembrance: A Transgender Day of Remembrance Shabbat
Friday, November 14, 7:00PM
Kehilla Community Synagogue; 1300 Grand Avenue, Oakland

“Join Keshet and Glitter Kehilla for a special Shabbat observance focused on the remembrance of the victims of transphobia. Services at 7:00PM, vegetarian potluck dinner at 8:00PM. We will be collecting tzedakah for the Transgender Law Center.

Please note that this is a scent-free event. This event is geared toward young adults, but folks of all ages, genders, and orientations are welcome.”

Thanks to Jaina Bee for letting me know about this event!

The Art of Relaxation and Self Care
with Eaonna Passidakis
A Songbird Friday Flock Night
Friday, November 14, 7:30-9:30PM
Songbird Community Healing Center, 8297 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati, 707-795-2398
suggested donation 1 cent to $30

“Mini Soul Retreat… put the ‘Happy’ back in Holidays

Most of us have mastered the role of giving to others. Often times though, it is at our own expense. NOW is time to break this unhealthy cycle that has created an alarming increase of stress related illness.

Is your To-Do list bossing you around?
Overwhelm got you down?
Do you crash vs rest?
Stuck in ‘rushing around syndrome’?
Always on the go-go-go until you stop and drop?

In this workshop you will:
Discover what drains you.
Learn a breakthrough Time expanding tool to accomplish more, faster!
Expose old beliefs and patterns that keep you addicted to adrenaline.
Explore simple tools and treasures to go from Chaos to Calm!
Find keys to activate and navigate from intuition as your G.P.S.

Leave the World behind and make the quality of your life a priority!

As a gift, receive Eoanna’s Stress Buster Toolkit Postcard for quick reference. Bring a friend or family member and share the ‘Ahhhh!’

Eoanna Passsidakis is a Life Transformation Coach, Mentor, and Speaker. Her passion is helping her clients transform obstacles, Makeover the Martyr, Overcome overwhelm and Awaken their inner Wisdom so they can create an Empowered and Joy-filled Life they Love!”

From Puff-Ball Neptunes to Earth-sized Rocky Planets - Exoplanets in the Kepler Era
with Dr. Howard Isaacson
The Monthly Meeting of the Peninsula Astronomical Society
Friday, November 14, 7:30PM, and the second Friday of each month
Room 5015, next to Parking Lot 5, Foothill College, 12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills
Admission Free, Parking $3

“Since the discovery of the first exoplanet around a Sun-like star in 1995, ground based surveys and space based telescopes have discovered thousands of planets outside of our solar system. The properties of exoplanets range far beyond what we see in the solar system. From Jupiter sized planets nearly touching their stars, to  gaseous mini-Neptunes, the variety of discoveries continue to surprise Astronomers. As the overall number of exoplanets continues to grow, we are focusing on the masses and densities of planets only a few times larger than the size of the Earth. The point at which planets transition from solid planets, such as the Earth and Venus, to gaseous planets that resemble Neptune and Uranus is of special interest. Knowing the transition region, in terms of planet size, will help to determine the occurrence of planets nearly the size of the Earth.

The Peninsula Astronomical Society is a group of some 200 Bay Area astronomy enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. Some members are professionally trained in astronomy, others are just starting and have never looked through a telescope before. One thing that we all have in common is an interest in the sky.

The PAS holds meetings on the second Friday of each month at 7:30PM on the campus of Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA (between San Jose and Palo Alto).  The meetings are usually held in Room 5015, next to Parking Lot 5 (see map). Each meeting features a speaker (or speakers) bringing us up to date on different topics in astronomy. The public is welcome to attend these meetings; there is no charge to attend.  Note, however, that there is a $3 charge for parking - visitor parking permits are available from the machines in the parking lots.  Dispensers accept one-dollar bills and quarters; bring exact change. Please do not park in spaces marked Staff - you will be ticketed!

As part of its commitment to bringing astronomy to the public, the Peninsula Astronomical Society operates the Foothill College Observatory http://www.pastro.org/dnn/Observatory/FoothillObservatory.aspx.
The Observatory is staffed by members of the society who volunteer to conduct the regularly scheduled public programs.

In addition to operating the Foothill Observatory, the PAS has its own observatory in the nearby Santa Cruz Mountains. This location has AC power and room for members to set up their own telescopes at our monthly star parties. This site is also the home of the society's 12" telescope, available for member use after a checkout.”

LUMA: Theater of Light
Friday, November 14, 8:00PM
Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street, Livermore, 925-373-6860
Adults $29-$52, 17 and Under $16

“In a show that mesmerizes audiences around the world, LUMA takes the childlike wonder of waving a sparkler against the night sky and explodes it into a spectacular, larger-than-life experience of color and movement. Using the dark as a canvas, a tapestry of illuminated illusions fills the stage as shadowed performers paint brilliant images across the space using light forms. Offering a truly one-of-a-kind theatrical experience, LUMA’s dazzling, dancing images tell stories, spin magic, and conjure a remarkable, imaginary world of art in darkness.”

Mystery Mystery Science Theater 3000
Friday, November 14, 10:30PM, and the second Friday of each month
The New Parkway Theater, 474 24th Street, Oakland, 510-658-7900

“The New Parkway Theater presents a mystery episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Who knows what episode we'll be playing… but you can be sure it's definitely going to be good! Please join us for a night of laughter and fun hosted by The New Parkway's own resident MST3K fan, Oliver Beckwith. The pre-show includes an MST3K trivia contest with prizes!

The New Parkway Theater is a community-centered cinema and pub located in Oakland's Uptown district. Sit back and relax in our cozy couches while watching our new releases, cult classics, and fabulous special programming. Plus, enjoy yummy food and local beer and wine in our cafe or even delivered right to your theater seat all at affordable prices!

Every week we have something for everyone... from Doc Night to Baby Brigade and Thrillville Theater to Nerd Night, and everything in between. Also, join us on the mezzanine for free, non-film events like Trivia Thursdays, Pop-Up Art Wednesdays, and First Fridays.

The New Parkway = Film. Friends. Food. Fun on Tap.”

Taiko Fusion: Breaking New Ground
with On Ensemble and Maze Daiko
Friday-Saturday, November 14-15, 8:00PM
Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda
$20 in advance, $25 at the door

“The On Ensemble is at the forefront of a growing artistic movement in the drumming world. Recognized for relentless innovation, On Ensemble has made a name for itself by infusing the powerful rhythms of taiko with overtone singing, odd meter grooves and soaring melodies. The members’ fearless musical explorations have taken the ancient instruments of taiko into new realms and have established a distinctly modern expression for the art form. The group’s unique sound has been praised as ‘completely original and brilliantly conceived.’

Maze Daiko blends global inspiration with a wide range of percussion to create contemporary interpretations for taiko. This dynamic ensemble layers intricate rhythms and fills the stage with vitality and energetic choreography. Maze Daiko performs original compositions influenced by world cultures including Japan, Africa, and Cuba with the physical elegance and vibrant sounds of taiko. The group’s name is derived from the Japanese word for ‘mix’ (mazeru) and taiko (daiko) is the Japanese word for ‘drum.’ In collaboration with the On Ensemble for this special evening, the two collectives explore new dimensions of Japanese movement and expression.  Added bonus: Ozumo Restaurant will be serving small bites of Japanese delicacies as well.
The On Ensemble features Masato (Maz) Baba, Eien Hunter-Ishikawa, Shoji Kameda and Abe Lagrimas who collectively combine their study and deep appreciation of Japanese traditional music with equally formative experiences as DJs, electronic music producers, Jazz drummers, and rock bassists to produce and record some of the most compelling music in the taiko world.

The members of Maze Daiko have toured throughout the U.S. and Japan - Janet Koike, Kathryn Cabunoc, Tina Blaine, Carolyn West, and special guest Jeannie Mckenzie all have years of collective experience in other taiko or musical groups, including San Jose Taiko, San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Emeryville Taiko, D'CuCKOO and the Rhythmix Ensemble.”

Writing Wild to Change your Life
A Weekend Workshop with Ellen Bass and Roger Housden
Friday-Sunday, November 14-16
EarthRise at IONS, 101 San Antonio Road, Petaluma
see website for registration information
“Join us in the freedom of doing what we can’t do! This will be a weekend of writing wild, of taking the risk of writing without knowing in advance what we are going to say or what we might discover. With poetry as our inspiration, we will use writing exercises to explore our deepest stories and make meaning of our most compelling experiences.

Our time together will be oriented toward paying attention. Anne Sexton advised: ‘Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.’ When we do this, we are inevitably changed.

Roger and Ellen will share some of their favorite poems and talk about them from the perspective of both self-exploration and poetic craft. We’ll all have the opportunity to read these poems aloud to each other and to share our responses. We'll also take time to write ourselves throughout the weekend - either poetry or prose. And there’ll be an opportunity to share what we’ve written and to hear what our writing touches in others.

Both beginning and seasoned writers will find this a fertile environment to deepen your relationship with yourself and listen more intimately to your original voice.

Ellen Bass has a new poetry book Like a Beggar, just out from Copper Canyon Press this year. Her previous books are The Human Line, which was named a Notable Book by the San Francisco Chronicle, and Mules of Love, which won the Lambda Literary Award. She co-edited (with Florence Howe) the groundbreaking No More Masks! An Anthology of Poems by Women. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, The American Poetry Review, The New Republic, The Progressive, The Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, The Sun and many other journals. Among her awards for poetry are a Pushcart Prize, the Elliston Book Award, the Pablo Neruda Prize from Nimrod/Hardman, the Larry Levis Prize from Missouri Review, and the New Letters Prize. She is core faculty of the MFA writing program at Pacific University.

Roger Housden has published twenty books, including three travel books, a novella, and the best-selling Ten Poems series, which began in 2001 with Ten Poems to Change Your Life and ended with the publication in 2012 of Ten Poems to Say Goodbye. His most recent work, Keeping the Faith Without a Religion, was published by Sounds True in March 2014. Roger also runs writing workshops in the Bay Area, with an emphasis on self enquiry. His work has been featured many times in The Oprah Magazine, in The New York Times, and in the Los Angeles Times.”

Center for Sacred Studies Community Celebration
Friday-Sunday, November 14-16
Center for Sacred Studies Store,13550 Church Street, Guerneville
and Hollydale Community Club, 10250 Field Lane, Forestville
see below for schedule of events and admission details
For more information, contact Valerie at 707-604-7362 or css.valeriehausmann@gmail.com

“Join us for a Weekend Community Celebration and Dance Party, Raffle and Silent Auction!

Consciousness Activation and Accelerating Your Vision with Einstein and Caroline Ford
Lively Community Dialogue
Future Visioning  
Learn How To Get Involved
Community Time and Picnic  
Dance and Music and DJs  
Delicious Food and BBQ
Raffles and Silent Auction  
Fun and Love and Abundance

Schedule of Events:  

Evening of Consciousness Activation with Einstein Crystal Skull and Caroline Ford
Friday, November 14, 7:00-9:00PM
Center for Sacred Studies Store,13550 Church Street, Guerneville
$35, Call Valerie to Register: 707-604-7362 (% of the proceeds are donated to CSS)

An Evening of Consciousness Activation, Accelerating Your Vision.  Carolyn will share some New Experiences with Einstein and offer his latest insights. This is a time to move into a new geometry of manifesting. Come hear what Einstein and Carolyn have to say about this self-empowering formula for attracting success, love and abundance. We are in a new era and a time where we are to prosper and evolve with grace.

Day of Appreciation and Future Visioning, Play Time and Picnic
Center for Sacred Studies Store,13550 Church Street, Guerneville
Saturday, November 15, 10:00AM-6:00PM

10:00AM-1:00PM: Lively Community Dialogue with Jyoti and Darlene.

1:00-6:00PM: Community Time and Picnic at river/woods/beach.
Meet at 1:00PM at the Store.

A Night of Dancing, Eating and FUNdraising!  
Saturday, November 15, 6:00-11:00PM
Hollydale Community Club, 10250, Field Lane, Forestville (10 min from Guerneville).

6:00-11:00PM: Dance party and BBQ - a night of FUNraising through raffle and silent auction.

Followed by a Morning Meditation  
Sunday, November 16, 11:00AM-Noon
Center for Sacred Studies Store,13550 Church Street, Guerneville

Forgiveness Meditation.”

Harvest Festival Original Art and Craft Show
Friday-Sunday, November 14-16,
Friday and Saturday, 10:00AM-6:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-5:00PM
Expo Hall, San Mateo Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo
Adults $9, 62+ $7, 13-17 $4, Children under 12 free, Ticket is good for all 3 days

“Get ready for a weekend of non-stop holiday shopping, entertainment and family fun as the largest indoor arts and crafts shows on the West Coast return to the Peninsula. Throughout the day enjoy live stage entertainment with the return of festival favorite Tom Rigney and Flambeau, Scotty and Trink, and strolling performers who wander the aisles to entertain as you shop.

Harvest Festival welcomes Chef Ray
Culinary artist Chef Ray L. Duey, CEC, is nothing short of amazing when it comes to food sculpting, and now everyone can be spellbound by his unique talent. Chef Ray travels around the country teaching the culinary art of fruit and vegetable carving, and will be leading a series of special demonstrations each day. He is known for taking any fruit or vegetable and turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. According to Chef Ray, any type of produce can be carved into astonishing decorations or arrangements.”

San Francisco Green Festival
Friday-Sunday, November 14-16,
Friday 12:00-6:00PM, Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM-6:00PM
Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco
see website for registration details

“At Green Festival, there is something for everyone interested in living a more sustainable and healthier life. Experience the widest selection of products and services to work green, play green and live green - from food, fashion and health, to energy, construction and design. Enjoy vegan and vegetarian cooking demos, educational activities for kids and families, panels featuring inspirational speakers, and live music and entertainment. Shop in our unique marketplace of more than 250 eco-friendly businesses - everything from all-natural body care products and organic clothing to Fair Trade gifts, beautiful home renovations made from renewable resources, plus vegan and vegetarian offerings based on organic, non-GMO or local, artisanal foods.

For the past 13 years, Green Festival has been committed to helping people in America find solutions to make our families and communities healthier - socially, economically and environmentally. Join us at the largest and longest-running sustainability event in the country and celebrate the best in green living.”

Earth Energy Walk
with Community Seed
Saturday, November 15, 9:45AM-12:00PM (and the third Saturday of every month)
Natural Bridges State Park, Swanton Boulevard and Delaware Avenue, Santa Cruz
see link below for directions to meeting place

“Earth Energy Walks
Join us on our monthly walks, and feel the power of the Earth.
Walks are on the THIRD Saturday of each month.  Just save each 3rd Saturday as ‘Get Out In Nature’ day!

Gather at 9:45AM  
Departure: 10:00AM
Return: around 12:00PM

2014 Walk Locations:
December 20, Henry Cowell Park (Main Entrance)

Our walk is usually about 2-3 hours round trip with a stop for meditation halfway in. We will walk rain or shine, however if the forecast is very stormy, call ahead to verify, 831-469-0336.

Before beginning our walk together, we will take a moment to center our minds and bodies. Once we are all fully present, we will begin our journey, walking in silence, all the while tuning in, listening, and absorbing the energies of the elements, plants, and animals. Halfway into our walk we will sit for meditation, a guided visualization, and to share food.

Drinking water
A small snack
Hiking Shoes
Comfortable Clothes
Money for Parking (Several parks)”

Northern California Bats: Demystifying and Discovering these Amazing Animals
with Corky Quirk of NorCal Bats
Saturday, November 15, 10:00AM-12:00PM
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
Adults $15, Youth $5, pre-registration required

“Come learn about the local bats with Director of NorCal Bats, Corky Quirk. In her presentation you will learn about bats and discuss the harmful myths that surround these animals. You'll also learn the importance of bats in our environment. Live bats will be presented for viewing and discussion.”

Make Bath Salts
with Alana Rivera
Saturday, November 15, 10:00AM-1:00PM
Handcraft Studio School, 5885 Doyle Street, Emeryville, 510-332-6101
$65 includes materials, limit 10 students

“Learn how to create your own soothing, energizing or aphrodisiac bath salts, scrubs and soaks using ingredients from your kitchen or items easily found at a natural food store. You'll learn basic aromatherapy blending, properties of oil and botanicals, and how to formulate your own products based on your skin and aromatherapy needs. Take home your very own scrub, bath soak, and body scrub.

Alana Rivera, a Northern California native, is the owner and creator of Etta + Billie, a small batch sustainable bath and body company. She has been making soap since 2007, and followed her love of all things natural with receiving a certificate in herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies. Her products can be found in small boutiques across the country and have been featured in national and international magazines and various blogs. She has collaborated on multiple soapy projects with other SF makers such as Speakeasy, Ritual Coffee and T-We Tea. When not in her soap studio, you'll find her reading, sipping cocktails (preferably bourbon-based) and planning her next meal.”

Get the Rush: Day of Activities at Rush Ranch
Saturday, November 15, 10:00AM-1:00PM, and the third Saturday of every month
Rush Ranch Open Space, Solano County

“Get the Rush:  a series of fun and free activities for the whole family, offered on the third Saturday of every month at Rush Ranch. All ages and mobility levels are welcome! This event is 100% volunteer-run and activities vary month-to-month.  

April through October: Volunteer-run activities may include a guided walk alongside tidal marsh and through upland grasses (timing varies),

A traditional blacksmith shop in action (10:00AM-1:00PM)
Skilled docent, Virgil Sellars, displays traditional  blacksmithing skills using authentic tools and equipment in the ranch’s historic blacksmith shop.

An interpretive display of Native American tools and decorations (10:00AM-1:00PM)

Horse-drawn wagon rides that are wheelchair accessible (11:00AM-1:00PM)

November through March: The blacksmith shop remains open for visitors! The wagons are in storage for the winter. Other activities are dependent on volunteer availability and the weather.”

Fibershed Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium
Enhancing Diversity - The Ecology of Wool
Saturday, November 15, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Dance Palace, 503 B Street, Point Reyes Station

“Please join us for the Third Annual Fibershed Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium, November 15, from 10:00AM-4:00PM (and until 6:00PM in the Marketplace), at the Dance Palace at 503 B Street in Point Reyes Station, CA.

There will be informative presentations on breeding practices that build heirloom garments, plus predator- and pollinator-friendly practices that harmonize and blur the line between wild and domestic spaces, all bringing beauty and function to our fields and wardrobes.

Experts will be offering hands-on demonstrations (sheep shearing, skirting fleece, wool grading, angora rabbit shearing, cashmere fiber processing, felting, natural dyes).

And a host of amazing artisans and farmers will be selling their freshly farmed, locally grown and made creations and fibers. The Marketplace in the Church building will be open to the public at no charge.

There will also be displays of fibers from around the region and pollinator-friendly plants for enhancing diversity.”

Cowboy Hootenanny Folk Festival
Saturday, November 15, 11:00AM-4:00PM
Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness, 1895 Geary Road, Sunol, 510-544-3249
$5 Cash Parking Fee

“Come celebrate Sunol’s pioneer and ranching heritage!

Square Dancing and Live Music
Geary Descendants History Talk
Pony Rides and Petting Zoo
Demonstrations and Crafts
Old-fashioned Games
Food Available for Cash Purchase
Fun for the whole family!

Schedule of events:
11:00AM:  Festival Begins
11:30AM-12:30PM:  Diablo Mountain Cloggers and the Clogging Express Team
12:00PM:  Welcome from EBRPD Board Member Ayn Wieskamp
12:45-1:30PM :  Cows, Cowboys, and Conservation Presentation
1:45-2:45PM:  Square Dancing with Caller Bob Elling and Music by Jimmy Chickenpants
2:45-3:30PM:  Geary Family Descendants History Talk
3:00-3:45PM:  Live Music by Jimmy Chickenpants”

Guatemalan Craft Mercado Fundraiser and Craft Sale
Saturday, November 15, 11:00AM-5:00PM
Frank Bette Center for the Arts, 1601 Paru Street, Alameda, 510-523-6957
Free admission

“This is a special fundraiser to benefit Frank Bette Center for the Arts.

Buy wonderful items handcrafted in Guatemala by Guatemalan artists and artisans.

Textile crafts direct from the Guatemalan village artisans; prices range from $1 to $100.”

Fall Forward Festival
hosted by The Lower Bottom Playaz
Saturday, November 15, 11:00AM-6:00PM
St. Benedict Church, 2245 82nd Avenue, Oakland
$10 at the Door for a family of four

“You are invited to our first annual Fall Forward Festival!

An all-age, family-oriented celebration of falling forward!
Games, prizes, entertainment, food, contest, art exhibits, vendors, and your family!

All proceeds benefit The Lower Bottom Playaz Inc, a 501c3 Theater Company.
Building community one story at a time.”

Pagan Women’s Brunch
organized by Lupa
Saturday, November 15, 12:30-2:30PM, and the third Saturday of each month
Taqueria Montecristo, 1446 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-486-0321
Free admission
For more information, please contact Lupa at lupamoon13@yahoo.com

“Come meet with other Pagan Women in an open social environment at brunch.

No matter what your trad, even if you don’t call yourself ‘Pagan’, stop by for some good food and chat. Meet your Sister Tribe.

Women interested in exploring Pagan Paths and Pagan-friendlies welcome.”

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Celebration
Saturday, November 15, 1:00-4:00PM
Charles M. Schulz Museum, 2301 Hardies Lane, Santa Rosa, 707-579-4452
included with museum admission

“Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on the BIG screen. Enjoy a recreation of Snoopy’s Thanksgiving Meal of toast, popcorn, and jelly beans from the classic television holiday special, plus visits from Snoopy himself, and hands-on crafts. Learn new ways to make toast, on delicious Boudin Bakery bread, and flavored popcorn, which will be facilitated by Chop’s Teen Club’s Culinary Program. Finish off your feast with an ice cream dessert provided by Cold Stone Creamery of Sonoma County.

Bring two cans of food to donate to the Redwood Empire Food Bank in exchange for one free child's admission!”

Sci Fi/Fantasy Day: An Afternoon of Aliens, Dragons, Magic, and Other Worlds
Saturday, November 15, 1:00-5:30PM
Kepler’s Books, 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, 650-324-4321

“1:00PM: Other Worlds
Andy Weir (The Martian) in conversation with Matthew Jobin (The Nethergrim).
2:15PM: A Class in Dothraki with David Peterson
Are you a fan of Game of Thrones (and aren’t we all)? Dream of joining Daenerys in her march toward King’s Landing to claim the Iron Throne? Then join us in a class to master Dothraki with David Peterson, author of Living Language Dothraki and language consultant for the HBO series.
3:30PM: Face-off: Sci Fi Versus Fantasy. (What’s the Difference and Which Is Better?)
Writers Marie Brennan, Chaz Brenchley, Ellen Klages, and Pat Murphy will debate the differences between science fiction and fantasy - and which is better. And yes, you’ll get to vote!
5:00PM: Steven Erikson in conversation with Tad Williams
Meet the man behind the Malazan Book of the Fallen series talking to the man behind the Otherland series.
All the authors will be around talking about writing and their books. They probably can even be convinced to sign a copy of one of their brilliant novels for you!”

November Tea Tasting: Black Teas
Saturday, November 15, 2:00PM
Many Rivers Books and Tea, 130 S. Main Street, Sebastopol, 707-829-8871

“Black teas are the focus for this month's tea tasting. This well-known category of teas includes the familiar Earl Grey and English Breakfast (with or without milk) as well as the more rarified category of Chinese Hongcha (literally ‘red teas,’ the Chinese term for fully oxidized, i.e. black teas). So whether you are looking for a decadent winter tummy warmer for Aunt Bess (such as Victorian Earl Grey flavoured with cornflower, rose petals, and lemon peels), or something a bit more contemplative and refined, like Honey Orchid Special Production Black tea, Golden Bi Luo, and our new shipment of Imperial Red, we have you covered!”

Intro to Pointed Pen Calligraphy
with Diva Pyari
Saturday, November 15, 2:00-6:00PM
Handcraft Studio School, 5885 Doyle Street, Emeryville, 510-332-6101
$150 includes materials, limit 20 students

“Join us for the ultimate calligraphy class, where you'll learn everything you need to know to begin your practice!  The class will start with the basics, getting familiar with the tools of the trade (including Diva's best-selling Calligraphy Starter Kit!) and warming up while learning fundamental pointed pen techniques.  In the next part of the class you'll study the alphabet, using Diva's renowned style as a guide, along with her invaluable tips and individual attention.  For the final part of the class we'll learn some decorative motifs and design our own monograms for personal stationery to take home!  With Diva's guidance and encouragement you will also be given an additional nib (her favorite), more inks to try out, and different paper options to play with.  In addition you will leave with a workbook of exercises to flourish in your practice after the class is finished!  

Diva Pyari, artist and designer from the San Francisco Bay Area, and founder of Linea Carta: eco-lux linens and stationery to inspire your every day.  Linea Carta's sustainable linens and stationery are all screen-printed by hand, and the entire line of products has a luxurious look and feel that comes from their high quality and Diva's lovely designs.  Diva also designs exclusive collections for other brands like Anthropologie, creates incredible custom wedding invitations, and her work as a sought-after calligrapher is famous in its own right.  Her calligraphy is widely published and often seen in magazines such as Martha Stewart's Weddings and on popular blogs like Once Wed.”

Saturday, November 15, 5:00-9:00PM
SOFA Arts District, South A Street and Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa

“Winterblast is a delightful parade of decorated sofas, artistic bicycles, costumed performers and a marching band. Live music on three stages, plus street performers. Illuminated sculptures, lanterns, and fire dancers. Food, beverages, beer, and wine available at locations throughout the festival. Come experience the magic of Winterblast!

SOFA, the Santa Rosa arts district, is at the junction of South A Street and Sebastopol Avenue in Santa Rosa, down the block from Julliard Park.”

The Great Gatsby Gala
presented by Rotary Club of Sebastopol
Saturday, November 15, 5:00-10:30PM
Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol, 707-823-1511
For ticket information, please contact rotarygreatgatsbygala@gmail.com

“A glamorous evening with Dinner, Dancing, and Auctions

Tickets and Sponsorship is Limited.
Attire: Roaring 20s”

The Rite of the Underworld Crone
presented by The Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe of CAYA Coven
Saturday, November 15, 7:00PM
Terra’s Temple, 3051 Adeline Street, Berkeley, 510-529-4224
$20 donation requested
Clothing is optional

“The Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe of CAYA Coven welcomes all self-identified women to The Rite of the Underworld Crone

Important Note: We will be using incense during this ritual.  

These times are uncertain and filled with fear - where will you turn for wisdom and guidance through the dark? In this ritual, we seek out the strength of Kali and the wisdom of our Ancestresses to help us find the courage and strength to continue to navigate a world filled with the obstacles of fear and oppression. Also, during this ritual we will be honoring our Ancestress of blood and of affinity/choice - please bring your stories and anecdotes of these ancestresses to share with the Sisters who gather with us.

We encourage women to bring items/pictures of their beloved dead for the Ancestresses altar.  For those who are scent-sensitive, please note that we will be using incense during this ritual.

What to bring to ritual?
Women are encouraged to bring items and pictures of their Beloved Dead.

For all Goddess Sabbats, please bring a blanket (any kind of blanket is OK) to sit on or wrap yourself in whether or not you plan to disrobe. You never know when the mood to enjoy the nakedness may strike!

Terra’s Temple may not have a reliable source of chairs. If you have need to sit in a chair during ritual please bring your own folding chair or camp chair.

Other optional items include: drums, rattles, shakers.

This is a new location and space for us, we look forward to seeing you there!”

Mysterious Tremendum: Don Conreaux Gong Master Performance
presented by EoMegaQuest
Saturday, November 15, 7:00-9:00PM
Heron Hall, Laguna De Santa Rosa Foundation, 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa
$25 in advance, $30 at the door

“EoMegaQuest is honored to host Don Conreaux for this special sound healing event during his international tour.

Celebrating his 80th year and 45 years of gong consciousness; Don Conreaux continues to spread the vibration of the gong and Sacred Tone Improvisation with The Mysterious Tremendum Great Gong Concerts for Humanity Tour.

The Mysterious Tremendum musical presentation is a non-premeditative song and music performance with both primal, analog and electronic tones fused into amazing musical melodies.  Don uses the Shruti Box as his primary instrument, which produces one recurring chord to induce peaceful and receptive, trance like states of consciousness.

He will be collaborating with an evolving cast of diverse tone producers, musicians, singers and gong players with the intention of healing and world peace.

Because Don is also known as a master teacher of kriya kundalini gong yoga, he interacts with the audience on this plane and invites the audiences to participate in a spontaneous rapport of singing and over-toning.

The event will be held on November 15 in Heron Hall at the Laguna De Santa Rosa Foundation outside Sebastopol: 900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa.

Online tickets purchases will be confirmed at the door with the name on the credit card used to make the purchase.
Tickets are $30 at the door.

Please bring a refillable bottle for water.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat and a pillow if you care to.”

Foundry Nights #14!
Saturday, November 15, 8:00PM
The Foundry Gallery, 835 Carleton Street, Berkeley
$15, 21+, dress warmly

“Foundry Nights #14!
A temporary carnival of ordinary miracles.
Its been six months since FN13 and we are hungry, very very hungry.

Masha Lifshin
Kyan Taylor
Claire Peaslee
Chani Bockwinkle
Melinda Laville with Project THRUST
Zoe Donnelycolt and dancers
Kate Jordan and Bruno Augusto with Arts and Above
Evan Barbour
Meg Anderson and dancers
Phil Morganelli
Joshua Sorkin
Andre Carter
Jacquelyn Marie Shannon
Eric Newcombe and dancers
Mantra Plonsey and Andy Water Schmeder with IMAGO
Ross, Andy and Keith Hernandez in FATAL CHIME
Curated by Ross Warren and Andy Water Schmeder”

26th Annual Sea Music Concert Series
Saturday, November 15, 8:00PM - final week
Hyde Street Pier and onboard the Balclutha and Eureka, San Francisco

“During September, October, and November, experience the driving rhythms of chanteys and the beauty of seafaring ballads and instrumentals from the wooden decks of the historic sailing ship Balclutha. Join the park in its 26th season of presenting some of sea music’s finest performers. Wheelchair accessible
Holdstock and Macleod
Saturday, November 15, 8:00PM
Dick Holdstock and Allan Macleod are still enthusiastically performing together after over 30 years. They perform authentic renditions of the songs of their homelands - England and Scotland. Captivating audiences from coast to coast, they trade off on guitar and mandolin for accompanying their songs, as well as singing without accompaniment. Hearing their music is always a memorable event and an extraordinary glimpse into a not so distant maritime past. New insights into history and old customs are revealed through their songs.”

Like Never And Like Always
a new work by True Life Trio and Gari Hegedus
Saturday, November 15, 8:00-10:00PM
Rose Labyrinth, 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley
$15-$30 in advance, $20-$35 at the door

“Memory is humanity’s constant companion - ever-shifting, coloring the past and blurring the lines between reality and imagination, earthly and spiritual.  True Life Trio and Gari Hegedus have been commissioned by the East Bay Fund for Artists to create Like Never and Like Always, a new performance piece that traces a life journey with Eastern European folk songs, poetry, movement, and original music.  This exciting world premiere will take place at the uniquely beautiful and resonant Rose Labyrinth where the audience surrounds the performers.  Viewing and experiencing the piece from different vantage points mirrors the shifting perspective, perceptions and realities that are a main tenet of the piece.  Like Never and Like Always promises to engage the senses and stir the soul.”

Dangerous Beauties: A Celebration of the Leading Ladies of Film
DVD Release Party
Saturday, November 15, 8:00PM
San Francisco Institute of Possibility, 3359 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco
$10 in advance, $15 at the door

“Join the Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance Project for a Silver Screen Soiree at a special San Francisco location.

From talkies to television, from bombshells to blue movies, these sirens of that big screen of silver come to life before your very eyes. The muses and dream-livers of the 20th century wear their hearts on their sleeves for you in this unique tribute to the women that busted-ass to make it to the top - some of them paying the ultimate price for fame. Sure to touch your soft and gooey parts, the ever so unstoppable media has projected their essence, their very being into your hearts, whether or not you dare to admit it, they are all a part of us. Come… live the dream.

This special show is dedicated to our fundraising efforts for a self-produced, full-length theatrical show in February. We are currently running a Kickstarter, which will conclude at the closing of the Soiree. We will have a computer up and running so you can help sponsor the performing arts for fabulous rewards including VIP ticket packages to the show.

Doors at 8:00 PM, Show at 9:00 PM.

With featured Guest Stars:
The Lady Fred
Calamity Sam
Nicole Simone
Millie Maddox

Starring Dangerous Beauties:
Sabrina Hart
Rose Harden
Nyla Crystal
Surreyya Hada
Talia Soleil
Maharet Christina Hughes
Jennifer Faust

Dangerous Beauties is also pleased to announce the release of it’s first instructional DVD - Get ‘em while they’re hot off the press and at a special show price!!”

A Two Day Qigong and Tutorial Seminar  
with Adam Atman
Saturday-Sunday, November 15-16, 8:30AM-5:30PM
Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center, 761 University Avenue, Suite A, Los Gatos
For more information, please call 408-476-9799 or e-mail adamatman@gmail.com

“In this seminar we will examine the following Five Element zones in the body and their relevance to acupuncture, acupressure, and medical qigong treatment:

The Five Element horizontal zones of the arms and legs:  how and where they intersect the regular vertical channels, how they potentiate effects in zones across multiple channels, and how they form zones of trigger point activity.
The Five Element process expressed in the sacrum and the lumbar vertebrae, and their corresponding Back Shu points.
The Six Phase process expressed of the 12 thoracic vertebrae, their elements, and their corresponding Back Shu points.
The Motility ordering of Six elements expressed in the structure of the chest and the 12 ribs.
The element ordering of the points of the Ren Mai on the belly and the element zones of the belly.
Seven Elements / Chakras in the cervical spine and the Nei Jing seven-step spiraling of Window of Heaven points up the neck

Who would Benefit from this Seminar?
Anyone passionate about the ancient paradigm of the Five Elements and how it expresses in the human energetic matrix.

This seminar has practical and hands-on applications for acupuncturists, acupressure and  massage practitioners, energy-work and Medical Qigong practitioners.

Because we will be practicing Qigong, doing sensing exercises, point locating and identifying trigger points, this seminar will be quite healing.
Structure of the Seminar
We will start each day at 8:30AM with a specific series of Qigong exercises to potentiate the healing power of the Five Elements.

Saturday morning:  Element zones of the limbs
Saturday afternoon: Spinal Element zones
Sunday Morning: Element zones of the chest  
Sunday afternoon: Element zones of the Belly

First we will practice Qigong to feel and activate the energetic qualities of the specific zone.
I will attempt to explain the energetic process of the Elements expressed in the specific zone.
With each subject that we cover you will get charts to follow along.
We will work in partner exercises to find the physical terrain of the element zones.
We will experience the energetics of the element zones in partner exercises.
We will identify relevant trigger points in partner exercises.

Adam Atman L.Ac. MMQ has been studying and practicing Qigong and  Chinese medicine for 36 years. He has taught acupuncture and medical Qigong at four acupuncture colleges. About 10 years ago he started to perceive the nature of the acupuncture and energy systems of the body. He is a student of Ba Gua, Tai Ji and Qigong with Ba Gua and acupuncture Shifu Jia Shusen and Amazonian shamanism with Madrinha Luzia Krull.

Adam teaches at his center, the Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center, which hosts Qigong, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, meditation, breathwork, sacred dance, tantra, drum, voice and chant circles and sacred indigenous ceremonies with various instructors.”

Goat Hill Antique Fair
Saturday-Sunday, November 15-16,
Saturday 10:00AM-4:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM-3:00PM
Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, 2601 E Lake Avenue, Watsonville

“Unique Antiques And Artisan Fair

This fall, Goat Hill boasts of 50 dealers on the scenic grounds of the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds. Our fabulous vendors represent all things we love… vintage treasures, antiques, clever up-cycled junk, artisan food, all in a beautiful venue.  Guests will find exceptional and unique vintage treasures. The dazzling displays of items and collectibles by the vendors that love to sell them, will make a fun and memorable outing!
Come and see us at Goat Hill and find your perfect treasures.”

Typhoon Maseg
presented by Kularts
Saturday-Sunday, November 15-16,
Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 3:00PM
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
$21-$26 in advance, $26-$36 at the door

“Produced by Kularts
with Philippine Master Dance Artist Jay Loyola,
Creative Director Alleluia Panis, and Composer Florante Aguilar.

Using Shakespeare’s classic The Tempest as framework, Typhoon Maseg tells a magical tale of a once powerful and righteous tribal shaman chieftain, Pang-lima (Prospero), through original Philippine dance choreography and music. Set in pre-colonial times, on an imagined typhoon-battered island of Pulo in Palawan, Philippines, Pang-lima  Manipulates and enslaves the deities of Pulo Island, Kapre (Caliban) of the Forest and Deres (Ariel) of the Water and Wind, into conjuring a powerful typhoon to sink his enemies’ balangay ship. Shipwrecked, his enemies are separated and lost in Pulo Island. Struck by his own unspeakable acts of injustice and manipulations, Pang-lima suffers gut-wrenching internal conflict threatening to destroy his very soul. Will he abandon his vengeful streak and end the hateful feud between their families or continue on the path of self-destruction?”

Luminous Night
with Clerestory and Magik*Magik Orchestra

Saturday, November 15, 8:00PM
Kanbar Performing Arts Center, 44 Page Street, San Francisco

Sunday, November 16, 4:00PM
The David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley

“Clerestory joins with the dynamic and innovative Magik*Magik Orchestra to illuminate  20th and 21st century music on the theme of light and dark, death and love.  Highlights include a world premiere of three new songs by Eric Banks setting romantic verse of Herman Melville, along with works by Shawn Crouch, Ola Gjeilo, and Eric Whitacre. Luminous Night  also features  John Corigliano’s choral masterpiece, Fern Hill, to the poetry of Dylan Thomas.”

presented by foolsFURY
Saturday-Monday, November 15-17,
Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 5:30PM and 8:00PM, Monday 8:00PM,
playing through December 6
Thick House, 1695 18th Street, San Francisco

“Join foolsFURY at The Thick House in San Francisco for the world premiere of Angela Santillo's original play Faulted. Directed by Evren Odcikin, Faulted is an ode to California in all its mysterious, tectonic plate shifting contradictions. Epic and roman, vegan and carnivore, West Side and the Central Valley combine under the signs of the next Big One, looming just under the horizon.

The mighty San Andreas Fault has woken up and set his eyes on Los Angeles, home to an earth empath named Aurora. Sitting in her trailer, Aurora can hear and sometimes see seismic activity before it registers on the finely tuned scientific instruments at nearby Caltech. Mitch, a graduate student at Caltech's Seismological Laboratory, has been sent to collect data about Aurora. Their meeting turns out to be much more than a collision between worlds of science and New Age belief. Attended by a chorus of godlike figures embodying California's fault lines, Aurora must convince Mitch to trust her predictions before it's too late.”

Solar Cross Devotional: Dagda Devotional
Sunday, November 16, 10:00AM-12:00PM, and the third Sunday of each month
Terra’s Temple, 3051 Adeline Street, Berkeley
Free, donations accepted
For more information or to RSVP, e-mail info.thorncoyle@gmail.com

“Join Solar Cross next weekend as we gather in honor of the Dagda. This devotional will take place at our NEW indoor location at Terra's Temple in Berkeley (across from Ashby BART), where we will now gather during the colder months. All are welcome!

He is also known by many epithets: the Good God, the Lord of Great Knowledge, the Many-Skilled. He is the Dagda, an Irish God known as much for his good nature, his magic cauldron, and his magic club, as He is for his immense power.

Solar Cross welcomes guest clergy from the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood in our devotional to the Dagda.

As always, Solar Cross Devotionals are simple rituals designed to honor the Gods and Goddesses and to gather community together. Children with legal guardians are welcomed.

Solar Cross Monthly Devotionals are inclusive, family-friendly gatherings that embrace diversity in the Pagan community and beyond. Devotionals vary from month to month, are dedicated to deities from a variety of traditions, and are led by Solar Cross clergy and guests.

Held every third Sunday of the month in Berkeley, CA, Solar Cross offers these free devotionals as an opportunity to connect with divinity and community. Participants typically gather at 10:00 am for a 10:30 am start, and follow a simple ritual format (see below). Meetings are held outdoors (weather permitting) in a tranquil garden setting and conclude at noon.

Offerings of bread, fruit or flowers for the altar are appreciated, but there is no potluck. Children under 18 with legal guardian are welcome. There is no charge to attend, although donations to Solar Cross are gratefully accepted. For information on the location of Bay devotionals, or to RSVP, please contact Ankhira at info.thorncoyle@gmail.com.

We realize that not everyone can attend monthly meetings in Berkeley, CA, and we invite those who feel called to participate in devotionals to do so in their own homes and communities. We like the idea of building the egregore for each deity we honor by participating in shared song, visioning, and liturgy, so we encourage you to join us in following the following ritual format.”

In the Creek Litter Clean Up
with Friends of Sausal Creek
Sunday, November 16, 10:00AM-12:00PM
El Centro Trailhead, near the Dimond Recreation Center,
3860 Hanly Road, Oakland
Free, please RSVP to coordinator@sausalcreek.org

“The recent rains have improved creek flows slightly but also washed trash into the creek. Come help us snare it before it reaches the bay. The August crew collected trash and golf balls in equal weights - 40 pounds of each. Wear your grubbies and bring your own boots if you have them. Note that this event is not suitable for small children - eight and older only, please. RSVP to coordinator@sausalcreek.org so we can be sure to have enough boots.”

Pine Needle Basketry
with Judith Thomas
Sunday, November 16, 10:00AM-3:00PM
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley

“Judith Thomas, weaver and Waldorf handwork teacher, will instruct students how to source materials and craft a pine needle basket. Learn how to work with pine needles to create a small coiled basket, using a needle and waxed linen to bind the bundles of needles together. A perfect activity for the fall. Pack a lunch to enjoy in the beautiful Garden setting during the break! All levels welcome.”

Wooden Spoon Carving
with Windy Chien
Sunday, November 16, 10:00AM-4:00PM
Handcraft Studio School, 5885 Doyle Street, Emeryville, 510-332-6101
$175 includes materials, limit 9 students

“There is nothing like the feeling of using a spoon you made yourself. The simple acts of stirring tea or cooking food become mindful, elevated experiences. In this workshop learn the process of designing, carving, and finishing techniques. Windy will demo hands-on use of a gouge, Japanese handsaw, Japanese rasp, chisel/mallet, and cabinet scrapers to create a one of a kind cherry wood spoon.

Students will leave with a finished hand carved cherry wood spoon, gouge for future spoon making, sandpaper, and oil.

Light snacks and drinks will be served. Due to the length of the workshop, please bring a bagged lunch to enjoy at the studio or the nearby community garden.

Windy Chien, recovering techie and ex-record shop owner, has developed a singular process for carving her Fat Bottomed Girls line of spoons. Using Japanese and Swiss hand tools and working in walnut, cherry, and mahogany, she ergonomically designed the spoons to feel good in the hand and be used daily. While many methods for spoon carving exist, Windy’s style is accessible to non-professionals without access to a woodshop and requires only a small amount of space and tools.”

Patchwork Show: Modern Makers Festival
Sunday, November 16, 11:00AM-5:00PM
Jack London Square, 55 Harrison Street, Oakland
Free admission

“Local craft and food makers, live music, and community

Patchwork Show is Dear Handmade Life’s bi-annual makers festival showcasing local emerging artists, crafters, and designers alongside artisan food, DIY craft workshops, gourmet food trucks and indie music. All Patchwork shows are free to attend and family friendly. Vendors are selected through a jury process and feature clothing for men, women, and kids, handbags, accessories, jewelry, art, ceramics, garden finds, home goods, plushies, crochet and knit items, pet gear, kits and patterns, bath and body goodies, and more!

Patchwork’s Northern California event draws on the East Bay’s strong artistic community and commitment to support local commerce for our largest indoor festival. Our venue, Jack London Square, is not only right on the water, but features a Sunday farmers market where you can shop for local organic produce or grab a snack from the market’s artisan food vendors. Jack London Square features several restaurants (we love the shortbread cookies at Miette) and a modern hotel with live jazz on the weekends. We’re honored to be a part of the handmade movement in Oakland, a city that embraces all things local and creative.”

Pinball Tournament at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach
Sunday, November 16, Youth Tournament 12:00-3:00PM, Adult Tournament 4:00-9:00PM
Playland-Not-At-The-Beach, 10979 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito
see website for admission details

“These tournaments have a casual vibe and are intended to be beginner-friendly. We encourage pinball fans to participate regardless of experience or skill level.

Youth Tournament is 12:00-3:00PM and included with regular youth admission. Adult Tournament is 4:00-9:00PM and the $20 fee includes all day admission to Playland-Not-at-the-Beach. Tournament registration is at the door. All pinball games are included in the admission fee. Sorry, no coupons or discount accepted for these tournaments.

The adult tournament will use a group play format. Players will be randomly placed into groups and play through three pinball machines per group. Each group of pinball machines will include one modern pinball machine, one early solid state pinball machine, and one electro-mechanical pinball machine. The highest scoring player in each group will receive 5 point, second highest scoring player will receive 3 points, third highest scoring player will receive 2 points, and lowest scoring player will receive 1 point. The winner will be determined at the end of the tournament based on the accumulated number of points received throughout the tournament. There are awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, plus awards for best woman player and best novice player. For the purposes of these events, a novice is considered anyone who has participated in five or fewer pinball tournaments.

This is an International Flipper Pinball Association sanctioned event and full World Pinball Player Ranking points will be awarded (for the adult tournament only).

Playland-Not-at-the-Beach does not serve food or drink, but you are welcome to bring your own. Friends and family staying for the Adult Tournament but not participating may pay general admission and stay and play non-tournament games (prizes not available).”

Playland at the Beach is a fun part of San Francisco history, now being kept alive by people in El Cerrito who are obsessed with fun and history! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playland_(San_Francisco)

The Power Of Singing: Polyphonia - Albania’s Forgotten Voices
film screening
Sunday, November 16, 1:00-3:00PM
Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-0700

“Two shepherds in the Albanian mountains, Arif, a Muslim, and Anastas, an orthodox Christian, have been friends for years in spite of religious barriers. Their profound friendship is constantly strengthened by the local music-making, a unique choral polyphony. In 2005, UNESCO proclaimed this vocal tradition a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The film sets up unforgettable images for severe poetry, harsh fates and almost magical power of human voice, which helps people in the mountains to master their surreal daily routine at a contradictory stage of post-socialist change. On another level, the film gives an example of how music - even in the Balkans’ complexity - can build bridges between people and religions.
A documentary film by Eckehard Pistrick and Bjorn Reinhardt. Eckehard Pistrick (b. 1980) is a German ethnomusicologist currently working in Halle and Paris. He conducted fieldworks in Cambodia, Bali, Greece and Albania and is the co-editor of Audiovisual Media and Identity Issues in Southeastern Europe, Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 2011. Bjorn Reinhardt (b. 1963 in Germany) worked as a stage designer and documentarian before immigrating to Romania in 2002. For the last 10 years he has been making internationally appraised documentaries mainly in the MaramureČ™ region, which is situated on the northeastern Carpathians, but also in Crete, Northern Greece, Albania, and elsewhere. Since 2007 he has also been working as a photographer.
Running time: 85 minutes. In Albanian with English subtitles.

Silk Road House events are sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation.”

Open Shamanic Journey Circle
with Anne Hatfield and Stuart Dole
Sunday, November 16, 3:00-5:00PM, and the third Sunday of each month
The Volunteer Center, 153 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa

“It has been a month already, and we're hosting November's open shamanic journey drumming circle! Come join us to partake in the ongoing magic.

Over the years many people have asked us about opportunities for journeying in the context of a circle - which many find to be more powerful than journeying solo. This is that opportunity.

The shamanic journey is a way to explore the non-ordinary realms, interact directly with personal power animals and spirit guides, and access divine information.

This is a journey circle - it's best if you already have had some experience with shamanic journeying. If not, or if you want a review, come at 2:30PM for introductory information and mentoring.

Bring a drum or rattle if you have them, an eye covering for journeying, and a notebook to record your experiences.

We plan to offer this every third Sunday afternoon.

We're asking a $20 donation to help with the site rental. Details will be sent to those that are coming.”

Windy Wynazz is Uncouth
Sunday, November 16, 4:00PM
The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland
$5-$15 sliding scale

“Discover Uncouth.. High-energy excitement swirled between decadent layers of clown, acrobatics, and dance: a crystal-studded fantasy world starring a bashful, brazen, and very wayward ingenue who simply can't keep her sequined shoulder pads on. Oh… and a dance party if you're good! A showgirl, her yearning, and her little blue chair. Directed by San Francisco clown luminary Dan Griffiths. Appropriate for 14 and up.”

Unlikely Duo and West of Malarkey
Sunday, November 16, 4:00PM
Occidental Center For The Arts, 3850 Doris Murphy Court, Occidental, 707-874-9392
$8 in advance, $10 at the door, Children Free

“Carey Dubbert, master of the autoharp and hammered dulcimer, is a Sonoma County treasure who has been playing and teaching music for 60 years. A resident of Occidental (with artist wife Ellindale), Carey plays many prestigious festivals and has four CDs in which he collaborates with family and friends. Carey and talented godson Brendan Buss (Pat Jordan Band) pair up for a wonderful listening experience as The Unlikely Duo.

West of Malarkey is another group of long-time friends who play music from around the world: old-time and Irish, waltzes and airs, jigs and reels, songs and stories.

Carey Dubbert is on autoharp; Lisa Mathiesen, violin, banjo, guitar and vocals; Terry Hallowes plays violin, concertina and bodhran; George Lauer, mandolin and fiddle; Kathy Clenenen, guitar; with Jim Strand on whistles and bodhran. These highly skilled veteran Sonoma County musicians have enjoyed playing together and pleasing audiences for decades.

Please join us for a magical Sunday afternoon concert that is sure to have you tappin’ your toes and hummin’ the tunes! Fine Refreshments available. Wheelchair Accessible.”

Winter Wellness: Helping Your Family through Cold and Flu Season
with Tara Levy and Lael Stimming
Sunday, November 16, 4:30-6:30PM
Three Stone Hearth, 1581 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-1334

“Cold and flu season is right around the corner! Did you know that there are safe, natural therapies that can be used instead of pharmaceuticals to support the immune system and lessen the severity of these common illnesses? Join Tara Levy, ND and Lael Stimming, LM as they discuss how to support the immune system using a variety of natural therapies - diet, herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, and lifestyle changes. The best supplies for creating your own home immune-support kit will also be covered. While the focus in this talk is on children, we will be discussing therapies that can be used by the entire family.

Class is from 4:30-6:30PM on Sunday, November 16 at Three Stone Hearth, 1581 University Avenue. Price of ticket includes our Broth Bar, which is available 20 minutes before the event.

Dr. Tara Levy is a naturopathic doctor with a 15-year family practice focusing on women and children in the East Bay. A parent to both an infant and a teen, she works personally and professionally with a variety of childhood issues.

Lael Stimming is a licensed midwife with a home birth practice in the East Bay, San Francisco, and Marin. The mother of four, Lael brings a wealth of practical knowledge to all her parenting classes.”

A Cup of Tea with Spirit
with OwlSnake
Sunday, November 16, 4:00-5:00PM, and the third Sunday of every month
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation $10-$15

“Have you ever wondered who is Guiding and Protecting you along your Journey?
Are you ready to receive their Messages to gain clarity to unanswered questions to ease the Flow of your Path? Learn and Remember tools that will strengthen your own power in Connecting.

We will sip tea,  and eat tasty treats as we connect and receive messages from Spirit and the Ancestors to guide us in our daily lives. We will Journey, Chant and Listen within, and be Inspired. A relaxing afternoon gift to yourself and others.

Who is OwlSnake?
Born into a long lineage of Medicine Men/Women, Spiritual Healers, Seers, and Shamans, on both her maternal and paternal ancestral lines, she was first called to this sacred path at the age of 4 years old from her Great Aunt. She was chosen to continue the family tradition of Spiritual Medicine work, some would call Shamanism. Through the years she would experience many of life's challenges and growth opportunities that have allowed her to learn and experience firsthand some of the greatest issues that plague this world today. From those experiences, along with her direct connection with Great Spirit, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, OwlSnake has awakened into being a compassionate healer that is willing to be used as a ‘Hollow Bone’ for Spirit to assist all those that seek healing and inspiration on their journey.”

The Art of Vegetable Fermentation
with Sarah Kersten, founder of Handmade and Counter Culture Pottery
Saturday, November 16, 6:00-7:30PM
Homestead Apothecary, 486 49th Street,  #C, Oakland, 510-495-6549

“Please Bring a knife and cutting board, all other materials will be provided.

Sarah is a fermented foods devotee and advocate from California, where she runs her small housewares design business, Sarah Kersten Handmade. Sarah fused her passion for fermentation with her lifelong obsession with pottery by developing Counter Culture Pottery Jars: beautiful, functional vegetable fermentation vessels designed for making fermented vegetables at home.

Recognized as the highest quality fermentation jar available, Counter Culture Pottery has been featured on QuitoKEETO, 101 Cookbooks, theKitchn, Remodelista, and in San Francisco Magazine. Her other ceramic work is directly geared towards home cooking and a whole food-based lifestyle.

Making fermented foods for herself, her friends, and her family since 2009, and Sarah will be passing on all of her philosophy and knowledge during this simple evening workshop. The basic principles and benefits of vegetable fermentation will be explained and participants will leave with confidence to continue exploring vegetable fermentation in their home kitchens post workshop. Sarah will demonstrate how to use her signature Fermentation Jar and will also explain how to make fermented foods without any fancy equipment. Participants will leave with one quart of sauerkraut and one quart of carrots prepared to ferment at home.

Sarah’s Vegetable Fermentation Crocks will be for sale at the workshop. The unique water seal function of the jars allows ferments to ferment for a longer duration than would otherwise be possible, while eliminating many issues that commonly occur during the fermentation process. The jars are aesthetically designed to be appreciated during home use for generations.”

Sea Ballads with Stephen Canright
Tuesday, November 18, 12:00-1:00PM
Aboard the Balclutha, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
Ships admission fees apply: Adults, $5, 15 and under (accompanied by an adult), Free

“Park Maritime Historian Stephen Canright presents a program of sea ballads, with a few chanteys for good measure.  He has sung at a number of the park’s festivals, and has researched sailors’ ballad traditions. Ballads were sung at the ‘dogwatch,’ when ships’ crews had some time to relax from the daily and nightly routine of shipboard work. They were also sung ashore by men and women in seafaring and fishing communities. Experience this porthole into our past, through song. The program is part of the park’s Lunchtime Lecture Series, presented by the Maritime Research Center.”

Sustainable Economies Law Center Fall Celebration
Tuesday, November 18, 6:30-9:00PM
Impact HUB Oakland, 2323 Broadway, Oakland
$55, please RSVP at the website below

“Join us in celebrating the creation of just and resilient local economies!

At SELC, Fall is the time of year where we harvest the fruits of all the great work our volunteers and staff have been cultivating. Won’t you come and join us to help raise the necessary funding to support our efforts for another year?

Wine, beer, and kombucha

Delicious dinner served up by a Bay Area worker-owned catering cooperative, Local Flavor Catering

Silent Auction showcasing local Cottage Food delights, concert tickets, and much, much more!

Lively presentations

Meet some of the Bay Area’s finest sharing economy change makers and social justice advocates!”

A Wife of Buddha
by Lisa Kang
presented by Brava Studio Sessions
Tuesday, November 18, 7:00PM
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco

“A Wife of Buddha is about people who are grappling with leaving behind old identities defined by culture, tradition, or societal expectations and creating new ones for themselves.  I was inspired to write the play by ancient bas relief work on display at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco depicting the life of Buddha, and knew I wanted to present a similar series of scenes in a play.  I began to do research and discovered that Siddhartha, who was later to become the Gautama Buddha, had abandoned his wife, Yashodara, and their newborn child so that he may discover a way of ending suffering in the world.  I decided that I wanted my play to tell the story of not the life of Buddha, but the wife of Buddha, with a parallel story of a modern woman literally sculpting out the story of the Buddha and the wife he found it necessary to abandon.   My original idea in writing the play was to show a parallel between Siddhartha and the sculptor’s husband, a Korean-German-American orphan who is also struggling to find his true identity  As the play evolved, however, it became clear to me that it was the woman, herself, who was making the difficult and unexpected decisions, demonstrating, in the end, that she is the Buddha in the choices she makes.

Lisa Kang has worked as an actor and educator for several years with Bay Area theater companies such as Word For Word, Asian American Theater Company, Impact Theater Company, Aurora Theater Company, the San Francisco Mime Troupe and the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.   She has more recently turned her attention towards writing plays, and has had her short plays A Simple Life performed by the 06 Ensemble and San Jose Repertory Theater Company's Emerging Artists Lab and Obsession #5 performed by the Seoul Players (in Seoul, Korea.)  Her plays have been given readings at the Asian American Theater Company (Dublin), City Lights Theater Company (Faith, Molly Shines the Floor) and Calaveras Repertory Theater Company (Yi Ha Go (or Doing Lee), Return Running, among others.)   Lisa's has received the honor of being featured in Theater Bay Area's Playwright's Showcase and is a co-founder of City Light Theater Company's Light Source playwriting workshop, as well as a member of Asian American Theater Company's New Works Incubator.”

Succulent Wreath Making Workshop
Wednesday, November 19, 6:00-8:00PM
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley

“Create a gorgeous succulent wreath to enjoy all year round. You'll select among a variety of succulents and be guided on how to plant and care for your wreaths. All materials provided.”

Transgender Day of Resistance Oakland/East Bay
Wednesday, November 19, 7:00-9:30PM
Oakland City Hall, 1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza (aka Oscar Grant Plaza), Oakland

“Honorary Co-Host: Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett

Very Important, this is not a TransVision/Tri-City Health Center event this year.

It is Tiffany Woods and the TransVision Team, Terry Washington, Lorena Martinez, Janet Halfin, Kayla Moore, Roman Flintroy, Erikka Palafox, Avee Meals, Charlie Wilson, Perla Nolasco, who annually put on TDOR, and other community members, Deanne, Austin Bruckner and others, on our own time and anybody else who wants to help/be involved.

Please share the event and invite community, allies, supporters.

For official info and participation, please contact Tiffany Woods: tiffany.woods@earthlink.net

Raptors, Rats, and Riparian Areas
with Lisa Owens Viani of RATS
presented by Friends of Sausal Creek
Wednesday, November 19, 7:00PM
Dimond Branch Library, 3565 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland

“Lisa Owens Viani, co-founder and director of Raptors Are The Solution (RATS), will talk about raptors and the threats they face, particularly from rat poison, and also discuss less toxic ways of controlling rodents. She will describe a nine-year study of Cooper's hawks in Berkeley and their connection to riparian habitat, as well as how the study led to the formation of RATS.”

Have a Gracefully Cultivated, Optimistically Elevated Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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