What do you wish for?

Do you base our choices on what you want, or what you think you're supposed to want? Let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, THEN engage your mind in the process. The best wishes are born from your heart.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Celebrate the Full Moon in Sagittarius with the Mothers of the New Time

Tonight, Thursday, June 12, is the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is a time to remember our idealism, our enthusiasm, the joy we take in caring for what we love.  This is also a time to be very honest and frank with ourselves and others as we communicate clearly about what we want and how we will work together to bring it about as we continue to co-create a world based on integrity, justice, and love.

Tonight, or during this week, I invite you to join or support the Mothers of the New Time in our Full Moon working:

In CAYA, we are celebrating the Singing Moon - What makes our spirits sing? How is our individual song of life harmonizing with the song of the Universe?

Dancing at the Edge of the World,

Molly Blue Dawn

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