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Do you base our choices on what you want, or what you think you're supposed to want? Let yourself feel what you feel and want what you want, THEN engage your mind in the process. The best wishes are born from your heart.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Announcing the Birth of New Events List - Beyond the Binary!

I am very pleased to announce that Jaina Bee, Priest/ess of the Eternal Now (and my Wildflower Little Sibling) has created an events list, "A periodical events round-up focusing on that which may be of interest to people who identify as Trans* and Pagan, radiating from a central point in the San Francisco Bay Area and extending Worldwide."

I now proudly present, for  your perusal, the first installment of the Beyond the Binary Events List!

In Eternity and Beyond!

Molly Blue Dawn

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  1. Thank you, most beloved Big Sister, your excellent example has been so inspiring I could no longer resist bursting out in my own way. May this service be of benefit to all beings. <3