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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for December 2013 and beyond - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for:

Community Grief Ritual
with Sacred Future Collective
Sunday, December 8, 9:30AM-6:00PM
Walker Creek Ranch, 1700 Marshall-Petaluma Road, Petaluma

“The Healing Power Of Releasing Grief

Everyone feels grief. But not everyone has been supported in understanding its true purpose and power. In our modern Western culture, grief has gotten a bad rap.  Many of us were raised to swallow our tears, or we were told that it's weak to have grief, or that we're too emotional. When we suppress this natural function within us, we create energy blocks, which in turn create health imbalances.  Emotions are energy in motion. They are supposed to move and flow through us like a river. It is an internal human balancing mechanism, a renewing and cleansing process.

We may have ideas that if we open the floodgates we'll never stop crying. Or we may feel overwhelmed by the amount of grief we have and fear it will take over our lives if we give in to it just a little bit. Those people who regularly honor their tears will tell you, emotions are likes waves in the sea. When we give them permission to flow, they will rise and fall, rise and fall and then naturally subside, leaving us with a sense of having showered, but on the inside.

Community grief rituals support us in accessing our sometimes hard to reach emotions. They give us a focus (the grief altar) and a container (skilled facilitators) within which to safely relax our hearts. They also validate us in whatever we're feeling, whether it's personal or global, grief, anger or numbness.

There is a reason why grief exists, and if we allow these waters to flow inside of us, we will learn a great deal about rejuvenation, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, compassion and peace.

Facilitation by Mira Wonderwheel, Maria Owl Gutierrez, Mike Shea, Duane Vos, Jose Enciso

Gift Economy/Registration Fee:  $50
We are offering this ritual using a Gift Economy payment method. We believe in giving and receiving from the heart, with no set obligation. With this approach, reciprocity is a key element. We will charge $50 to register upfront, just to cover basic costs, plus, at the end of the day we'll invite participants to consider additional payment using, value received, willingness to support our work in the world and to offer a reciprocal gift. This will be an opportunity to give without any coercion or expectation.

Morning coffee/tea and snack is provided and lunch is also provided.

What to bring:
Photos of Ancestors
Candles in glass holders (red, blue, green, yellow, white, black)
Altar clothes (red, white, blue, black)
Wear comfortable clothes, warm socks, layers to keep warm.”

CAYA Sprouts Day at Tilden Merry-Go-Round Christmas Fantasy in the Woods
Sunday, December 8, 5:30-8:30PM
Tilden Merry-Go-Round, Lake Anza Road and Central Park Drive, Berkeley
Free admission, $2 for 1 ride or $7 for 10 rides

“Come As You Are Coven invites you to join us at the Tilden Merry-Go-Round Christmas Fantasy in the Woods!

Please join us as we revel in the joy and energy of the season at Tilden’s Herschell-Spillman Merry-Go-Round, a hundred year old carousel with beautiful hand carved animals. There will be festive music, amazing light and ornament displays, delicious treats and beverages, carolers and visits with Santa Claus! This is one holiday event that’s sure be fun for all ages.

Please note: This is an outdoor event, so be sure to bundle everyone up against the cold.

This event is weather permitting, the park will be closed in foul weather.

This event is wheelchair accessible!

General Pricing: Entry to the event, parking, and visits with Santa are free!
Carousel pricing: $2.00 for 1 ride or $7.00 for 10 rides

Location: Entry to the Tilden Merry-Go-Round area can be found within the park at the corner of Lake Anza Road and Central Park Drive. Once within the park there should be signs to indicate direction.

Address: Intersection of Lake Anza Road & Central Park Drive, Berkeley, California 94708

For questions and concerns regarding the event or location, contact the park: 510-524-6773”

Nature and Soul Retreat for Winter Solstice
with Jan Edl Stein, MFT
Friday, December 20, 9:30AM-4:00PM
Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, 1601 Shoreline Highway, Muir Beach, 415-383-3134
see website for registration details

“Nature and Soul: A day of retreat where nature mirrors our inner landscape

This seasonally offered retreat is a day of renewal and rediscovery, as we open ourselves to the land around us in addition to the landscapes within us.  This is a deeply experiential daylong retreat for restoration of health, psyche and spirit, offering a renewal of the soul's intention and a re-connection with the elements of nature that support us.  We will slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds us and let nature reflect the shapes and patterns that are held in the psyche.

The day is a combination of indoor experiences that involves guided meditation and inner journey process and outdoor, land-based contemplative practices. The experience as a whole is an embodied example of eco-therapy.  Each retreat day reflects themes of the season in the meditations, journeys and our approach to the elements we discover in nature.  No previous experience is necessary.

The retreat takes place in the beautiful setting of Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center, with its splendid coastal range flora, meandering gardens, Japanese architecture, and easy walk to the beach.  An organic, vegetarian lunch (included in registration fee)  is offered to the group in the dining hall.  Retreat fees include lunch and refreshments.

Details on how to prepare for the day an a confirmation of registration will be sent one week before the event.

Retreat leader, Jan Edl Stein MFT, is the director of Holos Institute and a licensed psychotherapist with many years of experience in guiding people into deep explorations in their own psyche as they open to deeper levels of perception in the natural world.

Winter Solstice: We rest our awareness on the still point within and without as we contemplate that which we are ready to release and that great unknown destiny to which we surrender as we pass through this portal of mystery.”

Sing for Your Life
Monday, December 30, 12:00PM-12:00AM (Noon-Midnight)
First Congregational Church of Oakland, 2501 Harrison Street, Oakland
Donations accepted (suggested $15), your voice welcomed!

“Sing in the New Year with SoVoSo's 12 hour Circlesong.  This wonderful group of vocal virtuosos will take turns leading the ever-changing crowd in a voice orchestra.

CircleSinging can be described lots of ways: vocal improvisation, vocal jamming, add-a-part/change-a-part, vocal orchestra, voicestra, a ‘drum circle’ for singers, or just plain ‘make it up’ singing.

This event is open to all (singers and non-singers alike). Drop in or stay the whole time. Sing or listen. Socialize or meditate. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to commune with your community.”

Edwardian World's Faire and Edwardian Ball
The Curious Sofa
Friday-Saturday, January 17-18

The Edwardian World’s Faire, Friday, 8:00PM-2:00AM
The Regency Ballroom, 1300 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

Edwardian Vendor Bazaar Daytime Shopping, Saturday, 12:00-5:00PM
The Regency Sutter Room, 1270 Sutter Street, San Francisco

The 14th Annual Edwardian Ball, Saturday, 8:00PM-2:00AM
The Regency Ballroom, 1300 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

“What, pray tell, is The Edwardian Ball?

The Edwardian Ball is an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author Edward Gorey. Set in our own version of ‘Edwardian’ times, this multi-media extravaganza has grown over the past decade from a small underground club night into an internationally recognized event, now operating with the blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

Costumed and enthusiastic attendees, traveling from as far as Australia, Japan, and the UK, flock to this San Francisco tradition for a delightful blend of ballroom dancing, live music, riveting stage shows, DJs, fine art galleries, a vending marketplace, absinthe cocktails, steam machinery, parlour games, sideshows, and more. All ages are welcome and appropriate in this darkly humorous and elegant setting, where literary aficionados rub elbows with insect-like creatures parading on stilts… where historically-accurate Edwardian recreationists waltz by a steam-powered tea garden… where the only guiding rule is that you join in on the fun!”

Science of Cocktails
Friday, January 24, 8:00-11:30PM
Exploratorium Lab, Pier 15, San Francisco, 415-528-4402

“Join us for an evening that celebrates the artistry of master mixology shaken with the science behind the craft. Taking an in-depth, hands-on look at the physics, chemistry, and biology of cocktails, engage in an exploration of your favorite libations in ways you've never experienced before.

Tickets include open bar, ample hor d'oeuvres, and special activities. VIP ticket holders also receive access to the Top-Shelf VIP Lounge with top-shelf spirits, special molecular mixology demonstrations, and a few surprises.

This program is for adults 21 years of age and over.”

Winter’s Flame
Friday-Sunday, January 24-26
see website for detailed schedule
Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland
sliding scale $66-$166 for the whole weekend

“Winter’s Flame - light up the night!
Drum!  Dance!  Sing!  Celebrate!

Winter’s Flame is a new event in an old tradition. People have been dancing and drumming in the dark of night since the dawn of time. In recent years, there’s been a revival of this practice that consciously directs the experience toward personal transformation.

Light up the night and enliven your spirit. Build community and travel deep inside yourself. Come celebrate life at the darkest time of the year.

With a series of magical workshops, delightful rituals, communal meals, and a sweet, sweet slumber party, Winter’s Flame is an entire weekend of awesome. The event is committed to being affordable and accessible, so it will be held right here in Oakland - and the sliding scale allows people of different means to attend. Come dance with the Flame!”

Thanks to Heather King for letting me know about this event!

Baba Yaga’s House
crafting workshop with Ulla Milbrath and John B. McRae
Saturday-Sunday, February 1-2, 11:00AM-5:00PM
Castle in the Air 1805 Fourth Street, Berkeley, 510-204-9801
$300 includes materials
register in advance - this class will sell out!

“Charmed by a classic Slavic folktale, John and Ulla bring you this unique class. Baba Yaga is sometimes a wise woman; at other times she is a frightful hag. She flies around in a giant mortar and lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs surrounded by a skull fence. She kidnaps children on occasion (like the witch in the Hansel and Gretel tale) but is also sometimes sought out for wisdom and guidance by heroes.

Here is an opportunity for you to learn from two masters of fairy-tale art, as Ulla and John jointly teach the construction and decoration of Baba Yaga’s woodland home. On the first day of class, you’ll learn how to construct her hut out of chipboard, thatch the roof, and how to wind and attach the magical chicken legs which support the structure. The next day you’ll make tiny furniture from found objects for the cabin. To complete your folktale, you can choose to dress a mouse Baba Yaga, fabricated from re-claimed vintage mink fur over an anthropomorphic manikin by John and Ulla for you, with fabric scraps provided in class.”

The Travertine Mysteries: Sacred Initiation Rites for Women
with Maria Owl Gutierrez
and Mira Wonderwheel
Friday-Sunday, February 14-16,
and four more weekends, see website for detailed schedule
various private residences and nature preserves throughout the Bay Area
see website for registration information

“Welcome to the Travertine Mysteries.

We are committed to supporting women in claiming their power and living
an embodied, awake, prosperous, authentic life.

We offer women two programs that can launch them into alignment with their destiny.

The first:
Travertine Mysteries Women's Initiation
This is a nine month process offered in Sonoma and Marin Counties, in the San Francisco Bay Area and North Bay. Women initiates will meet every other month for a weekend, plus one full day a month, in sacred ritual work/play. Initiates bring their own food and take care of their own lodging.
There is a circle forming now!  We will begin in February 2014.”

CAYA Fun For Everyone: Burning Man 2014
Monday-Monday, August 26 - September 2
Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada
To be part of the CFE rideshare, please contact Cross Sidhe at cayafunforeveryone@gmail.com

Cross Sidhe says:
“That is right!!!!  I am going back to the Playa and I am taking you with me!!!  I will have 3 to 4 seats open.  Other drivers are most welcome.  Planning will start after Burning Man 2013.  Camp CAYA?  Dome?  Art?  Group Origami?  The possibilities are limitless.”

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