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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Amazon Watch's Annual Luncheon, Pacific Eldorado: A History Of Greater California, Show Your Yoni You Care!, Spell Casting with the Light and Dark of the Moon, Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Big Book Sale, Radical Love: A Workshop for Exploring Open Relationships, Awakening the Sacred Body, Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust, True Romance Is Too Violent For Me, Shocktoberfest 14: Jack The Ripper, Macbeth at Fort Point, What Every Girl Should Know, The Shakespeare Bug, Pygmalion, Animal Symbolism in Dreams, Goddess of the Month, East Bay Pagan Meet and Greet, Kombucha and Fermented Foods Workshop, Downtown Martinez Ghost Walk, Vintage Invasion, AROUSAL and The Lover, Fusion Temple Dance Festival, Eat Real Festival, Death on the River Ganges, Albion Will Not Be Fracked, Halloween and Vine, Autumn at Filoli Festival, Oktoberfest at Forest Home Farm, Monthly Mindful Photography 2013, Art in the Garden, Superhero Street Fair, South Bay Pagan Kids Mabon/Autumnal Equinox, Crafts for Kids On Board the Balclutha, Dental Health for Kids, The Light Thief, Navratri Festival, Trinity Chamber Concerts 40th Anniversary Gala, Sea Music Concert Series, Italian Street Painting Festival, World Veg Festival, Casa de Fruta Renaissance Faire, Women's Spirituality Weekend at Sofia University, Music of the Final Judgment and Rejoicing in the Torah, Piedmont Harvest Festival, Savor the Season, Family Day at Sienna Ranch, Visioning Circle, More Than Honey, Forbidden Island's 7th Annual Parking Lot Sale, Tea and Tarot, A Ritual to Celebrate Dionysos and the Wine Harvest, Cafe Flamenco, The Face on the Barroom Floor, A Day of Transforming Trauma, Pressure Canning 101

Amazon Watch's Annual Luncheon
Wednesday, September 25, 12:00-1:30PM
Julia Morgan Ballroom, 465 California Street, San Francisco
Free, donations welcome
Please RSVP to 510-281-9020 or RSVP@amazonwatch.org

“Amazon Watch invites you to take a stand for the Amazon.

RSVP: 510-281-9020 or RSVP@amazonwatch.org so we can buy you lunch and save you a seat. Reservations are essential and we will confirm your reservation prior to the event.

It's coming! Amazon Watch is thrilled to host our popular annual event in San Francisco on September 25th.

Our special guest this year is Mayalu Txucarramãe, an indigenous woman leader of Brazil’s Mebengokre and Kamirra Waura ethnicities working to defend her people in the the Xingu River Basin in the Brazilian Amazon from destructive mega-dams including the Belo Monte Dam.

We will also be raising a toast to our executive director and founder, Atossa Soltani, for being named the 2013 Hillary Institute Laureate, for her leadership on climate equity and the work of Amazon Watch.

And we will learn of our efforts in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia to continue protecting the Amazon and supporting the rights of indigenous peoples.

Join us to celebrate our achievements for the people and rainforests of the Amazon!

Great food and drink. Great people. Great event.

Event is free to attend - your essential financial support will be invited at the event.

A special dessert reception will follow the main event. You are welcome to stay to meet Mayalu as well as the staff and board of Amazon Watch.”
Pacific Eldorado: A History Of Greater California
with Dr. Tom Osborne
Wednesday, September 25, 6:00PM
Maritime Library, Building E, 3rd Floor, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
For more information and reservations, please call 415-561-7040.
Wheelchair accessible by elevator.

“Join California Historian Dr. Tom Osborne as he explores California’s numerous connections with the Pacific Basin, from the geologic formation of California some 30 million years ago to the maritime colossus that the Golden State has become today. Dr. Osborne will discuss the maritime context of California history from the earliest inhabitants to the Gold Rush to Silicon Valley and beyond.

Copies of Dr. Osborne’s book, Pacific Eldorado: A History of Greater California will be available for sale and signing by the author.”

Show Your Yoni You Care!
with Fat and the Moon
part of Homestead Apothecary’s Yoni Series
Wednesday, September 25, 6:30-8:00PM
Homestead Apothecary, 486 49th Street, Oakland, 510-495-6549
$50 class cost includes materials and take home yoni care products

“Come gain some herb skills that will directly empower your flower. Fat and the Moon's Rachel Budde will be sharing some easy herbal recipes from homemade lube to a basic Yoni salve also known as the kooch quench. Discussions on the array of Yoni flora and fauna will be encouraged!”

Spell Casting with the Light and Dark of the Moon  
with Didi
Wednesday, September 25, 7:30-9:00PM,
and seven more Wednesdays
Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, 831-423-5477
$25 per workshop
For more information or to register, please call Didi at 831-423-5477

“Spell Casting by the light and dark of the Moon - using the Moon’s energy to enhance your workings. Presented by Didi
Nine workshops designed to enrich your knowledge of how to use the power of the Moon to enhance your spell crafting.

Workshop 6: Waning Moon
Uncrossing Techniques for removing negative energy put upon you, or negativity that seems to follow you. Cleansing: How to remove negative energies from yourself and your space, and techniques for releasing what no longer serves you.

$25 per workshop - cash only please.  Cash payment accepted the night of workshop.”

Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Big Book Sale
Wednesday-Sunday, September 25-29, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Festival Pavilion, Fort Mason, Buchanan Avenue and Marina Boulevard, San Francisco
Free admission

“Held at Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion, the 49th Annual Big Book Sale will feature over 500,000 books, DVDs, CDs, books on tape, vinyl and other forms of media in over 100 categories.

EVERYTHING is $3 or less, with a 3-2-1 scale: $3 hardcover books; $2 paperback books; $1 DVDs, CDs, books on tape, vinyl and other forms of media. All items remaining on Sunday are $1.

All proceeds benefit the San Francisco Public Library’s education programs that promote literacy for children, teens and adults.”

Radical Love: A Workshop for Exploring Open Relationships
with Wendy-O Matik
Thursday, September 26, 7:00PM
LoveJourney Temple in Sebastopol
exact address will be given upon registration
$25 for singles, $40 for couples

“Wendy-O Matik is the author of Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships, a feminist critique of love and relationships outside the dominant paradigm of monogamy.
The workshop consists of a presentation, group exercises, and discussion, within the format of a non-judgmental support group.  Radical love is the freedom to love whom you want, how you want, as many as you want, so long as personal integrity, respect, honesty, and consent are at the core of all relationships. It primarily focuses on love and intimacy, not sex and sexual conquest.  
As an educator and spokesperson for the polyamory community, Wendy has become a revolutionary activist of the heart who pushes the boundaries on firmly rooted notions in mainstream society on relationships, love, gender, sexual equality, and sexual politics.
She has taught over 100 Radical Love and Relationship classes here and internationally, excavating important social trends and reshaping the future of alternative relationship models for the 21st century.”

Awakening the Sacred Body
with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Part one of a five part series
Thursday, September 26, 7:30-9:00PM
and four more dates, October 29, November 13, December 11 and January 8
Sacred Stream Center, 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley, CA 94702
$20 in advance, $25 at the door (may sell out)
For more information, please e-mail info@sacredstream.org

“Join Bon Buddhist meditation master, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, in the practice of meditation and reflection. Through bringing together the focus of the mind, breath, and physical movements, you will be taught simple and powerful exercises to open your body and release the obstacles that obscure you from recognizing the unbounded space within. Discover inner refuge and the gifts of spaciousness, awareness, and warmth that bring healing and benefit not only to you but also to your relationships with others and the greater world.
This is a five-part series that takes place on September 26, October 29, November 13, December 11 and January 8. You can take one class or all five. Each class is a discrete set of teachings and it is not required that you take the classes in any particular order. This series takes place at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley. Funds go to the Tibetan Children's School, part of TANC (Tibetan Association of Northern California).”  

Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust
with Marty Brounstein
Thursday, September 26, 7:30PM
East West Bookstore, 324 Castro Street, Mountain View, 650-988-9800
Free, please call to reserve a seat

“Marty Brounstein, author of the book Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust, tells the true story of interfaith courage and compassion, focusing on a Christian couple in the Netherlands who, despite great risks and dangers, help save the lives over two dozen Jews during World War II and the Holocaust. Marty will also share the meaningful personal connection during his engaging presentation.”

True Romance Is Too Violent For Me
An evening of noir with Will “The Thrill” Viharo
Thursday, September 26, 8:00PM
The New Parkway, 474 24th Street, Oakland

Will says:
“A special screening of Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance (1993) with a book signing of the new edition of my novel Love Stories Are Too Violent For Me (currently in development as a film by Christian Slater) at The New Parkway.”

Shocktoberfest 14: Jack The Ripper
presented by the Thrillpeddlers
Thursday-Saturday, September 26-28, 8:00PM
playing through November 23
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers are pleased to announce our annual Halloween Extravaganza, Shocktoberfest 14: Jack the Ripper - An Evening of Horror, Madness, Spanking and Song commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Jack The Ripper Murders in London.

This 14th Annual Extravaganza of Terror and Titillation includes:

A Classic 1934 Grand Guignol Thriller: Jack the Ripper by Andre de Lorde and Pierre Chaine (Premiere English adaptation by Carl Grose)
The Wrong Ripper: a World-Premiere One-Act play by Rob Keefe
A Visit to Mrs. Birch and the Young Ladies of the Academy:
The opening scene from the Victorian Spanking drama, a Thrillpeddlers’ favorite also celebrating its 125th year
Salome by Scrumbly Koldewyn: a new musical spin on Oscar Wilde’s classic
…and a Lights-Out Spook-Show Finale.”

Macbeth at Fort Point
presented by We Players
Thursday-Sunday, September 26-29, 6:00PM
Fort Point, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, 999 Marine Drive, San Francisco
Thursday $45, Friday-Sunday $60
playing through October 13

“Macbeth at Fort Point
Co-directed by Ava Roy and John Hadden, Produced by Lauren D. Chavez and Ava Roy

Blood will have blood.

We Players remounts our epic production of Macbeth at Fort Point (first produced in 2008). Multiple performance trajectories wind through the dark stone corridors, narrow passageways, expansive brick casemates, and inner chambers of the fort. On the parade ground, in the direct onslaught of the billowing fog and relentless wind, the witches work their charms. The Golden Gate bridge soars overhead, the city skyline flickers – join us for a full sensory immersion into Macbeth’s Scotland as it collides with Civil War era and modern day San Francisco. In collaboration with the National Park Service, We Players will engage the stories embedded in the northernmost tip of San Francisco with performance, visual art, and education programs in fall 2013.

Regular Performances $60
Discounted Thursday Performances $45

Looking for a less expensive ticket? Add your name to our rush tickets announce list.

Prepare yourself for the sound and fury of the elements… Fort Point is a very cold place. Long underwear, down jackets, windbreakers, hats and gloves are recommended.

You will be on your feet throughout the 3 hour event, and navigating narrow passageways, spiraling stone staircases and dark chambers. If you have any mobility disabilities that prevent you from climbing stairs, please call us. If you want to limit your stair climbing, be sure to state so on your registration form.

There are no bathrooms within the Fort. Provisions exist for emergencies, but in the absence of such circumstances, the doors of the Fort will remain sealed for the duration - once we go in, we’re in.

We will offer tea and snacks at a few places to keep you fueled.

We Players does not recommend bringing children less than 12 years old. Parts of the Fort are dark and creepy, it is COLD and DAMP, and there is a good deal of violence in this play. Please be aware of this when deciding whether or not to bring children.

No cameras or recording devices allowed.

No refunds. No exchanges. Please choose your dates carefully.

Questions? Call 415-547-0189 or email reservations@weplayers.org

What Every Girl Should Know
Thursday-Sunday, September 26-29,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 7:00PM
playing through October 13
Impact Theatre at La Val's Subterranean, 1834 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley
Thursdays and Sundays $17 in advance, $20 at the door
Fridays and Saturdays $20 in advance, $25 at the door

“What Every Girl Should Know
Written by Monica Byrne
Directed by Tracy Ward
Choreographed by Erika Chong Shuch

In 1914, four teen girls are thrown together in a New York reformatory. Within the walls of their small room, together they discover their sexuality and personal power as they reveal the horrifying events that led each to that dormitory room. Developing rituals to connect with an unorthodox patron saint, Anne, Joan, Theresa, and Lucy open up an exciting and dangerous realm in which they take on new identities and exact revenge fantasies - while back in their room, a revelation pushes them toward real-life rebellion.

Since 1996 Impact Theatre has spoken to a new generation of theatregoers and longtime enthusiasts alike who want to see something fresh and fearless on stage. Our audience ranges from students to professionals to seniors, all of whom share a taste for exciting, unpretentious theatre that doesn’t conform to traditional assumptions of what constitutes high culture.

Impact ensures the continued strength of American theatre by
featuring new plays by emerging playwrights
producing vital, contemporary spins on classic drama
engaging new audiences
fostering the development of Bay Area theatremakers

Impact shows compel, provoke, and inspire, at prices everyone can afford.”

The Shakespeare Bug
presented by Killing My Lobster
Thursday-Sunday, September 26-29, 8:00PM - final week
Stage Werx, 446 Valencia, San Francisco

“Killing My Lobster Presents: The Shakespeare Bug
In Association with Playground: A New Play by Ken Slattery, award-winning author of Truffaldino Says No

Join us for this world premiere comedic play written by award-winning playwright, Ken Slattery, and directed by award-winning director, M. Graham Smith. (San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle winner of Best Original Script, Best Director of Truffaldino Says No)

Something's rotten in the city of San Francisco. A modern-day Hamlet is forced to play out the story of his namesake when his eccentric family contracts a mysterious illness on Opening Night. Thrust into a world where actions are amplified to Shakespearean proportions, Hamlet finds himself caught in a revolving door of tragedy and comedy. He is forced to answer the question: If all the world's a stage, how does he know what role to play?”

presented by Butterfield 8
Thursday-Sunday, September 26-29,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 3:00PM
playing through October 13
Cue Productions Live,1835 Colfax Street, Concord
Thursday preview $18, regular performances $20

“Butterfield 8 presents Pygmalion

A brilliantly witty re-working of the classical tale of the sculptor who falls in love with his perfect female statue, Pygmalion is also a barbed attack on the British class system and a statement of Shaw's feminist views. In Shaw's telling, the phoneticist Henry Higgins is the Pygmalion figure who believes he can transform Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower girl, into a duchess at ease in polite society. The one thing he overlooks is that his ‘creation’ has a mind of her own.

Pygmalion both delighted and scandalized its first audiences in 1914, and became an Oscar-winning film in 1938. It was also adapted into the wildly successful Broadway musical (with its own Oscar-winning film treatment) My Fair Lady.

The cast features John Butterfield as Henry Higgins, Becky Potter as Eliza Doolittle, and Alan Cameron as Colonel Pickering; with Deborah Doyle as Mrs. Higgins, and Gary Mutz as Alfred Doolittle. Rounding out the cast are Ali Arman, Deborah Black, Jake Breckinridge, Bailie Simpson, and Maureen-Theresa Williams.
Butterfield 8 will host a special Opening Night event on Friday, September 27, including a post show reception with an open bar and complimentary food.”

Animal Symbolism in Dreams
with Greg Bogart, Ph.D., MFT
Friday, September 27, 3:00-7:00PM
The Dream Institute of Northern California, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-845-1767

“Our unconscious life as humans appears to include memories of our prehistoric ancestors, animal species, plants, and rocks. All of these connect us with the earth’s geological, botanical, and animal evolutionary pathways. Our dreams access these deeper strata of our being, and dreams containing animal symbolism are especially evocative and enlivening. Understanding these can facilitate our personal healing, liberate creative energies, and connect us to instinctual wisdom. In this workshop, Greg will present examples of dreams that reflect the somatic, emotional, and spiritual meaning of various animal species. Participants are welcome to bring in dreams for discussion.

Suggested Readings:
Boone, J. Allen, Kinship with All Life.
Mann, A.T., The Sacred Language of Trees.
Russack, N., Animal Guides in Life, Myth, and Dreams.
Serpell, J., In the Company of Animals.
Woloy, E.M., The Symbol of the Dog in the Human Psyche: A Study of the Human-Dog Bond.

Greg Bogart, Ph.D, MFT, is a psychotherapist in private practice, teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies and Sonoma State University, and is the author of Dreamwork and Self-Healing: Unfolding the Symbols of the Unconscious.”

Goddess of the Month
with Phoenix LeFae
Friday, September 27, 7:00-8:30PM, and the fourth Friday of every month
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Women only

“Goddess for September: Sekhmet

Together we will gather once a month and listen to the words of the Great Mother. We will do this through song, dance, trance, storytelling, and joyful community celebration.

Each month we will learn about and dive into the energy of a different Goddess from around the world. Our hope that is by meeting these different energies you will find one that resonates with your heart and you will walk away with the potential for a greater relationship with a Divine One.

In this gathering, we will invite the solar Goddess Sekhmet into our circle. Known as the One Before Whom Evil Trembles, Sekhmet is the Egyptian Goddess of the desert, battle, and blood. We will invite this warrior Queen to teach us how to dance the dance of righteous anger.

Phoenix LeFae is an eclectic magickal practitioner, Tarot reader, and professional Priestess, who has been walking the path of the Witch for many years. She is driven by a love for myth and Deity, working to help people connect to the Mysterious Ones in their daily lives. She believes that magick and ritual can transform our inner landscapes and change the world. Phoenix teaches in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft and she is the founder of Brigid's Hammer Mystery School. Above all else, Phoenix is a spiritual seeker looking for ways to deepen her practice every day.

Ella is a Reclaiming witch and life coach, helping people to change their lives by finding their path and true calling. She works with mystery in a myriad of forms and embodies magic in every cell of her being. She has a spark of energy that infuses her magick and inspires those around her. Ella recognizes that there is magick in even what seems mundane and helps others to see this for themselves.”

East Bay Pagan Meet and Greet
at The Mystic Dream
Friday, September 27, 7:00-8:30PM, and the fourth Friday of every month
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
donations accepted

“Come and join other witches, warlocks, and pagans as we come together in community to some food, and maybe a few laughs. Come and meet some of the other magically minded people in the East Bay area. Coffee and tea will be served. Feel free to bring a small food item to share.”

Kombucha and Fermented Foods Workshop
with True Family Foods
Friday, September 27, 7:15-8:30PM
The Beanery, Alameda Natural Marketplace, 1650 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-1500

“True Family Foods will be hosting a Kombucha and Fermented Foods workshop at the Alameda Natural Grocery inside the Beanery of Alameda.

We will be focusing on home kombucha brewing but also covering basics on fermented foods and taking questions about home fermentation. We will have kombucha starter kits for a recommended donation of $20. Limited amounts of kits will be available at the workshop. Kits can be ordered for pick up at the Alameda Farmers Market in following weeks. Everything else you need is on sale at ANG.

All of our True Ferments products along with some experimental blends will be sampled.

Contact ANG at 510-865-1500 to reserve a kit. Walk ups are available based on space. Kits may not be available without reservation. We expect some last minute cancellations so please come on down and lets all build together.”

Downtown Martinez Ghost Walk
Friday, September 27, 8:00PM, and the fourth and fifth Friday of every month
tour starts at Main Street Martinez, 649 Main Street,  Suite 106, Martinez

“Take the 90 minute guided walking tour through Historic Downtown Martinez to discover the hidden past, little known facts and tales of days-gone-by.

Tours conducted by Central Valley Paranormal.

Tours are limited to 25 people. Advanced ticket purchase recommended. No children under 12 years allowed. Teens 12-17 years must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a flashlight, wear comfortable shoes. Bring jacket and wear comfortable clothing.”

Vintage Invasion
Friday, September 27, 8:00PM-Midnight and the fourth Friday of each month
The Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 1970 Chestnut Street, berkeley

“Vintage Invasion - where the old dances invade a new generation
Our crowd is growing and thriving... a really positive atmosphere!

Have you ever waltzed to Metallica or danced a polka to Lady Gaga? Yes?  Then you know what a great time it is, and we will see you there!  No?  Well it's never too late to start.  Since we have hundreds of years of waltz music to choose from, the variety makes a wonderful, festive evening.  This is a casual, neighborhood party: a chance to meet people, bounce around, and generally make merry.  We'll have a potluck; you are welcome to bring snacks if you like.  Your hosts always bring the punch and water.  No alcohol, please, as we sometimes have dancers under 21 attending.

All are welcome for the lesson, so we can get you moving and ready to sail across the floor.  If you're new to dancing we promise to be patient with you, and if you have waltzed before we will improve your technique.  After class, during the dance party, we will still be available to help you with what we taught you, and introduce you to some of our regulars.  They are well skilled, but don't be shy about asking them to dance with you too.  They'll probably be happy for the chance to show off. :)

8:00-9:00PM = Lesson in Vintage Waltz - no partner or experience needed
9:00PM-Midnight = Dance to Persephone and guest DJs playing lots of waltzes, and a little bit of many other partner dances.”

AROUSAL and The Lover
two plays presented by Virago Theatre
Friday-Saturday, September 27-28, 8:00PM - final week
Phoenix Theater Annex, 6th Floor, 414 Mason Street, San Francisco

“AROUSAL, a new play by George Pfirrmann
and The Lover by Harold Pinter

Directed by Chloe Bronzan
Featuring Laura Lundy-Paine and John Steen

She's a Ukrainian prostitute, he's a virgin with Aspergers Syndrome. Could it be their needs are different? This erotic, charming new comedy from Bay Area playwright George Pfirrmann won Best of Fringe at the 2010 SF Fringe Festival.

The Lover
One of Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter's most famous and delightful plays, The Lover gives us a sneak-peek into the world of Sarah and Richard, an English married couple with one hell of a sexy secret.

The plays are one-acts performed back-to-back.


Hot Friday Night Chats September 27
Wine, chocolate and unprotected conversations. Toys available for purchase from Good Vibrations

Saturday, September 28
Closing Night Wine and Cheese Party with the cast and director, hosted by Blacksmith Cellars”

Fusion Temple Dance Festival
Friday-Sunday, September 27-29,
see website for detailed schedule
Danzhaus Dance Center, 1275 Connecticut Street, San Francisco

“Enjoy 12 intensive workshops with master teachers, 2 evenings of public performance and couture costume bazaar celebrating traditional and fusion forms of Temple Dance at our Annual Festival.

Learn about the history, traditional dance techniques, mysticism, aesthetic arts, modern explorative choreography, ritual theater, and inner yogas of Fusion Temple Dance.

During our Annual Festival, the cohesive student body travels together through the comprehensive temple dance curriculum, blossoming together in a group process and deepening in connection as our personal dances are revealed. A powerful container is created throughout the festival weekend. No individual workshop tickets will be issued.

The public is invited to attend the 2 performances: The Teachers' Performance and Couture Bazaar on Friday September 27, and the Students' Performance on Sunday September 29.

Our annual festival is intended to serve as an urban retreat with a daily healthy, catered, organic, vegan lunch.

The deeper vision of Fusion Temple Dance is for global fusion. We share our aesthetic movements along with the sacred stories and teachings of our respective cultures and traditions. We cross-pollinate wisdom and find the common threads of our human condition. Honoring the keepers of traditional dance forms, fusion temple dance finds its place within the mandala of expressive art forms.”

Eat Real Festival
Friday-Sunday, September 27-29,
Friday 1:00-9:00PM, Saturday 10:30AM-9:00PM, Sunday 10:30AM-5:00PM
Jack London Square, 466 Water Street, Oakland
free admission

“Eat Real Festival is a social venture created to inspire eaters to choose tasty, healthy, good food. Through a vibrant, local festival in Oakland, CA, and a focus on delicious and sustainable street food, Eat Real puts eaters in contact with the real people - the farmers, chefs, and producers - who make our food. Eat Real Festival will donate a percentage of its profit to several California organizations promoting access to healthy and affordable food, entrepreneurship and economic development.”

Death on the River Ganges
A Play, Ceremony, and Marketplace of Life and Death
presented by Siren Theatre
Friday-Sunday, September 27-29,
Friday-Saturday 7:00-10:00PM, Sunday 3:00-6:00PM
Mission Cultural Center, 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco
$25 General,
$50 Premium includes Front Row Seating, A Drink Delicious, Indian Delicacies, Unique Gift, Entry to Post Show Cast and Crew Interaction and Storytelling

“Death on the River Ganges: A Siren Immersion
Of Divinity and Demons. And Humanity Within.
A Siren Community Experience
A Play, Ceremony and Community dialogue about life, death and transformation

Come and experience the findings of Expose-Death, a year  long collaboration of 150 women exploring their relationships with death.

The Play
Death lore and cultures from East and West intermingle as personal tales of love and loss unveil on the banks at Varanasi and the quest begins.

Be transported to the banks of River Ganges in Varanasi, India, one of the holiest cities in India. So begins your search for answers surrounding life, endings and commitment to begin anew. You will follow four Bay Area Women who journey to honor the last wishes of a dearly loved friend. But for Anna, facing the death of the last person she had started to trust, after her many losses in life means a journey very few would like to make. When she disappears, her group is compelled to search for her. Thus all four women set forth, in quest of what it means to be alive.

Set on the banks of a river which never lets you return empty-handed, in a town that worships Lord Shiva, the god of death and renewal, amidst the everyday dance of life and death by millions, like the snake charmer, mad woman, flower girl, soldier, monk, environmentalist and an old woman waiting to die, this play attempts to make us all think and question our priorities and practices that defines us every moment.

The Process and the Expose-Death Project
Siren Project invites women diverse in age, culture, identity and lifestyle to explore a select topic each year which we believe affects women's well-being and needs greater visibility. The topic is explored yearlong through writing, story-telling, improv, dance, art-making and acting. Through our workshops, story-telling salons and monthly community dialogues, participants discuss and create works out of their personal stories and experiences. These works are the foundation for Siren's Fall Theatre Production. Our productions are created in the Bay Area with an intention for our inspiring tales to reach women throughout our world.

Siren 2013 Expose-Death project is an exploration and exposé on the role death plays in our lives. We have so far engaged 150 courageous women, who came forth with their isolated feelings regarding dying to become part of our creative community. Through tears and actually, a great deal of laughter, we shared our experiences and views on the many faces of death. Fifty seven stories from this work inspired the creation of the play, Death on the River Ganges.

Our all-women cast and crew now present a collaboration evolved with passion, exploring humanity's eternal quest to make sense of mortality. While seeking truths from our death experiences, we are also brought to reflect on the delights and dilemmas of life.

This thought-provoking production, combined with ceremony and community dialogue, invites our audience to journey further to find grace in facing final endings. Through pain, anger, fear, grief, difficulty in letting go, we learn from the lessons death teaches us. In so doing, we try, the best we can, to free ourselves to be fully alive, more so than we normally dare.”

Albion Will Not Be Fracked
A Worldwide Shared Ritual
Saturday, September 28, 4:00AM (12:00PM in England)
on your own Sacred Land

“A public ritual of Pagans and friends from many paths to protect Albion from fracking is being held at Glastonbury at noon. Over 1500 people have said they will attend, and others are holding ceremonies in different parts of the country, and the world, at the same time.

Although the event is not being organised by OBOD, many members have said they will attend, and we have created a ritual that others might like to use if they cannot be there. This is given in the downloadable pdf (on the website). It is not the same ritual as the one used on Glastonbury, which has not been scripted and will be more spontaneous.

Some of those helping to put on the Glastonbury event have written: ‘How you hold your ritual is entirely up to you. There will be no standardised script sent out, as it is important that each ritual reflects the land it is enacted in and the people who participate in it. There are, however, a few basics that we would really like you employ in your ritual design if you can.

The First Element: The foundational aim of these rituals is to raise energy to be projected into a wider web of power over Albion to protect the country, her people and her sacred sites from fracking. This web of power will not only work as a form of magickal shield, but will also energetically nourish those who are actively campaigning against fracking here.

The Second Element: Once the energy from your ritual has been raised and added to the web, the second element is to tap directly into the energy and re-direct some of it either to the wider world or, if you prefer, directly into your own land. Energy from the web can also be re directed towards finding better ways of obtaining fuel from renewables if you like. Whichever you choose, this second section will bring positive intent from the four corners of the globe.

The Third Element: A magickal sigil has now been created for use in each of the rituals. The Warrior's Sigil (shown on the website) has now been publicly released.  Please use it in whichever way you like to focus the energy you raise directly into the web.

And that's it! It's very simple and hopefully it leaves you with plenty of room to create your own moments of magic.”

Halloween and Vine
Art and Craft Show
Saturday, September 28, 9:00AM-3:00PM
Hermann Sons Hall, 860 Western Avenue, Petaluma

“On Septmber 28, 2013, some of the finest Halloween artists in the nation will congregate in Petaluma, CA for one of the most spooktacular art shows in the United States!

Halloween and Vine artisans share a love for all things dark and spooky, and are here to release their original creepy creations on an unsuspecting public. But do not fear, for there is something here for all collectors whether your desire is crypt-creepy or spooky-sweet.”

Autumn at Filoli Festival
Saturday, September 28, 10:00AM-3:30PM
Filoli Center, 86 Canada Road, Woodside
Adults $25, children 5-17 $5, 4 and younger free

“Join us on Saturday, September 28 for a fun-filled day of entertainment, crafts, and fruit tasting as Filoli presents its annual family-friendly Autumn at Filoli Festival.

Autumn brings to mind the changing of the seasons. The abundant fruit that has been growing during the long summer days in Filoli’s historic Gentlemen’s Orchard is ripening and ready to be harvested and savored. The Visitor and Education Center will host fruit tasting and sampling all day. Docent-led tours of Filoli’s Orchard will be given throughout the day. Learn more about the many varieties of apples, pears, table grapes, and other heritage fruit trees that will be showing off their abundance. Nature Education docents will be on hand to lead hikes through Filoli’s natural beauty and surrounding woodlands. The Garden will still be active in its display of blooming dahlias, colorful copper beech trees and hedge, textural knot garden, burgundy smoke bush and hundreds of roses putting on a late-season show.

The Filoli Garden Shop will be open throughout the day and special guest vendors will be nearby with their artisan creations and edibles including honey, condiments and special herb blends from Filoli.

Activities for Children and Families
Numerous activities are planned with children and families in mind. Filoli will have its own Pumpkin Patch, where children can choose and decorate their own pumpkin to take home. Young guests can have their faces painted by Filoli artists, and also give a hand in helping our volunteers operate the cider press. Marvel at the displays of whimsical scarecrows crafted by Friends of Filoli volunteers.

A Day Filled With Entertainment
This year we’ve added line dancing, autumn-themed floral-arranging demos, and tasty gourmet mini donuts to our already exciting lineup of activities and treats. An action-themed puppet show, Happy Birds Performing Parrot Show and Sterling the Bubblesmith will be on hand to delight and entertain all. Ravioli the Clown will perform his captivating magic show and Snazzy the Clown will be strolling the grounds too, providing fun and treats for the little ones. Family photo opportunities will abound throughout the property - bring your cameras!

Look out for hand-crafted scarecrows designed and created by Friends of Filoli volunteers in all shapes and sizes throughout the property.

Garden Information Docents will be present to share their knowledge and answer your questions about gardening at home as well as at Filoli.

Live Music, BBQ Lunches and Cafe Refreshments
A catered, delicious barbeque lunch is available by advance purchase. You may also purchase a special children’s lunch. Enjoy your lunch under the shaded oaks of the tennis court, as you listen to lively music by The Amigos. Filoli’s Cafe will also be open and serving a variety of sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Please note there are no private picnics permitted on Filoli’s grounds. Please join us for Autumn at Filoli Festival!

Please note that picnics are not allowed on Filoli grounds. Please see our VISITOR POLICY AND ETIQUETTE.

You won't want to miss this year’s Autumn at Filoli Festival!”

Oktoberfest at Forest Home Farm
Saturday, September 28, 11:00AM-4:00PM
Forest Home Farm, 19953 San Ramon Valley Boulevard, San Ramon

“Presented by San Ramon Historic Foundation and Schubros Brewery

Tickets are $35 and include an engraved beer stein, 1 beer and soft pretzel.

Enjoy German food, live music and dancing, and beer available for purchase from Schubros Brewery.”

Monthly Mindful Photography 2013
with Dr. Marcus Lorenzo Penn
Saturday, September 28, 12:00-2:00PM, and the fourth Saturday of each month
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
$25-$50 sliding scale

“In this workshop series, participants  will:

1) Be guided thru a relaxing meditation incorporating natural imagery and colors, while activating the 5 senses and connect to their ‘photographic prescription’.

2) Be led through a gentle seated movement series to prepare and open their body and mind for photography.

3) Be taken out into natural surroundings to experience the vulnerability and openness of the
photographic process.

4) Use their own camera or camera phone to obtain images from their outdoor photographic experience.

5) Facilitated in a group wrap-up discussion of what was experienced and ‘seen’ during  their photographic experience.

Rev. Ouida and Dr. Marcus are hosting a new MONTHLY Mindful Photography workshop every 4th Saturday. There will be time for meditation, creating your own Photo Prescription, taking photos on THOT grounds, and then follow-up sharing. You can bring a notebook, water and your own camera or use your camera phone. Photos will be on display in June. $25-$50 (sliding scale). Please RSVP to Rev. Ouida or for more information: revouida@yahoo.com, 510-350-6249 or contact Dr. Marcus at ThePhotographerPhysician@gmail.com, 510-473-6861. We hope to see you there!”

Thanks to Lorelei Moon for letting me know about this event!

Art in the Garden
at Veggielution Community Farm
Saturday, September 28, 1:30-3:30PM, and the fourth Saturday of each month
Emma Prusch Park, 647 South King Road, San Jose
$10 includes materials

“Our resident artists, Pamela and Joseph, guide participants in an exploration of line, color, contour, and much more. With an exceedingly inspiring environment to draw from, artists of all caliber grow and cultivate their skills. We request a $10 donation to help cover materials and support our nonprofit farm. Come on out and get creative at the farm!

Veggielution is a 6 acre non-profit community farm dedicated to creating a more sustainable food system in San Jose. We empower people to change the way they think about food by getting their hands in the soil, connecting with the land, and tasting the fruits of their labor.”

Superhero Street Fair
Saturday, September 28, 2:00PM-Midnight
Waterfront Boardwalk Oasis, 1700 Indiana Street, San Francisco
$10 in Costume, $20 in Clark Kent
All ages welcome!

“Our changing world requires new discoveries and changing habits... what creativity and superpowers will you bring? Release your imagination and help create a new world. Join the adventure pitting heroes and villains within an urban theatrical landscape, a day full of worm-holes and time machines, spy gadgetry and visual explosions, fantasy and reality played out on a colossal stage where captivating displays of human feats will entrance and amaze you!

Create your own SuperHero with personalized powers to share and astound the world! Who will YOU be?

Adventures and Thrills For All You Villains And Superheroes!
Dance Music
Live Acts
Cartoon Art Museum - Museum exhibit and live animation drawing
League of Awesomeness - joining forces with SuperHero Street Fair this year to bring you the 'Hero's Courage' Climbing Wall, the Superhero Bootcamp, and one-on-one Superhero Life Coaching sessions. So this year, don't just play a Hero, become a Hero!
Mission Comics - Comic book and graphic novel exhibit, from your local comic book store located on 20th street in the Mission
ArtMobileUs - Mobile art gallery and roving arts incubator
Sporting Green: Climbing Wall and Zorb Racing. FREE and open to the public
COSPLAY Masquerade and Costume Contest
Local SuperHero Awards Ceremony at 4:00PM
Boardwalk Oasis: beautiful new waterfront boardwalk for 2013 with cobblestone walkways and outdoor art displays
Go-Go Floating Barges - free boat rides all day!
Om-Shan-Tea Tea House - complimentary tea service in the relaxing comfort of a middle eastern oasis lounge
Future Motion Light Sculpture Garden
GIANT Space Backdrops and props for cool photos and inter-dimensional fun
Food and Drink Space Stations
SupperClub Sky Lounge
Gallery of Villains
InterPlanetary Make-up and Photo Montage Zones
ZorbaThon HumanSphere Racing

Amazing Good To Be Done!
Join us in a celebration of outstanding individuals and organizations in the Bayview and San Francisco arts and community at large with the SuperHero Awards ceremony at 4:00PM at the fair. As every year, a portion of the proceeds from this festival go to the recipients of the awards. We recognize local businesses and artists who are performing heroic feats every day.”

South Bay Pagan Kids Mabon/Autumnal Equinox
Saturday, September 28, 3:00-5:00PM
private residence in San Jose,
for address, please RSVP to Taffy Dugan at thespiralmom@gmail.com
$5-$10 per person or $10-$20 per family

“We are a cross-tradition gathering of Pagan families with children who meet monthly to celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats; to share food and music, traditions and knowledge, crafts and dancing. We are eclectic Wicca, Druid, Dianic, British Traditionalists, and are open to and looking for more varieties. We seek to share and learn from each other while providing support in a fun and nurturing environment.  We create a safe community where Pagan kids can celebrate our traditions and thrive

Please join us in our Mabon/Autumnal Equinox ritual. This is the time of perfect balance between light and dark, day and night.  For all that is bad, there is good.  For all the despair, there is hope.  A time of reflection.  We honor the crone aspect of the goddess that brings wisdom.  A time of thankfulness for the abundance in our lives.

What to bring: A potluck dish to share. Please consider bringing a suggested donation of $5-$10 per person or $10-$20 per family

Please bring harvest items for the altar - wheat stalks, Fall fruit and veggies, etc.  By bringing something for the altar, you are adding your magick to the group.”

Crafts for Kids On Board the Balclutha
Saturday, September 28, 3:00-4:00PM, and the fourth Saturday of every month
Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
included with Balclutha admission, Adults $5, 15 and under free
For more information, please call 415-447-5000.

“Learn a little about life at sea and make a maritime craft! Meet at the entrance to Hyde Street

Dental Health for Kids
with Rupam Henry of Rupam's Herbal Apothecary
part of the Nourished Child series
Saturday, September 28, 4:00-6:00PM
Three Stone Hearth, 1581 University Avenue, Berkeley
For more information, call 510-981-1334 or e-mail info@threestonehearth.com
sliding scale $10-$20
“Rupam will explore preventative tips and techniques for keeping your kids' teeth strong and healthy! The talk will explore how to re-mineralize a cavity, as well as nutrition, food-based supplements, and herbs that support the digestive and immune system as they relate to the health of the mouth.

The Nourished Child: Health and Wellness Lecture Series with Broth Bar!
We’re excited to present this eight-hour lecture series focused on supporting children’s health and wellness. Speakers will include doctors, alternative health care practitioners and parents.

Broth Bar: Doors will open 20 minutes prior to
the event to purchase hot TSH broth with an array of condiments. Cash only please.”

The Light Thief
film screening
Saturday, September 28, 5:00-7:00PM
Silk Road House, 1944 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-0700

“The Kyrgyz film of 2010. Director: Aktan Arym Kubat (b. 1957). The Light Thief is his fifth feature film. Written by Talip Ibrahimov and Aktan Arym Kubat. Producers: Denis Vaslin, Thanassis Karathanos, and Marc Baschet. Cast: Aktan Arym Kubat as Svet-Ake, Taalaikan Abazova as Bermet, Askat Sulaimanov as Bekzat, Asan Amanov as Esen, Stanbek Toichubaev as Mansur.
Awards: Locarno International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Eurasia International Film Festival.
In this colorful modern-day parable of good and evil, a man who is guilty of minor corruption for benevolent reasons comes up against a man deep in major corruption for his own profit. Svet-ake is a good-hearted family man who works for the electric company in a small Kyrgyz village. A number of folks in Svet-ake's neighborhood are seniors on a fixed income, and he helps them out by adjusting their meters on the sly to keep their bills low. Bezkat is a powerful but corrupt politician from the city who wants to make a quick windfall by selling part of Svet-ake's village to a Chinese firm. Played with wry humanity by writer-director Aktan Arym Kubat, the trusting Mr. Light strikes a suspect bargain with that rich developer running for local office, as unemployment threatens the survival of the community. This comedy-drama develops into affecting tale of solidarity and ordinary decency amid the injustices and hardships of a changing world.

Running time: 80 min.  In Kyrgyz with English subtitles.

The screening will be introduced and commented on by Alma Kunanbaeva.

Silk Road House events are sponsored by the Silkroad Foundation.”

Navratri Festival
Saturday, September 28, 5:30-8:30PM
Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center, 820 Bel Marin Keys Boulevard, Novato, 415-884-2314
Free, donations accepted

“Come join us in celebration of the auspicious Navratri festival! Selfless Love, Purity and Divine Protection to Empower the Soul.

The ShivShakti Goddesses worshipped during the Navratri festival are symbols of divine virtues blessed with protection and power of the Supreme Light, Supreme Soul Shiva.

Program includes:
Garba Raas (cultural dancing)
Live music
Jankhi (live Goddess pageant)
Vegetarian dinner

Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center is staffed by volunteers who have benefited from the spiritual insights and practices offered by the Brahma Kumaris and therefore give their time freely and happily. All our retreats, workshops, and courses are run by experienced facilitators who have years of experience as Raja Yoga practitioners and teachers. Many also hold various professional qualifications and are very aware of the dynamics of bringing spirituality into everyday life.”

Trinity Chamber Concerts 40th Anniversary Gala
Saturday, September 28, 7:30PM
Trinity Chapel, 2320 Dana Street, Berkeley

“Help us celebrate Trinity Chamber Concerts’ 40th season! It’s been a wonderful 40 years and we want to recognize it with something special. The acoustics of Trinity Chapel are just perfect for early music, so why not kick off the season with a performance featuring many of the Bay Area’s premier early music specialists? We've got a great line-up of performers and this star-studded event will be followed by a reception around the corner at The Musical Offering Cafe and Bistro - Berkeley’s favorite cafe/early music CD shop! Proceeds from this gala event all go to funding Trinity Chamber Concerts’ future. Come help us celebrate!”

Sea Music Concert Series
with Brian Peters
Saturday, September 28, 8:00PM
onboard the Balclutha, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco

Experience the driving rhythms of chanteys and the beauty of seafaring ballads and instrumentals from the wooden decks of the historic sailing ship Balclutha. Join the park in its 25th year of presenting some of sea music's outstanding performers.

Saturday, September 28, 8:00pm. Brian Peters

Brian Peters is one of England’s most accomplished performers of traditional folk songs and music. He’s a powerful singer who loves great ballads, but also getting his audience to sing along. He’s a top-class squeezebox player widely regarded as one of England’s best on the anglo-concertina and melodeon (button accordion), and is also a fine guitarist.

Brian’s repertoire includes many songs from Britain’s rich seafaring tradition, leading to appearances at major maritime festivals such as Mystic Seaport (USA) and Lancaster (UK). His songs tell tales of epic sea battles, pirates, perilous storms and ghostly terrors of the deep, plus comic ditties, infectious choruses, and the occasional hornpipe or jig.

Brian has toured in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada, and has recorded many CDs on themes from ‘Child’ Ballads to concertina music.”

Italian Street Painting Festival
Saturday-Sunday, September 28-29,10:00AM-5:00PM
Plaza along Main Street between Castro Street and Estudillo Street, Martinez

“The Martinez Italian Street Painting Festival presented by Shell Oil Martinez Refinery will celebrate its 10th year in downtown Martinez on September 28 and 29, 2013, 10:00AM-5:00PM each day. Join us and Festival Sponsor IBEW 302 for a fun-filled weekend!

Chalk Artists at Main St. Plaza
Arts and Crafts Vendors
Italian Entertainment sponsored by BCI Kitchen and Bath
Beer and Wine
Kid Fun Zone

Play Bocce on our outdoor court on Main Street sponsored by Dr. Harper Orthodontics!

Amateur and professional artists will be creating their chalk art in the plaza area between Starbuck's and Bank of America. This 400 year old Italian tradition will be the highlight of the festival. Artists will begin on Saturday at 10:00AM and continue throughout the weekend.

Inspired by the art? You will be able to create their own masterpiece on a 2'x2' square on for $10 and the box of chalk is yours to keep.”

World Veg Festival
presented by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society
Saturday-Sunday, September 28-29, 10:00AM-6:30PM
San Francisco County Fair Building, Golden Gate Park, 1199 9th Avenue, San Francisco

“What is the World Veg Festival?
The weekend event is organized by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society.  The first one was in 1988. It has run continuously uninterrupted for the last fourteen years. It is our way to celebrate World Vegetarian Day, which is observed worldwide on October 1. Our event is usually a week before or after WVD.

Children's Corner
Healthy Food Demos
Live Entertainment
Vegan Vendors
Outstanding Speakers
$10 per person
Free for Students with ID, Seniors over 65, and Children under 12
Free for earlybirds from 10:00-10:30AM both days

Catered dinner on both days at 6:4, sign up on website.”

Casa de Fruta Renaissance Faire
Saturday-Sunday, September 28-29, 10:00AM-6:00PM,
and every weekend through October 13
Casa de Fruta, 10021 Pacheco Pass Hwy 152, Gate 6, Hollister (south of Gilroy)
$25 Adults, Children under 12 Free!  Parking $5
Discounted tickets available through the website

The theme for this weekend is Pirate Invasion
Beware of pirates invading the village of Willingtown. Sir Francis Drake is looking for new crew members. Children 7 and under can meet the Queen and Captain Drake in our annual wee pirate costume contest. Time and location to be announced.

Student Savings Weekend
Take a break and join us in Willingtown. Bring your Student I.D. to the box office and receive two general admission tickets for $35.

This year, there are Celtic rock concerts scheduled for 6:00PM each Saturday evening in the jousting arena!
The band for Saturday, September 28, is The Galway Hooker Band:
“The Galway Hooker is a traditional sailing boat used in Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland.  Things are hummmin along for the Boys of Galway. We are a group of dedicated aficionados of the Irish Sound. We are here to put the sound in your face! Blending the traditional Irish music and today’s sound to Rock the World, well at least your world for now!
SO grab a pint, give us your E-ticket and let’s ROCK!  The boys bring you a rich mixture of traditional Irish music, punk rock and metal to the table… This could get interesting!!! HANG ON!!!”

Women's Spirituality Weekend at Sofia University
For additional information and questions please contact:
Tia Jackson, Media Coordinator at
tia.jackson@sofia.edu or 650-493-4430 xt249
or Public Programs at
Events@Sofia.edu or 650-493-4430 xt269

An Evening with Jennifer Berezan and Max Dashu
Saturday, September 28, 7:30-9:30PM
Classroom 1059A, Sofia University, 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto
“Join us for a special night featuring internationally acclaimed artists Jennifer Berezan and Max Dashu. Jennifer Berezan is a unique blend of singer/songwriter, producer, and activist. Jennifer’s lifelong involvement in environmental, women’s, and other justice movements as well as an interest in Buddhism and Earth-based spirituality are at the heart of her writing. Max Dashu is an independent scholar, writer, historian, and artist who founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970; they are a collection of over 14,000 slides she has photographed and 100 slideshows she has created on global women's history, archaeology, Goddess traditions, female priests and female shamans.”

Drum/Talk/Story: with Afia Walking Tree
Sunday, September 29, 1;00-4:00PM
Great Sophia Classroom 1069, Sofia University, 1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto
“Experience the riveting nature of hands on skin, voice in space, rhythm as deep, and movement as organic as we share our stories and embody the sacred within through the power of the drum. Bring your drum or use ours.

Afia Walking Tree, a world-class maestra drummer, vocalist and performer, is the founder of SpiritDrumz (1994), an empowerment organization that fosters community and individual involvement and activism.  She also teaches in Sofia University's Women's Spirituality MA Program.”

Music of the Final Judgment and Rejoicing in the Torah
with San Francisco Renaissance Voices
featuring Diana Rowan, Celtic harpist

Saturday, September 28, 8:00PM
Seventh Avenue Performances, 1329 Seventh Avenue, San Francisco

Sunday, September 29, 4:00PM
Congregation Beth El, 1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley

Sunday, October 6, 4:00PM
Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, 290 Dolores Street, San Francisco

“San Francisco Renaissance Voices annual All Souls/All Saints program takes a twist this year with this exciting season opening concert with guest artist Diana Rowan, Celtic harp.  The celebrations of the Jewish New Year concludes each fall with the final days of Sukkot:  the festivals of Hoshana Rabbah, the final day of the season of  repentance, celebrated with penitential prayers, processionals with willow branches and prayers for rain, and Simchat Torah, an exuberant celebration that includes dancing with the Torah scrolls and festive reading of the sacred scriptures. In the Renaissance and Baroque periods, these festivals were celebrated in some European communities with joyous musical celebrations, often collaborations between Jewish and Christian composers.  This concert set features rarely-heard cantatas and motets for the season, including Carlo Grossi's 1681 Cantata Ebraica (Venice), Avraham Caceres' L'Eil Eilim (Amsterdam), and selections from the dramatic 1733 Italian cantata Dio, Clemenza e Rigore (Casale Monferrato), as well as medieval Jewish chant and motets for the holy days by Salamone Rossi and Cristiano Lidarti.  This concert also features the music of the Psalms and Songs of Solomon by Italian Renaissance masters as well as by our very own Music Director and noted composer Todd Jolly.

Pre-concert talk by Rabbi Reuben Zellman 45 minutes before each performance.”

Piedmont Harvest Festival
Sunday, September 29, 11:00-3:00PM
Piedmont Community Center, 711 Highland Avenue, Piedmont

“Please join us for the 15th Annual Piedmont Harvest Festival on Sunday, September 29. Show the world the bounty of your garden and tempt your neighbors with your culinary skills. This year’s festival will include the carnival, jazz festival, growing and cooking contests, Farmers’ Market, art show, disaster preparedness fair, fix-it clinic, as well as local foods and lemonade.”

Savor the Season
Benefitting the Alameda County Food Bank
Sunday, September 29, 11:00AM-3:00PM
Wente Vineyards, 5050 Arroyo Drive, Livermore
$125 includes luncheon and wine
For information, please contact Kathryn Weber at 510-635-3663 xt328 or kweber@accfb.org

“11th Annual Savor the Season

Join us for a celebration of California-grown food and wine in a world-class vineyard setting.

Sunday, September 29, 11:00AM-3:00PM
Wente Vineyards, 5050 Arroyo Drive, Livermore

Live music by Silverwood Jazz Quartet
Gourmet seasonal food and estate wines from Wente Vineyards
Silent and live auctions
Hosted by Dave Clark of KTVU Channel 2 Morning News

Proceeds from Savor the Season go directly toward hunger relief efforts in Alameda County.

Tickets: $125 per person; $1,125 per table

If you can't make it - or even if you can - we are proud to announce another way to help us this season.  Thanks to the generous support of an Anonymous Friend of the Food Bank, any contributions made through Savor the Season will be matched dollar-for-dollar - up to $25,000 - to provide food and hope to families in need.

For more information, contact Kathryn Weber at 510-635-3663 xt 328 or kweber@accfb.org.”

Family Day at Sienna Ranch
Sunday, September 29, 12:00-4:00PM, (and the last Sunday of every month)
Sienna Ranch, 3232 Deer Hill Road, Lafayette, 925-283-6311
$85 includes up to five people, advance registration required - see website

“On the last Sunday of each month, Sienna Ranch will open its doors for a special family and community day.  Come enjoy the activities, good company, healthy food, and the wholesome environment at Sienna Ranch.  Family Day is fun for all ages.  

Horse and pony rides, sustainability education and projects, archery, hayrides, survival skills activities, and more.  Bring your own picnic lunch or buy from one of our healthy food vendors.  

Family Days are on Sundays, 12:00-4:00PM.  
Family Day Pass is $85.

With the purchase of a family pass, you will get
admission to Sienna Ranch family day for up to 5 people
3 horse ride tickets
3 archery tickets
5 hayride tickets
participation in the featured hands-on sustainability or survival skill activity
unlimited animal visits to goats, sheep, chickens
special demonstrations, entertainment, or hands-on projects (vary from month to month)

Note: Food and special services offered at an additional cost.  For additional archery and horse ride tickets, please purchase a second family pass.

Family Days are limited to 40 families, so register soon!”

Visioning Circle
at The Home of Truth
Sunday, September 29, 12:30-1:15PM, and the fourth Sunday of each month
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
For more information, please contact Rev. Ouida at 510-350-6249 or revouida@yahoo.com

“The Visioning Process as founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith allows us to tap into the Divine for insights, answers and awareness. As THOT is moving into this new phase, I invite the community to come together as we ‘catch the vision’ of what THOT is, and can be. What is the highest vision for THOT? What does that feel like? Who/what must we become? Visioning allows us to catch the highest possibilities.
We will also have time for personal visioning. What are you calling forth? What is the highest vision for your Life? This process is a meditative one that invites us to go within, listen, and receive insights about our Heart's desires.
Please join us!”

More Than Honey
film screening
A fundraiser for the Lafayette Community Garden
Sunday, September 29, 2:00-4:00PM
Community Hall, Lafayette Library, 3491 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette

“In this compelling film, Oscar-nominated director Markus Imhoof tackles the vexing issue of why bees, worldwide, are facing extinction. He investigates this phenomenon from California to Switzerland, China and Australia. Exquisite macro-photography of the bees in flight and their hives reveals a fascinating, complex world in crises.”

Forbidden Island's 7th Annual Parking Lot Sale
Sunday, September 29, sale 2:00-7:00PM, party continues until Midnight
Forbidden Island Tiki Lounge, 1304 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda, 510-749-0332

“Northern California’s largest sale of collectible and vintage tiki, Hawaiiana, rockabilly, and mid-century modern goods.  This annual event sale features an incredible selection of original art, collectible mugs and decor, vintage Aloha and rockabilly clothes, vinyl, furniture, and much more.  We’ll also be offering drink specials and a few surprises.  Come early for the best selection - it’s guaranteed to be a sell-out event!  Don’t miss it!”

Tea and Tarot
with Charlie London and Chas Bogan
Sunday, September 29, 4:00-6:00PM, and the fourth Sunday of every month
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342
Donations accepted to cover cost of tea

“Tarot lovers of every skill level will enjoy Tea and Tarot. Each month we will explore a new facet of working with the cards, examining multiple meanings, layouts, and learning how to express our insights with others.”

A Ritual to Celebrate Dionysos and the Wine Harvest
Fellowship of the Spiral Path Last Sunday Event
Sunday, September 29, 5:00PM, and the last Sunday of every month
BFUU Main Hall, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Donations gratefully accepted

“September is a good time to celebrate the harvest of the grapes for northern California's second largest cash crop - wine! The new wine made from last year's crop is just coming in, so we can sample some of that, too.  Who knows, we might even take some grape juice and start a little wine brewing...

What we will certainly do is celebrate Dionysos, who shows us how to stomp the juice from our own harvest and turn it into something wonderful! When Dionysos arrives, it's a party. Even if you can't dance, you can drum!

A public worship service, open to all. Meets on the last Sunday of the month at Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1924 Cedar Street (at Bonita), Berkeley, CA 94709.

Often, this is a Liturgy to the Lady in her aspect of Maiden, Mother or Wisewoman, in rhythm with the seasons. The Liturgy to the Lady has been performed regularly since 1981.

Sometimes the Last Sunday event is Liturgy including male deities, or another devotional such as a Puja. It might be a Seasonal Celebration or a Memorial Service for a member of our community who has passed on.”

October - Liturgy of the Lady to Hecate

November - Oracular Seidh

December - Spiral Yule

Cafe Flamenco
Sunday, September 29, 2013 7:00PM (doors open at 6:15PM)
Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Avenue, Alameda
$15 in advance, $20 at the door, $10 children 12 and under

“Cafe Flamenco - Experience the Passion of Flamenco Music and Dance!

Cafe Flamenco is back… and in the East Bay! The art of flamenco, up close and personal, revealing the spirit of Spain right at your table!

Rhythmix Cultural Works will host Caminos Flamencos in a showcase featuring a rotating cast of world-class flamenco performers, special guest artists and surprises. Caminos Flamencos, created and directed by Yaelisa, Emmy Award-winning dancer and artistic director, invites the community to celebrate this rich cultural heritage in a pena-style setting, where the passion of Flamenco music and dance fills your soul.

Spanish refreshments and a delicious home-cooked paella will be available created by Marcos Quezada.

Marcos has a passion for cooking that he inherited from his Spanish grandmother. He will be creating freshly cooked seafood paella by hand at Rhythmix with local seafood and vegetables and imported authentic Spanish spices.

The September 29 show will feature a show-stopping line up featuring five veterans of flamenco dance including Caminos Flamencos Artistic Director, Yaelisa, along with dancers Kerensa DeMars, Devon LaRussa, Spanish vocal legend Jose Manuel ‘El Grillo’ Blanco and guitar virtuoso Jason ‘El Rubio’ McGuire.

Future dates: October 27, December 15”

The Face on the Barroom Floor
film screening
presented by San Jose Chamber Orchestra
and The Retrodome
Sunday, September 29, 7:00PM
Camera 7 Movie Theater, The Pruneyard, 1875 S. Bascom Avenue, Campbell

“The Face On The Barroom Floor: The Poem, The Place, The Opera
A Newport Classic film

Followed by a discussion with composer Henry Mollicone

This new documentary features a complete performance of the Central City Opera production of Henry Mollicone’s popular mini opera, The Face on the Barroom Floor, under the composer’s musical direction.”

A Day of Transforming Trauma
with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky
Wednesday, October 2, 9:00AM-4:00PM, Check-in opens at 8:00AM
Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland

“Please join us in Oakland for this not-to-be-missed workshop offering a practical and holistic approach of sustaining ourselves individually and collectively. Whether you are a nurse, teacher, conservationist, journalist, doctor, police officer, firefighter, community organizer, biologist, or caring for a loved one in need, this day is for you.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky will offer a compelling mix of personal insight, cutting edge research, personal stories, and countless New Yorker cartoons to help us understand the cumulative toll of being exposed to suffering over time and gain concrete skills to reconcile it.

Participants are welcome from all professional disciplines and life circumstances.”

Thanks to Ursa Maeve Midnight for letting me know about this event!

Pressure Canning 101: Jarred Soup, Sauce, Meat  
Wednesday-Thursday, October 2-3, 6:30PM
Berkeley location,  address will be sent with confirmation
$125 for workshops

“Designed and presented by Hayden Davis, a HackerMom and veteran canner, this 2-part workshop is for beginning pressure canners who want supervised experience in using a pressure canner for the first time. A pressure canner is a heavy duty piece of equipment required for the safe canning of alkaline foods like soups, sauces and all animal products (think tuna, chicken, etc.) which by rule cannot be safely processed in a boiling water bath. You can expect 2 hands-on workshops going over everything about using and maintaining a pressure canner: basics of pressure canning using current USDA guidelines, how a pressure canner works, machine safety, the foods that need to be pressure canned, and what to look for when buying a pressure canner.”

Pressure Canning Soups and Sauces
Wednesday October 2, 6:30PM
“This workshop will utilize a selection of organic produce with food preservation techniques for saving and storing food. Class demonstrations may include preparation and canning of stocks/broth, gourmet soups, and silky sauces. With the knowledge and experience you obtain in this workshop, you will be prepared to make your own special holiday gifts.”

Pressure Canning Meat
Thursday October 3, 6:30PM
“No more freezing! Jarred meat is already cooked and seasoned so you can easily make many dishes. Canning meat may sound complicated, but with the right tools, it's an easy process. Learn to safely can meats and foods that contain meat. Class demonstrations may include preparation and canning of chicken, tuna, turkey chili, and BACON! Seeing those finished jars lined up on your kitchen counter is satisfying, too.”

Have a Radically Loving, Truly Romantic Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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