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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Living as an Empath in a Troubled World, Wicca Wednesdays, Into the Gobi Desert: Camels and Rainbows, Guided Meditations, astrobarry’s Astrology Salon, Just One More Game, The Resurrection of SHE, Sacred Hearth Classes, Eco-Resiliency, Downtown Martinez Ghost Walk, Tinsel Tarts In A Hot Coma, Ball for the Bees postponed until 2014, SWAN Day - Support Women Artists Now, Easter Brunch Buffet and Egg Hunt, Bunnies and Bonnets Parade, Earthy Eggs, Naturally-Dyed Eggs, Heroines At Sea: Adventures Of Sailing Wives, Open House for 13 Moon Ordination Circle, Community Easter Egg Coloring, Womansong Circle, Eurydice, An Introduction to Plant Dyes, Easter in Dolores Park, Family Day at Sienna Ranch, Liturgy of the Lady in Honor of Ostara, Art of Tarot with Rabbit, Lake Merritt Pagans, Saint Stupid’s Day Parade, Lavish Love: Fats in Traditional Diets, NorCal Trans Partners Family and Friends Support Group, South Bay Pagan Salon, Wellness Essentials For Women, Tall Ship Tours and Sails, Reiki I - Cancelled, Dianic Ritual Technique: Working with the Elements of Magick, Electric Run

Living as an Empath in a Troubled World
led by Evalena Rose
March 27, 7:00-10:00PM
LoveJourney Temple in Sebastopol
exact address will be given upon registration
Register by phone at 707-824-1117 or e-mail katie@evalenarose.com, or use the link below.

“Being an empathic person is rarely easy in a tumultuous world. Learning skills to stay free of others’ chaos or clients’ pain takes practice.

Join us in accessing tools for staying safe, clear, and sovereign in your body.

Caring for your sensitive nature
Maintaining strong boundaries
Learning to shield as you work
Clearing toxic energies
Channeled guidance for your specific concerns with the Council of Twelve.”
Wicca Wednesdays
with Didi
Wednesday, March 27, 7:30-8:30PM - final week
Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, 831-423-5477
$28 per class module or $300 for the series ($65 savings with advance registration)
for more information or to register, please call 831-423-5477 or e-mail mail@serpents-kiss.com

“I am very excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.
The series is structured as a 13 week course, culminating with a Full Moon ritual on the 13th week.

Wicca 101 with Didi

Module 13: Esbat Ritual - Honoring the first Full Moon of spring.”
Into the Gobi Desert: Camels and Rainbows
photographs by Sally Mack
Wednesday-Sunday, March 27-31, 9:00AM-8:00PM
The Faculty Club, UC Berkeley Campus, Berkeley
for more information, please contact Sally Mack at photos@sallymack.us

“Photographer Sally Mack toured Mongolia's Gobi Desert in August 2012.

An unusual amount of rainfall in the Gobi had turned it green and fragrant with wild onions. Continuing rain resulted in a rainbow arcing over the desert.

The photos in this exhibit include: the Gandan Buddhist monastery outside Ulaan Bataar, one of the few that survived the Russian crackdown on religion beginning in the 1930s; sand dunes; Bactrian camels; the Flaming Cliffs, where so many dinosaur bones were discovered; the Hustai National Park; and a portrait of Duujii, a woman who offered shade, a breeze, and vodka when they were sorely needed.”

Guided Meditations
with Maria Cunich
Thursday, March 28, 7:15 -8:30PM,
and one more Thursday
Aphrodite’s Closet, 1201 Park Street, Alameda
$10 per class
Please call 510-521-3313 to sign up

“Learn simple but powerful meditation tools to ground, release, restore, and renew tools that can be easily integrated into your personal and professional worlds.
Learn visualization techniques and experience the power of your chakra system.
Learn how to energize your visualizations to manifest your desires and aspirations.
Men and women are welcome - these tools can be used by new and experienced meditators.

Maria Cunich is the founder and owner of Alma Mia. Alma Mia is a local business that provides spiritual counseling services promoting joyful lives and spirituality.”

astrobarry’s Astrology Salon
Thursday, March 28, 7:30-9:30PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Suggested donation $10-$20

“Join a lively astrology discussion led by astrobarry in this informal interactive group experience. Topics covered in each Astrology Salon will vary, based on who attends and what's going on in the sky. The Salon is intended to provide burgeoning astrologers with a chance to practice their chart interpretation skills in a safe, fun environment. Attendees should have a good working knowledge of the astrological language. Please bring 5-10 copies of any astrology chart you'd like us to discuss (free charts available at http://www.astro.com ).”

Just One More Game
by Dan Wilson
Thursday-Saturday, March 28-30, 8:00PM - final week
EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy Street, San Francisco

“Geeks of a feather, every gamer brings their play-history with them - but in the game of love the only setting is ‘Difficult’ and there’s no going back.  Marjorie and Kent bet more than their virtual lives in this romantic-comedy by San Francisco playwright Dan Wilson.

Marjorie and Kent are expert players in their field.  Having grown up in the Atari Age, they’ve pursued careers on opposite sides video game industry: programmer and critic.  With heart meters running from full to empty, will the game end in defeat, or will they put it all on the line for One More Game?”

The Resurrection of SHE
a new solo work by Rhodessa Jones
Thursday-Sunday, March 28-31,
Thursday-Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 3:00PM
Brava Theater, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco
$15-$30 sliding scale
Saturday, March 30 - Opening Night Gala $40-$50

“In celebration of National Women's History Month, Artist in Residence Rhodessa Jones will perform her new solo work, The Resurrection of SHE.

Brava! For Women in the Arts will host Rhodessa in a 3-month residency beginning in January 2013 at Brava Theater Center in development of this work. This collaboration between Rhodessa and Brava! For Women in the Arts, an original producing partner for the professional productions of The Medea Project, reunites two strong San Franciscan voices for women.

This brand new work, The Resurrection of SHE, is a multidisciplinary, interactive performance that peruses the decades long artistic career of Rhodessa Jones.

As one of San Francisco’s preeminent performers, Rhodessa’s work with her company, Cultural Odyssey, and The Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women have put her in the forefront of artists working in the field of ‘arts as social activism’.  At the center of The Resurrection of SHE will be the ongoing work that Rhodessa conducts with disenfranchised populations around the world including her most recent work in Johannesburg, South Africa working with female inmates at the Naturena Women’s Correctional Center and her recent work with HIV positive women in San Francisco.

SHE explores the interstices of the global feminine narrative - both visually and aurally, in search of the universality of the human experience. SHE is a passageway into lives normally hidden from and forgotten by society - a revelatory journey of redemption and hope. SHE carves out a route to healing and towards a healthier future. Close to seven years of residency and performance activity in South Africa and America has been captured in photographs, video and audio recordings that will be featured in the performance - which unites the art of documemoire, multi media installation, and musical theater performance. Rhodessa will collaborate with visual artist/lighting designer Stephanie Johnson, set designer, Pam Peniston, musician/composer Idris Ackamoor, and sound designer David Molina to create the work.

Rhodessa Jones is Co-Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed San Francisco performance company Cultural Odyssey. An actress, teacher, singer, and writer, Jones is also the founder and director of the Medea Project: Theater for Incarcerated Women. On January 29, 2013 San Francisco Mayor Lee presented the 2013 Mayor's Art Award to Rhodessa Jones for her lifetime of artistic achievement and enduring commitment to the role of the arts in civic life. Rhodessa was selected as an Arts Envoy by the U.S. Department of State, Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau in June/July 2012. She received grant support to journey to South Africa to continue her work in collaboration with Urban Voices Festival inside the Naturena Women's Prison in Johannesburg, South Africa and then journey on to participate in the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa. She has received many awards for her work including a United States Artist Fellowship to support her work in 2007, an Honorary Doctorate from California College of the Arts, a San Francisco Bay Guardian GOLDIE Lifetime Achievement Award, an Otto Rene Castillo Award for Political Theater, and a San Francisco Foundation Community Leadership Award.”

Sacred Hearth Classes
with Lady Maia
Friday, March 29, 6:00-8:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$35 per class

“Friday March 29: Home and Hearth Blessings

Our homes are sacred places, where we love, pray, meditate, and dream. A well-crafted blessing can really help make a house a home.

In this class we will discuss a wide variety of home blessings and dedications, as well as how to bless those other spaces we spend so much time in: our offices, cubicles, classrooms, and even our cars! At the end of the class we will make an herbal blessing powder that each of us will take home and use to bless our own spaces.”

Eco-Resiliency: A Gathering For Earth Change Awareness
Friday, March 29, 7:00-9:00PM, typically the fourth Friday of every month
Holos Institute, 310 Third Avenue, San Francisco, 415-666-2560
Free, RSVP required

“In response to increased environmental disasters and a deep concern for the ecology of our earth we are now holding an ongoing group with the intention of creating a supportive and healing community space.

This supportive group is co-facilitated by Holos interns and reflects the intention of restoring balance to the mind, body, and spirit and generating kindness toward ourselves, our communities, and the earth. Although groups will be holistic in nature, each will embrace a particular focus to reflect four aspects of our being: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Each one will be co-facilitated by two interns, one of whom will join the following week’s group.
Whether you want to process these events, learn tools for coping, explore somatic responses, or create healing ceremonies for our collective well-being, we will have something for you.

You may attend any or all groups, yet we require your RSVP by 7:00PM the previous
Thursday to make sure we have enough space and material.

Please call 415-666-2560 or email jessica@holosinstitute.net if you are interested and we will add you to our email list.

Holos Institute is a non-profit, community counseling center and training institute providing services throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer a range of affordable, highly skilled, professional counseling services to the community.”

Downtown Martinez Ghost Walk
Friday, March 29, 8:00PM, and the fourth and fifth Friday of every month
tour starts at Main Street Martinez, 649 Main Street,  Suite 106, Martinez

“Take the 90 minute guided walking tour through Historic Downtown Martinez to discover the hidden past, little known facts and tales of days-gone-by.

Tours conducted by Central Valley Paranormal.

Tours are limited to 25 people. Advanced ticket purchase recommended. No children under 12 years allowed. Teens 12-17 years must be accompanied by an adult. Bring a flashlight, wear comfortable shoes. Bring jacket and wear comfortable clothing”

Tinsel Tarts In A Hot Coma
The Next Cockettes Musical
Thursday-Saturday, March 29-31, 8:00PM
playing through June 1
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers 6th annual Theatre of The Ridiculous Revival showcases a rare Cockettes Musical, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma, a new full-length, restored version of The Cockettes’ 1971 musical extravaganza featuring original Cockettes Scrumbly Koldewyn, Sweet Pam Tent, and Rumi Missabu. Seats and private Shock Boxes always sell out quickly, so be sure to get your tickets in advance.”

CAYA’s Ball for the Bees - postponed until 2014

Ball for the Bees will be back in 2014, bigger, better, and buzzier!

SWAN Day - Support Women Artists Now
Saturday, March 30
see website for events

“Join Us for the Sixth International Support Women Artists Now Day!

SWAN Day/Support Women Artists Now Day is an international holiday designed to showcase the power and diversity of women's creativity. Be a part of SWAN Day by creating or participating in a local event or online activity that celebrates women artists!

The official date of the Sixth International SWAN Day is Saturday, March 30, 2013, but please feel free to celebrate it any time during March or April that is convenient for you. The spirit of SWAN events is far more important than the exact dates.”

Easter Brunch Buffet and Egg Hunt
at Allied Arts Guild
benefitting Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford
Saturday, March 30, 11:00AM-2:30PM
Allied Arts Guild, 75 Arbor Road, Menlo Park
Adults $45, Under 14 $25
Reservation required, please call 650-838-9002 or e-mail events@AlliedArtsGuild.org

“Tickets come with a photobooth with the Easter Bunny, Easter Egg Hunt throughout the property, and a delicious Brunch Buffet.

Since 1929, Allied Arts Guild has been a peninsula landmark. Since its inception, it has been a place for artists to come together and share their wares. Today, the Guild’s artists use their studios not only for creating, but also as retail space for the public to view and purchase their beautiful art. Our artists today range from jewelry designers to fashion designers to interior designers and everything in between.

Our stunning gardens are beautiful to walk through, and docent-led tours are available Monday through Saturday. Docents discuss not only the gardens, but the history of the Guild and its art and architecture.

The complex is owned and operated by the Allied Arts Guild Auxiliary. Our mission, along with the six other auxiliaries, is to raise funds to support uncompensated care at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. The Artisan Shop at Allied Arts is staffed entirely by our volunteers, and all our profits are donated to the hospital.”

Bunnies and Bonnets Parade
Saturday, March 30, 12:00PM
along E Campbell Avenue from Railway Avenue to North 3rd Street, Campbell

“15th Annual Bunnies and Bonnets Parade

All are welcome to Downtown Campbell's 15th Annual Bunnies and Bonnets Parade! The parade, beginning at 12:00PM, will feature marching bands, baton dancers, classic cars and more. It's a wonderful Campbell tradition the entire family can enjoy!
The parade will start at the east end of Downtown, by the railroad tracks, and run along Campbell Avenue to Third Street.  It will be held rain or shine.

Be sure to stop by a little early and stay a little late to enjoy the great atmosphere of Downtown Campbell! Prior to the parade, colored chalk will be provided for children to draw pictures on the street.”

Earthy Eggs
Saturday, March 30, 1:00-2:00PM
The Granary, Ardenwood Historic Farm, 34600 Ardenwood Boulevard, Fremont
Included with park admission, Adults $3, Children (4-17 years) $2, Under 4 years Free
This is a drop-in program. No registration required.

“Dye Easter eggs the natural way! Learn which plants and spices hold secrets to beautiful, natural hues and take home a couple of eggs colored by Mother Nature and you.

This is a drop-in program; no registration is required. Disabled accessible. Ardenwood admission fee applies. For information, call (510) 544-2797.”

Naturally-Dyed Eggs
Saturday, March 30, 2:00-2:45PM and 3:00-3:45PM
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
$15 includes materials, registration required
for more information, e-mail garden@berkeley.edu

“This hands-on workshop will introduce children to the joy of natural dyes while they make their own patterns on eggs with brilliant plant-based colors. Price includes 4 eggs per participant. Two sessions available: 2:00-2:45PM or 3:00-3:45PM. Registration required; Children must be accompanied by a registered adult.  

Price includes admission to the Botanical Garden.”

Heroines At Sea: Adventures Of Sailing Wives
Saturdays, March 30, 3:00-3:45PM
aboard the Balclutha, Hyde Street Pier, San Francisco
included with Balclutha admission, Adults $5, 15 and under free
For more information, please call 415-447-5000.

“When a captain’s wife went with her husband to sea during the Age of Sail, the voyage could be routine or she might experience unique and sometimes horrific adventures. How did various Victorian women handle the challenges of life at sea? Hear selected true stories as we tour the Balclutha sailing ship.”

Open House for 13 Moon Ordination Circle
with Devaa Haley Mitchell
Saturday, March 30, 3:00PM
and Sunday, April 28
private home in San Rafael, address given upon RSVP
free, to RSVP, please email inspiration@theshiftnetwork.com

“You are invited to join Devaa Haley Mitchell at her home for an afternoon of immersing into the energy of the Great Mother, the first archetype we explore in our 13 Moon cycle.  

Together we will:
Sit in the still point, so we can maintain our center in the midst of busy lives
Allow ourselves to be nourished, embraced, and loved, so we leave with a FULL cup
Commune with other soulful women who are interested in expanding who they are BEING in the world.

This event is designed to be a taster for those interested in exploring the year-long ordination circle with Devaa. This program will empower you with tools to deeply connect with the sacred and live a soulful, meaningful, full-spectrum life.  

As we work with each of the 13 archetypes, we'll also pay special attention to manifesting your soul projects in the world and holding you accountable to your greatness.  

An interview with Devaa is required before joining the program.

The circle is slated to begin June 1, 2013, or as soon as 13 initiates have gathered.“

Community Easter Egg Coloring
at The Home of Truth
Saturday, March 30, 4:00-6:00PM (doors open at 3:30)
The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda
For more information, please contact Barbara at: 510-521-6654.

“Please join us as we color and decorate eggs. Drop by or stay the entire time. Please bring half a dozen or so eggs to color for your family and/or our THOT family. THOT will provide some eggs and decorations/colors.”

Womansong Circle
An Evening Of Participatory Singing For Women
with Betsy Rose
featuring special guests Melanie DeMore and Evelie Posche
Saturday, March 30, 7:15-9:30PM
Sacred Stream Center, 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley
suggested donation $15-$20, no one turned away for lack of funds

“An Evening Of Participatory Singing with Betsy Rose

A special evening celebrating Women's Month.
International and multicultural songs
Participatory, inclusive singing
All women's voices welcome
Lyrics provided
No singing skills necessary
Bring a friend!

Betsy Rose is a singer, songwriter and community activist whose insight, warmth, humor, wit and wisdom have added a wealth of songs to the world of folk and progressive music for over thirty years.”

by Sarah Ruhl
presented by Custom Made Theatre Co
Saturday-Sunday, March 30-31,
Saturday 8:00PM, Sunday 7:00PM
plays through April 14
Gough Street Playhouse, 1620 Gough Street, San Francisco

“In Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl reimagines the classic myth of Orpheus through the eyes of its heroine.

Dying too young on her wedding day, Eurydice must journey to the underworld, where she reunites with her father and struggles to remember her past.

Using a unique blend of movement, music and theatrical ingenuity, Custom Made’s production looks to be breathtakingly inventive, funny, and beautiful. The intimate staging at Gough Street playhouse propels the inches-away audience into this Alice in Wonderland rabbit-hole of lost memories, unbelievable characters, and heartbreaking passion.

Custom Made presents a new look at this MacArthur Award-winning, and Pulitzer finalist, breakthrough play, which helps us to understand what it truly means to love another.”

An Introduction to Plant Dyes
Sunday, March 31, 10:00AM-1:00PM
UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley
$60, registration required
for more information, e-mail garden@berkeley.edu

“Come learn the basics of creating brilliant colors from nature in this introductory workshop on natural dyes. You'll leave with an understanding of fibers, color selection, mordanting, resist techniques and fabric and yarn samples. Participants may bring a garment or textile from home to dye.”

Easter in Dolores Park: Under the Big Top
presented by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Sunday, March 31, 11:00AM-04:00PM
Dolores Park, Church Street at 18th Street, San Francisco
Donations gladly accepted

“It's our birthday and we want you to come to the place where the Sisters started it all back in 1979 - Dolores Park - and help us celebrate in proper style with the ever-popular Kiddies' Easter Egg Hunt at 11:00AM, followed later in the day with the Easter Bonnet Contest and the Hunky Jesus Contest. This year's theme is Under the Big Top (don't we all) so costume accordingly and be sure to bring a picnic blanket, some nosh and, of course, a little libation and then sit back and enjoy the show, which will be translated by ASL interpreters.”

Family Day at Sienna Ranch
Sunday, March 31, 12:00-4:00PM, (and the last Sunday of every month)
Sienna Ranch, 3232 Deer Hill Road, Lafayette, 925-283-6311
$85 includes up to five people, advance registration required - see website

“On the last Sunday of each month, Sienna Ranch will open its doors for a special family and community day.  Come enjoy the activities, good company, healthy food, and the wholesome environment at Sienna Ranch.  Family Day is fun for all ages.  

Horse and pony rides, sustainability education and projects, archery, hayrides, survival skills activities, and more.  Bring your own picnic lunch or buy from one of our healthy food vendors.  

Family Days are on Sundays, 12:00-4:00PM.  
Family Day Pass is $85.

With the purchase of a family pass, you will get
admission to Sienna Ranch family day for up to 5 people
3 horse ride tickets
3 archery tickets
5 hayride tickets
participation in the featured hands-on sustainability or survival skill activity
unlimited animal visits to goats, sheep, chickens
special demonstrations, entertainment, or hands-on projects (vary from month to month)

Note: Food and special services offered at an additional cost.  For additional archery and horse ride tickets, please purchase a second family pass.

Family Days are limited to 40 families, so register soon!”

The Fellowship of the Spiral Path welcomes you to attend...
Liturgy of the Lady in Honor of Ostara
Sunday, March 31, 5:00PM, and the last Sunday of every month
BFUU Main Hall, 1924 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Donations gratefully accepted

“The Liturgy of the Lady is an open celebration of the Goddess in Her many forms. She is the Maiden of youth, the Mother of culture, the Crone of wisdom, and She is mirrored in all life, death and rebirth. We honor Her with reverent and joyful singing, ritual activities, and opportunities to learn. Now in our fourth decade of offering this sacred service, we invite you to join us for this ritual of the season of the Maiden.

The Goddess Ostara, or Eostre, is the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, the East, Resurrection, and Rebirth, is also the Maiden aspect of the Three-fold Goddess.  She gave Her name to the Christian festival of Easter (which is an older Pagan festival appropriated by the Church), whose timing is still dictated by the Moon. Modern Pagans celebrate Her festival on the Vernal Equinox, usually around March 21, the first day of Spring.

Objects may be charged on the altar during the rite. All are welcome. Wheel-chair accessible (let us know if you need someone to hold the door for you.) Family and child-friendly.  Please share this invitation with your friends.”

Art of Tarot with Rabbit
Sunday, March 31, 6:00-8:00PM,
and five more Sundays, April 7, 14, and 21, and May 5, and 12 (skipping April 28)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$35 per class or $200 for all six classes

“Rabbit brings back one of her most popular classes, specifically designed to help you learn to tune in and trust your own intuition as a reader of tarot. Sure, you can just look in the book at the traditional meaning of the cards, but in order to truly be a reader you must learn to listen carefully when they whisper their secrets in your mind. This class will get you OFF the book and help you turn ON your own personal intuition.

Rabbit's unique method will have you able to offer accurate readings after your very first class, as long as you are willing to dare to believe yourself and trust your inner voice. Practical exercises and demonstration readings take place in each class, so you have the opportunity to give and receive practice readings, trouble-shoot areas of insecurity, and begin to build your internal reference library of tarot symbolism.

This class fills up quickly, and space is limited, so please call The Sacred Well at 510-444-9355 to reserve your spot today.”

Lake Merritt Pagans
Sunday, March 31, 7:00-9:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355

“Lake Merritt Pagans is a group for Pagans of all stripes who live near Lake Merritt to socialize and touch base about life on the lake in all its aspects, practical and spiritual.

Activities include: full moon lake walks, altar building, volunteering at the city's regular lake clean-ups, and other good ideas you bring!”

Saint Stupid’s Day Parade
Monday, April 1, 12:00PM
parade starts at Embarcadero Plaza, San Francisco

“San Francisco's annual right-left-right of spring marches thru the Financial district yet again.

Sponsored by the First Church of the Last Laugh ,this modern update of the medieval Feast of Fools leads its many costumed followers to the Stations of Stupid.

Bring your collection of solo'd socks to trade at the old Pacific Stock Exchange.

Gather the pennies from the desk drawer and couch cushions to toss at the Bankers Heart.

Come be a part of the spectacle of the Leap of Faith, the knocking on the door of the Tomb of Stupid, take a break at the Parade Rest Stop and fling your losing lottery tickets at the Federal Reserve Bank HQ.

This will be the 35th time this edgy light hearted poke at the business of religion and the religion of business meets to fulfill the one holy day obligation of the world's oldest religion, the world's largest church... you're already a member. Come find out why.”

Lavish Love: Fats in Traditional Diets
Monday, April 1, 6:30-8:00PM
Three Stone Hearth Kitchen, 1581 University Avenue, Berkeley, 510-981-1334
$18, please register at the website below.
for more information, e-mail info@threestonehearth.com

“What fats have been used by traditional and indigenous peoples in good health for thousands of years? What qualities do these fats have in common and why are they so sustaining? How are they prepared? In this class, we’ll explore these questions and become more familiar with traditional fats from a wide range of cultures, and learn how to make best use of them in our home cooking.

Jessica Prentice has been studying traditional diets for over a decade and is the author of Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection.

Three Stone Hearth is pioneering a new business model: a community-supported, worker-owned cooperative, and a teaching kitchen all in one.

Our Mission: We heal our community, our planet, and ourselves by building a sustainable model for community scale food preparation and processing that honors culinary traditions and provides nutrient dense foods for local households and beyond.

Our work is grounded in shared values of sustainability, community, and health.”

NorCal Trans Partners Family and Friends Support Group
Monday, April 1, 7:30-9:00PM, and the first Monday of each month
Billy DeFrank LGBT Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose, 408-293-3040

“Having a family member, child, spouse, partner, or other loved one go through transition can be difficult and comes with a unique set of challenges that most folks don't really comprehend. Come join the Northern California Trans Partners and Family support group at the DeFrank Center the first Monday of each month from 7:30-9:00PM.

To communicate between meetings, we also have a Facebook page and a Yahoo mailing list.”

South Bay Pagan Salon
Tuesday, April 2, 7:30PM (and the first and third Tuesday of every month)
Cafe at Books Inc, 301 Castro Street, Mountain View
for more information, contact Jason Mankey at panmankey@gmail.com

Jason says:
“We'd like to formally invite you to join us the first and third Tuesdays of every month for the South Bay Pagan Salon. The SBPS is a discussion and networking group, dedicated to talking about ‘Pagan Things’ and networking in the Bay Area. Generally we'll start each meeting with a specific topic to get the discussion rolling along, but after we get started it'll be rather open ended with the participants dictating where the discussion will go.

We hope you'll join us.

No donations required, heck, if you show up I just might buy you a cup of coffee.

If you've got questions, I might have answers. Email me (Jason) at panmankey@gmail.com

Wellness Essentials For Women
Wednesday, April 3, 6:00-9:00PM, and each Wednesday in April
Berkeley location given upon registration
$240 for all four sessions

“Bay Area Women: Build Your Wellness Tool-Kit!

Four deep-dive sessions taught by world-class women’s health practitioners bringing you practical tools you can use to boost your health now and for the long term.

Join us Wednesday evenings in April for all this wisdom:
We’ll meet from 6:00-9:00PM on Wednesdays in April, at a beautiful venue in central Berkeley.

April 3: Chinese Medicine for Fertility and Reproductive Health
with Amy Taylor Mitchell, M.S., L.Ac.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is known worldwide as a highly effective, safe treatment to enhance fertility and support menstrual cycle health and regularity.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs treat women’s reproductive imbalances holistically, by alleviating stress and re-balancing the whole person.  Amy will provide a Chinese medical perspective on supporting women’s reproductive health at every age, with a focus on optimal fertility.  She’ll also offer a range of practices, tools, and lifestyle modifications to support reproductive wellness.

April 10:  Ayurvedic Tools for Breast and Lymphatic Health
with DeAnna Batdorff of the dhyana Center
The lymphatic system brings nutrients to all tissues, enables endocrine function, and supports immunity. The breasts are surrounded by a high concentration of lymph nodes and vessels, and lymphatic blockage can impede breast health.  DeAnna will provide an overview of Ayurvedic approaches to lymphatic and breast health, teach you how to assess and care for the condition of your breast tissue, and share lifestyle tools to support overall lymphatic health.

April 17: Integrative Medicine for Hormonal Health
with Dr. Sara Gottfried
Your hormones are probably working against you, and you may not know it. We’re culturally conditioned as women to overprovide and this causes a chain reaction of feeling stressed out, irritable, and fat – not to mention a libido that is missing in action – all due to changes in your brain, brain chemicals, and hormones. Dr. Sara has identified the top 5 imbalances affecting your hormones and brain chemicals. Using cutting edge science, such as the serotonin gene, and ancient wisdom, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Sara will show you how to reset your system naturally.

April 24: Western Herbs for Healthy Digestion
with Kami McBride
The old saying, ‘you are what you eat’ is only partially true. ‘You are what you digest!’  Healthy digestion supports the entire body - no matter what you are dealing with, improving your digestion will enhance your health.  Kami will guide you to increase the digestibility of your food with herbal remedies, tea blends and delicious herbal condiments. You will learn tools to assess your own digestive health and leave with lots of easy and tasty recipes to support your optimum digestive wellness.”

Tall Ship Tours and Sails
Wednesday-Sunday, April 3-7
Spud Point Marina, 1818 Westshore Road, Bodega Bay
see below for detailed schedule and ticket information

“The tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain are returning to Spud Point Marina for unique, hands-on living history experiences. The ships first visited the marina last spring and were a huge attraction. They sail into Bodega Harbor again on April 2 and are welcoming visitors for walk-on tours and sailing excursions April 3-7. During ‘battle’ excursions, both ships will sail into the Pacific and conduct three-hour recreations of 18th-Century naval skirmishes with real cannons firing real gunpowder. Passengers are invited to verbally taunt their adversaries, help the crew raise the sails and even take the helm. The ‘adventure sails’ and ‘evening sails’ are family-oriented experiences featuring two-hour ocean cruises with opportunities to help raise the sails, sing sea shanties and hear maritime stories. Walk-on tours of the ships will be first-come, first-served and capacity is limited, so plan on arriving early and waiting in line. Depending on crowd size, not everyone may get to participate.  

April 3 - Walk-on tours from 4:00-5:00PM - No charge
April 3 - Evening Sail, Lady Washington, 5:30-7:30PM - $29
April 4 - Walk-on tours from 4:00-5:00PM - No charge
April 5 - Walk-on tours from 4:00-5:00PM - No charge
April 6 - Walk-on tours 10:00AM-1:00PM - No charge
April 6 - Battle Sails 2:00-5:00PM - $40-$60
April 6 - Evening Sail, Hawaiian Chieftain, 5:30-7:30PM - $39
April 7 - Walk-on tours 10:00AM-1:00PM - No charge
April 7 - Battle Sails 2:00-5:00PM - $40-$60

In addition, Regional Park naturalists and Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods volunteers are leading several free events at the marina and surrounding Sonoma Coast State Park April 6 and 7.  Naturalists will be at Spud Point from 10:00AM-1:00PM, both days with tide pool animals and marine science activities for families.

State Parks docent Bea Brunn will lead a whale watch and talk about Pacific gray whales at 12:00PM April 6 at Bodega Head.

State Parks docent Hollis Bewley will lead a bird walk at nearby Campbell Cove from 10:00AM-12:00PM April 7.

Parking at Spud Point is $7 or free for Regional Parks members.”

Reiki I - Cancelled
with Lady Carolina Amor

This class has been cancelled.

Dianic Ritual Technique: Working with the Elements of Magick
with Lady Jesamyn Angelica, High Priestess, Sisterhood of the Moon
a class for self-identified women
Thursday, April 18,
and three more Thursdays, May 16, June 27, and July 18
Bay Area location given upon registration
For more information or to register, e-mail Info@SisterhoodoftheMoon.org
$120 for whole series in advance, $40 per class if paid individually

“Join the Sisterhood of the Moon for this new offering in our Dianic Ritual Technique class series:  an embodied, experimental, and fun group study of the four Elements used in ritual and magick.  In a container of Sisterhood, will delve into the lessons of each Element through hands-on experiential activities, natural magick, spellwork, guided meditations, and more.  We will discover and hone our skills in creating sacred space through the use of ritual invocations, cultivate a deeper understanding and relationship with each Element/Direction, and foster self-confidence as we develop and practice our skills to use both in our personal practices and in the group ritual setting.   This class will be both entertaining and poignant, building your confidence for group ritual and helping you to connect in deeper ways to the magick while participating in ritual circle.

Dianic Ritual Technique classes are for both Advanced and Beginning Practitioners, and are just as enriching and valuable for the seasoned Witch as they are for the absolute beginner. These class series are intended to help you to sharpen your skills in various aspects of ritual technique as well as to develop a firmer, stronger foundation in the Sisterhood of the Moon Tradition.

Lady Jesamyn Angelica is the Presiding Priestess of Sisterhood of the Moon.  She is an ordained Dianic High Priestess, certified Herbalist, and Holistic Health Practitioner.  Lady Jesamyn has been leading group ritual for women since 1998, and has been formally teaching magickal technique since 2007.
This class is limited to 8 women, and is worth four Sisterhood of the Moon Skill Credits.

Sisterhood of the Moon is an open, Dianic, women-only circle of Empowered Sister-Queens meeting monthly in Hayward, CA (East Bay) for Full Moon ritual.  Women of all experience levels are welcome.”

Electric Run
Saturday, April 27, 8:20PM
Candlestick Park, 490 Jamestown Avenue, San Francisco
see below for registration information

“A 5k run/walk that is as much show as it is run.
Electric Run is a 5k run, a show, participation art, and celebration of life. Incredibly talented artists and lighting technicians with experience creating beautiful art and light at Coachella, Dreamworks Animations, Disney, and some of Vegas’ hottest shows have come together to create  a world that will fill you with wonder.

Participation Art / What to wear
The Electric Run is a show; the course is the set and the participants are the cast! Come let your light shine and your creative juices flow. Add your own creative spark by dressing up in otherworldy costumes that glow, shine, blink, and dazzle. Show us all what you’ve got!

Lighting elements
Each course will have 5-10 distinct lighting experiences which will include different artistic elements and different moods. Some will be very energetic others will be more etherial. Our in-house DJs will be working with our Art and Lighting Directors to create custom mixes that work with the visual mood in each world.”

Be a part of Team CAYA at the Electric Run with CAYA Fun For Everyone!

Cross Sidhe says
“Team Caya - Electric Run (Walk/Wheel) - Candlestick Park In Sf - April 27Th!!!!

Jenny Wilde (Rowan) and Cross Sidhe have formed TEAM CAYA!!!

We invite all of CAYA, Family of CAYA, and Friends of CAYA to this night of fun, dance, walk/run/wheel, and most of all...  LIGHTS AND GLOW!!!  This is both a walk and Wheelchair friendly event!!!  

We will be holding and EL WIRE soldering workshop at Cross's place.  The time and date will be TBA but soon.  We will also be offering low budget glow solutions so not one will come as a darkwad.

The Electric Run is a charitable event.  The charity will be announced on the Electric Run official website.  The charity is usually a well known charity.

How to Register:

1.  Register at the Official Electric Run website:  

2.  Select "Team"

3.  Look for "Team CAYA (Wilde)".  

4.  Use the Promo Code of SFVIP for a $5 discount.

5.  After registering with the Electric Run.  Please send me an e-mail at:
This way we can keep track who is officially in our team.

6.  Join TEAM CAYA FB Page for info, planning, workshops, etc:

For questions and information please contact either Jenny Wilde or Cross Sidhe.

For more CAYA fun and excitement please join the CAYA Fun For Everyone FB Page:

Love and Lights!!!

Cross and Rowan”

Have a Naturally Earthy, Lavishly Adventurous Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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