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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Women’s Sacred Circle, Being Beautiful, Wicca Wednesdays, Stories from the Red Tent, Beginning Ritual Creation, Wheat Weaving, Bernice Bobs Her Hair, Edwardian World's Faire and Edwardian Ball, Wavy Gravy, Earth Energy Walk, Writing My Memoir, Salon! You’re On!, Valinor Winds , Spirit Guide Contact, A Cup of Tea with Spirit

Women’s Sacred Circle
with Soul Coach Lis-Lotte Mariscal
Wednesday, January 16, 10:00AM-12:30PM
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation: $25.  
Please RSVP to Lis-Lotte at 510-507-1907 or answers@lis-lotte.com

“Let's gather in Sacred Circle over a Pot of Tea to talk about how Clutter Clearing - inner AND outer - truly can shift stagnant energies and create miracles in your life and relationships.

I am a certified Soul Coach and creator of sacred space. With my presence, playfulness, wisdom and love I gently and powerfully support Women to Step into the Light and dare to Trust, Live and Express their True Intuitive Wisdom Powers.  For the Healing of The Earth, Themselves and Their Relationships.

SHOW UP to gain a new sense of ‘Who You Truly Are’: YOU are SO MUCH MORE than your CLUTTER!

In this powerful ceremony you will Learn:
How Clutter Clearing can have a profound effect on you and your life.
How Inner Clutter is in the way of seeing yourself and others through loving eyes.
Simple tips to get started - without being overwhelmed.
To let go on a guided SOUL JOURNEY: Living Life Lightly.”

Being Beautiful
Wednesday, January 16, 7:00-8:30PM
and the third Wednesday of every month
Aphrodite’s Closet, 1201 Park Street, Alameda, 510-521-3313

“Being Beautiful

Third Wednesday of every month, join other women to empower, discuss and affirm how we honor and nourish our feminine selves. For the  January 16 inaugural meeting, the focus of the discussion will be ‘New Year - New You?’. The dreaded New Year's resolution! Just because it's the beginning of a new year, is it necessary to set goals or resolutions? Do they work for you? Or do they undermine our self-worth if they fail? If they do work, what is your trick?

Please call 510-521-3313 to reserve your space now. Walk-ins welcome, but space is limited.”

Wicca Wednesdays
with Didi
Wednesday, January 16, 7:30-8:30PM,
and ten more Wednesdays through March 27
Serpent's Kiss, 2015 N Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, 831-423-5477
$28 per class module or $300 for the series ($65 savings with advance registration)
for more information or to register, please call 831-423-5477 or e-mail mail@serpents-kiss.com

“I am very excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.
The series is structured as a 13 week course, culminating with a Full Moon ritual on the 13th week.

Wicca 101 with Didi

Module 3: Magick and Intention - Tapping into our personal power. Focus and the power of words - written, spoken and thought.

Module 4: Elements - Honoring the elements and working with elemental power.

Module 5: Magickal Tools and Altars - What are Magickal tools? How to consecrate and use them. Basic altar construction.

Module 6: What is Ritual? Creating your own ritual - intention and focus.

Module 7: Ritual Construction - creation and cleansing of sacred space, grounding and centering, circle casting, calling the quarters.

Module 8: Ritual Construction continued - calling/invoking Deity, raising energy and doing the work, cakes and ale, thanking and releasing Deity and the quarters, opening the circle.

Module 9: Connecting with Deity - a discussion about pantheons, honoring, invoking and working with Deity.

Module 10: The Wheel of the Year - Sabbats and Esbats

Module 11: Spellcasting - constructing intention, doing work on behalf of others, corresponding days, lunar influences.

Module 12: Circle Etiquette - Perfect Love and Perfect Trust - What it means to create Magick with others.

Module 13: Esbat Ritual - Honoring the first Full Moon of spring.”

Beginning Ritual Creation
with Lezlie Kinyon
Thursday, January 17, 7:00-9:00PM,
and five more Thursdays, January 24, and 31, and February 8, 21, and 28
Garden Gate Center, 2911 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley
$5-$25 sliding scale per class, text $7
http://www.gardengatecreate.com (site plays music)

“What makes ritual different in different religions, spiritual paths, and civic events?  How is a ritual created?  What are the kinds of rituals?
We will cover these questions and more once per week in a salon-style course looking at rituals of Familia, Thalia, and Rites-of-Passage.

Text: Elements of Beginning Ritual Construction by Blacksun of Elvenhearth (provided, please bring $7 to cover the cost of this text.)

We will cover: The differences between and uses for a ceremony, a service, and a ritual. The purpose of ritual; ritual use in personal, public, and ongoing circles; creating sacred space; our tools: making and acquiring, symbolic meanings and use; purpose, intent, and intentionality;  What is an altered state of consciousness? Guided meditation and guided fantasy and trance induction; music and dance; litanies, liturgies, spells, songs and chants; using all the senses: food, art, sound, scent, movement; raising, using and directing flow and energy; using folklore, folkways, myth, symbol, allegory, allusion and story.”

Things We Don't Talk About: Stories from the Red Tent
movie night at Terra’s Temple
Thursday, January 17, 7:00PM
Terra's Temple, 654 Oakland Avenue, Oakland
$15, tickets must be purchased in advance at the link below

“Terra's Temple is THRILLED to host a screening of Things We Don't Talk About: Stories from the Red Tent on Thursday, January 17, 2013.
Doors open at 7:00PM.Screening begins at 7:30.

The fiimmaker, Isadora Leidenfrost, PhD, will be in attendance with us.  This is a wonderful film that highlights the power and beauty of the Red Tent movement. A Q and A with Isadora will follow the showing.

We will have concessions and other information about the Red Tent Movement.

Terra's Temple is an intimate space. Tickets won't be available at the door, so get them now. Let's make this a sell out!”

Wheat Weaving
with Melissa Weaver
presented by Sonoma County Pagan Network  
Friday, January 18, 7:00PM
Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa
$3-$5 donation requested, no one turned away for lack of funds

“Potluck Feast

Since our gathering is at the dinner hour, we ask that you bring a potluck dish and/or non-alcoholic brew to share that serves 4-6 people. Let’s treat ourselves to a good meal. Please bring your own place setting. There will be hot water available for tea.

We ask non-members to make a donation of $5-$3 to help us cover operating costs. No one turned away for lack of funds.”

Bernice Bobs Her Hair staged reading
by F. Scott Fitzgerald, adapted for B8 by Jean Butterfield
Friday, January 18, 8:00PM
Cue Productions Live, 1835 Colfax Street, Concord

“Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Join Butterfield 8 for a roaring night set in the roaring 20s!

F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story Bernice Bobs Her Hair takes the audience to rural Wisconsin in the heat of summer. Visiting her beautiful, alluring cousin Marjorie, Bernice wants to find a way to launch herself into adulthood. Marjorie suggests something outrageous and unheard of: bobbing her hair.

Butterfield 8 brings back their beloved staged-reading style to bring audiences this tongue-in-cheek coming of age story.

Featuring: Beth Chastain, Jeremy Tribe Gallardo, Kerry Gudjohnsen, Donald L. Hardy, Peter J. McArthur, and Becky Potter.

Performing one night only!

Complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served.”

Edwardian World's Faire and Edwardian Ball
The Doubtful Guest
Friday-Saturday, January 18-19, 8:00PM-2:00AM,
The Regency Ballroom, 1300 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco
Edwardian Vendor Bazaar Daytime Shopping
Saturday, January 19, 12:00-5:00PM
The Regency Sutter Room, 1270 Sutter Street, San Francisco

Friday, January 18 - The Edwardian World’s Faire
“A little more rambunctious, a little more casual and certainly colorful, Friday night’s World’s Faire presents an interactive night of gaming, inventions, exploration, circus, cabaret, and even a bit of swaggering rock n’ roll, Edwardian style!

Saturday, January 19 - The Edwardian Ball
“This is the night of The Ball itself, a slightly more formal affair where the games, rides, cabaret acts, and steam machinery are cleared away to make room for a costumed floor of ballroom dance, roaming performances, and the tales and characters of Edward Gorey brought to life on stage and throughout.
Each year, in the depths of the night, Edwardian Ball founders Rosin Coven and their co-hosts Vau de Vire Society bring a featured Gorey story to life onstage with original music, choreography, narration, circus acts, and many surprises. This year’s feature is “The Doubtful Guest”.

“The Vendor Bazaar is of course open this night as well, saunter down and peruse the delights, enjoy a hand of cards at the Gaming Parlour, sip an absinthe cocktail, and dance the night away…”

Edwardian period costumes!  Edward Gorey themed costumes!  The kind of stuff you expect from people who are into Edward Gorey and like to dress up!

Article about who the heck Edward Gorey was: http://archive.salon.com/people/bc/2000/02/15/gorey

Wavy Gravy's Hippy Icon, Flower Geezer, and Temple of Accumulated Error
Friday-Sunday, January 18-20,
Friday 8:00PM, Saturday 5:00PM, Sunday 2:00PM
playing through February 10
The Marsh San Francisco, 1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco
$15-$35 sliding scale

“Wavy Gravy recounts his life and times, spilling proverbial beans. Not to be missed!
Best known to millions as the inspiration for a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor ‘I am an activist clown and former frozen dessert,’ says Wavy - it is through his good work on behalf of the planet and its least fortunate residents that Wavy Gravy has achieved his own brand of sainthood.

His friend and satirist Paul Krassner has called him ‘the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa.’ Wavy says, ‘Some people tell me I'm a saint, I tell them I'm Saint Misbehavin'.’ (which is also the name of Michelle Estrick’s critically-acclaimed documentary on Wavy). All performances will benefit Seva Foundation and Camp Winnarainbow.”

Earth Energy Walk
with Community Seed
Saturday, January 19, 9:45AM-1:00PM (and third Saturday of every month)
Quail Hollow, 800 Quail Hollow Road, Felton
see link below for directions to meeting place

“Join us on our monthly walks, and feel the power of the Earth.  
Walks are on the first Saturday of each month!

Gather at 9:45AM
Departure: 10:00AM
Return: around 1:00PM.

Our walk is usually about 2-3 hrs round trip with a stop for meditation half way in. We will walk rain or shine, however... if the forecast is very stormy, call ahead to verify. 831-469-0336
Before beginning our walk together, we will take a moment to center our minds and bodies. Once we are all fully present, we will begin our journey, all the while tuning in, listening, and absorbing the energies of the elements, plants, and animals. Halfway into our walk we will sit for meditation, a guided visualization, and to share food.

Before beginning our walk together, we will take a moment to center our minds and bodies. Once we are all fully present, we will begin our journey,walking in silence, all the while tuning in, listening, and absorbing the energies of the elements, plants, and animals. Halfway into our walk we will sit for meditation, a guided visualization, and to share food.

Drinking water
A small snack
Hiking Shoes
Comfortable Clothes
Money for Parking (Several parks)
If the location is not listed... please call or email us.  831-469-0336, info@communityseed.org

Writing My Memoir: A Journey of Discovery and Cathartic Self-Expression
A 10 week Writing Workshop/Retreat Series (Part 1)
with Veenaa Saynana
Saturday, January 19, 1.30-5.30PM
and 9 more Saturdays through March 23
Bay Area location given upon registration.

“I am thrilled to present this 10 week workshop/retreat series, and I invite you to immerse yourself in a joyful writing experience that will be unlike any other. Once a week, we will escape far from the madding, perhaps maddening, crowd, to a retreat haven that is within a 30 minute drive from downtown Berkeley and Oakland, set up in the hills, close to greenery and open spaces, where our minds can actually come to stillness and be inspired; where our creative juices can flow like honeyed nectar.

Consider these questions:
Is there a story buried deep inside of you, a tale of an awesome journey of ups and downs that has shaped you into the person that you are? Has that story been yearning, burning, simply waiting to be told?
Have the skeletons in your closet been grinning ghoulishly, taunting you with insider secrets that never let up in the eternal quest for healing, pushing you to put pen to paper, in pursuit of a cathartic release?
Have you thought of writing your memoir, leaving behind a powerful written legacy to inspire, educate or illuminate the lives of others with the wisdom you have gleaned in the course of your life?
Have you been stymied by technical details or perhaps lack the necessary motivation and perseverance required of such an endeavor?

Here is the help you need.
This course is offered to a small, powerful group of individuals united in the common goal of writing a memoir, in a nurturing and supportive space, receiving the technical expertise of story crafting, peer evaluation, group support and the added incentive of accountability.
We will cover a wide range of topics - from intention setting and purpose of writing to clearing away any writers’ blocks, to crafting your message, creating a narrative arc, research and planning, editing and rewriting, peer evaluation and more.

This course is held over a 10 week period. Participants are asked to commit to the entire period, even if they are unable to attend every session. You will have access to a digitally recorded session if you are unable to be present.

The workshops are divided into segments with a teaching component, 2 writing slots, sharing and peer evaluation. There will be a support network created through which participants are encouraged to post their pieces for critique and to receive support should they need it. There will be time given to ceremony and healing to clear blocks when and where appropriate.
By committing to a 10 week writing series, you are making a powerful statement of commitment towards writing your memoir. If you have been receiving a powerful push to write, to putting down on paper your own powerful journey, the story of your life, your incredible life - then I invite you to take this first step now.

The Gift
You will be held in a creative cradle, nurtured and supported by a wise, compassionate, experienced facilitator and a support group of powerful writers, all united in a common goal. You will set a list of practical intentions to which you will be held accountable by the group. You will receive motivation, peer support and evaluation to help you with crafting your story. You can give yourself the gift of retreat out into nature, which in itself is such a gift, to allow your creativity to blossom. You believe behind a lasting legacy, the gift of the story of your life, for your children and your children’s children. And should you decide not to publish, if that is not your goal, then the experience, the catharsis of writing is a gift in and of itself.
What a priceless gift!

Veenaa Saynana started teaching writing skills in 1982 in Singapore elementary schools. She then went on to teach creative writing to people of all ages. She has also taught auto-writing workshops in Singapore, New York, Oregon, Canada and Bali. She is the author of Mary Magdalene Speaks- Pathway to Empowerment, a channeled book that she wrote on a spiritual journey down the Pacific Northwest. She is a multi-faceted performer who created ‘Christmas Nipples’, a comedic one-woman show that had Berkeley in titters (pun intended) for 2 years! She has a successful international healing and coaching practice through which she empowers others to live more fulfilling and abundant lives by following their authentic passion. She has been strongly drawn to put her life-story in memoir form and invites those with a similar calling to join her in her exuberant endeavor.

Registration Details: A $100 deposit is required to confirm your place. The balance must be paid one week before the start of the course.
Paypal the amount to veenaasaynana@gmail.com, or mail a check to Veenaa Saynana with your details including email and phone number to: 1034, 61st St, Oakland, CA 94608.
Details about Part 2 will be announced later.
Venue: A haven with a natural setting, a 20 to 30 minute drive from downtown Berkeley/Oakland

If you have any questions, please email Veenaa at veenaasaynana@gmail.com

Salon! You’re On!
at Eth-Noh-Te Kinetic Story Theater
Saturday, January 19, 7:00PM
Eth-Noh-Tec Studio, 977 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, 415-282-8705
$10–$25 sliding scale

“Eth-Noh-Tec opens our 8th season of Salon! You’re On! with musicians DaMaDa, artist/illustrator Brian Lei, comic/storyteller Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Laughter Yoga by Annie Goglia, and a mini-musical from Mimi’s Makeshift Players.

Eth-Noh-Tec is San Francisco-based kinetic story theater that is at once precision choreography, lyrical word-weaving, graceful, playful and poetic. By layering ancient Asian mythologies, folktales and Asian urban legends with Asian American sensibilities, Eth-Noh-Tec has created an exciting new blend of storytelling and physical theater.
Our Mission
To build cultural bridges that celebrate our humanity, embrace our differences and create compassionate communities through the performance of Asian and Asian American stories that reveal our universal truths.”

Valinor Winds
free concert at Seventh Avenue Performances
Saturday, January 19, 7:30PM
Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1329 Seventh Avenue, San Francisco

“Wind-ter Wonderland

Seventh Avenue Performances presents their fifth of ten free concerts to celebrate their 10th Anniversary Season with Wind-ter Wonderland by Valinor Winds. The Valinor Winds quintet will present an evening of music by Grieg, Berio, Barber and others. No tickets or reservations are required - just come and enjoy the concert!”

Spirit Guide Contact
with Devin Hunter
Sunday, January 20, 12:00-2:00PM
The Mystic Dream, 1437 N Broadway, Walnut Creek, 925-933-2342

“In this workshop we will discuss the many types of spirit guides that are out there and how to connect with your own unique set of allies. Practices will be introduced and we will debunk many myths surrounding these wonderful allies.”

A Cup of Tea with Spirit
with OwlSnake
Sunday, January 20, 4:00-5:00PM, and the third Sunday of every month
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation $5-$10

“Esoterica Shamanic Center invites you to join OwlSnake (Medicine Woman/Shaman Lineage) for...

A Cup of Tea with Spirit

We will sip tea,  and eat tasty treats as we connect and receive messages from Spirit and the Ancestors to guide us in our daily lives. We will Journey, Chant and Listen within, and be Inspired. A relaxing afternoon gift to yourself and others.

Who is OwlSnake?

Born into a long lineage of Medicine Men/Women, Spiritual Healers, Seers, and Shamans, on both her maternal and paternal ancestral lines, she was first called to this sacred path at the age of 4 years old from her Great Aunt. She was chosen to continue the family tradition of Spiritual Medicine work, some would call Shamanism. Through the years she would experience many of life's challenges and growth opportunities that have allowed her to learn and experience firsthand some of the greatest issues that plague this world today. From those experiences, along with her direct connection with Great Spirit, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, OwlSnake has awakened into being a compassionate healer that is willing to be used as a ‘Hollow Bone’ for Spirit to assist all those that seek healing and inspiration on their journey.”

Have a Sacred, Beautiful Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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