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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrating Local/Magical Businesses: Magnolias West

As we stand on the threshold between the lessons of the past year and the opportunities of the coming year, I am starting a new monthly feature to share with you all.  So many members of our CAYA Community are sharing their magic, their wisdom, their inspiration, and their gorgeous creations with the world through their own small businesses.  Other members of our local Bay Area community and our worldwide Pagan community are also doing this sacred work, which  is playing a beautiful part in our ongoing mutual undertaking of creating the world in the image of our own true wishes and dreams by staying true to what we love and reminding each other to do the same.  Thus, it brings me great joy to celebrate these businesses and promote them by sharing their stories with you.

I can’t think of a better way to start than to introduce you to the work of Sue Kearney of Magnolias West, also known as Raven of the Redwoods, High Priestess of Audacious Integrity in the Bloodroot Honey Priestess Tribe.  

Every week in 2012, Raven has been opening her heart to the world through sharing her Morning Gratitudes blog:

Every day of every year, Raven continues to offer her heartfelt guidance and inspiration to every woman who is finding her own way to “live a juicy, fully expressed life“ through her business, Magnolias West.  She also offers a range of services to help businesses to thrive, including branding and web design:

For this pivotal moment approaching the ending of our personal stories for 2012 and the beginning our new stories for 2013, Raven has the perfect offering - The Magnolias West 2012 Year-End Completion and Release Workbook!  Designed to help you to assimilate the lessons of the past year and take a joyful leap into the opportunities of the new year, this beautifully illustrated workbook will give you the space to celebrate your triumphs, learn from your failures, release your limitations, and set your goals in alignment with the core of your true integrity.  Raven is also available to work with you one-on-one to create a powerful private ritual to accompany the workbook.  The perfect year-end gift for yourself and any woman you know who is in the process of realizing her own divine creative power, you can order it for instant download here:

There’s one more beautiful  thing I want to share about Magnolias West - where the name comes from.  Every year, Raven and her daughter, Rose, celebrate the coming of Spring and another year of their ever-connected lives by taking a picture in front of a blooming Saucer Magnolia Tree:

For any woman ready to burst into bloom, Magnolias West is there to help tend the Tree of Life.

Thank you, Raven of the Redwoods!

Molly Blue Dawn

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