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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make Your Own Beads, Hot Greeks: The Cockettes Musical, The Road to Ife, In Her Name Circle: Ixchel Mayan Goddess of the Moon, Palmistry, Let's Celebrate Earth Day, Mills College Native Alliance Pow Wow, Tartan Day Scottish Fair, Nickelodeon Tea Party, Day of Renewal, Community Seed’s Open Circle, Not My Life, The Persephone Cycle: Persephone Rising, Janam, San Jose Fantasy Festival, Ritual Theatre Discussion, Goddess Clothing Exchange, Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft, A Cup of Tea with Spirit, Revelations of the Major Arcana, South Bay Pagan Salon, Dickens: Ballads and Folk Songs from the Streets of London

How To Make Your Own Hand-Held Beads For Prayer And Meditation
Wednesday, April 11, 7:00-8:30PM
East Bay location - exact address given upon RSVP

“Prayer beads are used in many world religions as a portable physical reminder of a personal goal, journey or special time. They can provide comfort and focus as well as encourage relaxation.

We will learn the basics of designing and stringing prayer beads. You will be gently guided in creating your own unique commemoration of an Orisa, or of your personal journey. The $25 fee includes all materials needed, though feel free to bring and utilize your special beads in your work.  Class size will be limited, and preregistration is required (please visit Personal Spiritual Items page in our Marketplace, or contact us at 510-827-3997).“

Hot Greeks: The Cockettes Musical
Thursday-Saturday, April 12-14, 8:00PM, plays through May 5
The Hypnodrome, 575 10th Street, San Francisco

“Thrillpeddlers are proud to announce our Spring Season 2012 production of Hot Greeks, A New Full-Length, Fully Restored Version of The Cockettes’ 1972 Musical Extravaganza, an original musical by Martin Worman and Scrumbly Koldewyn. This is the 40th Anniversary of the original production. Originally produced as a Nocturnal Dream Show and performed in 1972 at midnight at the Palace Theatre in Chinatown in SF, Hot Greeks was the fabled and fabulous Cockettes’ only other scripted book musical besides Pearls Over Shanghai. The Cockettes were a gender-bending theatrical troupe who not only originated these two shows, but also exerted a profound influence on the culture of our times, from the phenomenon of midnight movies to glitter rock stars and their outrageous fashions. In 2010 The Thrillpeddlers mounted a condensed 70-minute version of Hot Greeks and it was an instant, sold-out hit. This new 2012 production expands the show to a full-length version and restores 3 songs from the original 1972 production.

In Hot Greeks, college rhythm meets the Peloponnesian War as Athens University takes on Sparta State for their annual pigskin showdown. This musical, loosely based on Aristophanes’ Lysistrata features the Tri Thigh Sorority girls and their hunky footballer sweethearts jiving to the big-band hit parade sounds of the 1940s. The kids sing and dance through the ruins of ancient Greece, on their way to consult the Oracle of Delphi in their pursuit of victory on the gridiron. Dancing columns, vestal virgins, country cousins, and even a pig, all join Lysistrata on her journey to save the day for the Gods and Greece.”

The Road to Ife: Manifesting Goodness through the Teachings of Ifa
Friday, April 13, 6:30-8:00PM (and the second Friday of each month)
East Bay Healing Collective, 1840 Alcatraz Avenue, Berkeley
$11 per single class.  Discounts available for blocks of classes - see website for details

“These classes will share the traditions of Ifa, a West African spiritual and life tradition and the progenitor of the Orisha/Santeria tradition.  The wisdom and intelligence of Ifa includes cosmology, philosophy, science, ethics, poetry, folktales, proverbs, sacred scripture and song.  The values inherent in the Ifa tradition (consistent with values across most indigenous and spiritual traditions) provide an approach to life that can lead to greater satisfaction and alignment with our personal and collective destinies as humans.

This week’s class: In the Flow: The Healing Waters of Oshun
with Iyalorisha Ayodele/Sauda Burch

Open to the Public - You do not need prior knowledge nor to be a practitioner of the tradition to benefit from the teachings.  Each class provides a discrete teaching; you do not have to take the classes in order.  Please note that each class is limited to 20 participants, so while drop-ins are welcome, we encourage you to pre-register.”

In Her Name Circle: Ixchel, Mayan Goddess of the Moon
with Joy Reichard
Friday, April 13, 7:00-8:30PM (and the second Friday of every month)
Ann Benner Room, UU San Mateo, 300 E Santa Inez Avenue, San Mateo, 650-342-5946
$10-$20 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

“The voice of the Divine Feminine is re-emerging in human consciousness, bringing us a new vision of the sacredness and unity of life.
Her mythology from diverse cultures around the globe illustrates her many representations and rich symbolism offering role models and guidance to modern women and men. Her message is one of peace, compassion, and respect for all life.
If you are seeking to learn more about the Divine Feminine, then please join us on the second Friday of each month as devotees of the Goddess gather to celebrate her many manifestations with ritual, movement, myth, song, divination and guided visualization. A $10-20 donation is appreciated.

Upcoming dates:
May 11 - Yemaya, Goddess of the Sea
June 8 - Pele, Hawaiian Volcano Goddess
July 13 - Isis/Hathor, Mother Goddesses of Egypt
August 10 - Freja, Norse Goddess of Beauty and Love
September 14 - Shekhinah, The Feminine Face of God
October 12 - Tara, Tibetan Goddess and Bodhisattva
November 9 - Hecate, Queen of Witches or Wise Crone?
December 14 - Guadalupe, Mother of the People”

with Glenn Turner
Friday, April 13, 7:30-9:30PM
Ancient Ways, 4075 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 510-653-3244
$5-$10 sliding scale

“In just 2 hours we can cover all the major lines and mounds along with examples of the elemental forms of the fingers and hand shapes. I will give some mini-readings from the hands attending the class. Handouts. (Rescheduled from February.)”

Let's Celebrate Earth Day
at the McConaghy House
Saturday, April 14, 10:00AM-4:00PM
McConaghy House, 18701 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward
adults $5, seniors/students $3, children 10 and under free

“Children's Program at McConaghy House

Let's celebrate Earth Day in April! Plant a flower inside a pot that has been decorated by you, and create your own miniature greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles.

For more information call 510-581-0223.”

Mills College Native Alliance Pow Wow
Saturday, April 14, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Toyon Meadow, Mills College Campus, 5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland


“The Mills College Pow Wow is a gathering that celebrates Native American community and culture. The Mills College Pow Wow is a longstanding community event supported by the Bay Area’s Native American community and one of few Pow Wows held in the Bay Area by and for the urban American Indian community.

This year marks the fourth anniversary of the Mills College Pow Wow being led and organized by the Indigenous Women's Alliance and the Mills College Ethnic Studies department. The students and the department are dedicated to continuing Native American culture and traditions at Mills and in the larger Native American community.

At the center of this event are the traditional songs and dances of Indigenous American peoples from throughout North America. Traditional dances featured this year include: grass, Azteca, and hoop. Contest prizes for northern and southern traditional and fancy/jingle dances. All drums and dancers are welcome. Native American arts and crafts, such as jewelry and textiles from community vendors will be available. We invite you to come and support the Native American community and join us in this celebration of Native American heritage.

All Drums Welcome!

Please bring your own seating. Parking for Elders will be available.
NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED! Please respect our traditions.”

Tartan Day Scottish Fair
Saturday, April 14, 10:00AM-5:00PM
Ardenwood Historic Farm, 34600 Ardenwood Boulevard, Fremont
adults $10, seniors $6, ages 4-17 $5 children, 3 and under free
free onsite parking

“Bagpipe bands, Highland and Scottish Country dancing, authentic Scottish food, folk singers, craft and jewelry vendors, clan booths, Scottish fiddlers, harpists, historical re-enactment groups, birds of prey demonstrations, and lots more entertainment and things to see and buy!”

The Excelsior Non-Taxing 1913 Nickelodeon Tea Party
Saturday, April 14, 1:00-4:00PM (doors open at 12:30PM)
Penngrove Tasting Room, 111 Goodwin Avenue, Penngrove
online directions may be misleading -
for directions and to RSVP, e-mail ExcelsiorShows@aol.com
suggested donation: adults $10, children 5-12 $5, children under 5 one nickel
no one turned away for lack of funds
everyone should bring a nickel!

“You're Invited to Spend a Pleasant Afternoon in 1906 at the Excelsior Electric Theatre.
Escape the 21st-Century Ratrace! Relax and Play in Excelsior's Non-Digital World, where the wonder of cinema is still fresh, and movies are on real film that's run on real mechanical projectors.

Here the 20th Century is new, and (despite natural disasters) the future looks bright; such man-made complications as World Wars, Television, the Internet, and those little plastic water bottles are as yet unimagined.

Excelsior offers an array of the finest 'new' films, from actualities, dramas and comedies to imported fantasies by Méliès, Pathé and others, plus magic lantern slides and live music.

The show is in two acts, and commences at one o'clock.  Between the acts is the Tea Party intermission, with pleasant refreshments.  We are happy to relate that our tea party has real china and silverware.  Plenty of excelsior, but no plastic!

1913 is not only the year that income tax as we know it was introduced, but also marks the first issue of the new Indian head nickel.

Since we do need to cover costs, we're happy to accept donations.
$10 for adults and $5 for children aged 5-12 is suggested, children under 5 are a nickel.
A family of four can save by donating $20; a party of four can save by donating $25.
Anyone can donate less according to means or inclination,

(This needn't be a 1906 Liberty head or 1913 Indian head nickel-- any will do)
If you can't afford more than that nickel, don't stay away-- but you might want to reserve your place.

We also wish to note any dietary restrictions among our guests, so that all can be served at tea.”

Day of Renewal
Nourish the Body, Mind and Spirit
Saturday, April 14, 1:00-8:00PM
Terra’s Temple, 654 Oakland Avenue, Oakland

“In service to the well-being of ourselves, our communities and the world, Terra’s Temple invites you to a Day of Renewal. Join us for a day of wonderful healing, connecting to source and replenishing.

Our Healing Day offers you the opportunity to attend to your most sacred space - yourself. Drink from the well of source and take the time to simply be - with yourself, in your body, with others and with the divine. We have a host of new practitioners ready to help you in your healing journey. Come receive various sessions in massage, energy work, counseling, life coaching, intuitive readings, tarot and much more. Tend to your own well-being, listen to and make music, connect with others, sip our special Temple Tea and rejuvenate yourselves!

Become a member on Renewal Day and get in free!

Bring a snack to share!

Take advantage of this fabulous opportunity and arrive early to allow yourself the time to fully embrace the healing that Terra’s Temple offers.
*a gentle wink here*
Given the ever-growing popularity of this event, we ask everyone to be mindful of their session sign-ups. This will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to partake in the day of renewal. Maximize your experience with potent sessions of quality not merely quantity. Allow time to meditate and integrate”

Community Seed’s Open Circle
Saturday, April 14, 2:00PM (and the second Saturday of each month)
Quaker Meeting House, 225 Rooney Street, Santa Cruz
$5-$10 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds

“We meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Gather at 2pm, begin ritual at 2:30pm. The intention of this circle is to provide a regular meeting place for Earth-Spirit, Pagan worship in Santa Cruz. New comers are welcome! Let us meet together in sacred trust to create closer spiritual bonds of love and understanding within our community and within our tribes. There is only one love. Following ritual will be a simple feast, and the opening of circle. (No potluck except on occasion). After circle has been opened, we invite you to stay to socialize, and perhaps have some tea and snacks.

What to bring?
Yourself, your open heart and mind. We ask for a small sliding scale donation to cover the costs of the hall rental ($5-$10 dollars). No one will ever be turned away for lack of money.

This month, Skot and Makai will lead our Monthly circle.  The theme of this Circle will be Flowers and the beauty of Spring.”

Not My Life
Global SEVA Challenge Fundraiser Movie Night at the Red Tent
Saturday, April 14, 6:00-9:00PM
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
free, donations accepted for SEVA
Please RSVP at the website below

"Filmed on 5 continents, in a dozen countries, Not My Life features more than fifty interviews with trafficking victims and their advocates in government, law enforcement, civil society, and the private sector. From ten year-old girls raped in USA truck stops or brothels in India; the street beggars in Africa; to domestic servants in Washington, D.C., Not My Life takes viewers into a world that is difficult to imagine, let alone accept.

Heartbreaking though many of its stories may be, ultimately, however, Not My Life's message is an inspiring one of hope. ‘Each of us’ declares Desmond Tutu, who was interviewed for the film, ‘has the capacity to become a saint.’ Despite the evil it portrays, Not My Life is a tribute to the enormous resilience of the human spirit, a moving and memorable testament that even in these harsh times, all hope need not be lost."

“We will gather and settle in for the documentary. After which we will have time to enjoy tea and light desserts and open into a discussion, sharing and information on the Global SEVA Challenge for India.

Men and women are welcome... all who are interested in learning more about the Global problem of Human Trafficking and specifically Sex Trafficking in India are invited.

Please forward this event to friends, family, networks, co-workers and anyone who you feel might be interested in Contributing to this Fundraising Effort.

Any and all proceeds will go to support the Global SEVA Challenge India, a program of Off The Mat, Into The World.”

The Persephone Cycle: Persephone Rising
Saturday, April 14, 7:30PM
private home in Sebastopol
$25, $20 for students and elders, no one turned away for lack of funds
women only
pre-registration required, call 650-329-1415 or email mayaspector@hotmail.com

“The Persephone Cycle: Persephone Rising
The second in a cycle of four seasonal events for women exploring the myth of Persephone

The story of Persephone and Demeter is the only major Greek myth centering on women’s experience.  Through storytelling, ritual, poetry, and conversation, we will consider the relevance of this ancient story to women today.  In this spring season, we will look at Persephone’s emergence from the underworld and her ancient springtime mysteries.”

in concert
Saturday, April 14, 8:00PM
Wisteria Ways, 383 61st Street, Oakland
Donations, $15-$20 (sliding scale) cash only, given  at the door.  
All funds go to the musicians
Reservations strongly recommended.  Please RSVP to info@WisteriaWays.org
This is an INSIDE concert. Wheelchair inaccessible.

“Janam (My Soul) creates a compelling mix of Balkan, Romani, Turkish, Sephardic and American roots music and originals. Led by golden-throated Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble veteran Juliana Graffagna, Janam proves that the foothills of the Balkans and the Appalachians lie in Oakland. Janam's funky meters, bittersweet modes, driving tunes, and sultry ballads invoke the nightingales and dark eyes, the hot love and cold hollows of Europe and America's most musical mountains. Janam unites the Bay Area's most imaginative and devoted practitioners of Balkan and Near Eastern music, to follow the universal threads of folk songs of disparate traditions. The resulting music is transcendent, sensuous and irresistible.

Janam was formed in 2008 out of a common love and deep respect for the complexity, variety and enduring beauty of the music of the Balkans, Turkey, and America's mountain regions. Each musician has spent years exploring the deep well of these traditional musical forms.  Together, Janam strives to create music that is fresh, soulful and texturally rich.  In addition to Albanian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Sephardic Jewish, Romani (Gypsy) and Appalachian roots music, Janam's repertoire includes original compositions inspired by the modalities and meters of these musical traditions.

Juliana Graffagna - vocals, percussion
Dan Auvil - percussion, vocals
Tom Farris - laouto, guitar, accordion
Gari Hegedus - violin, oud, saz, mandocello
Peter Jaques - clarinet, ney, vocals”

San Jose Fantasy Festival
Saturday-Sunday, April 14-15, 10:00AM-6:00PM
Guadalupe River Park, 494 West Santa Clara Street, San Jose
Adults $10, ages 13-17, seniors and military $7, ages 6-12 $5, under 6 free
Parking $5.00 at HP Pavilion

“Attire yourself in your most beautiful princess or faerie finery, don your wings or pick up a wand, belt on a sword or pull on an eye patch, then gather your friends and family and cross the threshold of the San Jose Fantasy Festival where, on April 14-15, 2012, characters from folklore, fairy tales and fantasy will come alive to frolic for a magical spell of time.

The event is a family-friendly festival, a blending of historic fact, myth and popular fantasy. Find yourself a part of a wondrous gathering of knights and princesses, as they stand side-by-side with elves and fairies, on a weekend filled with performances to enchant children and grown-ups alike.

There are villains, heroes, music, dancing, singing, children’s crafts, wandering minstrels, and sword fighting. Be amazed by costumed characters portraying figures from the pages of your favorite fairytales, myths, and fantasy adventures. Visit the Princess' court; interact with the ogres and witches, fairies and pirates and bards telling stories of battles and adventures of the netherworld.

A wide variety of educational shows, performances and demonstrations are offered throughout the day as well as costume contests and games. Our artists and authors of the fantasy world are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you in.

The San Jose Fantasy Festival is dedicated to the young at heart. Choose from among our amazing foods, peruse magical apparel, beautiful jewelry, mysterious masks, and handmade crafts.  Take part in costume fashion shows, and be entertained by a myriad array of performers, musicians, storytellers, and wowed by exhibitions of fantastic creations leaping from storybook pages to reality in front of your eyes.

Support the Community!  Bring a can of food and get $2.00 off adult admission.”

Ritual Theatre Discussion
with Labyrinth Circle
Sunday, April 15, 1:00PM
private home in Berkeley, RSVP for address
RSVP to Evan Riter at snowcat369@sbcglobal.net
or at the Facebook page below

Lezlie of Labyrinth Circle says:
“Hi all - As many of you know, the ritual/sacred theater and performance circle hosts a bi-monthly discussion/exploration meeting.  

Labyrinth Circle will host the next sacred performance/theatre discussion/exploration meeting on April 15, 1:00PM, potluck lunch.  RSVP Evan snowcat369@sbcglobal.net, for address and directions.  This is a completely ecumenical/Interfaith discussion.

You do not have to be a performer (per se) to join in the discussion.

Topic: Classical (Greek) theatre - and - secondarily, ancient performance in the mystery religions of the Mediterranean world as sacred works - as opposed to how they are often performed today and taught in Classics and History (... of theatre, religion etc.) courses.

Question: What were they doing?  were the festivals (Dionysian - Musea or Museo -Thesmophoriazusae, etc.) sacred as we understand the word, or entertainment, or both, or something else not experienced in modern culture? The purpose of catharsis/contextual experience.

Did these famous drama festivals have some interrelationship with the mystery religions of the ancient world (Eleusis - Cybele - etc) did one, as some scholars think, come from the other? Or, as other believe, was the relationship much more complex?

And - third part of the question: What about other concurrent traditions of the ancient world (not Greek: Egyptian; Estruscan, Persian, Jewish) who also performed sacred theatre?(see above questions).”

Goddess Clothing Exchange
Sunday, April 15, 1:00-5:00PM
LoveJourney Temple in Sebastopol
(RSVP to pegasusjj@sbcglobal.net or for address)
women only

“Please sort through your wonderful stuff and bring only your best items - those you think your fellow Goddesses will love!

We expect a big turn-out, so all the help we can get is much appreciated.  If you can commit even an hour or two as volunteer, it will help us sooooo much.  It will be a fun atmosphere of women trying on all kinds of new things and taking home special treasures.

For those who are new to an exchange, here's the basics: Sort through your clothes to create a give-away pile. Bring the best of those to share: clothes that either no longer fit or just aren't your style, and take home clothes that call to you from what other women bring. Come try on stuff, hang out with your sisters, go in the hot tub, and go home with great new clothes. We are inviting clothing of all sizes, plus sizes especially welcome.

- Bring clothes and shoes in good condition that you think others
would be excited to have
- Bring clothes on hangers, if at all possible (extra hangers welcome)
-Goddess music, jewelry, shoes, and other finery welcome
- Make sure garments are freshly laundered & shoes are tidied up
- Let us know ahead of time if you have clothing racks we can borrow
- As always carpool if at all possible, that way you can bring your 'sisters'

Start looking through your closets now and getting excited! It will be here soon! We'll all play dress up and have the joy of watching other women's faces light up when they find some great outfit, perhaps one you brought.”

Way of the Rabbit Witchcraft
with Rabbit
Sunday, April 15, 3:00-5:00PM, and eight more Sundays (typically third Sundays)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
$35 per class
to register, call 510-444-9355

“Standing under the moon, staring up into infinity... how many times have I rooted here... dreaming... transfixed, gazing at the beauty of the heavens and contemplating the mysteries of the Universe? How many more moons will wax and wane above as I weave the web of my magical life below? Life is such a sacred journey! And this class is a journey into my personal philosophies and practices of witchcraft. The methods I share in this class come from my twenty years of experience in making magic that works for my own purposes, and for the good of the world.

This class is a year and a day training in witchcraft, employing my methods. Suitable for beginners on the path, but also satisfying for advanced practitioners who are curious about new perspectives and practices. Be prepared to laugh, to explore your own magic with affection and humor, to wield your power mindfully, and to open to the wonder and adventure of life as a witch.

April 15: Elements and directions”

A Cup of Tea with Spirit
with OwlSnake
Sunday, April 15, 4:00-5:00PM, and the third Sunday of every month
Julie’s Coffee and Tea Garden, 1223 Park Street, Alameda, 510-865-2385
suggested donation $5-$10

“Esoterica Shamanic Center invites you to join OwlSnake (Medicine Woman/Shaman Lineage) for...

A Cup of Tea with Spirit

We will sip tea,  and eat tasty treats as we connect and receive messages from Spirit and the Ancestors to guide us in our daily lives. We will Journey, Chant and Listen within, and be Inspired. A relaxing afternoon gift to yourself and others.

Who is OwlSnake?

Born into a long lineage of Medicine Men/Women, Spiritual Healers, Seers, and Shamans, on both her maternal and paternal ancestral lines, she was first called to this sacred path at the age of 4 years old from her Great Aunt. She was chosen to continue the family tradition of Spiritual Medicine work, some would call Shamanism. Through the years she would experience many of life's challenges and growth opportunities that have allowed her to learn and experience firsthand some of the greatest issues that plague this world today. From those experiences, along with her direct connection with Great Spirit, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, OwlSnake has awakened into being a compassionate healer that is willing to be used as a ‘Hollow Bone’ for Spirit to assist all those that seek healing and inspiration on their journey.”

Revelations of the Major Arcana
with Thalassa
Tuesday, April 17, 7:00-8:30PM
Ancient Ways, 4075 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 510-653-3244

“An exploration of the ancient and mysterious Trump cards, working with their history, their archetypal resonance, symbolism and more.

Bring a deck, if you have one. All levels of interest and experience are welcome.

Visit www.dodivination.com for more information or to preregister.”

South Bay Pagan Salon
Tuesday, April 17, 7:30PM (and the first and third Tuesday of every month)
Cafe at Books Inc, 301 Castro Street, Mountain View
for more information, contact Jason Mankey at panmankey@gmail.com

Jason says:
“We'd like to formally invite you to join us the first and third Tuesdays of every month for the South Bay Pagan Salon. The SBPS is a discussion and networking group, dedicated to talking about "Pagan Things" and networking in the Bay Area. Generally we'll start each meeting with a specific topic to get the discussion rolling along, but after we get started it'll be rather open ended with the participants dictating where the discussion will go.

We hope you'll join us.

No donations required, heck, if you show up I just might buy you a cup of coffee.

If you've got questions, I might have answers. Email me (Jason) at panmankey@gmail.com

Dickens: Ballads and Folk Songs from the Streets of London
with Will Spires
Thursday, April 19, 7:00-8:30PM
Newman Auditorium, Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Junior College, 425 Elliott Avenue, Santa Rosa
The event is free, but there is a $4 parking charge to park on campus

“Professor William ‘Will’ Spires began doing the Faires in the early 1960s as an original member of the Golden Toad Band.  Will performed at the early Renaissance and Dickens Fair(e)s for many years, and is a true wellspring of knowledge and an accomplished fiddler. This will be an adventure through the world of transported convicts, street singers, sportsmen and game poachers, and other such characters as you might have met in Dickens' London. This event includes a live musical performance.”  

Have a Fantastical, Spiritual, Renewing Week!

Molly Blue Dawn

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