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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Molly Blue Dawn's List of Events for the Week starting Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fundamentals of Astrology 3, Party Like a Rockstar, Red Tent Evening, Earth Energy Walk, 5-Session Dream Group, Live Safe Training for Girls, Victorian Twelfth Night Ball, Winter Oral Traditions Salon, Thin Places: Lifting the Veil, Temple of Aphrodite, Feast of Norton, The Witches' Table: Creative Visions for 2012, Shamanic Healing Clinic, Tarot Salon, Exploring Numerology, Winter’s Flame, Melisabee Prosperity Dinner, Dianic Ritual Technique

Fundamentals of Astrology 3: Forecasting Techniques
with astrobarry
Thursday, January 5, 7:30-9:30PM, and three more Thursdays, January 12, 19 and 26
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$140 for all 4 classes, registration required) please call 510-444-9355

“In Part Three of astrobarry's 4-part astrology course, we will examine different astrological methods for understanding what to expect from specific time-periods. By observing the planets' continuous movements through zodiac signs and in aspect to one another, we can gain greater insight into the archetypal qualities of a given moment. This helps us put past events into perspective, while preparing us for what the future holds in store. In this class, we'll learn how to apply transits, progressions, and solar returns to any birthchart.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals 1 and 2, or the basic ability to read a birthchart. Contact the store to see if this class is right for you.”

Party Like a Rockstar
Friday, January 6, 6:00-8:00PM (and the first Friday of every month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355

“Hey, fans of Oakland Art Murmur!

Come on down to The Sacred Well before or after you head out to stroll the galleries. We'll be breaking open a couple bottles of Two Buck Chuck and answering your questions about crystals for healing, personal growth, and spiritual support. Fun, free, and casual!”

Red Tent Evening
Friday, January 6, 7:30-9:30PM
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
$5-$10, complimentary entrance for young ladies menstruating-17 years old
Please RSVP/register at the website below

“Bring your friends, wear your favorite shade of RED, sit upon pillows by candlelight, enjoy food brought to share and simply allow yourself a wonderful and relaxing evening during this busy holiday season.

Focus for the evening: Setting our intention for ourselves for the new year... New Beginnings...

Women: Mothers, daughters (menstruating), grandmothers, sisters, aunts and female friends come together to share their power, love, courage, understanding, support and wisdom with one another.

Listen... receive... come to share from your heart

Food offerings brought to share are welcomed and encouraged

Wear your favorite shade of RED

Red Tents are an old ritual honoring a time of transformation or transition in a woman's life...please join us for this amazing evening at The Red Tent in Los Gatos.

The well of power and wisdom is rich and deep...come and drink from it...we look forward to sharing this evening with you.”

Earth Energy Walk
with Community Seed
Saturday, January 7, 9:45AM-1:00PM (and first Saturday of every month)
Schwann Lake, 979 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz
see link below for directions to meeting place

“Join us on our monthly walks, and feel the power of the Earth.  
Walks are on the first Saturday of each month!

Gather at 9:45AM
Departure: 10:00AM
Return: around 1:00PM.

Our walk is usually about 2-3 hrs round trip with a stop for meditation half way in. We will walk rain or shine, however... if the forecast is very stormy, call ahead to verify. 831-469-0336
Before beginning our walk together, we will take a moment to center our minds and bodies. Once we are all fully present, we will begin our journey, all the while tuning in, listening, and absorbing the energies of the elements, plants, and animals. Halfway into our walk we will sit for meditation, a guided visualization, and to share food.

Drinking water
A small snack
Hiking Shoes
Comfortable Clothes
Money for Parking (Several parks)
If the location is not listed... please call or email us.  831-469-0336, info@communityseed.org

5-Session Dream Group
Saturday, January 7, 10:00AM-12:00PM,
and 4 more Saturdays, January 14, February 4, February 25 and March 3
in Albany - exact location given with registration
please RSVP to Laura Prickett at 510-848-8749 or prickett_L@yahoo.com

“Explore the meanings and gifts that dreams can bring into our waking lives.  The group will be led by Laura Prickett, a candidate for certification in dreamwork and spiritual direction.  There is no charge, since leading the group is in partial fulfillment of dreamwork certification from the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork.  Sessions will be on Saturday mornings, from 10 to noon, in Albany, on the following dates:  Jan 7, Jan 14, Feb 4, Feb 25, and Mar 3.  This is not a drop-in group.  Participants are asked to commit to attending at least four sessions.  To register or ask questions, please contact Laura, prickett_L@yahoo.com or 510-848-8749.”

Live Safe Training for Girls
with Master Ramir Mosqueda of Jim Buhisan’s USA Martial Arts
Saturday, January 7
9-13 year olds 2;00-3:00PM, 13-17 year olds 3:00-4:00PM
The Red Tent, 15495 Los Gatos Boulevard, Suite C, Los Gatos, 408-365-4905
please RSVP at one of the links below:
9-13 year olds: http://theredtent.net/red_tent_events?eventId=416907&EventViewMode=EventDetails
13-17 year olds:

“Live Safe Training is a Self Defense class specifically created for girls ages 9-13yrs and 13-17yrs of age. The class will focus on the ABS’s of Conflict Avoidance. It will focus on Principle over Technique… meaning the girls will learn tools for Conflict Avoidance, Bullying, making safe choices as well as some techniques to help create opportunities for escape in the event it becomes necessary.
The class will be taught for the specific age ranges above in a 1 hour format for each age group. The two classes will talk specifically about the typical environments that 9-13yr olds and 13-17yr olds are frequently in and/or introduced to.
It is a fact of our time that 1 out of 3 girls/women will experience assault of some sort in their lifetime. It is our intention to empower girls by providing them with principles and techniques to help them keep themselves safe. Girls will gain knowledge on how to get away with the least amount of force and/or harm by learning Self Defense. They will learn to be aware of their surroundings and to keep themselves out of potentially dangerous situations. They will learn how to create opportunities for escape as well as basic wrist release techniques.
Come and support your daughters, nieces, friends in their learning and learn along with them. Share and encourage friends and family to bring their daughters too! Together we are helping our girls grow into empowered young women…building confidence and self-esteem.”

Victorian Twelfth Night Ball
presented by PEERS
Saturday, January 7, Doors Open 6:45PM, Dance Lesson: 7:00PM, Dancing
Begins: 8:00PM
Masonic Lodge of San Mateo, 100 N Ellsworth Avenue, San Mateo

“Dance, sing, feast and game at the season’s loveliest old-fashioned holiday party - a 12th Night Ball hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Bangers and Mash, the Bay Area’s most irresistible country dance band, will play a variety of Viennese and rotary waltzes, polkas, mazurka waltzes, schottisches, the Lancers, reels, and other set dances popular in the early and mid-19th century (As usual, all set dances will be taught or called and partners are not required. Indeed, introductions to partners will be cheerfully provided!).Suggested costume is evening or day dress from 1837 through 1870 (the heyday of Dickens’ literary career), any class. Modern evening dress is, as always, a completely acceptable substitute for period costume, and there is no dress code for the evening. Ladies, if you’re wearing a ball gown or evening gown, please be sure to bring a wrap since the ballroom will be cold before the dancing starts.  Once we start dancing, the ballroom warms up beautifully!

Intermission entertainment includes an interactive performance by the Peerless Music Hall and a special performance by our guest of honour, Mr. Charles Dickens. Gamers may enjoy either an intellectual game of whist or a rollicking game of Wink, and the evening will conclude with a glorious Hallelujah Chorus sing-a-long.

To sustain us through this vigorous evening of  dancing, punch and a light Old English snack buffet will be served (As usual, your potluck contributions to Mrs. Fezziwig’s kitchen are very welcome).”

Winter Oral Traditions Salon
with Barry and Maya Spector
Saturday, January 7, 7:00PM
Private home, 3751 Bay Road, Menlo Park

“An evening of poetry and storytelling. Bring musical instruments, stories, poems, songs, tall tales, insults, boasts and toasts LEARNED BY HEART!

No one is required to perform.  Please join us even if you don’t care to recite anything. Together let’s make a brief community dedicated to the love of the spoken word.

Refreshments provided. Feel free to invite friends and forward this invitation to others who might like to attend.  For more information, call 650-329-1415.”

Thin Places: Lifting the Veil
with Father Sean O’Laoire, PhD
Saturday, January 7, 7:30PM
East West Bookstore, 324 Castro Street, Mountain View, 650-988-9800
Free, but call to reserve a seat

“The Gaelic term "Caol Ait" means "Thin Place." It's a place where the veil between the mystical and the mundane is diaphanous. In this lecture, Father Sean O’Laoire, will show how these interdimensional portals can be found also in special people, events, and times. Raised on Irish mythology and immersed in African folklore as well, Sean is an enthralling storyteller, weaving a seamless web of science, psychology, history, humor, and mystical theology. He is also a licensed clinical psychologist and author of four books.”

Temple of Aphrodite
Sunday, January 8, 11:00AM-12:00PM, (and the second Sunday of each month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“Priestess Rabbit, devotee of Aphrodite, invites you to the monthly Temple of Aphrodite ritual, featuring activities dedicated to the benevolent Lady of Love. Aphrodite's power is found in beauty, grace, forgiveness, compassion, sensuality, sexual chemistry, and moments of pure joy.

Men and women of all backgrounds are invited to participate in these services to help them tap into the ever-flowing fountain of love within, and to connect that love with their personal practices, work, relationships, and activities in the world.”

Rabbit says:
“...your Priestesses Rabbit and Venus Rose have been burning the midnight love oil to effectively take apart, clean up, lubricate, and re-glitter our existing Temple of Aphrodite model so that in the new year, our Services will be even more glorious: filled with song, more art-and-creativity focused, and featuring several guest priestesses of Aphrodite.

So please join us from 11:00AM-12:00PM on Sunday, January 8 to start the new year with a full heart! Love and blessings to you!”

Feast of Norton
Friday, January 8, 12:00-5:00PM
meet at Powell Cable Car Turnaround at Powell and Market, San Francisco
see website for more details

“Sunday January 8th 2012 is the 132nd Anniversary of the death of our beloved Emperor Joshua A. Norton; and to commemorate our fallen leader we plan a celebratory jaunt through the streets of San Francisco.

The Itinerary:
-Meet at the Powell Street Cable Turn Around on Market Street at Noon.
-Ride the Cable Car to the Cable Car Museum and Lunch
-Lunch at the Cafe Gallery
-Explore the Cable Car Museum
-Leisurely walk through Chinatown to Old Saint Mary’s to pay our respects to Norton.
-Coffee shop for tea or coffee

We’ll be meeting at the Powell Street Cable Car Turn Around on Market Street at Noon and head out to lunch and the museum at 12:30pm.  Cable car rides are $5 (free if you have a Muni pass)  or alternately you can walk up (its not far).

-We’ll be having lunch at the Gallery Cafe, a small cafe across the street from the Cable Car Museum, serving hot drinks and good food. Next we’ll head over to the Cable Care Museum (FREE) and see the wonders that keep the Cable Cars moving.

-Eventually when we are ready, we’ll head out to the spot our Emperor fell, Grant and California in front of Old St. Mary’s.

-Those willing and wanting we’ll head to a coffee shop for a hot drink. Location of this will be decided on the date (we’re trying for a cheaper place than last year, possibly Bread and Cocoa)

Last year we had about 15 people who showed up which was great.  The Cafe Gallery isn’t huge, but it fit us all, if we end up having more folks we may have to divide up a bit but shouldn’t be a problem.  This is a fairly open ended event, just a simple outing for the steampunk community.  A great chance to show off new steam finery gotten over the holidays or at Dickens   The days event are fairly fluid, so if you can’t make it to the meet up at Powell you can meet us up at the Cafe or Museum.  Being a steampunk event, please come in your steamy/diesely/Victorian/dandy/whatever finery, or you can say screw it, I just woke up and just show up.”

Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, died on this day in 1880.

Whether alone, among friends, or gathered in festively dressed groups, do something whimsical and chivalrous in his honour!

The Witches' Table: Creative Visions for 2012
New Year's art candle workshop
with Rabbit
Sunday, January 8, 3:00-5:00PM
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, Oakland, 510-444-9355
$20 - Please call 510-444-9355 to register

“Join Rabbit for this easy, low-key workshop to help you set your goals and intentions for 2012 into motion by decorating a candle using sacred symbols, herbs, original artwork, and intention. Together, we'll make 2012 a magical year!”

Shamanic Healing Clinic
Sunday, January 8, 3:00-5:00PM (and the second Sunday of every month)
in Santa Rosa - RSVP for exact location
To reserve your place, or for more information, call 707-570-0111
$20-$40 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds

“Receive shamanic healing in a community setting
Feel the love and energy of the compassionate spirits
Socialize with shamanic healers and other participants
Experience non-dogmatic, non-religious, spirit based healing

We work in a community setting - everyone healing together.
We use drums and rattles to keep the beat of a trance state, plus bells and other sounds.
We bring you the healing of the compassionate spirits in whatever form that may take
We use appropriate touch, or the laying on of hands.
We remove negative energy and restore positive energy
We give people messages of hope and comfort from the spirits

All the clinic healers have studied shamanic healing with Stuart and Anne, and have developed deep relationships with the helping spirits.

Stuart Dole, PhD and Anne Hatfield both graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ 3-year advanced training, where they studied directly with Michael Harner, author of Way of the Shaman, and Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts. They pursued further studies, learning shamanic methods from Tuva (Siberia), Tibet, Hawaii, Brazil, Africa, and the Celtic lands. They were also trained by Sandra Ingerman as shamanic teachers.

Anne has heard messages from the spirits from the time she was a child. She worked in the alternative health field for 25 years. Currently she is a yoga teacher and therapist, a massage therapist and a shamanic practitioner. Her passion is helping others explore those places where body and spirit meet.

Stuart was born into a decidedly atheist family and pursued a career in mathematics and science, earning his PhD in biophysics. But he developed an interest in spirituality, then lived in an ashram and practiced meditation devotedly for more than 30 years. He has subsequently pursued a wide array of methods for developing awareness, or enlightenment, and eventually found his way to shamanism. He is currently a meditation teacher and a shamanic bodyworker. He specializes in helping people become more present in their lives, through embodied awareness.”

Tarot Salon
with Grey
Tuesday, January 10, 7:00-8:00PM (and the second Tuesday of each month)
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
Donations gratefully accepted

“Cards for this month: Justice and the 10 of Wands  

Maybe you have taken a class, perhaps tried to learn to read the Tarot from a book, or are just trying to piece it together on your own. Now you want to know how to really "dive in" to what specific cards are all about. This monthly discussion group is where you want to be.

Each month we will take two cards from the Tarot and spend time really getting to know them in a roundtable discussion where we can all learn, share insights and gain inspirations from one another. Bring your favorite Tarot deck with you, and be ready to share, learn (and maybe even teach) some new ideas!”

Exploring Numerology
with Rabbit
Wednesday, January 11, 7:00-9:00PM,
and three more Wednesdays, January 18 and 25 and February 1
The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Avenue, 510-444-9355
$125 for all 4 classes.  Please call 510-444-9355 to register
Each participant will receive a Numerology deck they may keep for their own study and divination.

“Are you a mathemagician? Perhaps you have been curious about numerology and numbers synchronicity. Perhaps you would like to investigate the numerological significance found within the tarot, or are curious about the relationship between crystals and numbers.

Join Rabbit for a 4-week crash course in several different facets of numerology and the spiritual significance of numbers through 4 unique lenses: traditional numerology, the tarot, the Enneagram, and Melody's Master Numbers and crystals.

January 11: Numerology Cards: It's a numbers game
January 18: Numerology and the Tarot: Divination by the numbers
January 25: The Enneagram: Finding your way out of personal darkness
February 1: Master Numbers and Crystals: Melody's method”

Winter’s Flame
Friday-Sunday, January 20-22
Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland
$66 if registered by January 8, after January 8 sliding scale $96-$166

“Winter’s Flame - light up the night!
Drum!  Dance!  Sing!  Celebrate!

Our first Winter’s Flame was so successful, that we’re thrilled to return for a second year!
Winter’s Flame is a new event in an old tradition. People have been dancing and drumming in the dark of night since the dawn of time. In recent years, there’s been a revival of this practice that consciously directs the experience toward personal transformation. Light up the night and enliven your spirit. Build community and travel deep inside yourself. Come celebrate life at the darkest time of the year.
This weekend aims to initiate personal reflection, strengthen our community, and plant a seed in the earth that can grow in the coming year. Winter’s Flame is committed to being affordable and accessible, so it will be held right here in Oakland and the sliding scale allows people of different means to attend.
Everyone is welcome: serious travelers on the path of the sacred fire and newcomers who want to dive in head first. Come dance with the Flame!”

Thanks to Heather King for letting me know about this event!

Melisabee Prosperity Dinner
Saturday, January 21, 6:30PM
private home in San Pablo, RSVP for exact location
Sliding scale $30-$15
RSVP to Diana at melisabees@gmail.com or 510-295-7108

“Are you wanting to create more abundance in your life? Could you use a little prosperity? Come join us for an evening of great food, good company and prosperity magic to start 2012 off right!

Our menu will consist of:
Melisabee's ProsperiTea
Broccoli Beef or Black-eyed Peas for the vegetarian option
Saffron rice
Wealth Salad
Prosperity Pumpkin Cake

As always, there will be a presentation of foods with the meal, followed by some magic for the coming calendar year.

Seating is limited in the new space, so please RSVP to melisabees@gmail.com or call 510-295-7108 to save your space.”

Sisterhood of the Moon invites you to attend:
Dianic Ritual Technique
with Lady Jesamyn Angelica
Tuesday, January 24, 7:00PM
and three more Tuesday evenings, February 21, March 13 and April 3
private home in Hayward, RSVP for exact address
$30 per class, $100 for all classes paid at once
You must sign up for the entire series; each class builds upon the previous class.
Contact SisterhoodoftheMoon@gmail.com for more information or to sign up

“Blessings, Sister-Queens!

You are encouraged to join with us in a four-week exploration of Dianic Ritual.  This class is for women - both beginning Witches as well as more experienced Sisters.  If you are new, come and learn in a safe and supportive environment!  If you are adept, come and learn some new tools to add to your personal repository!

Topics will include, but will not be limited to:
Why your daily personal practice is so important, and how that translates into manifesting more during group ritual
How to properly prepare yourself for group ceremony
The use of ritual tools
How to “be here now” and why this is important
How to set your ritual intentions for maximum results
The how and the why of the different elements of Sisterhood of the Moon ritual.

Lady Jesamyn is the High Priestess of Sisterhood of the Moon and the founder of the Matriotism Foundation.  She is an ordained Dianic Priestess, certified Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner.  Lady Jesamyn has been leading group ritual for women since 1998, and has been formally teaching magickal technique since 2007.

Contact SisterhoodoftheMoon@gmail.com for more information or to sign up.  We ask for a commitment to attend all four classes in this series.  Class size is limited.  We do not offer refunds.”

Have a Week of Prosperity, Healing, Exploration, and Feasting!

Molly Blue Dawn

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